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should I do?

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Mustafa sallallahu alayhi wa sallam well Allah Allah He was happy he was was he woman Walla wa for in the Hadith Kitab Allah.

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Had you had the Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was more data to her. Baku,

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Baku, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah And for now, I want

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to say that the Santa Monica Muhammad sallahu wa barakatuhu

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shut up and sit down, but we won't. We want them to be honest, but we are cheating. They know that their mom has a husband, but why she's on the welfare because they're cheating. They know that the Father is the head of the house, but he's not saying that because

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He wants his five children to receive the welfare. So he is cheating. And the children are smart enough to know that. So why should the children not go outside in the street and cheat? So we don't have any hisbah. But you know, brothers look

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for their love and May Allah reward him. In case you don't know, one of the greatest things that he did for the Muslims, he was the first one to establish the estiva. What is the Hesburgh The hispar is a agency among the Muslims, that looks to what they do, that checks what they do, and put in check what they say. And all the complaints come back to the master Sim. And the master Sim, he has in his hands, the power to call someone from their homes, and to do Kazim on them. That is to punish them with something less than the whole dude, he can settle the issues of the wives inside the houses, and the husbands who beat their wives. And the people that run through the streets, creating

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annoyance, he can take all of that, and he can walk through the streets like on top, he can walk through the communities, and he can tell the sisters, why he's just like that. Why are you just like that? And he can raise his hand like that, until if you don't get back to your house and dress yourself correctly. I smack you and no one will say anything to him. He can see a man in a place where he should not be. And he can ask him, why are you standing there, they will not say none of your business because they know that he have 100 or 200 men like him, they know it. And when these young boys they know we have must assume they won't act the way they act will lie. They won't act

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that way. I pray to Allah subhanho wa Taala. I pray that the Muslims will begin this sooner, to have a blessing to have a group of brothers who act as a husband, when they have an activity when they have an activity or a project or Masjid or community. Because if you don't have a regulatory agency among yourselves, the kofod will never respect you, you will never get respect. And this is one of the issues we will talk about concerning citizenship and responsibility. Look how long it takes for us to regulate the people to sit down. If there was 20 brothers here, who did not smile, and just in their hands to head a stick a whip like that. And each of them is chosen because they can box and

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they know karate. And they are big brothers and they don't smile. While law How many of you would have already got something across your backs yesterday or the day before you would have even left and went back home. Or every time that we called you you will sit down some of our sisters also they need some sisters among them like that, who don't play who don't play, and we don't care how pretty your Kmart is and how long prettier dresses you can get slapped down to because I'm on top and Abu Bakr with the long run, there was the best of the people. But one time they entered the house of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and they found that daughters are ishod Yolanda and hacer

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rhodiola Ranga they found them complaining to the Prophet so lost them bothering the prophets, a lot of them and they each slap their daughters and said, are you bothering the Prophet sallallahu wasallam This is how on the Hot poverty line used to walk through the streets of Medina, checking inside to see in the sock who is there, what they're doing, walking through the streets, checking to see who's standing who's moving, what's going on. And he's walking and looking and he's got a whip across his shoulder. And the people they know he will use it, how he was respected. So on top, he set up the first police force in Islam, a police force for whom not the kofod not to protect us

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against kofod yahudi Hindu or Buddhist or salsa no police for for the Muslims. Because we have many Muslims themselves who are rebellious, many who are criminals, many who don't have respect, and many of them that the only thing they're going to respect is to get their skulls cracked open, or to see somebody get thrown down spread ego. Some of us some young Muslims who call themselves gangsters or law gangsters, you just as soft as ice cream, somebody needs to take you by themselves in the dark and give you a nice weapon and you won't be no gangster no more. But you think that maybe you got a little gun, you got a little knife, you know you beat up somebody you know you big you bruise it,

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you this you that you listen to to all these gangster rap films. All of these guys, when they wind up in the prison or sissies, all of them. They just acting like a gangster. And really they're not even acting like gangsters. The real gangsters are dead, or in jail doing 50 6070 years. And that's where all our low young gangsters is headed for the graveyard and the prison. So brothers and sisters listen when you're fighting

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When your uncle's when you're organized is when your leaders when your teachers tell you sit down and be quiet, it should not take you more than three minutes to do that, because somebody ran inside this room with some ak 47 and start shooting in the air until everybody get down on the ground. And don't nobody move. All of you will start urinating on yourself and crying and but you'd all be on the floor. And would Nobody move, you would know who it is, but nobody would move. Why? Because fear would take over. I say, don't wait for fear to take over. Let respect take over. Because part of our religion is obedience, obedience, discipline, respect, order. That's what we need. If we can get

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decency, respect, discipline and order from the Muslims, then the Muslims deserve for somebody to come inside their homes, inside their lands inside their message, and to do what they have done. Because that's a punishment from Allah subhanho wa Taala. To remind you, we have enough Muslims in this hall right now that if all of us lived in this area, we can control the area completely. I'm talking about the schools, I'm talking about the hospitals, I'm talking about all the institutions, we can almost control it, we can demand what we want, and we can put in office who we want, and we can take out of office who we want, if we would listen. But we won't listen. We won't listen. Even

