Ramadan & Beyond – Things to do on the Last 10 Nights

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The importance of maximizing rewards during busy months like Easter is highlighted, along with the need to stay at the right place and not drink too much. The speaker also emphasizes listening to spiritual teachings and not drinking too much during prayer. It is important to not miss their solar time and rest before going back to their home, and to not sit on a table long.

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bla Salam o alaikum, my brothers and sisters, for reading the Quran we will receive for every letter 10 rewards. When it is in Ramadan, that 10 is multiplied further, in the last 10 days of Ramadan or 10 nights of Ramadan. Let's not waste our time because by reading the word of Allah you're getting 10 rewards if you read one verse, that's hundreds of rewards packed away Subhanallah and multiplied because of the condition of fasting because of the fact that it's the nights because of the fact that it's the it's the last one of the last 10 nights and more so one of the odd nights. So if we are going to read messages on our phones and on the internet and with others and waste our time

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talking and speaking that which is futile a lot of the times what we read is juicy stories gossip, and you know slander sometimes backbiting whatever else it may be. avoid that. The reason is our time is limited and we need to maximise on the reward during this month of Ramadan we can do better, we must do better. Ramadan is a month of recharge. Ramadan is a month of reconnecting Ramadan is a month where in which Allah Almighty is forgiving every night freeing people from hellfire. Once your name is on there, once it that's it, you're set Alhamdulillah Allah will guide you towards doing good Allah will guide you towards leaving bad Allah will guide you towards repentance throughout the

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year. Allah will guide you towards fulfilling acts of worship that are pleasing to Him throughout the year. If he accepts you even once, so may Allah grant us acceptance. That's why we say Allahumma fitna, oh Allah grant us acceptance to stand during Leila to other The Night of Decree the Night of Power, oh Allah help us so that we use our time wisely. Don't waste your time today. I want to challenge all of you to pick the Quran up and read as much as you can. Also remember to listen to recitation is also rewarding. You will get a beautiful reward to listen to the recitation to, to ponder over it is an amazing reward to remember Allah to sit and speak to each other beautiful

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reminders, good stories, that which will encourage people to do good to empower people to give our charity to help the poor and the needy to reach out to widows and orphans to be there. For those who are downtrodden, those who are heartbroken, all those are acts of worship, we should be engaging in the month of Ramadan. Someone asked me How should I split my acts of worship? Remember, sleep is an act of worship. But some of the young people sleep all day saying I've been I've been worshipping Allah all day. Sleeping is only an act of worship, if it is done at the right time in the right place. If it is in the wrong place, it's not an act of worship and if it is at the wrong time, it's

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not an act of worship. It could be sinful, may Allah Almighty grant us steadfastness. So remember to sleep at the right time. And remember to thank Allah, what you could do is when you get up for Salah to tahajjud get up early for soul, make wash yourself, perhaps you can have a bath or a shower, you can make Lou depending on what you need to do. And what then needs to happen is read a little bit of Quran.

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Engage in some prayer, a few units of tahajjud ask Allah Almighty to grant ease. And then once you've done your Witter Salah you partake of a little bit of support. Remember the lighter the meal in the morning, the better your fast will go, the more you eat in the pre Dawn meal, the more difficult the fast becomes, in the case of majority of us. So you have a light meal and then you do Salat al Fajr after fajr you can sit for a while. Remember Allah it depends on whether you go to work or not you could sleep actually it's not a bad idea. But remember the remembrance of Allah for a short while there is a beautiful dua that we should be reading Subhan Allah he will be handy he

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added the healthy he worried by NFC he was in at Arshi when we did that Kalamata he at least thrice repeat that to you get a reward for having set having set right up to sunrise, even though you didn't set all of that, but that dua gives you that particular reward and in Ramadan it's multiplied many fold Allah knows best. Then you if you have stayed away, can you stay to wake up to sunrise you can read what is known as Iraq, the salah that is one

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voluntary that you read after the sun has risen. That is a beautiful voluntary prayer, you can engage in that. And then you can go to sleep if you want, or you go to work, some who might have already slept and then you can go to work Subhanallah remember to be conscious of your temper and your words, be conscious of what you say and do be conscious of everything. And you're in the last 10 nights of Ramadan.

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So, at lunchtime, you would pause because you there is no lunch for you. You can fulfill your Salah, you then spend a little bit of time reading the Quran, remembrance of Allah through your work while you're working through the morning while you're doing whatever you are doing. And if you're not working or you have an opportunity to listen to something while you're doing, maybe at home, some of the chores or the cooking or whatever else it may be, listen to something good, not something bad. Don't listen to that which is filled with gossip and hate and backbiting and so on. Listen to spiritual things. Listen to the word of Allah the most powerful word in existence, recitations,

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listen to a good speech, a good lecture, some lessons perhaps, if you've joined and in the background, you may listen to this and Allah will open your doors because you're not spending your time in something bad. You spending it did something good. And then you after salata law, you can continue with your work, you can continue with some of the current as you're working, remembrance of Allah Subhana Allah Alhamdulillah Allah, Allah and Allah Allahu Akbar, Allahu La Quwata illa biLlah these beautiful ways of remembrance of Allah. And then as your day comes to an end and you go back to your to your home, you might want to rest a little bit no harm. Make sure you don't miss Salah to

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Lhasa. You might want to lie down for a bit or you might want to pick up the Quran read again, it's the month of the Quran, and read a little bit again, ponder over the meanings perhaps listen to a lecture or a lesson. You could listen to a few series every single day set aside a time listen twice if it's short. And listen three times if you really want to learn lessons, you won't forget it. When you listen to something twice or thrice. And thereafter you start preparing for Iftar and you you know you sit and make a lot of dua supplication to Allah, you have your Iftar meal, it should be light. You make your salad Maghrib you want to eat a little bit more. After that. Do not indulge in

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food. Don't eat too much in Ramadan. Not at all don't in the evening, don't eat so much that you find it difficult to move. A lot of people they can't even breathe because it's full, it's packed Subhanallah what? Your belly don't allow that to happen. So remember, you still have taraweeh to read you still have Salatin Asia, so you fulfill your Salah to Asia, you enjoy the taraweeh you come back you might want to have a cup of tea you might want to have some ice cream depending on where you are on the globe. And Masha Allah Allah will bless you in 1,000,001 ways. When you spend a little bit of time with the vicar of Allah. The most powerful thing to read during the last 10

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Nights especially the ordinate Allah Houma in Nica, if you want to hit boule, alpha one Oh Allah, you are most forgiving. You love to forgive so forgive me. That's a beautiful too. So my brothers and sisters thereafter, you may rest for a while, if you're really feeling up to it, you can actually engage in worship those of you who are in Makkah and Medina, you can join the tahajjud even in your locality, there might be some, you can join it and you can actually enjoy yourself with beautiful recitals, take a bit of water, make sure you're hydrated and Subhanallah after that, you're back. You're back at home and like I said, you can either rest or you can continue with your

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So depending on where you are and what happens in around you, make sure you make the most of these days these are blessed days may Allah bless you all. Salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah.