Karim Abuzaid – What’s the Difference between the Names and Attributes of Allaah

Karim Abuzaid
AI: Summary © The names of Allah and his attributes are discussed, including his famous names like Alka Dee, Eileen, the old river, and the old eye. The differences between the names and their attributes, such as the name of Allah as "s semous wonders," the "naughty eye," and the "naughty ear," are also discussed. The use of names and attributes in Islam is emphasized, and the importance of calling upon someone before it is used is emphasized.
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The names of Allah are all those names that refer to Allah subhana wa Taala himself and refer to one of his perfect attributes that exist in a loss of Hannah Montana, such as Alka Dee's, the old powerful. So the old powerful is a name, but it refers to an attribute which which is what might and power,

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might and power. So the name al Cadiz, the old powerful, that he fears to an attribute which is an input for the mind and the power,

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the name of Allah li li m, the old knowing.

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Even though the name is Eileen, the old knowing, it refers to an attribute of knowledge, the attributes of knowledge, the name of Allah, Al Hakim, the most wise refers to an attribute of wisdom, and the semia the old hearing refers to the attribute of healing and bazzill. The old seeing refers to vision and seeing these names revealed to Allah Subhana, WA, tada himself, and his qualities of knowledge, wisdom, hearing and sight. The attributes refer to one thing, which is the attribute itself. So a name of allah indicates two things,

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the name and the attribute, but the attribute requires a name. Some of you are already confused.

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Let me take you to another level. If you're asked.

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Like a student of knowledge,

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we always say as Matt was the fact the names and the attributes of Allah, here's a question for you. What is the difference? Or what are the differences between the names of Allah and the attributes of Allah?

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Okay, that's a question. That's the first question we want to answer tonight. We need to know that what do we mean when we say the names? What do we mean when we say the attributes? I told you a minute ago that the name of Allah as semia the old hearing that surname as semia is the old heating.

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It refers to an attribute with school what heating?

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elbasy? Is the old seeing a three phase to Allah Himself, and it refers to an attribute of Allah, which is the site, the site, you're getting that? So let's answer the question brothers and sisters in Islam. What is the difference between the names and the attributes of Allah Subhana. Who what are

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the first difference brothers and sisters in Islam right here

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is the name

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or the names refer to two things refer to the essence to Allah. As semi is Allah, Al Basia is Allah and it also refers to an attribute.

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So when you say a name, then the name refers to Allah himself the essence of Allah, an attribute of Allah,

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the Baba the attribute, the attribute refers to one thing which is the attribute SMR

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is bustle.

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And for you, to come up with an attribute, you must have a name, you're getting that

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you must have a need. So that's the first difference. The first difference

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I name it he feels to Allah subhanho wa Taala himself and an attribute or maybe attributes one name is Hakeem. The old wise requires knowledge to the old y's require

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you know, kibra experience, if we may use this, pertaining to Allah subhana wa. So one name could mean more than one attribute. But for you, to produce an attribute, you must have a name or Allah tells you this is an attribute. That's the first difference.

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The attributes refer to one thing which is the attribute itself. So a name of Allah, look at this white color there. A name of allah indicates two things. And an attribute indicates only one thing. So it is said, a name includes an attribute, an attribute requires any that's the first difference. The second difference, very important.

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Pay attention to this.

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You may derive attributes from the names, but not vice versa.

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I'd explained no panic. Like a minute ago, I said as semia the old heating.

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What attribute did we derive from the Name of Allah the old heating,

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Al Hakim, that's a name and Hakeem is the name of Allah. What attribute did we derive their idea Mr. Cox Takotna wisdom, the attribute of wisdom.

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For you, what attribute did we derive from an Basia site? The old seer site.

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But we cannot derive names from attributes.

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One of the things when we debate with Christian and Jews

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and if they want to insult a law, to make you upset, they tell you listen, either like to worship a God who blots

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a God who deceives

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if you read the most half,

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why America rule or makara law?

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They blocked it

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and a lot blotted.

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So now the attribute of blotting

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is confirmed for Allah.

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The question, can you call Allah Subhana? wa Taala? The blotter? No, you can't.

