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Women’s Taraweeh at home or Masjid

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Karim Abuzaid

Channel: Karim Abuzaid

Episode Notes

Episode Transcript

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Salam aleikum. wa

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salam alaikum

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name's Nathan question please.

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Yes, that is your what is your question tonight?

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I wanted to know if women get

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Yeah, I mean, there is nothing that gave distinction between men and women. Once it comes to salata. tarawih I have not come across a text that this yummy separator Jani mentions this distinction between the two. So I am obliged to say yes, they get the same reward.

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Can you speak up please, I haven't heard this.

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Friday prayer

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will the same thing again but provided that the sisters in general, they don't turn into a fitna once they go to the masjid in the way that they dress in the way where they set and if the sister goes there and she makes sure that she did not expose herself or become an icon of fitna at all in the masjid in any manner. I believe in Allah Spano. Tata is the one who decides this. And enough do we hope in Allah that He will give them them the same reward? Does echo fail