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Welcome to Ramadan reset with me your host, Lauren booth. This podcast series is sponsored by what tan.org.uk delivering services to Syrians in need.

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Okay, in the Western world, we focus on all you have now, hormones coming up. That's why you don't feel good in your body. That's why you start to freak out and you have a teenager crisis. No, the teenager crisis is actually a soul crisis. Why? Because at that moment, you are accountable to Allah, which mean if you die, you're not a child anymore. And the West used physical body excuses to say, Oh, it's YouTube's requests, but actually, people have a teenager crisis until the rest of her life is smilla rahmanir rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah salam aleikum. Wa Rahmatullahi wa barakaatuh. Hello. So my guest today is special friend of the

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family. His name is Julian tolong. He is a journalist and the film director and broadcaster and fellow convert to Islam as salaam alaikum Rahmatullahi wa barakaatuh. Julian, where it goes through I go to sister Oh, and thank you for inviting me on your show. Perhaps we can go back in your story about how about freedom. And when you came to Islam, what that change was before we go into our next change, I mean, the freedom is truthfully, Barretts, you so truth is freedom. So once I became Muslim, everything were more clear because once you know your purpose in life, you're definitely more free. So that was the beginning of the journey. And I wanted to share that freedom but truth to

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everybody around me. And I started in the in the Philippines, I did a documentary about sisters wearing hijab, I interviewed many sisters around Asia, because that was the problem. But back in the days in France, I think it's still the problem. Although now people are wearing niqab everywhere

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you see are really cute. It isn't like we have been trying to ban niqab and now everybody has to wear sort of niqab.

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kind of ironic. But so yeah, I've been passionate about this.

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You know, this Dawa mission and I saw a few friends of mine becoming Muslim and changing their life from from very dark places to great places. So it's been a passion of mine and I wish I would have witnessed more Shaddai in my life because that's truly my my bread and water.

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We did that feel freedom to remind ourselves first and all the corporate community that you know, we have a lot of work to do to bring to bring this message of truth to the world to truly liberate, liberate themselves because you know, what's going on out there? There's so many controversies with this

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Corona and things and there's only one thing we know for sure is the truth is in the Quran. And it's very important to focus ourself on the truth because we don't know anymore what's true or what's false. And, and therefore, I think the true freedom really is in the in the ultimate truth, which is Islam. You know, what was the what was the challenge, Julian it for you as a French journalist, in even considering faith? What were you Christian before? Was the challenge at the time as I was a singer, songwriter, you know, so I did. And I was in the Philippines, all my friends were much more Christian. So it took me one year to make your public announcements. And I lost I think, maybe 2000

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likes quite quickly on my Facebook page. But it was the biggest challenge because I was still playing music. I was still doing some concerts, so many types of life. You know, I've been assessment businessman, songwriter, journalist, but at the time, I use music to connect to God and God directing me to Islam and, and the biggest challenge was to announce it to my family, of course, my mom being a super feminist. She said to me, that was the worst thing I could have told her.

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So but thereafter, she kind of like,

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got into the groove, and now she's okay. And she chose to believe in God. But you know, in France, they just hate the idea of hijab and things like this. So it was difficult, you know, but

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I have to say, I've been spared I mean, when I hear stories of brothers and sisters in India or other countries, and I think that's much more than we do.

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We got some issues in Europe, but I think the oppression in our countries are really much higher, and converting that. I remember when we interviewed some robots from Laos, for example. They were scared to reveal their identity. So we still fortunate in Europe, that we still have a relay race relative freedom. When you say your fans were Christians that were using Christian music. Were you making Christian music? No, we were Christian. I mean Filipinos as you know,

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Maybe it's it's arguably the biggest christian nation in the world, like the the

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go to the church every day even in the most, you know, ceremonies every day so, so we don't really care about Assam. But of course when annoncer was a Muslim they were taking by surprise, but I was not singing christian songs. I was a reggae funk musicians. A lot of my inspiration were from Bob Marley and Jason Mraz and I was singing songs. I was already singing spiritual songs, you know. So then when I became Muslim, I tried to do one year of nasheet and partnered with celebrities in Malaysia, and some of my song hit more than 1000 views.

