Riad Ouarzazi – Your Ramadan 2013 #20

Riad Ouarzazi
AI: Summary © The upcoming episode of Mostafa Men is discussed, including federal regulations and the importance of the 10-night in life. A pilot in a film and a woman named Moosa are also mentioned. The hosts discuss Mostafa Men's first season, which features a group of women forced to choose from a range of sex options, and the upcoming episode's second season, featuring a group of women who choose from a range of sex options. A caller asks about being selected for a panel on Islam, and the host explains that she will be in the final 10 nights of the year, and will be selected based on the number of nights she has. A video featuring Heather and Lisa is also mentioned.
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Smell level 100 in Los Altos cinemas hola salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. The other words as you will come here to another episode of Rocky Ramadan 2013 de 20 Mohammed become a una hora What? He had his cc the avant madonia

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I was super lucky to Fiona and Jenna when I know Aloma be mushy at left video me and Sharon

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namita baka in LA as well had he am here off on a MP Hi, I'm Tina. Now of the ANC Hana hire Tina Fey How the * am fi her Laila of the leader of your own work?

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He has a little

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national and international worship.

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We're hamata he has a worship yoke similar who begin if

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you have Quran Allah subhanho wa Taala for your code, one federal with a national layer in Russia here commercia ffsc and harshal our minimum Allah

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for Heather Komodo insha Allah hota Hana sulphonate the column Yeah, and the owner of Dell canon have a lot further in our head.

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My brothers and sisters, I welcome you again into another episode of rocket ramadasa 2013 day 20 we have started the last 10 days and nights of Ramadan. And these nights are these days are the best days in our life. The best really days

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because in these 10 days, there is one night which is the best night in your entire life. In fact, the night of the power laylatul of Qatar. Allah subhana wa Taala he swears by these days in the end, when he says well federal he swears by the Federal Don wilayah inertia and the law and the 10 nights the 10 nights meaning here the interpretation of the 10 nights out the 10 nights of Ramadan.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala you already heard what your stuffy yaku ya esta loco Masha

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Allah subhanho wa Taala yes Buffy my Isha mean a birdie estafa Moosa Allah subhana wa tada in mystify to calanus any moves in Mr. Fake to calendars varicella, it will be kill me for work Halima la moussaka de Mola Mostafa Adam one wash. What about he will either Milan at an enemy macabre Allah subhana wa Taala in LA LA Stouffer Adama work no Hangul Allah Ibrahima whether Ivana either an enemy

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an enemy, Allah subhana wa Taala estafa medion

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estafa Mohammed Aliso Sudan some evil Mustafa is tougher as harbor

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Mohammed Aliso Sudan Manisha yes

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it's tough I mean, Ahmed Mohammed is an estafa

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Casa de Soto stem and an rowhani a hula he will have subtle

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estafa shibori estafa ministry shahadi Ramadan what estafa min min min min the Ramadan I shall work him in Ramadan we had the lashes our hip is tougher laila Laila to

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work as Eddie colossal panda what Allah stuff I mean they'll be that much cooler be that stomach last panel with me in college even estafa arafa mithuna alpha, Japan Allah, Allah subhana wa tada estafa me Ahmed Mohammed a Sahaba

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come up on the stuff that was Taha de la ley that will cover the show Mostafa men cell for your hormone heavy Laila. Now fair Tara health self an akuna Manya como la de Lena, Eman and YT server. The enemy awkward alleys of Sam man comedy little cut to the men and 37 offered other hormones

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for health he had he had his senate he had a shotgun robotic herself in a corner women. So for us to finally stop in our last panel with a pilot in the corner mean early. They let go of

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my brothers and sisters Allah subhanho wa Taala he creates and he selects

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he creates and he selects he he

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Selected Moosa in this cafe Tuco Allah nursey be kurama Allah says in the Quran or Moshe, I have favored you upon people be calamy we know with my own words meaning that Allah subhana wa Taala speaks to Musa directly. Allah subhana wa Taala favored Adam when he was in Milan I looked at me, you know, from amongst all anatomy and all the words he selected them know about him and

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Allah subhana wa Tada. He is

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selected from from all the profits again, Mohammed it South Sudan, the most bit of profit in the sight of Allah subhanho wa Taala. He called him a Mustafa, one of the names of Prophet Mohammed Al Mustafa, and Allah subhana wa Taala also selected the US hub of Al Mustafa, the companions who lived with Mostafa Allah salatu salam, Allah creates and he selects a panel with Allah

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who wish to become

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a star of

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his profession.