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if you are told move from where you are into this area. You say oh, no, that's the Somali area. Oh, no, yes, me that's, oh, no, that's the Pakistan or no, that's that you go into all of that. I don't just blame the people. I blame the leadership. Also. I used to be in Miami for one question a long time ago, I made a big mistake. Mistake for them to choose me. And mistake for me to accept. Now unless somebody forced me to be a man, I don't be a man. Because I don't want to be a man inside the mosque, somebody who just lead to prayer. Does he say commerce a lot? Nah, not the man supposed to have the power, as good as the man. Just you want to bow down he bow down and so and so. But after

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the master

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boom, everybody gone doing what they want to do? No, no, this is total disrespect brothers and sisters. This is disrespect, disrespect. I blame the people. And I blame the leaders. Because if the leaders would come together once every three or four months, and sit down and eat together and talk together and find out who has the best knowledge of Quran and Sunnah, who has the best social experience, who has the best resources, who is the oldest, who have been here the longest, they would be able to determine among them who is the best to be the representative among themselves, in three days, 30 imams who come together in three days with sincerity, and they can find that out why

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they don't do it, because they don't want to find it out. Because once it becomes clear, who's the driver who has the license, according to the Islamic men hedge and priorities, then it becomes a criminal act, you see for you to disobey. So the leaders do just like the people, they don't come together, because they don't want to take a seat under the other. Everyone want to keep his magic chair? Oh, his magic member, for whatever reason, a little bit of power. He thinks he got a little bit of influence or, you know, something that he said he's supposed to have all his people love him. And this is a play. So they speak this look on this ledger or whatever foolishness. Yes, it is the

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fault of the leaders and the fault of the followers. And when you got weak, selfish leaders, you deserve them, because you are weak and selfish people. You have to demand your leaders say to them, what was the response have been out of the long run when on top said, or people you have chosen me to be the meal? Well, lucky, I'm not the best among you. I'm not the best person for this, but you chose me. So if I order you what is right, I expect for you to follow. But if I go to sleep, I deviate. And I already knew something was wrong. Wake me up. So bill out of the low, I believe just the bill out of the lawn. He stood up and he said Yeah.

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If you order us what is right, we will support you completely. But if you go to sleep and you deviate, we will wake you up on the edge of the sword has a panel law. They are friends. They are brothers. They love each other. But for Allah and for the justice. This is how they spoke. So he knew no matter how powerful he is, if he deviate, he knows what he will get. But our leaders we don't speak to each other frankly, like that. Even we won't sit together like that. And no one can tell us in order us

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That we have to come together like that. I say, you can do it. No, a man is a man without leadership. And his people need to ask him share, when is the last time you have sat down with the other moms and leaders of this city? See what his answer is? He will probably say, Well, I want to but the others, they won't, you know, they won't cooperate, all of them say something like that, you know, then we can say to them, okay, shall we understand that problem, we will organize it, we the people, we will organize that, you know, the people from over here and over and over there, a committee of us will get together and we will organize that, yes, we will choose, we will choose the

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very best place for them some kind of resort area where they will be secure, and we will put them up in limousines and we will deliver them there. And we will pay all the accommodations, we will pay for the food. And we will pay for the rooms. And we will pay for everything for them. And we will ask them to be there for three days together to eat and sleep and get up and pray and listen and talk and whatever. And we will say these are the only conditions we asked you to address these conditions while you're there. One of those conditions is that one of those 20 or 38 moms or Amir's or presidents or whatever they call themselves, one of them will emerge from that meeting, as the

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coordinator of that group, just the coordinator, we won't call him the the central Imam because maybe that's too fast too much. He's just a coordinator, the representative. So now at least the Muslims of this city will have what what will they have, they will have at least a representative of all the leadership of the city. And then those leaders who will not participate at all, then we know how to categorize them. We know they are

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they are the people who want to live in fact, they want division they want for themselves. They are the his last spoke about hate speech.

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That's who they are. And we can see that's who they are. Why because they are black, or they are white, or they are African or they're Algerian, or they are Bosnian. Or they're this or that are they get special names or whatever. We will see that too. They are. But those 25 or 30, who at least met they will have a leadership representative. And that is a major step for this city. That's a major step for the city. How will the Muslims feel to know that the City of Toronto has a central leader that the leaders themselves the majority of the leaders selected him, they will feel good. This will give us a feeling of confidence. Give us a feeling of encouragement. Give us a feeling for

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the future. But we won't do that. Because the people don't force their leaders to do that. So the leaders have an excuse not to do that. Why? Because the Pakistani leader, Pakistani people, they want a Pakistani leader, that Bengalis, they want a Bengali leader. You see this too. Danny want us to Danny, you know, this one was that one. Every group wants somebody that looked like them. Talk like them, just like them, eat his food represent him. This is our Sophia, this is komiya This is the disease of the oma and we love that disease more than we love life. And until we get rid of this disease, there will be no success for us. There will be nothing for us. We will be continued to be

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humiliated, allows the humiliation coming from the kafar voila he brothers and sisters, this is not coming from them. It is coming from Allah subhana wa Tada. Allah has brought humiliation to this ummah, every time they have acted the way we are acting. And then when they come back to Allah, come back to the court and come back to the sinner, come back to their senses. Then Allah subhanaw taala gives them back their little duck, gives them back their kuwa. Allah gives them back their identity. He gives them back their dignity, he gives them back their strength, and he gives them back the respect from the far but we're not ready for that yet. We just talking. That's the first step. We

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can't do anything until that first step is taken and don't blame the leaders blame yourselves. I say every community from Toronto, the best of the people from every community who wants love, who wants brotherhood who wants this year, the best of them come forward someplace and meet and let the businessman be among them. And we put it together the whole package Leadership Summit, the leadership summit and all the Muslims will be aware of it.