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it was not such a big deal. You know, I still get the fans and I tried to do our to them, you know? And that's it. But Filipinos are great people they don't they don't really hate us and we don't have a problem actually. Filipino were a Muslim before you know before the Spanish come and you know, like Lex such as the Indonesian version something people don't know. Clearly No, I No idea. Philippines was like Indonesia and Malaysia, literally, like they are citizens in all over with the word and the Spanish game. And it forced Christianity on them. They, they killed many Filipinos in Manila. And they, the children stayed alive in a given Spanish name. That's the history Spanish

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name. So the orphans they go Spanish news. So to raise the history. Yeah, literally. And only in the south of Philippines in Mindanao. We try to fight back and preserve Islam. And this is where you still have ongoing issues in Mindanao, because we want to keep the SME, you know, integrity and but it's very sad because many more of his time. So he really loved God. No. So it made me feel sad. That's why I decided to leave to manage because I could not bear anymore with this lie. You know that Jesus being the son of God, and

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this paganism all over Philippians really stuck with me. So I decided to move to Malaysia and to discover another type of paganism actually. Well, let's talk about that. Well, what what do you mean by that? Well, you know, Malaysia is multicultural, right, and there is also induce and, you know, also all sorts of belief, you know, which is fine. But when you become comfortable with shirk, that becomes an issue for your Eman and for your dad, you know, so it's okay to live together, but you don't have to celebrate,

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you know, Christmas, or let's say, you don't have to celebrate everything that the pagan people do, because that's not part of our tradition, you know. So, you know, you have to find, you have to have good knowledge of Assam to try to find the balance between leaving among different culture and religion and staying firmly within without compromising. So Western converts have had big issues with belonging anywhere, do we fall a little bit into into judging other Muslim cultures harder than we judge the non Muslim cultures that we came from, in a way? I think, you know, we are sitting between two chairs, you know, like, we see the defects in our own culture, of course, refusing to

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accept Islam and our families and friends. So we don't feel comfortable with that. But at the same time, because we embraced Islam,

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in its purest form, we want the best, right? We study we want you know, and then when we see the Muslim world out there, with a lot of mix between the truism in the culture that you know, we don't accept that culture because it as long as it's okay with you, Sam is fine. But when you have a culture that goes against Islam, and you as a new Muslim, you, you don't want to practice, right, because it doesn't make sense. You just left a culture that was 1% against some, then you want Islam in its purity. So

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this is why for us, it's very difficult because we, we can't necessarily find our place in many Muslim countries, because there's so much innovation, and there's so much strong culture that is actually shadowing Islam. And at the same time in our, in our occidental life, we are also finding a difficult time to find a speck. It's so it's so godless, you know, like, Yeah, I like breasts when I was 18 years old, because I couldn't bear it anymore. Like when you have no spirituality at all, describe that feeling of being in a godless secular society, because obviously a lot of people on this line won't know that. They're a very interesting concept I want to share to everybody you know,

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this concept about teenager crisis, and I talked about that there's no such thing as teenager crisis, not that the crisis you'll start to feel when you start to get 1314 is because now you're an adult, actually. And you're responsible towards Allah with your thought, which means you're actually

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Either in Islam, or you are an adult, and maybe it's something new for you. But I really want to break it down because this is where this is where the problem starts. Okay? In the Western world, we focus on all you have now, hormones coming up, that's why you don't feel good in your body. That's why you start to freak out and you have a teenager crisis. Now, the teenager crisis is actually a soul crisis. Why? Because at that moment, you are accountable to Allah, which mean, if you die, you're not a child anymore. You know, you have the capacity mentally, to distinguish the true from the false and to recognize, so the reason why the teenagers, and you don't have to agree with me,

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actually, though, I know that, but it's just my, this is my finding. And it's a breakthrough finding that actually teenagers start to freak out. And it was my case, I entered into depression, because I didn't know the purpose of my life. I didn't know and but use more. Because just as useful as the knowledge of God, there is time for you to accept the truth to find the truth. That's why it started teenager time when you start to when you have the capacity to procreate, because at that time, you're going to be accountable to that's why the Sahaba samsara at the age of 1213 years old, they were leading armies, it's hard to believe.

