Belief In Allaah

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believe in Allah subhanaw taala is the first principle of the Islamic creed.

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The first article of faith,

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which is the belief in Allah, in relation to other five articles,

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and other related matters of faith, whether minor or major is like the route to a tree

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in relation to its trunk and branches.

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It is the basis for all principles.

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It is the basis for all principles.

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Indeed, it is the foundation of the religion,

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the focal point of Islam

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and the essence of the Quran.

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Why are we saying this?

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Because, look at the next article of faith, believing what?

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believing what

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know the next article after they believe in Allah believe in

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angels. Now who told you that there are angels?

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Who told you

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who told you that there are angels? Allah and His messenger? Now if you don't believe in Allah, will you believe in the angels? You're getting that. So they believe in Allah is

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the fact that you believe in Allah subhanho wa Taala is the starting basically to they believe in the rest of the articles of faith for you.

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Do you see that?

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When we say believe in Allah subhanaw taala.

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We mean the following,

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having firm

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in the following

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his existence subhanho wa Taala.

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So you must believe that the lie exists

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and now the nature of his existence.

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He is not a spirit.

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He has what at that subpoena? What can we call a divine essence

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believe in his lordship

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His names and attributes

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his olu, he

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has rights upon you.