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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah

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wa Salatu was Salam ala Milan Habiba. Mavado Villa Homina shaytani R rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem. Well miuna Well may not to bavuma Olia

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yeah Morona Bill maruf Wan Hona Annelle Moon car for your team owner Salado tuna SOHCAHTOA ut una la Havas hula hula Ecosa Euro hameau Houma law says Allah Who loves him

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my dear respected elders and brothers,

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there is no doubt

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that you and I,

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we were born alone

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and we will return back to Allah subhanho wa Taala alone.

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Allah Tala in the Holy Quran has mentioned it in this way we'll have to get to Muna for Radha comma Hala, Conoco our Amara, you will come back to me on the day of Tiamat and account for your deeds for Radha alone the way you were born alone. So, in this particular regard, we when I we are we have individual responsibilities for our

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reformation our spiritual progress and accountability before mighty Allah. That is why amaro the Allah with Allah who had said how Cebu and Kousaka Kabbalah and to hustle take stock of your deeds before Allah Tala take stock of your deeds, way your deeds before Allah Tala way your deeds in this particular regard, we are individual beans, we are individuals who are going to account for our deeds in front of Allah alone individually. So this is one aspect and one dimension of our existence, the individual dimension and the real accountability before Allah will be on this level.

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On an individual level, you cannot on the day of Kiama tell Allah that the community in the environment wasn't good therefore I didn't follow Allah's command it will not hold water. Individually you are going to have to account to Allah. Irrespective of the circumstances Allah will take account of your deeds individually. However together with that, there is no doubt that Allah has created a such in this world that you and I are social beans.

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We need to interact with one another.

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Just as we have other needs there's also the need for us to interact with one another. Look at how Allah has put it in the 25th super of the Holy Quran in surah jatiya Allah Allah says Nanoka Sam nabina who Mahisha don't feel higher to dunya or a thorough foreigner bother home folk about Interjet Leah Takita bavuma Odin Sofia I have made people diverse in terms of the financial ability some people have more some people have less now one of the benefits and this is Allah Tala system Hello Allah Tala has made mentioned Allah Who Yep, so tourists kalima ye Sha.

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Allah Tala expands Rispa whomsoever He wishes and he restricts. So Allah makes the call. Right? And it doesn't mean you are better than one another because of that. But Allah makes the call and one of the reasons for that call says Allah, Leah taka Bhagwan Barden so Hurriya that there is a mutual dependence. So the people who have capital may need labor, labor needs capital. So this is a law system to make human being mutually dependent upon one another, which Allah makes mention of in the Holy Quran. And then, of course, we see in the animal kingdom, you don't see the animals meeting one another chest to chest, right, you don't find that and in fact, the only time an animal will show

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its chest to another animal when it submits itself to another animal, ready to die at the hands of another animal. We are perhaps one of the few species that Allah has created that when we meet with one another, we meet chest to chest

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that shows that Allah has made us sad that we are supposed to be social beings who interact with one another. And there's a hadith in Sahih Muslim that gives further explanation to this aspect and how beautifully in a

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via cream sauce limited al Muslim will levy you Holly to nurse well yes Bureau Allah Azza whom Pharaoh mineral Muslimeen la de la you Holly to nurse wala yes guru Allah Azza home, what a beautiful Hadith a Muslim who interacts and mingles with people. And in mingling with people and interacting with people is difficult, very difficult to intermingle with people you have to bear the the temperaments of one another the moods of one another, the different nuances of one another. So Allah Tala says this awesome said the Muslim who interacts and he bears patiently the difficulty while interacting is better than the Muslim who doesn't interact.

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And he doesn't have to bear the the inconvenience of people with patience. In many times you and I, we find this attitude. I go to the masjid MacKinnon come back, I don't make salam to anyone.

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Why I don't want to get involved in controversy. I don't get involved in arguments. The view of Allah says that it's better for you to mingle and bear patiently the inconvenience of people. They're not mingling. The reason is, Allah has made a social beans grow and this is and therefore in the Quran, Allah has made mentioned which Allah bazo Coulibaly and fitna, I have made each and every relationship, even the relationship between husband and wife, and the relationship between parents and children a trial. Now if there's a trial in relationship at US Bureau don't want to make patient won't tolerate one another. So the second point that I would like to make mention is that we are

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social beings. Now when we are social beings that shows we are supposed to live together with one another as a community. We are supposed to live together not only for our individual self, but as a community. That is a reason why there is so many, so much emphasis on the importance of the community. Nivea creme sallahu alayhi wa sallam the first point with regard to the community the importance of it, that we are supposed to stay together together as a community.