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But it's a fact. No, it's a documented fact. So at 1213 years old, in back in the day, in the time of Roswell, salaam, we have 13 years, you can lead an army with people behind you like Holland, and all my been caught up, you know, so, so unquestionable, your body was strong already, and you're accountable, which means if you die at that moment, you're not a kid anymore. You know? So this is what, what the problem we have is that we have not identified that and and the West used physical body excuses to say, oh, HTTP requests, but actually, people have a teenager crisis until the rest of her life. Try. Yeah, you know,

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who It doesn't make sense, like, I've been doing party with people, like, I remember when I was a non Muslim in Barcelona, and I was in my 20s, I was doing party with guys, they were 40 already. And I was starting to tell them guys, don't you think is not the time to kind of settle. We didn't want to leave at face invalid. Because what we need to be in denial constantly. We need to because we need to drink our code or find other ways to not think about the true reality, which is, if you don't come back to God, at some point, you know, you're going to be doomed.

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So so so this is why coming back to your question, I fed that, and I couldn't find the answer. So my mother gave me a lot of books about Buddhism, which start to appease myself, because at least I was doing meditation, like the, you know, and I was about to cut myself and center myself a bit. But still, this aspect of God was missing. So I traveled the world. And, and thanks to Allah, at 30 years old, after 10 years of intense research, I found the truth in Islam and, and since then, of course, I never left it. And I grew from that. And, and this is what we need to explain to the people is some as a solution to everything, including the teenager crisis, because we identified the

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real problem, and I was about to commit suicide, you know, I was suicidal at 16 years old, it's hard to believe but because I couldn't see any exits, I could not see, we have this very harsh High School exam that is like a on your neck. I don't know in UK, but you know,

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the feeling for this exam, you will never be able to become another 10 and be free. And I was and I was really depressed. And,

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and I know many teenager, so called teenager, Muslims who don't have any crisis because they know when they become as they've been praying since seven years old, when we turn 1314, of course, they have hormonal issue. But verse soul, the mind is clear. Is that Yeah, we have a god is make sense, we create a god. And we don't necessarily go for a phase where they go crazy, like in the West, where at 14 years old, you need to drink alcohol and cigarettes just to fit with the with everybody. So if already we could identify that in the Muslim world, that there is no such thing as teenager crisis, which means if your Muslim parents in your child is freaking out at 14 years old, you have

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to ask yourself, how do you portray yourself to Him? Does he really understand Islam? Is he really understanding of who is his creator?

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purpose of life? What is the purpose of life? You know, we can come back to we're going to come back to that, because I really liked speaking about those teenagers. And it's something that I've been talking about for a while, but we've got some really nice questions coming through for you. So I'm going to I'm going to go backwards a little bit to Brother Asif. He says, A question for Julian Salaam Alaikum. For brother Julian, how do you resist the temptation you're exposed to in your earlier life temptations

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as a Muslim, or as a nomad because as a non Muslim, there was no resistance really.

