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The transcript describes the story of Malcolm X, a son of a prince who has been a visionary and is the son of a prince with six biological daughters. The film is a real story, and it will be impactful for the future. The film will be a classic for the 20th century.

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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

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Movie. Let's see what we can do to make that happen. What movie?

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June the 26th?

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Have you 67 years old?

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No one can tell this story

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the way that I have seen it.

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But what I call this story, it's about

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the last 47 years after Malcolm, but who should I call myself?

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I mean, I know my name.

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But who am I speaking for?

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I'm speaking for all the sons and daughters to spiritual sons and daughters of Malcolm X. I am

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a son of a prince. That's who I am.

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I'm the son of a prince. After

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Every generation a prince was born,

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a visionary

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would inspire the masses.

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In the turbulent 60s, five key voices was silenced.

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One of these voices belong to the main Malcolm X.

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characterized in his eulogy as the prince

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that prince had six biological daughters.

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And my story will be told as one of his spiritual sons

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if the price were here,

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this is how he would see the world

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cultures, religions, societies,

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and the critical issues facing humanity

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nearly 50 years after Malcolm X

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after hex must examine the critical

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Issues comment upon some of the tremendous social implications and offer moral propositions

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after x will be the voice, the ears, the touch the eyes, and the taste of every spiritual son and daughter

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of the prince.

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So walk with me

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and share the experience of two generations after x.

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During this dynamic period, 32 countries gained independence.

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They have been countercultures and social revolutions worldwide.

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And man

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has landed on the moon.

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This film is a real story,

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especially for the world

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who have seen the movie Malcolm X

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after x will be riveting

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into general intergenerational, emotional, and filled with powerful and graphic social insights.

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After x

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will answer all of those sensitive, distorted and misunderstood questions about Islam and Muslims.

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After x

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covers 47 years 73 countries

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my life

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and offers a compelling proposition of Islam.

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in the world

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after x is about America,

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and the present world that we live in,

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after x speaks to the individual to the hot into the very soul.

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After x is the message coming out of Hollywood, out of Brooklyn, out of urban America and the global village, which is our present world,

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from New York to Mecca,

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from Lagos to London,

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from Amsterdam to Sydney, from Beijing to Trinidad and from Cairo to Moscow after x is there.

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No one

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absolutely no one can afford to miss f tags

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because it is one of the most important films of the 21st century.