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That we have paid for the place, we have reserved the vehicles, we have reserved a security, we have paid for all the accommodations, and we are only requesting them to do what Allah has ordered them to do that is to be responsible for us, they will do it, they have to do it, because we will force them into a corner to do it. And they cannot say no, because there is more of us than there is of them. But once we choose them, then we have to obey. Those are the leaders who choose a representative, they have to obey the one they have chosen, not because he's black, or white, or he got this or he's got that or I know him. Well. I agree. I know, once they chose him, they have to

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obey. And then the people have to obey. Because this is the Dean of law, the Dean of obedience. This is not the Dean of

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the Dean of feeling individuality. As we are acting today, if we will work on this issue, we are going to get more benefit out of everything that we do. Because think about it, how many of you would like to be in an automobile, driving your family or group of people on a bus somewhere in the background, the sisters is jumping all across it everything and the brothers are up and down. And people are just hollowness, shouting, whatever kicking the windows back and pulling on you. And where are you going to turn right stop pop, you would have to pull over to the side, either put everybody off the bus, or you had to pull off to the side and pull out your strap or your will

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threaten everybody in there to sit down or go to sleep, then you might be able to get where you going. We don't need to do that brothers and sisters, we need order. So the leaders, the organizers, the sponsors, those responsible, they can concentrate, they can lead us in the right way. And we can get the benefit of that. But we have to become a respectful and a disciplined people. Allah subhanho wa Taala calls us in the Quran. hydrometer is the title University, the people. But look at us, we are not with the best of the people because we are attached to the court. And we're the best of the people because we are the followers of Mohammed salado, Sam, but in our actions and in what we are

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actually producing, we are not the best of the people. And that's why the people they don't want us because we're not the best because any woman will tell you when she goes to the supermarket, if they're giving away free fruit, free fruit and vegetables, but it's almost ready to go off. Whether you take it or you don't know what I mean by going off, the fruit is almost you know, it's like it's got bruises on it. You know, it's not, it's not really spoiled, but it's kind of like almost ready to go off. So even if it's offered for free, you don't want it you want that true, which has no scars. You want the fruit that has the smell, and it's fresh, and it's not tractive in the correct

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color. It's mature, it's in its season, that's the fruit that you want. Even if you have to pay more for it. You don't mind because that is human nature. So when we give the people a pamphlet, we say this is Islam, read the Quran, look at the life of Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam. They read it, some of them, they read that they look at us. They read that. And they look at us, they read that and they look at us and they say in their language, well, I'll be down at you know, English terminology. That's what they said themselves? Well, I'll be my goodness. I mean, are they inviting me to this? Are they products of this, they want me to be part of them are part of this. So that's

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confusion, we have to be people that represent what we say, and what we invite people to we inviting people to a plate. We're inviting people to a system, we are asking people to change their lives. And we're asking people to accept us, as citizens in their country to share with them the leadership and the destiny of their country. Did you ever think of that brothers and sisters, you are asking people to accept you to join them, and the destiny of their lives and the destiny of their country? And you And may I say that if you would be Muslims, this society would be better, and our future would be better. And they are looking at what you're giving them and they're looking at you. And

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they're saying I don't think so. Most of the time when somebody sends me an email and says chef, my neighbor hates Islam, or new Muslim says, My mother and father hates Islam check. What should I do? I tried to talk to them, but they just hate Islam. I asked them a few questions. And when I asked them a few questions, do you know what I discover? I discovered that their parents and their neighbors don't know anything about Islam. How you hate something you don't know nothing about their parents or their neighbor or their co workers. They hate Muslims because they see the behavior of Muslims.

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They see Muslims that come into places and take this feat and put it inside of see how some Muslims you come into a public place on the side of the road where other people is watching us in their face, a face facing and us coming back, are you Muslim and pull up your socks, dirty socks and put it over there and then put your feet in the second all that water all on the floor and all that nuts you finish, Mashallah

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you walk it off, and he come another one, he's doing the same thing. And by the time five or six brothers and sisters do that, in both the bathrooms, the people say What in the world happened here. And they outside tight be allowed by law, right. But I saw some crazy people. If we only use our minds to see this is not our place. And that the Prophet sallallaahu them gave us a nice sooner that you don't even have to be washing your feet. If you're traveling, just make master over the feet. It's nice. And you don't even have to take off your shoes. The profits are lost and prayed with his shoes on if you had a need to do so. On case y'all don't know that. Yes. Secondly, most of the

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bathrooms, they already have towels. So when you finish, you can just wipe up the towel the place and even wipe where you didn't even use it and what they will think about you then you don't have to say anything. Just from your actions. They know you are considerate people, you are clean people, you are decent people, you are kind and sensitive people, but we won't as Muslims. We don't even do that. So what we're inviting people to brothers and sisters, did you know that most of the alcohol sold in major cities in North America, it is sold by Muslims. Muslims own most of the shops selling alcohol Muslims own most of the shops that are selling gambling. The Muslims own most of the places

