Khalid Yasin – Fighting The Enemy Within 005

Khalid Yasin
AI: Summary © The importance of asking specific scholar's input before asking questions, being patient, and avoiding sensitive information is emphasized. The speakers also emphasize the need for cultural clarification and being a new Muslim to pursue opportunities in the political and educational industries. The speakers emphasize the importance of avoiding sex and maintaining unity in Islam, and the need for cultural insights and a new Muslim to pursue opportunities in the political and educational industries.
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Not they're not sincere, because many fools are sincere, but they don't have wisdom. And that's why I lost the panel data says first Allahu Allah decree in quantum let Allah moon.

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Whenever you want to do something, ask the scholars not one scholar, not discover that you like. But ask the major scholars in the world what it is you want to do. And since we have email today, you can ask almost any scholar you want to ask and they will give you the proper advice. I'm not a scholar,

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I advise you to ask the scholars.

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The sisters asked a question.

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My sister asked the question.

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I'm sorry, just to announce that

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we did intend to have a separate one. So they would ask specific questions pertaining

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the scene doesn't mind that we would ask that we have.

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And then

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no problem. I don't mind that. So So I hold these here for late for that time. Okay, good. Okay, so sisters, if you concur with that, then we'll hold your questions until that time, is that okay? The sisters agree with that? Because I don't want to defer my sisters, you know.

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Okay, good. So this is brother in the back there.

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I'll allow you one brother.

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Okay, this is a tricky question. And I'll answer it only because it's very simple. If I'm invited to a conference, an academic conference, and some people are drinking alcohol, well, I can situate myself in such a way that I'm not around the alcohol. I'm not serving, it's not being served to me, it's not on my table. And if I'm there for an academic conference, and that's part of my discipline, which I'm getting accreditation for, I'm going to be there. Now, I'm going to avoid their fitna I'm going to avoid their actions and what they're doing. But I'm there specifically to get this information, which is part of my discipline. Now, if it's not part of my discipline, I don't need to

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be there at all, then it would be better for me to avoid that.

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Understand that.

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It may appear that you're extreme. No, we're not extreme.

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Understand that. But if you're in a scientific meeting, and they want to discuss the anatomy of a woman and a naked woman comes out, what are you going to do?

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It's the same thing My brother has held on, we have to avoid it as much as we can. But we cannot avoid it because the prophet SAW some says in the law to jail was early on Amati Hata, when ASEAN was to clear out, I think, you understand this hadith. Verily, Allah is Forgiving my own Padma omen for what they have done by mistake, what they have forgotten about, or whatever they were forced to do, and they did not intend to do that. Well.

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Okay. Now the question is for this.

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I think your last, your last statement is the answer. As young men

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in a very mild,

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dignified way, go and speak to the Imam of the masjid.

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And ask him, we'd like to do this action of this or we see this, that is the only way we can circumvent that or modify that. And we are only asking as a young Muslim with full respect of your knowledge and your position here. But there are things that we think to be honest, Islamic, or incorrect or inappropriate as young people as young Muslims, and is there any way that we can address this, go to the people who themselves are having the responsibility, not once, not twice, but until you get the answer or some kind of response. That's the best way to do and keep in mind that it's not going to be something that you're going to solve in one afternoon because it didn't

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happen in one afternoon. Then if you cannot, then don't force your activities in that place.

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Because the universities provide you with adequate facilities to do other things.

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Go to the masjid and pray and do the other things that you want to do in the other places and then give your admonition in a very mild strategic, respectful way.

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Any other questions? Okay.

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Okay, but I think we have three minutes. And there are a couple of questions that came, can I just read them off your mind? Okay.

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No problem.

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How can you suggest that we work with certain *? And she mentioned or he mentioned a particular group, I won't mention the group.

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You don't have to read that specific example. I'm not I want to avoid problems, when we have very deep differences, but would like to maintain unity and avoid

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what the scholars have advised what I got from scholars, when I asked the same question was, take the best of what people have to offer.

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Take the best of what people have to offer, keep this in mind, brothers and sisters that represent various groups, even extreme ideas. There is some legitimacy even in their extremism.

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There is something legitimate and what they have to say. But it may be somewhat extreme the way they present it.

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Divorce the extreme behavior, from what they're actually saying.

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And if what they're actually saying is legitimate, put what they're actually saying in its correct context and use it, it may be better for you than them.

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Take the best of all the Muslims, be wise and be tolerant. You have to be tolerant to listen to your brother or sister. You have to be patient to sit with them, even though they represent the extreme behavior. You have to have a love for the Muslims, even if you don't have a love for their behavior.

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Keep your wallet with all the Muslims. What is this? What's your loyalty?

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We have loyalty with all the Muslims, including the criminal Muslims, we don't have loyalty with their crimes, but we have loyalty with their head.

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So you can benefit from a group of brother or sister who's involved in some sectarian behavior without joining their sect.

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tolerate them, be patient with them. Show them good behavior when you meet them. Don't give salams to someone else different than you give to them. Be sincere when you return to Salaam be sincere when you give this to them, and offer them say, Listen, I don't want to talk about things in the hallway. Why don't we go sit down, have lunch together?

