Mufti Menk – Behold it is your Deeds

Connecting the Pearls Islamic Conference in Manila. The theme was Action!

Behold its your deeds


How do we enter Jannah? Is it through our deeds? No. It is through the mercy of Allah. So how do we secure the mercy of  Al Khaliq?

Will looking like Idris Elba or Priyanka Chopra enter you into Jannah? No. Allah cares not for your physical appearance. It is your deeds He’s after.

Behold in the body is a piece of flesh that if it is pure then the whole body will be pure; if it is dirty, filthy then the whole body will be dirty filthy.

Allah will see that you are trying to achieve the best and that brings on His Mercy toward you.

So begin your good deed of the day, everyday by listening to this lecture and other lectures on Muslim Central.