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selling the for Hush, you know the sexy, nasty magazines, Muslims and brothers and sisters, most of the people dealing drugs industry today and major cities. I don't know about Toronto, but I'll tell you in Europe and England, most of the drugs sold in England are sold by Muslims. So if the drug selling and alcohol selling and for where he is and the gambling is controlled by the Muslims, what we got to invite people to we as Muslims, we got to stop them from doing that. But we don't, those same people selling drugs, selling alcohol selling Cinzia selling for why he's selling golden magazines selling gambling, those same people because they have money. When the Ramadan comes they

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in the first right behind the Imam and when the Imam says I'm in a little more intimate.

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Yeah, he cried like he's a turkey. You believe maybe this man subpanel law. He cried, almost falling down and crying. He cried more than the mom crying, but you don't hear in the background in the background in his store. The cast thread is still going Jane Jane Jane Jane Jane Jane Jane Jane. So even while he's in the prayer and Juma on daid Antara We're buddies in the Hallam and Mecca on other fire saying yada yada.

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Rom. How can Allah and for him how his food comes from home. His clothing comes from home, he is nourished from the home, his break is from the home, his family is all engaged in her home. And he is holding his hands yada, yada. How can Allah because Allah has made him coffee in his raffle. He had become unmindful. He's a criminal. He's mousy, he's Muslim. He's one of the forsaken. He's one of the people whom Allah subhanho wa Taala won't even look at him on the Day of Judgment. But among the Muslims, he's a well respected man. He's well respected, even you may find him on the board of trustees, you may find him one of the people who have established a mosque and choosing who the Imam

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should be. Because we Muslims as followers, we don't care. We don't question this the way we think. But we argue with each other about the pants and about the layer and about the scarf and about the dress and about the raising of hands and about the distant about the depth and so forth and so on and the the aqeedah and the madhhab and so forth. And you know, don't be in a Masjid, when this thing's a six o'clock prayer. Don't be in that Masjid. And you know, you want to say shake. Can we hold up five minutes? No, no, slumbers, b 666 you know, five 452

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Not 453 452 we must call it Bismillah. You know, for rituals, we have the people that we want to cut with a knife, we got to be right on the dot, although there were no clocks in the time of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. So nobody was praying for 50 to five years at that time, nobody was praying six o'clock at that time, it was known when time the prayer was called, and someone was ordered to prayer based upon the siting of the sun, or looking at the shadows, and the prayer would be called, and the people would pray. But now we have to come and you know, mechanized Muslims, you know, all our fatwas all lined up now you know, all we got clocks all over the next year, we have

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plots on the side, we got you go Saudi Arabia, and they got five plots in the front, they got a clock for that, you know, they got this a lot of time for the Muslims, I'd be looking at two different times on the clock as rather than two clocks for say, one clock has like a 24 hour clock and said that, you know, between 24 hours, that's the time for the prayer and other clock, that's just the regular time for the world. So what that means, you know, we have to come mechanize Muslims, so I say to you and me, if we're going to be Pani kin when it comes to the minutes of the prayer. Why don't we become planning team when it comes to this guy? Well, lucky, most of you right

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here sitting here, you don't pay nose, okay? And you cannot lie because I know you don't, oh, you face the cattle mouth. Some of you, you know, some of us got a little bit of talk while we finished the cattle just called to the the cattle fitter. We, you know, we plan that because that's like, you know, like, you know, $35 or $13 or $3, or whatever it is, chump change. You know, we all want to be praying that you know, make sure we pay all that for, for the prayer come because I pray and accepted and, you know, we real ritual Muslim widow did all these prayers reciting Vicar and fasting and all that. So, I mean, you know, sapan Allah, you know, for like $5 $15 I will let my light and

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my thick and all that get jammed up. But there's a cattle mile, which is one of the other kind of Islam. We don't pay it because we say we're not living in a Muslim country, or some of us will fool the others and say, I'm sending my cattle now back to Pakistan. They are just like those who told about Buckminster Dijk. They're the ones who told Abu Bakr Siddiq, I'm gonna pay the cat, but we're gonna pay ours the cat to our own tribe, our own tribe, not to the Khalifa, not to the Amir, not to the mm, but we're gonna pay it to our own family, our own people in Somalia, and Sudan, and Bangladesh in that place. And that place, when does a calf is the right of the collection of the

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meal. No one when there is an Amir has the right to hold back this a car and send it anywhere? No, that means it has the right to collect the car. That's right. That's his responsibility and to distribute it, but we don't pay second, because I asked you the simple question, who in this city is responsible and has the power and the influence and the respect to order the Muslims to pay the second? Who will you respect because if everybody stand up and say this, okay, and we want a statement from you and your family, I want a financial statement from your family, the same one that you send to the government, the same one you sent to the Council, the same one that you send to the

