The Famous Incident Of Barirah And Mughith

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Today inshallah we're going to do one of the famous incidents in the side of the theater. What do I mean by the side of this era, there are many things happen in Medina at the time of the Prophet Salah Salem. And there's a particular incident that is mentioned in every single book of Hadith. And every student of knowledge has to study this incident because it has so many 50 and added benefits. And in fact, some of our great scholars that came up Matoba, even Hoceima, they actually wrote specific treatises about this one incident and they derive benefits in my mortality derived over 400 benefits from this one incident that I'm going to quickly summarize for you, and it is sometimes

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technical, but it's also very interesting because it shows us the reality of life. And it shows us things happening in Medina, that of course happen in any society. And this is known as the incident of El Barrio or the incident of Variera the incident is summarized as follows buddy era was a slave and our mother I shall the Allahu anha she had announced that she wants to free a slave. She had announced that she wants to free a slave for the sake of Allah subhana wa Tada. So but he then visited I shall mother I shall the Allah has said that Oh Mother, Aisha, my masters have agreed for something called MacArthur river that says that it's technical, we're going to go over these things.

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My masters have agreed for micarta but I need help. And the price they have said is nine silver coins. And I have agreed to pay them over nine years one coin a year to be free. So our mother Aisha said go to your owners and say I'll give them the nine coins right now. But I have the condition that Allahu Allah will be mine. What is and what are we need to understand what is it well before we move on, and wallah is a concept because we don't have didn't have to deal with slavery. We have forgotten this concept, but it is an Islamic concept. When the slave was freed, the slaves became like an extended family member for the one who frees the relationship becomes one of like an

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extended family, regular visitations helping you know being a part of the family. And even in our fifth, this is our fifth, even inheritance in some cases, though Allah will even give inheritance in some cases. So when I you know, in those days, families were small, they wanted to make their families big, especially our mother Aisha, she didn't have any children. So she wanted this Wallah with this slave but era they were going to be like extended family. So she went back to the masters and they said no, no, we're going to have the winner the money comes from her. Let I show them how to pay the money but we're going to have that special connection. One buddy that came back I should

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have the Allah who I had then you know, she didn't like this condition. But one of the process and return the same day she said Alice will Allah I want to free buddy Rob, but I want the weather I want that family connection thing that we have. But the masters are saying no, the weather is gonna be for them even though the money is from me. Now here's where it gets 50 an interesting, the prophecies that I've said, go ahead and let them give that condition is shall not be fulfilled. And then he gave a sermon in the masjid. And he said he praised ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada. And then he said, how can people put conditions that go against the book of Allah? Allahu Allah belongs to the one who

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frees the slave. You cannot buyer and seller gifted, it's not a privilege that you can gift, it automatically comes to the one who freeze. So he allowed I shall be able to let them agree but then he made this condition null and void. So but even then became free. Now the story becomes sad and tragic and romantic all at the same time. But era had a husband by the name of movies, and the two of them were both slaves. But era was freed. Another Aisha Radi Allahu Allah has said, but era established three Islamic laws. That's why this hadith is said in every book of the era established three Islamic laws, the first of them, the one that belongs to the one who freeze regardless of the

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ownership, no, whoever pays well, that will be she established this law, Nobody can dispute it. That's why in all of our schools of law, all the scholars of Islam say the one who freeze gets the Wella, not the one who owns the one who freeze gets the winner. Number two, the profit on whether Aisha said burrito became free, her husband was still an apt. Buddy euro was then given the choice to remain or to allow the contract and she chose to know the contract. And number three, we're going to come back to point number two number three. Once the professor some came to the house, and he saw meat being cooked, which is very, very rare. Meat was cooked once every two months, once every three

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months. And he saw meat being cooked when he sat down for dinner there was no meat. So he said didn't I see the meat being cooked? But where is the meat? hamdulillah the Sunnah we all love um, the dilla where's the meat? So I showed him I said, Oh, buddy era. Somebody gave buddy raw meat as

