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well first of all, if you have gold silver diamond that is used solely for the purpose of investment, you have to be counted

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because it's considered to be our mineral, the tiara, like trading and goods. You're becoming a businessman. Now once it comes for the purpose of being used for ordinance, Lee the sisters are using it. They process it, they own it just for the sake of ornament, LA, Xena. She does not have the intention of investing. Okay, Diamond burrows are exempt.

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Other precious stones are exempt. So we focus now on gold and silver. What is the deal? We have two major views. The view of the majority of the jurists that would include an Imam Malik Mm hmm. sheffy they said, it is not Zach heritable. That means they do not have to be on it. But I tell you right now, this view is not supported with the evidence by evidence. They don't have any evidence.

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Law, their evidence why here but the view of in Abu hanifa, which is the view of minority, which they have to pay is a car provided that it reached the minimum nisab which we call threshold, what is it? 85 grams of gold 595 grams of silver. Now with the amount our hanifa mo law his view is more famous, authentic, backed by evidence. What are the evidence? We have three Hadith I will just go to for the sake of time, Hadith.

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And Abby and JD and the Hadith. Aveda Whoo

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hoo Abdullah Abraham Ignace Ravi Allahumma.

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And the Hadith, this chain of narration By the way, if you look at the Mahabharata is a good chain of narration. Yeah, he had a senate Hasson and the Maha Devi,

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what did he say? A woman and her daughter came to the Prophet sallallahu wasallam visiting him

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and her daughter were wearing huge bracelets made out of gold. Huge bracelets made out of gold. And then the Prophet sallallahu Sallam asked her to add Dean as a character had he do you paid as a careful this? She said no. Then the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam said to her, would you like Allah to give you two bracelets made out of fire in a different direction because you don't be careful it in this world. She said no messenger of Allah. The women took out the bracelets out of the hand of her daughter said to Allah and His Messenger right away. Now another Hadith. The women did not ask the women, whether she is using these bracelets for all men or investment. You see,

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right there. That's why I love you. Yes, well, I mean, if not,

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we know who he teaches in marianella the value of a mean bellybutton is a follower Mashallah of the righteous predecessors, but even so, he his factor is the factor of Lima bihani a good luck, Abu hanifa Madhavi Hanif. So, a lot of famous scholars in the oma they say that if you own gold, even for the sake of argument that reaches the top you have to give 2.5% on it insha Allah the other evidence also Incidentally, Aveda would Rasul Allah, Allah Allah.

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Allah now one day wearing something called Fattah hat. Again bracelets that has Dada human it is something that the Arabs were a lot of dada dada is the silver coin. And Rasul solemn asked her if you do not pay cash for it, it will be your cans, it will be the reason for you to be burned in the Hellfire, that with this Bashar, we tell the brothers and the sisters that they should actually they must pay the care for their executive help now comes in another question very quickly. Just to complete the the issue here. A lot of sisters were not aware of this. A lot of sisters they called me and they tell me shave. I mean, everybody was giving me the view of America.

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And I've been owning this gold, you start up this shadow and one of the conditions for the shadow to be applied is knowledge. If you did not have the knowledge you are exempt, exempt no no burden on you. But now you receive the knowledge and I given you the evidence I did not give you my current view current says nothing. I told you Kala Kala Rasulullah now you will show it, you should go ahead and begin doing it. Bashar Jazakallah

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Know the current market value, what you do is the day the hole is the lunar hole is you own it for a year you call the jewelry and jeweler and you tell them Salam Alaikum I have 85 or more grams of gold. They are 21 carats. 18 carats how much it is today $10,000 then you take 2.5%

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of this money and you give it out money You do not have to give it holy you do not have a lot of the sisters they assume that they have to take maybe a ring and give it the cat llll the value the value of it.