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city, the same one that you send to the IRS, the same one you make when you want to buy a house or a car. We want a financial statement, how much income comes into your house, you should give that to the Amir, he will say that's not his business. Don't tell me what to do that in your business. So you see where the rebellion of the Muslims is at. This tells us why we don't have community responsibility. Allah calls us omoton wasa the balanced, balanced, that means in control, a lot of causes Dino, Dino Huck, you know, brothers like to say I'm on the hop, I'm on the hop. He liked that word Ha. But the word half doesn't just mean I'm on the truth. Huck also means the heart of the

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people, the heart of Allah and the heart of the a bat, the heart of the religion here, it doesn't mean truth. It means what it means the rights. So everybody want to say the most truthful, but they're not giving people their rights. Allah tells us to stand out for truth and justice, even if it is against ourselves, our family or others, our nearest of kin, stand up for truth. Stand up for justice. That means tell the truth and establish the justice. Allah subhanaw taala once you and I to bring into the society where we live, higher goodness, good ideas, good products, good people, a lot wants us to bring good behavior. Oh my goodness, he wants us to bring and show the people so then

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they want to be like us, allow us to be people of Adam, justice. We don't steal. We don't lie. We don't cheat. We don't harm. We're not those kinds of people. We speak the truth even if it's against ourselves. Allah tells us to

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come and join the right command the right forbid the wrong

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prevent the wrong a lot of causes people have he man he man means people who hold the trust people who hold the covenant people who have the Amana, people who have faith. Allah subhanaw taala calls us he says that we are shahidan Allah ness, we are a witness, against and upon the human beings, we are the witnesses, that means we are the benchmark, we are the witnesses, we are the example, we set the pace. And if Allah gave us that, and we betray that, then Allah will punish.

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You believe, do not betray Allah, or His Messenger, some philosophy or the trust, which you have been given. Now, brothers and sisters, we need to understand the language and the culture and the history of this country. That is our responsibility. A law does not change the condition of a people until people change the condition, which is within themselves, their hearts, their behavior, their mentality, their demeanor, changes vital. Everything is subject to change, tangible and measurable change. Tonight, we will talk about social change, social change is in the hands, or it is the responsibilities of the citizens of a country. Would you agree with me that social change is the

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responsibility of the citizens of a country? How many people would agree with that? Oh, you don't agree? Either you don't agree or you're not citizens? Which one? I am a citizen of North America. I am a citizen of the United States of America. And I believe that social change is in the hands of people who are citizens, not people who are foreigners. So I'm asking the question, again, how many of us agree that social change is in the hands? And is the responsibility of the citizens of our society? How many of us, okay, good. And that means we're all on the same page. So enjoying the rights and forbidding the evils is the responsibility of all of us citizens. This is a privilege and

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a responsibility. We have to appreciate and be grateful for the privilege of having the social and political liberties given to us as citizens of this society. And brothers and sisters, let me tell you something, yes, these are non Muslims. And in many cases, brothers and sisters, they do just demonstrate some very filthy habits, some filthy immoralities. That is true. But let's look on the other side of the coin. And let's be fair, in some of these Western civilization's, they give more animal rights than human rights are given to Muslims in their own countries. What did I just say? I said, in this country, and America and Great Britain, the animal rights are greater than some of the

00:38:05--> 00:38:47

human rights given to Muslims in the Muslim countries. Because if your rights if your human rights were protected in the countries that you came from, as soon as you got some money, and as soon as you get yourself on your feet, you will be going back to that country, because you know that you would get better liberty and better treatment with your own people. But I don't see nobody jumping out of here. I don't see nobody said, well, hamdulillah I got on my feet. I got no money. You know, my family's All right. Thank you very much, President. Thank you very much. Congress. Thank you very much for y'all gave to me and my family. I've been here for three or four years, I'm headed back to

00:38:47--> 00:39:27

my country. I'm an engineer, I already got some resources. I'm going back to the land where I get the social rights and the Liberty and the freedom and all the things that Islam has promised us and see nobody going nowhere. Brothers and sisters, in this society, we can write a book and nobody will censor us, we can criticize leadership, and nobody will lock us up. We have freedom of speech in the public, and nobody can stop us. We can own our property. And nobody can tell us where we can buy a property. We can open any business that we want that as a legal business, we can establish any institution that we want. We can travel the world with a Canadian passport with an American passport

00:39:27--> 00:39:59

with a British passport. You can go anywhere in the world and come back and nobody can stop you or do nothing to you. We have due process of law. Nobody can come to you and lock you up and hold you in jail without giving an explanation. Like in the Muslim countries, you can establish your deen you can speak inside your Masjid any way you want to speak, but you cannot in any Muslim country, brothers and sisters do not jump out of the frying pan into the fire. Remember the privilege that Allah has given to you to live in this country. And if you think about that privilege,

00:40:00--> 00:40:44

Responsibility goes along with it. Muslims have a social responsibility to build resources and institutions to serve and benefit the entire society not to serve and benefit themselves, but to serve and benefit the whole society. Muslims have immigrated from Canada have immigrated to Canada, USA, Europe and Australia. But the majority of these immigrants, they do not participate in the responsibility of citizenship, what are the responsibilities of citizenship, they and their children and their grandchildren, they are enjoying the safety, the comfort, and the various resources of the societies where they have immigrated to. But we don't get involved with city state or federal

