Why is it called Yawm Al Qiyamah

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Buddha is that 99? What is it?

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It is saved for the believers on the Day of Judgment

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And why? If you did Hadith shefa carefully, when mankind go through the prophets and the messengers, asking them to intercede in order to finish that standing, because standing ekwa is one of the heaviest scenes on the Day of Judgment, where they assume the herd and Yeoman, the prominent name, although the Day of Judgment has many names, but the most prominent name of the Day of Judgment is young will PM, the day of the standard because of the length of the standing,

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the length of the standing mankind standing and they don't know what's going on.

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They did. The sun is a mile away from the head and people are sweating and they don't notice then they will go to the prophets and asking them to intercede for Allah subhanho wa Taala to initiate reckoning accountability. Can we finish up that standing? The prophets will say each one of them if you read the Hadith carefully in Allah, but love the Robin lamium Missler who caught up with the hooba

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Now you understand why he saved 99% of His mercy. The prophets will say what Allah is so angry today. Allah has so angry today. He has never been angry like this before, and he will never be angry like this afterwards. That's why those 99 are needed for the believers on the Day of Judgment Brothers and Sisters in Islam.