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He said he selected the breed with the way

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and from all the days and months he selected Amata

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from all the countries he favorite Mecca, from all the mountains he favorite that offer.

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From the month of Ramadan, he favored the last 10 days or the last 10 nights and in less than 90 favorite one night, the night of the power.

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So important that Allah subhanho wa Taala swears by it. When he says well fudger while they are in hospital, by dawn and the 10 days the 10 what they add in them 10 nights the interpretation the 10 nights here meaning the 10 last nights of Ramadan.

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And Allah subhanho wa Taala also selected those who will witness the little cup, the night of the power.

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So my question do you think you will be or will will be amongst those who will witness later to color? December of 2013

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are you going to be selected? Or maybe it'll be sleepy?

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Because these are the best 10 days in our lives.

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Our last question subhanho wa Taala revealed and in this night

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Allah subhanho wa Taala ends a lot of empty heavy Laila in the novel for you a little cuddle with a little cut the corner flash in our head a sofa that's a column and Heather Yani in shallow Tyler but

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and then a little calorie takuna fee

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any fee fee fil a yeah yeah and

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I was in my normal

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fee with Ashley I am in LA Lisa pocket fee they let us set our She didn't even look at the meanness knockin enter code fee and while we're actually in our third iteration Oh Alhamdulillah Sharon our seventh edition our test it out one issue

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for heavy he often la le

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was so far tequila mana and shallow to Hana. Yeah, and he will be Topsail

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hello hello NACA Doha Jacobi in Santa Clara Hill. Am Han who NACA honey a Shia

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Vicar Oh, what did I need? Not maybe if you had the idea?

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In the ends and alfried a little cuddle when they're at the harcombe a little cuddle? Yeah. And it is just

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maraca my little cuddle. Natalia coffee lady. Woman, aka my little lady. It will come to the higher on me and Fisher ha

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yeah, hear me now. Oh, cool. I'll shut up the Caribbean, our Dominion center.

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The addition of our simonian Center. Yeah, Annie Lila, wahida asadmin.

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xS, Illumina Echo, Sophia, Mohammed Shah Lota had so far tequila man had a bit of C in Sharla hota Hana, my brothers and sisters. Unless the panels are like I said, he swears by these 10 nights. And I want to shout aloud to Hannah. Just because we are in the final 10 nights of Ramadan which 10 days of Ramadan. I want to speak about them in sha Allah in more detail of last panel what Allah says in the Quran was revealed in these, you know, in these,

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the in the night of the power, which is in the last 10 nights of Ramadan, which in fact the day that could be on the odd days, you know, even in the odd nights meaning and in the 21st the 23rd 25th 27th 29th it could be any of these days or these nights

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Meaning yeah I need the nights last odd 10 nights of Ramadan. This is why the Prophet is telling us to wake up the entire 10 nights of Ramadan and used to make decaf. I will talk about this in more detail in sha Allah tala.

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So, my brothers and sisters Call us if you were taking it easy really liking these you know, earlier days of Armada house no more easy. Now it's really time to really roll up your sleeves and do some serious a battle in this fight.

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I will talk some more about the virtues of the blessings of this blessing 10 nice and shallow to Allah sofa. Swati, so fanatical and shallow Talib Topsail Allah had he and laity halaqaat Kadima in shallow to Hana, and to another episode of Rocky Ramadan. 2013. I say a cinematic light to Hannah Orbach.

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