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And not only worry about your individual self, although as I started off by saying our accountability will be on an individual level. I give this example what am I have written? You are alone reading namaz, tahajjud time between you and Allah no one between you in the inner corner of your own home. And when you reading Surah Fateha you say a dinner Sarah tell Mr. Team, Allah guide us upon the right path, you are alone and you are making dua for the collective.

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You are alone but you are making dua for the collective. And that is why in Islam there is a range of institutions, which anchors the community the masjid is one of them. Salah Jamaat is one another one of them, why it enters the community to become a community not only your individual self, so it makes the community come together. And nebula cream sauce Lim is give each and every one defined roles in the community to make the community strong and to make the community energetic.

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I just love this example. You know, in the Quran, Allah has made mention of someone who was not an OB. He is not a very great nephew of Allah. He is an ordinary human being.

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And we make mention of it in Surah Yasin that you and I normally we might not read other students with this surah by and large we read after fajr Allah makes mention of a person who was not a Nebby he was not well known, perhaps not regarded as a saint, but Allah makes mention of it in the Holy Quran wotja Amin XL Medina to Raja Louie Yes, Ah, damn. Belimo Salatu was Salam told the people about Deen they came one person from the far flung areas of the community to tell his community who follow them. BLM was Salatu was Salam. And Allah makes me he was a carpenter by trade. In her day, on the export to Turkey Syria border, had the opportunity to go and visit his cupboard.

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Habima jar, a carpenter, why does Allah make mention of him in the Holy Quran Allah ma have written he told the people to accept the truth he was martyred. He was killed by them after been killed by them it Julio Jana, he was put into Jana, and after being put into Ghana, he told Allah, O Allah, O Allah, tell my people

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Muhammad Allah Kalia, Lita, Komiya, Allah moon, Roby Allah, tell my people how you honored me by following the prophets

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after been killed by the people. He still in Jeanette worried about the welfare. Will Amar say that is a reason why Allah made mention of him in the hole.

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Quran for worrying about the community for taking care of the community while in Jannah. He's worried about the Hidayat.

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This is the second point the importance. The third thing with regard, or maybe the second thing after knowing the importance of the community, what is the community supposed to be? Community is supposed to have concern for one another. I read the ayat well, I mean, one minute bathroom only oh by the believing males and females are protectors of one another. How do we protect one another on a spiritual level? Yeah. Morona Bill Morrow for you and Hona annual Mancha. We command one another to do good and we prevent one another from evil. We command and we encourage one another to perform Salat and to give zakat

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that is our concern. And that is our role in the community to help one another, to adhere to the commands of Almighty Allah subhanho wa taala. And we are all the time worried not only about ourselves, but about the people in our community.

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The ALMA animal for Mohabbatein, right, that one day someone gave his neighbor a sheep's head, because he felt that he was more in need of it than me. That neighbor, although he was in need, he felt that another neighbor is in need of it, he gave it to another neighbor. In that particular way, that sheep's head, went to 13 houses before it returned back to the original person who gave it out.

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Everyone thinking that the next person is more in need of me and He gave it to the next neighbor, next neighbor. Then eventually that person who came the 12% He said that this neighbor is more in need of it. And he was the one who started off giving the neighbor that sheep said that is how Islam has taught us with regard to caring for one another. Many years ago, Mufti Rafi was when he came to South Africa and he was giving a talk to the lama. And this I found it amazing. So he said, when we were small booty Rafi Serbian Matata sub were born in the Oval, right the father was was interested in the darkroom Diovan. So they were invited one by Marlon Sal, as her Hussain Shah sub known as

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mere sub. So he said, When we were invited after the meals, as young people, we said, Let us gather all the things and we'll clean the table plot the decision. So they tell they told me as a session that the host will clean the desert and don't worry about it be young. He said you don't know how to clean the desert.

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So what what is it to clean the desert? And we know said no. Can I show you he put each and everything on its place. And he even put the crumbs on top of the wall and said the birds or the ends will eat it. Don't let anything to go. But move to subset the most important things we had fruit and the peels of the fruit. He said, tie it up, put it in a packet. But don't throw it here outside. So he said Why don't throw it outside. For others. I want you to listen to this reason of this great scholar. He said the people of my neighborhood have poor, they can't afford fruits. If they see the peels of the fruit, they will feel that they can't afford it and the neighbor is having

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it. Take the pills of the fruit, put it in a packet and going through it far away. So the people of the neighborhood are not hurt.