00:40:44--> 00:41:28

government. Now, I'm not talking about running for political office. So don't get spooky on me. Don't get technical on me, or what the brother talking about he, you know, he talks about running for office. That's not what I'm talking about. I said get involved with city, state and federal government. That's where your money goes. That's where your tax dollars goes. You need to know what they're doing with those tax dollars, you need to get involved, how I am referring to social and political action, not reaction, but action, pro action, we have the responsibility to address all the evils, all the diseases, all the dangers, all the problems of our country, I said, our country,

00:41:28--> 00:42:17

this is for those of us that our citizens, this is our country, now you have a country of birth, I understand that. But if you live here, you have citizenship here, this is your country. And if this country was invaded by somebody from the outside, islamically, you have a right to defend it, you have the responsibility to defend it. Dear brothers and sisters, we need to understand the language, the culture and the history of our country. We cannot just live in the country and a society taking, taking, taking and never giving, giving, giving. What kind of people are we we come somewhere, just take take take. We don't build nothing. And we don't give nothing back. So how would you feel if 35%

00:42:17--> 00:42:55

of your taxes is taken from you, and then give it to some other people who just don't want to learn your language. They don't understand your culture. They don't understand the history. And they always take in having more babies calling us filty, calling us Kaffirs and everything and we spend our tax money, they go into the hospital have more babies, they go into the schools creating problems. They live in our neighborhood throwing the garbage out the back door, we spend our tax money and they taken our tax money, how would you feel you wouldn't like it, and they shouldn't like it. But Muslims, in many cases, this is the picture that people have about us. And it's a wrong

00:42:55--> 00:43:48

picture. Because we are the wrong Muslims, Muslims, we have to attract our neighbors, attract our classmates, attract our colleagues, attract our co workers with good manners, good education, good resources, competition, and good explanation about life. We should illustrate the dynamism and the enthusiasm that will inspire the people of this country where we live, we have to light the candle of dour, the dour in this immorally Dark Continent. And we have to show how the guidance of Islam will bring dignity and repair to the feelings of the fading family and the erosion of social values. And we have to establish the discipline of Gema Gema. We have to show people that we have

00:43:48--> 00:44:29

leadership, and we have following and that we are obedient and we are disciplined and we are productive, we have to show them that we have a society that is well structured, we have to show them or they will not have respect for us. We need to have sanctity and sincere concern for all the people of this society. Our brothers and sisters, I know I tried to say to you what I wanted to say in less than 15 minutes. So in 15 minutes, I don't mind if a few brothers and a few sisters ask a question for clarity purpose about something I said. But now, I don't want no questions about Islamic State about khilafah about Osama bin Laden. I don't want no question about Iraq and

00:44:29--> 00:44:59

Afghanistan and Kashmir and capitals fighting in Palestine. That's not what we're talking about. We're talking about citizenship and responsibility. That's what I'm talking about citizenship and our responsibility to the society where we live. Now if there are written questions from the sisters, I'll take those questions first. Because usually, we always given our sisters what is leftover. So for this few moments we have if there is a question that is qu e

00:45:00--> 00:45:36

S t r o n. If there is a question about something I said you can stand up, sisters can send it forward or brother he can stand up and he can question. But if you have a statement, then what you need to do is print your own flyers and hold your own event. Can we don't have time for you to make a statement after statement? So check all this some questions from the sisters? Not yet. Okay, if there's a brother that needs to make a question, make your question very quick. I give my answer back very quick. Okay, I'm gonna answer this question from a brother even though he wrote it but brothers Look, I'm gonna tell you the way I am. I don't like the answer. No question from no

00:45:36--> 00:46:08

brothers written down. Men talk straight to each other. This way I know who I'm talking to. And you ain't talking to nobody disguised you know, somebody's telling me something like now they know who it is. But I know the sisters is your Mashallah sisters don't want to ask stand up and ask nothing. And I'll take it written from them. But for the brothers, I want you to stand up and ask your question who is from Lucky sister or brother and sister? All right. But for the brother since he didn't know that, I'm going to ask the question. Brother said, Can I or am I allowed to be a police officer? First of all, brothers and sisters? Look, that's not what I talked about. And I'm not

00:46:08--> 00:46:48

giving them fatwas. You know, you know, I'm not a scholar and a student of knowledge. Not really, you know, I study with a student of a student of a student. So you know, I'm on that level. So if you want a fatwa, they got fatwa basis, they have shoe York, who can give fatwa and they oversee websites, but I can't give a fatwa. I would like to say this to the brother, though, if you think you need to become a police officer, not because you're motivated to wear the uniform, not because you're motivated for the salary. But because you really believe that as a police officer, you can serve the Muslim community that might be legitimate. But what you need to find out is, will that

00:46:48--> 00:47:27

change your wallet? Will that change your loyalty to Allah and His messenger? And to the Muslim? Some A lot of us Allah? Because if it changes your loyalty, the answer is obvious. You cannot be a police officer, Allah, Allah, I think this from a sister, to be honest, I believe there is no community among the Muslims, as she said, especially a group of Muslims, I don't want to say that I don't believe there is no community among the Muslim people. Because even if they tried to make community they build it by taking sides of their tribes. So I guess you got the message. How can they come over this madness? Sister, look, I do not believe that people will just evolve out of