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I mean, you know, you you just like without any Sharia without any boundaries. So what is the feeling of giving into all those temptations and Shen's? If you've continually continuously tried an all said, No, you don't know how far you can go. So people don't feel regret, like, I'm not free, I'm in this parameter. But you've had freedom. Where did that take you? Of course, our Phaedra knows the truth in the in the rights, you know, like, that's the thing for everybody. But when you start to destroy that fitrah, for many reasons for alcohol and other things, do you lose senses of what is right or wrong. And so of course,

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as a non Muslim, I try to be good personal on what I thought was good, right. But in our, in our society, in Europe, drinking alcohol and being with different women and all these things not seen as something bad, right? But

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resist as a Muslim, through transition, because this is what we do. So. So it's, it's very simple. It's tried to throw on several good people, and try to do as much good deeds as you can pray on time. And there's a lot of ways to protect you in Islam, doing a seeker and, and it's all about the environment, I would say, the key thing to resist the temptation. And even when I was talking with Christians, before becoming Muslim, I spent three months with Protestant Christian and you know, they weren't men married men who were traveling for business. And they were always talking about the temptation of other woman and they were calling each other to protect each other, you know, as a

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practicing Christian, we, of course, forbid fornication and Zina and cheating So, so even the Christian were trying to practice they know that surrounding yourself with good brothers will have your back, we say, Stop talking to this woman, you know, she's not sure why is that you need that also, as a Muslim, you need that to have people around you are more pious than you in certain ways. That will remind you and you will feel ashamed to say something I remember. I remember when I became Muslim.

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You know, a big problem we have in the West is backbiting something, it's a big culture in France. I mean, it's everywhere like you by by your own parents, by by everybody. Disgusting. And we know it's a massive sin in Islam. And I remember, in the Philippines, I was, I met some Filipino Muslim and I one day, it just happened. I got caught up in backbiting someone in this day silence. And I was like, usually when you brag about someone, someone roll with you and keep doing, you know, yeah, they stay silent. And I was like, Whoa, this, and they made me understand obviously, not something we do as Muslim. You know?

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This is the thing that if you find it,

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I mean, don't,

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don't stay away from them because they are really good people and they will help you to get stronger, because eradicate those sins, and they will ask you to resist the temptation. So to come back to the question of the brother, surround yourself with people that are better than you in ways that you think you need to improve like, the mistake that a lot of us are doing. We like to surround themselves with losers so they think they are good. Yeah. You know,

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worse by a server near me it is temporary proximity among my friends, but not you know, so I'm better. No, that's not the point. You must put yourself in a situation where you are with really great people. And wherever you go with them. We will always put you back on track. Maybe people can't understand how what was addicted before you say hashtag lala lala shadow ana Muhammadan. abdomen water Sula, moo, and it stops. It's like, it's like, I want it, I want it. I don't want it. So that's not that we can go into that topic another time. inshallah I made a hydrogen 2014 and I was in the room. I traveled with hundreds of French Muslims, mainly from Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia

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and Senegal. And they were very happy with me very nice with me very friendly. I was in the room with Adrienne Moroccans. And

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they were very proud that I became Muslim. I said, they were a bit scared. Like me, I was brand new, merci talking about our retirement, they were like, you know, as long as you take care of the family, it's okay. You know, so for me they were playing safe. And I think I understand that. I understand why, you know, like French. France is very special special country when it comes to some you know, but I think they're amazing people. They are very

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trying to be self sufficient and raise money quite quickly for some measured in France.

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The thing is, I think they need people who fresh blood like me to to, you know, inspire them like

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now I'm doing a if you are interested, sister I'm on a YouTube channel called onaga Islam. And I'm talking Everyday I'm doing 10 minutes. Talk about different topics and

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To my great surprise, you know some people are telling me like what you say is that corny to me you know it's like it's a new way of seeing Islam and as always said sister oh and like the conference we are the new blood of the oma so even you and me We need a one year old Converse to come in our life you know to remind things because they bring something new on the table so so I think it's very important for the Muslim it's not because Laura and Matt and me We are Muslim converts that we are saying that is because it just makes sense that the consciousness flow in the oma like, like like the lag of blood in the body okay. And this is very important so I think I've been beneficial to

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them of course we had more knowledge or need so the good thing about the bond was if you have monitors for my wife she knows how to read the current very well with proper touch with me I'm still losing trust I'm still using transliteration you know, for example, no, you Oh, inshallah that's going to hold you back. That's what's holding you back the transliteration