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This is how you care for the neighborhood. Nivea cream sauce limited in a very famous Hadith you are not a believer, if you eat your food and your neighbor is hungry. Any any Muslim community an Ideal Muslim community in which people are well resourced, and people are well fed. And there are people in the community who are hungry. They have not fulfilled the role of a Muslim community.

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They have not fulfilled the role of a Muslim community. So the second point after the importance of a community is the concern for people in the community concern for the spirituality Well, I mean when I want to bog them only hope and concern for the livelihood concern for each and every aspect which I've given you certain examples. The third aspect with regard to our life as a community is the broader community. In our community, we are going to have Muslims we're going to have people of different and diverse faith, especially in a place like South Africa. When our beloved nivia Kareem sallallahu alayhi wa sallam came to Medina nbia Kareem saw Selim had different and diverse

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communities Nebia Karim sallahu alayhi wa sallam the first thing he did was the de facto Medina the Pact of Medina, over 40 clauses, how are we going to stay together as a community?

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We sometimes make Islam so narrow and restricted. So unfortunately, the maybe your fella had a pet headed treaty with non Muslims with the Jews of Medina. How we are going to stay together as a community. I don't have the time to go

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With over 40 clauses, how we are going to stay together as a community. People of diverse people in our community we have to account for them and we have to live with them peacefully and harmoniously. Nebia Karim sallallahu alayhi wa sallam went to this particular exam situation. We all know the incident, but many times when we talk about the Sunnah very few ever make Amal upon this sunnah Nebia cream sawston went to visit a Jewish youngster in Medina was sick.

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And he went to him and he asked him how he's feeling. And then of course afterwards, maybe a Kareem saw salaam told him to accept Islam. He looked at his father, his father said it about calcium, follow our calcium. And we saw some good happy coming out with it home Alhamdulillah Hilary, another woman and her praise be to Allah subhanho wa Taala who has granted him salvation. I'm asking the question how many times if this is a sunnah have we visited a non Muslim who is sick

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Nebia Karim sallallahu alayhi wa sallam did it? Such was the example with regard to it one of the Sahaba have to live in Emeryville as you know cut the ship that I'm very seldom did people you know, have a sheet and he told the people watching the meat please see tweeted the first person you give the meat to is the non Muslim neighbor. I'm delighted new Mubaraka Makalali makes mentioned and he says that when he was staying in a neighborhood after being in a neighborhood, the neighbor a non Muslim put his house for sale. And he put it double the market value not because of the value of the place. Maybe it was Musgrave or something like that, no, he put it double the market value people

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said why are you putting the house double the market value? Do you know what answer he gave

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half of it is the value of the house. Half of it is the privilege to be a neighbor to have to live Nevada,

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half of it a non Muslim neighbor putting his house double the market value to be unable to have to live.

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In our situation, the Muslim comes in does the value go up or go down? We have to ask ourselves the question this is a situation and in this particular regard, the fact of the matter is wherever Muslims well in the past historically, whenever they settle in any place, they had such an impact upon that place, that by and large, they made the people of that particular region Muslims by the force of the contact and the more omelet and because of the way they interacted with people and the way they they transacted with people financially also, look at the whole north of Africa. Right Muslims became Muslims and up till today they are Muslims, the indigenous people of North Africa,

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the Berbers look at Malaysia, look at Indonesia, look at West Africa. They didn't go and conquer by the sword. They conquered by the conduct. We have not been able to do so in South Africa. As a movement that was money rights in one of the places he says an ordinary student of history. As an ordinary student of history, I tell you, that Muslims throughout the world, throughout history, always knew the social customs of the people whom they lived with. How much do we know about the people who we are living with?

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We are part of this community. According to one step there was 8 million people unemployed 10 million maybe now unofficially, if not more, we know is the responsibility of the government, all of it. But what role have we played with regard to it? That's our responsibility to the best whatever we can, even if it's one small thing, it's our responsibility, the broader community to worry if you don't worry about the broader community has admirable Hassan Ali, while speaking in the opening of the Dewsbury Masjid said he's a minority I'm telling you, if you don't show the beauty of your deen to the indigenous and the majority of the people whom you are living with, I fear that your safety

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cannot be guaranteed.