00:47:27--> 00:48:13

Elsevier, I do not believe that people will just evolve out of nationalism, I think that some other greater power must come to them. Like it came to those tribes before the tribes who came together in the beginning, did not come together easily. They came together, because there was confrontation, because there was some force, and there was some fear. And there was some intimidation, and there was some motivation. And we ask Allah subhana wa Tada, that some strength of leadership will come that will put this inside different Muslims to make them come together. Because if the Somali people have a problem with tribalism, I say they just have their special problem. But sister, that problem

00:48:13--> 00:48:52

is evident in all the Muslims who have these little groups. And that's why they prefer to put these little names on kids names that people, you know, message, college, nearly everybody knows that's the name of the masjid. But people always say to me, you know, the Somali mosque, or, you know, the, the Bengali mosque, or, you know, the Philistine the mosque, or, you know, the maghrebi Mosque, or, you know, the Sudan a mask, oh, you know, this one, that one always, because that's what the people they love. We asked a law that somehow through leadership, through guidance, through some intimidation through some motivation, that this poison of us or via this poison of tribalism, this

00:48:52--> 00:49:34

color preference, this color prejudice, this ethnicity among the Muslims will be crushed. We ask Allah subhanho wa Taala. Because if it's not, no unity will ever come to the Muslims. If there's a brother who has a question, I'll take two questions from the sisters. And then I'll take a question from the brothers. That's balanced. That's fair right to and then one gay said, We constantly hear the same ideas and every conference, however, no one has taken any action. How can we make today different? Will you sit down without, without community leaders to make a change? Just let me just say this to you, a visitor only has the right to suggest he should not interfere with two people.

00:49:34--> 00:49:59

I'm a guest, and I have a host, I do have the right to advise, I have the right to give naseeha to speak openly. I tried to do that. Even if you don't want to invite me back. I don't care. But I should not involve myself to do that unless I intend to be here and to be responsible for that decision. But I'm making that suggestion and those leaders can hold me responsible for making the suggestion. Okay. Is there a question from the brothers? Yes, please quickly, brother

00:50:00--> 00:50:43

Yes, our cover I enjoy your lecture in May, all of us, you know, benefit from what you're saying what you're saying is makes a lot of sense. No. My question is because I know that here in the Muslim community, I've been a Muslim for eight years from Christianity. And I find that there's a lot of weakness in the community here. And what is the weakness that I find is that there's no security in a community, for example, we hear a lot of, of our sisters sometimes get assaulted. And you know, some of us because, you know, we're, you know, we're Muslim and stuff, you know, we, we get discriminated, there's no security. You know, what I want to ask you is how can we establish

00:50:43--> 00:51:28

here in Toronto, some kind of Jamaat some kind of defense team so that if something happens, at least we don't have to call the cops because I know it says in the Quran that we're not supposed to take, you know, the Christians and the pagans as protected as ISIS mellado jokey show, I handle, I'm not cutting you off, but I get what you're saying. And I'll be very clear about it in in the beginning of my lecture, I addressed that I said that we need to establish a hesper it means a regulatory agency, not to defend the Muslims, but also to regulate them. Because I think that to have a body to protect the Muslims, and not to have a body to protect them against themselves. So we

00:51:28--> 00:52:11

need hisbah, but that hesper should come out of the actions of the Imams, we have to deal with the issue of leadership. Because if we don't deal with that issue, we can't do anything with the followers and Latinos, the best of the Sharma. I'll take another question from the sisters inshallah. Once it says how do you make a stronger bond, if no one won't come out and make a stronger community, I say each one, teach one, each one, take the message out to the next one. Talk to each other the way you talk about your team's talk to each other, like you talk to each other about what you saw. And in the marketplace, when you went to the mall, talk to each other about like

00:52:11--> 00:52:50

you talk to each other about this, like you talk about money, like you talk about a husband or wife, talk to each other, invite each other, advise each other. If you do that on a regular basis. Sooner or later, the message will come across as Sharla sister says in Canada, we had a chance to have a shadier system. But the government said at the end that they couldn't implement this because the biggest voice of protest was from the Muslims. Okay, I won't read the whole question. But I'm aware of this. And that is shameful. That is shameful. The same thing happened in Britain, that when we had the chance to set up a Sharia Council, of course, it was limited. It was only dealing with

00:52:50--> 00:53:34

marriage and divorce and some civil issues and all that. But that's the beginning. But the people who didn't want to be regulated by the Sharia council were the Muslims. And the government already knew that. So the government said, if you can get a unanimous agreement by the Muslims, you can do it. But they already themselves knew that they had over a trained, they had already trained some Muslims, they had already trained them in their institutions, some PhDs to say no, if we do that, those fundamentalists is going to start causing problems with us, those fundamentalists, those extremists, and so we don't want that Sharia is good enough for us to be judged. And the courts of

00:53:34--> 00:54:15

the British and the Americans and the Canadians, and so yes, the monastics always act like that, and the monoterpene they will never change their ways. We have to continue. Don't give up those who initiated that should not give up, continue, move forward. Be as consistent as the moon is another brother there. Okay. It's almost time please. Lucky. Okay. Go ahead. Brother. I just have a quick question in regards to you mentioned, having the mirrors of the budget meeting up, I just want to turn turn the table here quickly. And as his brother if there's such thing going on, if there isn't, well, you can ask him because he's not. He's not the speaker. That's not fair. Okay. inshallah,

