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there are several manifestations of division among the Muslims. And they are actions and behaviors that contribute to these divisions. One, and probably one of the most profound and poisonous is the issue of our severe and Komiya

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are severe. It means nationalism, and Kalmia tribalism, Muslims, waving their flags, Muslims being proud of where they come from. Muslims always saying putting a name putting a country putting some kind of ethnicity before Islam saying I am American Muslim. I am a Pakistani Muslim. I am an Australian Muslim. I am an Iraqi Muslim. I am a Saudi Muslim. I am a Lebanese Muslim. I am a Nigerian Muslim. No, we should never ever, ever put anything before Islam. You can say I am a Muslim. From Nigeria. I am a Muslim from America. I'm a Muslim from Lebanon. Why? Because where you from really doesn't matter. What matters is that we are Muslims.

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Kalmia tribalism, even Muslims from the same country, Muslims who are from the same ethnicity. When they come in, they live in a place they settle according to tribe,

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tribe that lives in the east, the tribe that lives in the West, the tribe from the north, the tribe from the south, the tribe that eats this the tribe that has this culture, tribes that had historical conflicts among themselves, they continue those conflicts even when they move to another place. So this is called our Sobia and Kalmia.

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It is something that Muslims do, innocently. By habit. Even when they enter the mosque, you will find Muslims look for somebody who looks like them.

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A Muslim look to sit by somebody who talks like them. A Muslim will only invite somebody to their house who is from their place. A Muslim seems to seek loyalty and support and to live next to someone who eats his food and dresses like him and talks his ledger, his dialect. This is signs of ignorance. This is signs of defeat. This is signs of weakness. This is signs of disease. This is signs of Jamelia.

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But we have been told,

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we have been told by our conquerors, we have been told by those people who have sponsored us, we have been told by those people who have entered our homes, our hearts and our lions, we have been told by those people that this is good for us. This is the way that we can be identified. This is the way we can be distinguished and we believe them because they give us something for it.

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Or Muslims.

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This ignorance, our Serbia and Komiya is the ignorance and poison, which is one of the main ingredients of division and pollution among the Muslims today. If we don't stop it, if we don't speak about it, then we are contributing to our own death. And we are contributing to the erosion and the stagnation of Islam.

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It is the element that the non Muslim conspirators. They use it to separate us. They use it to divide us they use it to undermine the countries they use. They use it to undermine our communities. They use it to undermine the individuals among the Muslims.

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We have been given special names by the Crowfall. We have been given special flags by the kuffaar. We have been given distinct countries by the kuffaar with independent constitutions and governments by the kuffaar and that is how we see each other.

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There was a time

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when no matter where our Muslim lived.

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They knew there was one Khalifa

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they knew there was one authority.

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They knew there was one OMA

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and there was no need for any flag.

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The flag of the Muslims is La ilaha illAllah Muhammad Rasool Allah,

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it doesn't have any emblems.

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It doesn't have any special letters.

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It is not for any special people. It is a global Oma.

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It is the OMA that's chosen by Allah subhanaw taala it is the home of Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam

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them it is Ebrahim Allah is to them is the owner of the MDR is the owner of total heat

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and every other characteristic that it has is underneath it it is beneath it it is subordinate to it