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Yeah, I started but I have to say like, it takes me to inshallah, you can do you could do it. You know, it's really tough going back, going back to your ABCs as an adult, there's no doubt about it, but this is completely different. I I was I had a bit of a cry yesterday, my husband was like, I can't be doing this 10 years and I still have bad hair, but I can make the sounds and do do a little bit of reading or hamdulillah but I can read the Quran. I can read it not yet with meaning but the words Julian when you get there, the word start jumping out at you, like all hasn't at all I know that. Oh, Malika Malaika or I know that and all of those shapes suddenly start to make a little bit

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of sense it's really exciting. So but what will definitely sorry for having a rant everybody has a bit of passion. Yeah, is the the transliteration the the Roman letters will kill it. I know. I know. I started to learn it. But I said I'm halfway but I am a man and my thing is I'm a man of action. I'm afraid being worried style. You know, like I I love reading the Quran. I love reading the English tested and I ponder on the Quran but always forget of Arabic is critical for us. But I'm really busy on the battlefields during the hour making movies doing business and, and I guess it's not for everybody, but I can truly tell you that I love pondering on the Quran. And I think it's

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something that is really missing.

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Among many of my brothers, I realize it's like yeah, we recite the Quran from A to Zed problem, restaurant half is over convert I know. And when they call me to ask me what what do you think is going on in the world right now with the corner, I told them my take on the whole thing and open up my mind like this, you know? So I think guidance can come Also, if you You can also be really good if you do it in your own language, but you ponder on the meaning of the current based on the current situation, because the Quran is supposed to help us right now, sister and you know, like right now, how do you handle this crisis? All the answers are in the Quran. So this is how I approach the

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Quran. I tackled it in that way because, like everybody has a lot of issues right now. And reading is a great Baraka but I believe understanding is even more important. Well, I'm gonna I don't think that you or I are really equipped to kind of give up your ACL of wit of which is superior to the other Okay, we'll avoid that. But But definitely every single you know, Allah Allah tells us that every single syllable, every letter has Baraka 10 times the sound that you're making. So, so there is definitely, you know, the Baraka of making those sounds work your way through the Quran in its original language is there. What we need is an Omar is an understanding of what we should do with

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those sounds and what it means for us as behavior. I think I think the ads I love the passion of, of new converts, you'll find that you learn you learn really quickly. So you may not be able to read at this point, but you'll be able to recite I mean, I noticed what I before I married my wife, she asked me to memorize so that insan and what was the condition to marry her and I was two years Muslim. And so I listened to a couple of

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reciter and I pick up one, and with the trust iteration, and we've is that read, I was about to do something pretty decent, you know? So that's the best way possible, you know, to but I agree with you. I mean, the benefit of reciting the Quran, especially in Ramadan is a source of chifa Baraka and

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I'm going to make a better job at this for my last 15 days, Mashallah, we will we'll be able to add that there's no judgement in this. This is a circle of safety in the love and you think about organizing

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As you can trust, it's based on making a real difference to the people that they're meant to serve. I support what and UK because their programs lift Syrians out of misery, they've just constructed two new villages for internally displaced people in Kapha jealous, which is an ad lib sub district, these new camps, they have schools, clinics, decent accommodation, real sanitation, and educational opportunities for internally displaced children and adults, you can support the continued running of these services right now by going to what tan.org.uk May Allah bless you.

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Useless, you know, this is a beautiful suit, of course, but for me honesty is the best, you know, the one that when the concrete maca and the last one that I tell him, you know, you have to make Toba and is that when you will see people accepting is in masses. This is the message of the surah. You know, which which means that ultimately, this is what we're going to express with the return of izadi. Salaam, the return of Jesus No, and this is what gives me hope. Because we were going for hard time. I mean, let's make no mistake, you know, the Muslim Omar was worth 8% GDP of the entire world before this crisis now, how much we're going to be worth maybe 4% is 4% acceptable for 20% of

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the population, you know, and so we're going to, we're going for a very difficult time, like, the the the outcome of his crisis is unknown. To some people like me, I can see where the wind is going, and is not going towards freedom. So So the only thing that gives me hope is what Allah promises is ultimately, a lot of people will accept this.