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You cannot step through a lot seize upon Allah Subhana Allah. Why, because we do not derive names from the attributes.

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But this is what we call

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cific Marbella an attribute of facing a confrontational because imagine that created beings they blocked what is blocking What does blocking means? What does blocking means?

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What does blocking means?

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That we will be happy that you do something in secret that no one knows about it? That's what blocking is. That you scheme you you cook something to your enemy or to somebody that you you trying to harm without them knowing it. So imagine their blood that created blood, and Allah doesn't know about it. No Allah blocks to meaning Allah knows what they are doing.

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Meanwhile, they do not know what Allah is doing. You're getting that so it's effect tarbela it's an attribute to face confront.

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In Muna 15 you hardier una la how of la hora de whom,

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indeed the hypocrites they think, the hypocrites, they deceive Allah and Allah deceives them.

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Now that people they say Allah is that the second you say Allah the deceiver? No, you can say that. You cannot say that. Why? Because of that. We cannot derive names for Allah from attributes from actions. We don't do that.

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You're getting the point. But now, does does Allah deceives Yes. Well, what would you say if the hypocrites What is this a what is deception? What What do you mean by deception here, that you try to trick the one in front of you that the hypocrites are tricking a mob Can you say that I suffered a loss yes upon Allah. For that the attribute here is the attribute but the rule that I want you to memorize that I want you to understand that you may derive

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s attributes from one knee,

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but you cannot do vice versa. Here it is.

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We may derive attributes from the names but we cannot derive names from the attribute Say for example, they blood and ally bloods. The Quran affirms the attribute of blotting to Allah. But we cannot derive the name the blotter from the attribute of flooding.

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The coming

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decending are attributes of Allah subhanho wa Taala. It was meant mentioned in the Quran but we cannot derive name from these attributes we cannot call a lot the camera, that descendant of course, this differs from the names of Allah,

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which refers to an attribute by itself. So this is the second difference brothers and sisters in Islam. So what was the first difference?

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Come on students what

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a name refers to two things Allah, the essence is that the Divine Essence of Allah.

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When I say semi who's is semi a lot,

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and it refers to an attribute of Allah as well two things, an attribute reveals by itself stands by itself. But the second difference between the names and the attributes, we may derive attribute attributes from the name, but we cannot do vice versa we cannot derive names from the attributes. Number three Consequently, the attributes are way more than the names, which is bigger now than a attribute. Every name has an attribute or more than one attribute. So the attributes are what many

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our knowledge of allies attribute is vaster than our knowledge of his names, since each name implies an attribute, but not all the attributes double as any for example, Allah has attributes

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indicate some of his numerous actions like coming going taking catching using food. We attribute them to Allah because they are mentioned in the Quran and the Sunnah, but they don't have names, but we do not refer to him by names that indicate that like I said, I cannot call a lot of blood, I cannot call it a common I cannot call him the descendant because there is no name, you understand, but the attribute is there.

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the attributes are way more than the names of Allah subhanaw taala. The last difference brothers and sisters in Islam, when we call upon Allah subhana wa tada we use the names

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will heal Hill has

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to Allah belongs the most

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beautiful name so call upon Allah using these names. When you call upon Allah subhana wa Taala you don't use the attribute by itself. But you call yeah semia yada

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yada we yeah Honey. Yeah Majeed yeah honey. So, when you see Yeah,

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use a name.

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But for you to use the attribute, you must use something before it.

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You cannot use the attribute you cannot call upon avacyn

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all sides.

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All seeing

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all wisdom. You cannot call up an ally using the attribute by itself. But using something with it like Allahumma B. l Mikkel IE, the alien nikolova. Walk with the erotica or put the erotica alcohol key by like efficient in an essay calling upon Allah subhanaw taala directly. And this is the second difference. The third difference that we have brothers and sisters in Islam so this is a little warm up here. We differentiated between the names and the attributes.

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And name refused to allow an attribute but the attribute refused to

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suck just an attribute. We cannot derive names from the attributes but we can derive attributes from the names. We call upon Allah street using the names but for me to call upon Allah using the attribute. I must add something before it. These are the differences brothers and sisters in Islam.

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