00:54:15--> 00:54:24

brother, that's the other is that we should not switch the responsibility because I made the statements we should not have him to answer. Okay. So that

00:54:27--> 00:54:59

is my first time to attend Youth Conference. I was so happy from yesterday. I just have to start yesterday. And my question is here, you mentioned about love thing need to be done. As a Muslim in in this country. you appoint some as a leadership to have place to have something for our religion, I mean, to take care of our responsibility as a Muslim. You said as a foreigner you

00:55:00--> 00:55:21

Can't take much responsibility to follow up Somali Muslims, please, we can, we're not going to hear the gentlemen that our brother our elder, if you are talking, so we only have a few minutes. So please start moving around. And let's listen, we only have a few more moments. So brother stop moving in the bag. Can you just hold up for a moment?

00:55:22--> 00:55:35

And are you going to help us more? You said I'm a foreigner, you can continue with this. But are you going to point to some area to back us up to do this issue to be?

00:55:36--> 00:56:19

Our chef? He said, may Allah reward your chef. I'm just trying to accelerate a little bit. The chef he said he he reminded me of the things I mentioned, I suggested. And he wanted to know whether even though I'm a foreigner, that means I'm just a visitor, would I have morally be responsible to follow up or to be responsible for working or coordinating with the brothers here who are in leadership to bring this about? The answer is absolutely yes. To the best of my ability, I will continue to write and to speak. And whenever I'm asked to visit, I will be here. And I have already told the people of Toronto that if a lot makes his color, for it to be happen, Toronto is a beautiful place for me to

00:56:19--> 00:56:57

come back to I live in North America. I live in New York, that's where my family is that I would prefer to live in Toronto than to live in New York. But I don't know if that is the color of Allah yet. So I will speak to some people. I made my istikhara and we will see inshallah, the last question is cinematical, please give us your advice, how to start without fighting each other? Who will be the leader, speaking as women, how can we try to establish the leadership without committing or following the Sunnah of the Prophet Samadhi was for them? Okay, I want to just say this, first of all, what we are suggesting will not necessarily be easy, they will be the stepping on somebody's

00:56:57--> 00:57:45

toes, there'll be a little bit of pushing, shoving, there'll be a little bit of voices raised, sometimes there will be a little bit of discomfort involved, but I say, let us as the followers do our part, then we put the pressure on the leaders to do their part. So how can we start that off? How can we initiate that, then let's put together something called a white paper, let's put together something called a public referendum. Let's write this as a public referendum, something from the Muslims, let us get all the signatures from all the Muslims, as many as we can, for the next 30 6090 days. Let's collect 50,000 signatures that we want our United leadership in this city, and how we

00:57:45--> 00:58:21

suggest to do that, let a committee come together and put that referendum together from the followers, do it on your own, no leaders have to give you the permission to do that. Set up a committee to put together a referendum of some of these suggestions. And make sure that some of the students have knowledge. And if some of those imams want to be there, that they are there, put that public referendum there and then put it in every Masjid, put it in the newspaper, put it everywhere and start collecting signatures. When you get 50,000 or 100,000 signatures of the Muslims in the city that said that this is what they want, then give it to the leadership and see what they do.

00:58:21--> 00:58:59

That's a start. That's a start. But if you can't do that, don't keep blaming and pointing the finger at the leaders. Everybody likes to do that. Yeah, the leaders are responsible, but in most cases, you get the leaders that you deserve, and they usually get the followers that they deserve. We asked the Lord, to bless our leadership, we asked the Lord, to bless our community, we asked the Lord, to bless our efforts, we asked the Lord to bless our children, we ask Allah subhanaw taala to reform us to clean us to straighten us out to make us better Muslims, we asked the Lord to make us better citizens. We asked the last model to give us a better example to give us a better character. We

00:58:59--> 00:59:40

asked lots of panel data to give us better knowledge, more zeal, more energy, more respect, more dignity, more better treatment of each other and treatment of our women, better individuals and better families and better societies. We ask Allah subhanho wa Taala this on the basis of our sincere abeja this is what we do and we asked a las panatela to bless this gathering. Bless the organizers. Bless those who have spent the money. Bless the sponsors. Bless the women who brought their children here for three days. Bless the children themselves who sat here for three days, bless them. May Allah subhanaw taala bless the fathers who have encouraged their children to be here and

00:59:40--> 01:00:00

their wives and their daughters to be here. May Allah bless all the speakers who got on trains and buses and planes to come here may have lost their best all the efforts May Allah bless the people who are the sponsors and the administrators of this Masjid. May Allah bless them because in the background, they have cleaned and they were sweeping and they were mopping

01:00:00--> 01:00:29

And they were pushing brooms and when we come back in the morning we found the place clean and ready for us. May Allah bless them for spending the money to have a place for us to come. May Allah bless all these efforts and accept them as being sincere. And may Allah subhanaw taala Forgive me for anything wrong which I have said May Allah subhanaw taala may cause benefit from the medicine that is distributed and may last $1 cause the one who distribute the medicine to be the one who benefits the most. So ponic along with the 100 corner shadow under either

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one or two bodega Santa Monica