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If you love someone, a girl, so so much

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is already a problem I can see right now, I didn't read the whole question. But it's not like it's a problem here.

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If you love someone, a girl so, so much, and you can't get married just yet, and at the same time you want to be a good Muslim and not break the law of the law. What should you do?

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Well, first of all the promises, I'll say, I mentioned that if you're a young man, and you can't get married, and you should fast.

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The other thing is, you shouldn't be around that person who you love so, so much.

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That's like being in a cage in the kitchen with a chocolate cake that you love so, so much.

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And your mother and father, they leave and go to work and leave that cake on the table that you love. So, so much.

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You know, and you upstairs, and that cake is that downstairs on the table that you love so, so much.

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And you come downstairs and you look at the cake.

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So, so much.

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And you don't cut the cake, you just reach out and just take a little piece of chocolate and put it in it run back upstairs.

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Once you get that chocolate in your mouth, that's it.

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Because you don't like that chocolate cake more than so, so much. And chances are by the time your parents get home, there's gonna be a slice out of that cake.

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And that means that you ate a piece of it so so much.

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The same thing happens with girls and boys. If they spend the improper time without supervision against the sun, no, the problem is a lot of us Lamb and they allowed to talk to each other on the phone so so much.

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And they allowed to visit each other and see each other in school and in the streets and on the bus stop and in the cafes so so much. That is not gonna take no more than about six months to a year before something happens. So so much.

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Sophia, Allah subhana wa Taala. And whoever has done it is you need to respect her and leave her alone. You don't even have a right to write to her. You don't have a right to call her on the phone. You don't have a right to do anything more than what one of the companions of the Prophet SAW Sam did. Maybe you make a stand down the street when she comes and hide behind a tree and just look at her.

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That might be allowed for you to do.

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So stay away from that young lady. Talk to her parents, talk to your parents, make some plans. And if you old enough to adopt responsibility and you got a room in your house, ask your parents to allow you to marry this girl that you love love so so much. Even if you are in school, and it's better for her to be in your room married and the two of you 15 1617 and for you to love her. So, so much married, then for what may happen if you don't. That's what I can advise you to do.