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sadaqa so we're cooking that meat, but we know you don't eat sadaqa so we cannot put it in front of you. Our mother Ayesha can eat other process that is not allowed to eat sadaqa. So the prophets of salaam said it was given sadaqa to burrito Correct? She said yes. And Variera gifted it to us, correct? Yes. Okay. So for us, it is a gift, not sadhaka it wasn't sadaqa to us what this shows transfer of ownership transfers the status of the good as well. Right transfer of ownership transfer to the status difficulty point. Now let's get back to the second point, which is the issue of marriage and divorce. But you're not and Malik we're both ABD and it is allowed in Islamic law to

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have a marriage right. So you have to understand when we say our concept of slavery is radically different than the western concept, radically different of the concepts that are different in the Quran. We should know this as Muslims in the Quran. Allah says if an ABD or an AMA of slave comes to you, and they demand freedom, ca t boom, you must give them the contract for freedom in Adam to free him Clara, if they are good people, the Quran mandates you give them the contract of freedom, what is the contract of freedom, you agree to a reasonable price and just to call us you can become free when you pay the price. This is in our show it is in the Quran, so we should know it, got it, boom,

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this is called micarta. So buddy demanded, I want to be free. So the owners had to give the contract the Quran mandates it. So the owners gave the price nine gold, silver coins. And then in our Shediac, once the slave asks this in our shed, yeah, he or she must be given some extra time away from the daily chores to earn some money so that they can put themselves free. This is a very different concept. It is actually closer to the English term indentured servant than the English term slave in our shed. Yeah, I don't like using the term slavery because it's so different than the western concept. How can it actually be slavery when the person has the right to be freed according

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to the Quran, and we have this instance here, but you don't want it to be freed. The the owners have negotiated the contract to call us okay, this is the amount so she comes and she says, I want that nine. Now. Our mother Aisha wanted to free a slave. That's another point of our religion. One of the greatest deeds of charity is to help free this Macaca. This is one of the biggest charities so our mother Aisha has announced, everybody knows she has something to free the slave so buddy Euro comes. And so then this nine is given. This also shows by the way that it is allowed in Islamic law to have payments that are given monthly or annually, and it is allowed to have a lump sum payment as well.

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And by the way, this is a technical point not from the hadith of biddable, you should know this that it is also permissible to announce two prices for an object, you can say if you pay in installments $100 a month for one year. And if you pay one time $1,000 The two are not the same. But it is held in Islamic law. As long as as long as you have the option and you choose one of the options when you sign the contract. You cannot sign without knowing which of the two, the person can announce $100 a month for one year, that's 1200. And he can say 1000 immediately. This is halal. And the Hadith barrier doesn't directly relate to this. But the concept of installments and one time payment is

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mentioned here. So mother Aisha says one time payment now here's the point. Islamic law says you can marry as slaves and you can choose your marriage as slaves. However, there's a technical point, if one of the two parties becomes free, they have the choice to remain in the marriage or not. They have no choice even if it is the lady she has the choice in this case, but era decided she doesn't want to remain married. Why? Because her options become more now that she's a free lady. Now she can get a different person and a different lifestyle, obviously, because lifestyles are very different right? And have a better opportunity for herself. This is now the reality of society. So she decided

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to uh know firstly, I need to move on with the marriage after the day she can marry again. Now the story goes a little bit sad. The husband will Heath loved Budhia immensely, and by the era didn't really have the return of the same level. And so for those three months of the reader, you know, you have three months at the event for the woman by the way in this case, so for three months, she has to wait and she cannot get married until the three months is over. But Iraq and Malaysia were technically still married. But now she has opted after three months I'm no longer your wife. So for three months movies will be begging and pleading for her to reconsider. He loved her immensely. And

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even Ibis said we used to see movies following buddy era in the streets pleading with her publicly crying in the streets that please let's give it a chance. Allow me to be with you give me an opportunity. And Barry era did not listen to him. Until one time that

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profitsystem was standing, and the two of them are having it out in public again. So by the way, it shows you doesn't matter where you are, these things are, you know, common like, heartbroken, low stories are common. It doesn't this is the reality. And sometimes it's from the lady. Sometimes it's from the man, it is what it is right? What are you going to do? And so he's begging her pleading her, and he's crying in public. And she's not even looking at him. Like, she doesn't have that love. And the process of turning to his uncle ibis, and he goes, Oh, her bus? Aren't you amazed at how much love Malik has for video, and how much lack of love there is no return from buddy era back to