00:26:50--> 00:27:01

A lot of Christians will recognize Jesus being a prophet, and, you know, not being the son of God. So, me this is what gives me hope. I don't know for you to learn, but

00:27:03--> 00:27:03

I think

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Yeah, it's a good question. What what what, what gives us hope?

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Every day, Allah makes the sunrise in every breath we take and every, every person we love, I mean, you know what, what stuns me is Allah to Allah didn't make us have to have love for one another, we could just have rattled along. And I tried to earn, you know, he could have made us the materialist society, your first pass of the post, and you win. Okay, first past the post, and you get to Jana. Right, I can do anything. But that is not his way. His way is to create something where everything sort of work does better when they're kind. Right. So plants cooperate together, did you know that so the acidity and the alkaline of plants, they like to live together to help each other allow

00:27:54--> 00:28:38

Ecuador, you know, the shade of one tree helps another, a certain sort of sort of grass grow. And bugs, sometimes they carry each other. I mean, it's insane the cooperation that is going on, even on a molecular level, in this world that we live in, and it will come back to that. And if we've made ourselves as humanity of virus, then we will be retracted. And Allah will bring beauty. So so we have to trust that we're on the side of the angels, as they say, you know, Bismillah to Allah, right, by being Muslim. But since you're talking about the virus, I mean, this is something I just made my, my video recently about the virus of shark, and there's a lot of panic around the world

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because it's a virus that is affecting our dunya right, we cannot move and virus of shark has been going on for centuries, and it's literally destroyed country's civilization. And it's, as we know, the biggest sin in Islam and what status means that we we as a Muslim Ummah, we didn't get a sense of urgency towards the non Muslim communities who are in deep need of Islam right now, you know, like, I'm listening to Christians now wery good people and they are just hoping for Jesus to come and save us with this crisis and it makes me feel sad because we both know that it's not going to be the case. Jesus cannot help them in this crisis you know, so the main objective of Islam and

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Institute to spread this religion to to let the people know the good news and at the same time warn them about what can happen

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because I think we're missing the plot I was happy to see that there was a 2030 scholars who recently made a letter to the humanity is this a website that Abdullah green is on it? I don't know if you're aware is global message to humanity and it's really nice. They are things that collide is on it. I mean, all of them. Yes, sir. cardiology. Yeah. Check it I mean talk about it and I'm sure you will love it and I didn't go for the water addressed to mankind during Ramadan. They

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The people now stand to come back to God, you know, and was signed by 30, prominent scholars around the world. And I think this is really a great initiative. Because people need to know, you know, the only thing that can, we're going to have a hardship for what if it's not to return to God?

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Who is all these beautiful names all these creations, and this is, the moment of truth is now you know, things not going to be the same. But we, the people of good, we have to do even more than we were before to do our part. I mean, at the end of the day, Allah to Allah says, who will give me a goodly loan, he doesn't need anything, but he's put this in a language we can understand. Right? You give something and then he gives you more back Subhana Allah. And this is what we're talking about Julie and I about, about being hopeful, because the system that Allah Allah has created as one of hope and sharing, and are really strong advice, robbers and sisters around the world to look at

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opportunities to live more in a more simple way. in the countryside, I believe the future of asuma is more towards the countryside where people can be having access to fresh water, the access to food. And I know a lot of us have been used to the, you know, the the benefit of being in a city and having everything around us. But truly, I appreciated my life when I was seven years old, between 14 and seven years old, I spent seven years in a family, where was the best time of my life and connect me to the Phaedra Connect me to God. And I think in this crisis,

