Why music is haram

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My name steeton question please.

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My name is Neha and FM and I want to know why

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is what again

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I want to know why music

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wise music is haram

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okay do you know how old are you

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know you're a Muslim right? You're a Muslim a Muslim? I know I know that you are but I'm just just building up to something here. You know what the word Islam means?

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What is that the meaning of the word in English? No.

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Islam is an Arabic word right? is not an English word correct?

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No Are you there

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not just talk to me I'll help you I'll give you the help you need don't seek help from people there just just talk to me I'll help you you know Islam is Islam is an Arabic word correct?

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You know what it means in Arabic in English? What is the equivalent for it in English?

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You know, submission.

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You know if if there are two forces fighting one another

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and one of them cannot fight anymore.

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What does he do? He raises a white hanky in his hand. Right? He does like this with a white hanky basically stealing his opponent What? I can't fight anymore. Do what you ever want to do with me.

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Or in back back then they they would raise their hands up like this. Um, I'm all yours. You know what that What does this mean?

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He has submitted his teslim

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the same exact thing No, ha once it comes with us and Allah subhana wa Tada. When you say a Chateau La ilaha illallah

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wa actually shadow Mohammad Rasool Allah. Then you're saying Oh Allah, I'm submitting to you. Oh Allah.

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Yeah, you got it? No. So whatever, Oh Allah you decide.

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I'm not going to say no to it.

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I'm not going to say no to you Allah. Whatever you decide to Allah because I have submitted my life to you. I have submitted myself to you.

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All what I want to do, Oh ALLAH is what you tell me.

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Now, Allah subhanaw taala in the tongue of His Messenger told us that music is haram.

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That music is haram.

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Now, why I shouldn't ask?

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Why should I ask?

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Because when I believed in Allah, I believed in his name,

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V wise

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that Allah has wisdom.

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So when Allah the wise tells me to do something, then I'm not gonna worry about what he told me to do or not to do. I'm just gonna believe in his name the wise that he must have wisdom.

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So, even so you may not understand why music is haram why we cannot listen to music. I don't understand the Arab but you know Allah, I believe in you. I believe in your names and attributes and one of your names is all wise you must have wisdom that you made this haram

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so as a Muslim Ah, no, ha I should not ask, why did Allah do this? Because Allah subhanaw taala told us in the Quran, leave us

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alone. I want the viewers to pay attention to this. Allah is not to be questioned about his actions.

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Yeah, you can say what is the wisdom?

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What is the wisdom behind it? And you can try to get some wisdom going. But you stilling Allah, why? why you're asking me to do this. It's like for example, what a learning method and this is something that we normally have to say when we want to use a parable. Okay, if you have a child,

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if you have your father, for example, tells you no ha, bring me a cup of glass of food.

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okay. Can you tell your father Why?

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Okay, because you trust the wisdom of your father. That he for sure is going to use that water for a good thing.

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The same exact thing here. We got to trust Allah subhana wa Taala that we

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He tells us adultery is haram. user is haram. Music is haram. Whatever is haram is haram, we must believe that there is a wisdom behind it.

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Saying this No, ha, I tell you right now, music

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occupies the heart of a person from the Quran.

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You love music you want to chant you do now. Not not you but in case if there is any viewer out there No, I'm just talking to the viewers. You see, you brought up a good point but I'm not talking about you. You want to chant Why don't you learn the Quran and check the Quran.

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I know this is not called chanting, but if you decided is going to sound like chanting a whole

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little eema is

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to fill out. Chanting sounds like chanting. But yet you're chanting the words of Allah

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sallallahu alayhi wa sallam actually said that Melania Coronavirus Amina whosoever does not purify his voice by reciting the Quran is not one of us. He told me was allegedly a companion no Hmm. Because he had a beautiful voice. He had a beautiful voice when he decided the Quran, la

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misma and min Meza maryada he was given an instrument instrument of the instrument of the woods, you know, profit that would allow us to recite the Psalms Zaboo the birds and the mountains used to repeat because of his beautiful voice. So now what happens now is our Muslim youth, they leave the Koran and they go baby, baby, they're ready to do too doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo and under threat stuff the Quran righty the Quran righty Why didn't you learn the Quran and beautify your your voice with the Quran, but they go after this energy and they go after this rap music and they go after this stuff. Okay, that occupies you and takes you away from the Quran. Haha jack Hello. Hello.

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Hopefully we help you okay.