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movie, and then the process and called the two of them in the show. Subhanallah community leaders, elders, relatives, families, when there's a marital dispute, you try to help you try to help. So he called the two of them. And he said, Oh, buddy era? Why don't you listen to movies and accept his Shiva? Why don't you just get back together? And you are you have a child that they had a child as well, you have a child as well. He's the father of your child, and he's a good man, you know, just get back to him. So buddy Ross said Ya rasool Allah, are you commanding me to return to the marriage? Or are you just Shaffir intercession in arbitration? Is this a hukum? Or are you just

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trying to be nice, right? Look at the technical she understood, if the process and commands me, then I have no choice. But if he's just trying to, you know, be a arbiter, then I have the choice. She understood this SubhanAllah. So the person said, No, this is not welcome. This is just Scheffer. I'm not commanding you. It's just trying to bring you together, make sure that between husband and wife, it's not a he'll come from Allah subhana wa, I'm just trying to help, you know, to save the marriage. So buddy era, flips the hand and says, la hija to LiFi. I have no need of Him, cafe and it literally, I have no need of Him. And the marriage was handled. And she then married somebody else

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after three months. What this shows your SubhanAllah. And again, these are awkward realities, but we should know them that sometimes sometimes for some people, the marriage is more practical than love based. And in this case, Vidya opted in for the marriage with Malia because she had no other option. But she didn't really love this person. But Malik fell in love with her. And Mohit was absolutely obsessed with her. And he wanted the marriage to continue. But it wasn't the case when her options became more. This also shows us right and I, I hope I don't open it open up a can of worms, but Phil has filled here. A marriage contract is not something that is like a binding until the day of

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judgment for both parties. By the way, if one of the parties really wants to leave.

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It's not a prisoner that forever that person must remain. If one of them is adamant that I cannot remain my mental is that what not? It is what it is. And yes, we try. Yes, we we give the encouragement. But in the end of the day, it's not like colors, because in this case, the woman wanted to leave, and she has the option to leave and the processing allowed her that option. And there was no like demanding, there was no you know, abuse, there was nothing going on. It's just I cannot remain here because I don't have that love and respect I should have for the husband. That's all the reason was, I want to now move on with my options. So here we learned from the hadith of

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Buddha as well, that sometimes marriages are pragmatic, and there's nothing wrong with that when being bullied and bullied or married that where it was going on. And sometimes marriages don't last. And there's also nothing wrong with that it is mentioned that the both of them moved on and got married again afterwards. So at the time, he's heartbroken, but Subhanallah he recuperates and recovers and life goes on and things happen. And then of course, the final point here, which is the incident of the sadaqa, we all know, we all know that the prophets of Saddam and the Al baited, the descendants of the process are not allowed to eat sadaqa but what we learn here is that when you

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change the ownership, so something that is sadaqa or whatever the issue might be when you go and you give it to somebody or you by itself, then the status of the money or the status of the object changes. Now this comes in handy for us. Actually, again technical point that if somebody has money that he or she might have earned in a humble manner it's not our job to ask when they come and they hand you for your Halal business transaction. Imagine if somebody owns a shop and then the shady I said how long money remains How long money it's not your business to verify the person who walks into your shop, they walk in they give you the cash they give you give them merchandise, whatever

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happened before they walked in now that here is different if you know for a fact that this is the criminal that has stolen from so and so. But it's not your job to verify I'm trying to say right so you don't ask anybody what their what happened before similar in the Hadith video, the sadhaka that was given to buddy era it's something that the status changes one buddy a gifted it to the prophetess and now it becomes the gift and it's no longer sadhaka so transfer of ownership trains changes the transfer of the item. These are some benefits of the famous

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hadith of Budhia and movie finish Allah will continue with other Hadith with this matrix Xochimilco said I'm waiting for her to live

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mother Molina What levena up Luna meanie now, moving Mina TV while at MCC decibel phone call.

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