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And even if you have beautiful machines and infrastructure, if you don't interact with a community, those machines will not be able to save you on its own. Until you have the Amal of the masjid that you interact with the people look at the budget of Spain, more beautiful than our merchants was not enough to protect the Muslims. They were they were kicked out and they were they were expelled from from Spain because they didn't interact with the people and didn't have a started off like that. People call them there to help them. But afterwards, they didn't have the interaction and o'clock with the people whom they were dealing with. The fourth point, how do you keep a community together?

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One of the aspects of keeping a community is to have unity. Keep a community with cohesion. With love, and human unity. They're one thing in mind made your respective brothers to break something is very easy to pull this very difficult.

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This beautiful building I know that I've heard about it. It took so many years to get all the

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plans and all the architecture everything right a couple of years. To forgive a demolition person to care to break it. He'll break it up into days.

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There's a reality with regard to it. If you need to break it you can break in two days or three days. To build something is very difficult to break is very easy. There are enough people breaking the community today. There are very few who want to pull the community to build is difficult. And that is why you find people in the social media they are more worried about breaking rather than bringing people together because it is more difficult to talk bad about people and to break this very easy. nbia Kareem sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, both people together, he realized the value of bringing two people together. Even when Nivea cream sauce. You know, someone said Yeah, Rasul Allah,

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why don't you bring the, the, you know, the the Kaaba according to how Allah Allah wa salam wanted to build it originally. Right, bring it down to the ground at the Hatim into the Kaaba, maybe himself some citizen Ayesha. Oh Ayesha, I want to build a cover according to how Allah Tala plumbed it, but I'm worried that people don't understand it, it will cause divisions.

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rather leave it the way it is not to the idea although it's permissible to be the way it is not to the ideal because it will cause divisions in the community. This is how Navia claims one day a person wants to kill Abdullah bin obey. Abdullah been away with the leader of the monastics nobody saw slim knew he was a leader of the monastics his son wanted to kill him. And then we saw some told us some Abdullah bin Abdullah bin obey. Don't kill your father, the other Sula, how can I bear it? Look at what he is doing to you. Every occasion he gets he is inconveniencing you give me permission, our strike the head of my father myself. He's the leader of the monofin. Libya himself.

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Some said don't kill your father. Why Yara Sula. He reads in namaz with us. He reads Salah with us. People will say Mohammed kills his own companions. People won't say that he's a monastic. People will say he kills his own convention. Oh, Abdullah don't kill your father. He reads namaz with us. Brothers, we rise and we fall together as a community. No one can say I can be spiritually very high elevated, and even materially I can be high and elevated and other people can be on their own. We rise and fall together.

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Maybe a Kareem saw Selim said was asked Naza Ayesha as a normally cofina Saloon. What we destroyed when there are pious people in our maths, yes.

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When you don't make an intention and an effort to bring everyone on piety, even if you are individually pious, you will be destroyed.

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We rise and we fall together as a community. The first thing that is needed with regard to a community is tolerance. One of the greatest aspects of bringing people together is to have an tolerate one another to be able to accommodate accommodating, which Allah Botha Camilla bars in fitna at US Bureau. We have made you a trial and to one another want to make someone want to tolerate one another. The beer Kareem saw some said in a hadith reads Salat behind every Imam whether he is a pious person whether he is a Fajr. Read namaz behind each and every Imam why. If you are going to leave the affairs of the community, for individuals to decide and to judge, the piety

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of the Imam, what's going to happen

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and he should only want to say this Imam is not pious enough. I'm gonna read namaz behind him what will happen to the community. Therefore, Kareem saw some said read namaz behind every Imam even if he is pious even if he's a virgin, that will bring the community together. Tolerance as an Olivia Loughton was asked Ali we heard that you you you are aware of what was in the sheath of the sword of nebbia cream sauce I find this very amazing idea respective others and I'm sure you will also

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Ollie what was written in the sort of in the sheath of the sword of our beloved nivia Karim saucer. Now you and I would think the sword is normally used in jihad is normally used you know for bravado in the sense you know you you show your your power and what will be written in the sort of Nivea cream sauce. A little the ultimate said Yes, I saw what was written in the sort of Nivea cream sauce Hello said what Silman kata UK what for mana, Zola Mk was in Illa Manasa Illich go and reconcile with those people who break off with you.

