What is Fitrah (Natural Instinct)

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The filter in the Quran and the Sunnah

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what can influence the fitrah

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and there is a third bullet there that I wanted to add but I forgot

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which is

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excessive joy,

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excessive grief.

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A polishes of polishes brings the filter back

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for you the filter in the Quran if you're asked where in the Quran was the sutra referred to

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these are the verses which we verse number seven 172 Surah telara chapter seven, chapter seven verse number 172.

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These are the verses which we decided

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for selective memory.

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What is buka mean? Danny Adam a number huri Hindu Rita whom

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what a shadow Humala unfussy him LS to Europe deikun karlova shahina

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basically what is meant that Allah subhana wa tada extracted

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from the back of Adam

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all his children until the day for the election

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and he asked them Am I your Lord

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bluebella Yes shahina

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and the kulu

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yo multi Amati in kuna on had half a lien

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you know that

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advertisement entails Intel Inside

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you know when they they want to promote Intel Inside the you know the the processor until inside

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is slam inside every human being

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just replaced that entailed with Islam Islam inside

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Subhan Allah every person inside him there is Islam

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but then he comes into this world he finds himself in an environment of

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the parents are not interested in the religion.

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They sent him to public schools where they teach him that he was an ape

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an energy

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he goes away from the theater

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but yet

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Islam is inside that person still.

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And that's why when you speak to them about the religion you can tell that there is what

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you know when you go and buy a software. I'm sorry, I'm into computers tonight.

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For that software to work Don't you need to have some matching inside your central processing unit right then. So when you when you install the CD when you place the CD in your computer, what does it do searches for what

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they call it what

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a driver. Here you go, he's an IT man, that driver

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and it keeps searching for the drive. And if you don't have that driver guess what it will never install right?

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That's why when you speak to non Muslims about Islam

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some of these drivers are outdated. You need to

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seriously you need to upgrade to be able to sometimes some of these drivers are happy to upload the new one. But they still if you keep uploading and renewing the driver they can accept Islam but you need to be patient

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because the fitrah

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got corrupted

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take what

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Not getting it what you're trying to say but okay.

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what are we now?

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So Islam inside each one of us and this is what is meant and the sooner

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kulu than

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the fitrah in this one, if you want to give a reference to the sutra in the Santa Fe, if I ask you now to give a reference to the to the filter in the Koran, then you go off chapter seven, verses 172 and the following verses. If you're asked to give a reference to the fitrah in the Sunnah right away and if ebihara and Al Bukhari could illuma, Oudin, every child is born upon the fitrah and there is a weird thing of this hadith abundant Islam. There is actually a wording that good Luma eluding you will do al Islam.

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I believe if I'm not mistaken

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it's only his parents who turn him into a Jew,

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a Christian

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and the third one Zoroastrian, just as animals are born having full bodies, do you see any of them having a cut off knows when they are born?

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Now what can take that filter out?

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What the parents and this is what is meant by the Hadith. The first people who will take that filter away from Islam is the parents.

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That is why Rasul Salallahu alaihe salam says coo coo,

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coo coo

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coo coo coo, Masood Sharif Al imamura, Anthea COVID and the second world war two Laura in

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the elevator.

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The man is in charge of his household because these children they were delivered to Muslims.

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You job is to enhance their Islam.

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Not to

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cause them to go astray by negligence. by neglecting why why why were you given the license to

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beat your child up? And we say by beating a little spanking ear, okay. Not child abuse thing

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at the age of 10. Why? Because a lot given that responsibility to you,

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as a parent as a father,

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why you should worry about enrolling them in Islamic schools. Why should you worry about if you have enrolled them in secular schools and public schools that you at least cleanse a lot of the misconceptions which they learn in these schools.

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The theory of Darwin, the energy business and all these things, that's your job to do this.

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Other influences of course, there are sets of other things.

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Facebook, Google, Yahoo.

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All of these influence the filter of your child

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it contaminate contaminate the filter,

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or at least it places a veil over over the fitrah that the person becomes what unable to see the truth. You need to clean it.

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So these are the influences that parents

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tell you