00:31:35--> 00:32:16

all the people who live in the countryside right now, their life has not really changed. You know, like, I know, some of my friends, they are living in a farm. You know, they don't even get out and they have access to a river every morning, they see the sunrise Sunset at night. And I think we lost that, you know, I was surprised to, to find out in Turkey, almost 80% of the people living in cities 80% of the people, it's massive. It's 80% of the people in Turkey live in cities, you know, so when you know how big is Turkey, you know, and I think this is a real problem, you know, like, we really have to see how we can look at our life in a different way and leave more simple and I think the joy

00:32:16--> 00:32:57

and the connection with Allah will be even stronger. So actually, this basically gives you freedom because if you depend on trucks to feed, you bring you the food. It says law much limits limited freedom, you have to even food feed yourself and, and will depend you heavily depending on the whole economy, which we know right now is not that stable. So the best advice I want to give to my Muslim brothers sisters in visit huge movement in France that is happening for the past few years called the Colibri movement where 1000s of people have left Paris to reestablish themselves and establishing farm, leaving together Muslim with non Muslims. And this is a movement that is

00:32:57--> 00:33:40

happening in France, I don't know in UK, but I truly encourage it because we see that people are much more happy. And this type of lockdown. And now there's a possibility of a second wave and who knows, God knows what will happen next. I really want the Muslim brothers to rethink the lifestyle we think as well as now that everybody's working anywhere from from online. Could you not do that in the comfort of your nice farm that you share with five other brothers and sisters giving education to your children in a you know, organic way, you know, so, I think it's a it's a time to ponder on how we used to live and how can we how can we better in the future? You know, depending on the

00:33:40--> 00:34:22

system, Mashallah, you know, I was I was in America about 10 years ago, about eight years ago, and I was in one of the southern states, and there was an Amish girl there. And I was absolutely fascinated. She was about 15 years old, she was literally standing in front of a cart, and she was selling flowers and different hats. And she had I'm telling you she had nor on her face, such innocence and such. And I said psvt and she said mpsp to you? And I was like whoa and and I said How is it? How is your life? She said, All thanks god, it's beautiful we and I'm like, well this is what the Muslims need to be doing. We need to be connecting with with Allah to Allah through his through

00:34:22--> 00:34:59

nature, through through sustainability. Honestly, she made me cry that day, there was a purity and innocence May Allah guide them, you know, but but what they're doing the way the way that they work together, the way that they collaborate the way that they keep their community close. I think there's some good there. I knows best Luna we become just to finish the city has made matters harsher. And it's not a it's not a coincidence that when you put 15 million people together in a small density, and everybody's bought in us see, it's very, very hard to keep your humanity even if you're massive you you're not playing safe. You know you're not playing at home.

00:35:00--> 00:35:41

We know all the prophets were deeply involved in nature, all the revelations, imagine also some get revelation in a cave. All the prophets, most of them were shepherds. Now it tells you something. I mean, the best way to earn a living is food, trade, or agriculture as the most the most, to most powerful way to earn a living, right? So I really want to start to engage the conversation every time I can because I know this is a solution for Zuma in the near future, to keep our demand strong to keep our children healthy. We need to give them a better life. You make a draw for us before we break our fast and shallow and everybody say I mean via Miller to Allah smilla rahmanir rahim Allah

00:35:41--> 00:36:24

we ask you to bless us in this month of Ramadan, give us a strong and we have the possibility to understand your career and recite your grant the way it is pleased to you. Help us to feed as many people as possible help us to be resourceful people for the oma give us guidance guide our families make us better Muslim aparece Ramadan keep us away from the * and as long as possible and forever and strengthen the oma bring more people to this beautiful Deen. We want everybody to have the possibility to have access to it. Bless our brothers and sisters around the world, protect them against all evil and make this much stronger.

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enemies. If you've enjoyed this podcast, please take a moment to visit what ten.org.uk to support Syrians in need.