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Or sister? Why don't you come to my house and meet my family. Or when I come to your house meet your family.

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Even though you understand they're representing some extreme ideology.

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The prophet SAW Sam did that the companions of the Prophet SAW some did that we have to learn to do that. Because if you don't, then you're intolerant, you're impatient. And you think yourself to be a little bit more right than them. Those two mentalities will never do anything together.

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That's my suggestion. Take the best of what you see out of the worst. Then what happens the person that gets the best at all the worse they wind up with the best.

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It takes patience, introspection, tolerance to do that, but that's what we Muslims have to do what to Avenue at a better rate or taqwa walnut Avenue Allen isn't? Well.

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I'll just take these two that since they came in writing,

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says that.

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How would you go about tackling the disunity of the Muslim due to ideology? I think that the previous question was, previous answers should cover that. And if not, it came from a sister I think by the handwriting. So

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I'm just assuming that.

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So in this session, I'll just add a little bit more if the system wants me to.

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Someone said that my intention is to live in an Islamic country when I have children. I worry about bringing up children in this society. What is your opinion, opinion?

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I don't know of Islamic Society if you want to go to

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I think this it has to be a clear difference between a Muslim society and an Islamic one. And I say to you again, be very careful brothers and sisters about this issue. We are well last panatela has us now wanting to be in Mecca in Egypt, wanting to be in Palestine wanting to be in Afghanistan or one

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To be in Pakistan or wanting to be in Yemen or whatever, there's nothing wrong with that. It's the land of the Muslims. Certainly the land of the Muslims is better than the land of the Kaffirs, because at least Yvonne is called there. But

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you may find that certain liberties that you enjoy, that you would like to also have for your children, you will not be able to have in the Muslim countries.

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So think about the pain before you jump out of it into the fire.

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Now, I'm saying to you, as a new Muslim, I've been to about 37 countries in the world, 19 of them, Muslim countries with major populations of Muslims, I have not found any Muslim country

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where I could get the same social, political, educational liberties that I enjoy as an American. So therefore, I do value my American passport.

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I am not an American. First, I'm a Muslim first. But secondly, I'm definitely American.

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Because I'm not prepared

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passport, which represent certain liberties that I have as an American, and give it up for one of these Muslim passports.

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Because there are certain civil liberties that I have grown up with throughout my life, that are automatically would lose, if I was to give up my American passport, I'm not prepared to do that. And I don't have to, because I can practice Islam

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in my life, and I can move around the world and I can speak about Islam, I can write about Islam. And as a matter of fact, let me just say this to you to just end this. The Islamic teaching Institute has just recently completed the

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the application procedures for the international television commission here in the UK,

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to do what to establish a 24 hour day, seven day a week television station.

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Now that there's I don't know of any Muslim country, right now, that is willing to just give us a license to have a television or satellite television station, or for that matter, to set up our own college or university or our own school.

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Or for that matter, just to allow me to write a book, and printed and distributed freely.

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This is simple liberties, and to live in that country, wherever I want to live. And to say what I want to say, and make my evaluations or my criticisms wherever I want to. So when you think about going to a Muslim country, coming from a non Muslim country, I say to you get all the benefits, secure all your benefits and all your liberties and also keep that passport with you.

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Keep that passport with you may have to come back.

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Let's be real,

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let's be real. People have not flown and come and spend and and people have literally crawled from their countries and come here to seek asylum. And they've got nowhere to go back.

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So I say that we need to put all things into into perspective and in context. And when we speak about the enemies outside enemies inside, balance it balance it Well, yes, the enemies are outside, but I say let's get our house together. Let's deal with the enemy inside. Let's arrest that enemy. Let's suppress that enemy. Let's deal with the enemy inside, let's clean our house, then we clean the house and we are unified together. We have purified ourselves, we understand Islam very well. We have put our priorities in place, then let's talk about the enemy outside.

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So in respect to the time, but I'll end at this point here. And I want to thank the Islamic Society, the students group here at Imperial College, I want to apologize that some time ago I was invited but because of transportation issues, I wasn't able to come. I hope I did some justice to the topic that I was given. And I'm willing to make two hours with this student group, anytime. By the grace of Allah subhanaw taala. I now have an office in Sheffield. So I'll be in the UK probably at least every three weeks, I should be in the UK for maybe two or three weeks. So I'm prepared to work with you not just to lecture because that's not what I do. lecturing is just one sort of communication.

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But I do that with training. I do Islamic training, especially for new and emerging Muslims and most of you are emerging Muslims. Now there are a few non Muslims here. I'd like to say to you that we did not overlook you. It's important if there is one non Muslim here. I'm more concerned about you than I am all the Muslims that are here. So if there's a non Muslim here, I'd like you to comment

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Take me when I leave from this podium so that I know who you are. So before I leave this institution, that I will spend 10 1520 minutes with you to answer certain questions that might be relative that might help you to move towards what I consider to be the inheritance of the greatest treasure of your life and that is Islam so called called we have affection largely will come

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you and that you like don't want to stop for corn archipelago salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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entire humanity at death's door, the venue is the University of Greenwich, the time will be 330 to 5:30pm. The room is

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