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Be good to those people who are bad to you, and forgive the people who have wronged you. That was written in the sort of our beloved via Kareem Salam. You want the community to come together that is a qualities that we have another aspect that it is there is many people will say that, you know, we are different, we are diverse. So how do we bring the community together in terms of

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It's diverse. Nivea cream sauce lamb taught us nebbia cream sauce, some said each and every individual has certain talents utilize the talents of one another for the greater cause.

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And this is what the beauty of Nebia Kareem sallahu wa sallam was, he recognized the talents of everyone and everyone was told that listen, this is your talent. Use the talent for the benefit of the community. What did he say? Our number one bill halali. Well, HaRav Ma Ma Zignature. Well, you know, the one who knows most about halal and haram was a preacher we'll go to him for the who's ADP Sabbath. The one who knows most about the laws of inheritance is they didn't have it go to him if you need any laws of inheritance topic when faced with the Allahu Allahu was known for his oratory. So whenever Nebia Karim saw Salam wanted someone to deliver in a biannual lecture to different

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diverse people coming Fabien case was called upon now just look at this

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in an era where people were greatly celebrated because of the skills in the battlefield.

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Right, so people like ultra, the ultra, ultra ultra Janna were very greatly respected in Medina, there was a person by the name of Hassan EP sabot. He was not very good in the battlefield. And this is known from history, because nobody saw some told him that you go and look after the woman and children, and there was an intruder there. He did not know what to do Sophia, the Allahu Taala anha the ante of Libya. Kareem sallallahu alayhi wasallam said deal with him. He didn't suffer the Ultima herself dealt with the intruder. But the same Hassan Nefab it was a poet on the member of Nebia Kareem saw Selim, he used to compose poetry defending Islam against the attack of the enemies. And

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do you know what may be occurring sources told him when he used to compose the poetry nobody saw so the made dua for him Allahumma a kid who

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May Allah help you with JIRA in

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a person who was composing poetry? So nebbia crimson Muslim knew that his talent was not in the battlefield was in poetry. So if there are journalists, why don't they use the skills in defending Islam? If there are accountants there are lawyers? Why can they do that? Nobody a cream sauce taught us with regard to the aspect of utilizing die people of diverse community diverse people talents, to bring them towards one cause. That is how a community becomes dynamic and energetic. And lastly, it may say, a community must have a vision, my dear respect for others. Unfortunately, today, each and every one is so engrossed in his own affairs. We don't have a vision as a community is amazing. We

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have absolutely no vision, where do we want to be from here 20 years ago? Do we want to bring the local people towards Islam? Show them the beauty of Islam? We haven't even thought about it. We haven't one of the one of the objectives of an Islamic community is to established Islamic law and the Islamic system in the Islamic way of life because we believe that that particular way of life is not only good for us is good for the entire humanity. What vision do we have as a community?

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I remember hearing this from one of our scholars one day he said that we always say that you know, the llama always talking to me, no one listens to them. So one day Mohamed El Fati, he makes mention of it. He said at the age of 12, I heard at the age of 12. I heard the Hatim in the Juma by and speaking about the army that will conquer Constantinople. When Obeah Kareem sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, you will definitely concur Constantinople and Nirmal J's diabolical. Jaysh, Amal Amuro. Amira, very great is that AMI very great is that particular meal. He says the age of 12, I made up my mind, I'm going to be that person.

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At the age of 12, he said, I'm going to be that person. At the age of 21. He conquered Kinston, Constantinople. He had a vision from the age of 12. And he fulfilled it. Abdul Rahman, the first he was the last heir of the Omiya Khilafah. He was forced into exile. He was forced to, to hide away. And eventually he reached Spain. And one person had a vision. And that one person started off a civilization, which was one of the glorious civilization not only in the history of Islam, but in the history of humankind. And he established Islam in that particular land for 800 years. He had a vision, what is our vision? In conclusion, let me just say, what I spoke about is we have an

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individual responsibility but Allah has made a social means the importance of us being social beings, the importance of the community, the concern we are supposed to have for people in our community. Part of that responsibility is how we interact with a broader community of diverse faiths and diverse backgrounds. How what are the color qualities needed to keep a community together? Tolerance, and the Hadith which I'm

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made mention of nivia Kareem Salah Salem what was in the sheath of the sword of our beloved Islam and then individual, each and every one playing a role for the betterment of the community according to their own diverse talents and having a vision. May Allah Tala give us a trophy of making Hamill