Is N.O.I. Farrakhan Dajjal’s Representative

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Now they will not Muslims, but that's what they call themselves Nation of Islam.

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I say they're not Muslims, because in their own newspaper today, they're the same people.

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They say a law came in the form of a man in 1935.

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a black man

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and his name was master w fraud.

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So let's go for

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that. Sure.

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And they say that this man Mr. W rod, who was supposed to be aligned, the person

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nominated and selected Elijah poo, or Elijah Muhammad as His Messenger in profit.

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That's another form of gopher and another form of shark. So Kufa Cooper, shark shark.

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So Elijah Muhammad said

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that there was no paradise,

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no hereafter, another form of cover number form of shooting.

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He said that Paradise is in this life. And Hellfire is in this life. And resurrection is only in the mind. So this is called for again. So kafir, kafir, kafir kafir

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and he said that the Quran

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was given to him by Allah, Master w four are to be interpreted for this time, only for a black man, another form of copper, so five times copper. So they are pure kaphas.

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The man called louis farrakhan minister louis farrakhan,

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no doubt,

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no doubt he is the student and the follower of Elijah Muhammad, and he has built

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a platform upon that same platform.

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And we have to give credit where credit is due.

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They are Kaffirs, pure kaphas. Because they are still saying today exactly what Elijah Muhammad said in 1945.

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They are still saying today in their newspaper,

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anyone can go to www Nation of Islam, or www.

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The final call,

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go to www the final call, or www the Nation of Islam. And you will see that they say today exactly what Elijah Muhammad said 1945 no difference, even though

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Minister Farrakhan as he called himself makes hij maybe every five years.

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Even though his followers, he's taking with him every year 150 250 350 of his followers to Hajj every year, and he's been invited to make Hajj by the people in Saudi Arabia. I don't know why.

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I don't know why. He's the guest of the government.

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And they're making Hajj every year. And every single year in Chicago, he has something called Savior's day.

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In Chicago, this is their, their big day, this is their aid.

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And every year,

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the Azhar University sends their representative to save his day.

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I'm not blaming the asthma University, I'm saying the biggest shift from death is death. Every year.

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One of the amendments from the hudon will be there in Chicago every year.

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The leaders of the biggest Islamic organizations in America will be there every year.

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Why those people are supporting Minister Farrakhan? why they're praying with him why they're sitting with him, why they are giving him credence, I don't know.

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But Allah is the witness. You can get it on DVD.

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And he says, clearly, if I'm wrong,

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why is the whole Muslim world represented representatives here with me today?

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So this is one of the reasons not only the law, that his organization continues because it has given the support and the credence and recognition by some of the biggest organizations Muslim organizations in the world.

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Although they are

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Pure chapters, meaning minister louis farrakhan and his group, those who are supporting him, they are not capitalists. They are Muslims. Why they are supporting why they are recognizing a lot. It's not for me to say, but I have to make the record straight. Khalid didn't say this. You can go to www Nation of Islam. www, final call and you will see the Savior's day put it in this saviors day Nation of Islam and you will see all the videos and you will see all the shoe from the Haram from Jordan Mufti from Lebanon, the Mufti from Jordan, the Mufti from so on. So the Mufti from this place, the man of the harem, the head of the head of Aigner, the head of all the Islamic organizations, they

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are there with him shaking hands and embracing him like he is a Muslim

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In spite of that, his organization, it is not growing. Because one of the beautiful things about Islam is that a liar is a liar.

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And his lie does not grow after him.

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It is a stays where it is or it becomes smaller and smaller, but our profit is the profit. And his message goes after him greater than it was even while he was living. So Allah subhanaw taala has caused this nation to grow the real Islamic nation and he has caused the nation of the liar to be as it is, and when he and when farrakhan dies, that live will become smaller and smaller until it rots away.

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And we asked a lot that those people who are following him with sincerity,

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that they will become Muslims inshallah.

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We have to give credit, however, that Elijah Muhammad, although he was a liar, although he was not a prophet, although he made said lies about Allah subhanho wa Taala. He was a social reformer.

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What is a social reformer, a social reformer is a man who helps people to come from the lowest form of social degradation until they come to a level of self esteem.

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Elijah Muhammad was successful in causing men and women who were drunk it drug addicts, prostitutes, pimps, criminals, he was able to reform them and clean them up and make them into productive people, fathers, mothers, businessmen, and distinguished people and respectful people, men like Malcolm

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because Malcolm

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was not the only one like himself. This is what you need to know.

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There were 1000s of people that was like Malcolm X, but they did not have his voice.

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A lot didn't give them the same gift.

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But their conviction, their sincerity, their social reform, was just like Malcolm

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because they said Islam, because they said could end because they stopped drinking, because they stopped drugging. You see, when a person stopped drinking and drugging and fornicating and stealing and lying, and all these kinds of things, they become clear headed, clear hearted,

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but Allah subhanho wa Taala because they were making sure

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he never gave them the Buddha. He never gave them the who that and there are many people, Jehovah Witness, they'll clean people.

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Jehovah Witness clean people, but they're emotional in

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the moment, clean people mushrikeen

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seven Day Adventists clean people mushrikeen

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so many of the people, they are clean their morals. They don't steal, they don't lie. They love God they do this but Allah subhanaw taala says in the levina cafaro woman Alan Kay will Mr. Kenan de nada Johanna mythology. La eco. Sharon Maria in alladhina amanu Well, Amina thought he had to LA eco home highroad Maria, they are shuttled Maria because they are making shirt against the loss of Panama Diana and they are lying against the loss of $100 and they're lying about the deen of Allah subhanaw taala and they have polluted the deen of Allah subhanaw taala so Allah has polluted their lives and he prepared for them jahannam even though we might think they are pious