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This is excessive.

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Excessive and I'll give you an example. I know a lot of you they watch soccer what soccer look at this when we when when a soccer player scores a goal. I'm telling you I used to play is one of the most joyful minutes in the game when you score a goal. Who goes like this? With luckiness? Ronnie Aslan.

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He's Christian, overdone a Muslim now what is Allah? Allah Allah Allah

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Allah O Allah

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the other one says Allah has a D is a three William

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Hello I'm gonna walk

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around build some stairs for me so I can go up to the girl who's

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Muslim every week

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every week

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when we say allies for center we do not mean allies contained within these dimensions no no no no no not Sulu

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and one of his name's li li Serbia his Mara pika Allah

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illallah wa then these are these are important issues. Don't think it's relevant or is a

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hobby it's very important because if you say this, you're inviting hierarchy that

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we have people who believe that if they do like this and then so I guess God comes in the shape. Allah comes with like a hug of

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Joseph and Joseph 711 masahito