Non-Muslims REACTION To What’s happening in Palestine

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I want to preface this by saying that I'm not Muslim I'm Jewish. By the way if you are Muslim I hope I'm not being disrespectful. This is just my experience in reading the Quran for the first time as salaam alaikum greetings of peace. What I'm about to show you next is truly unbelievable. But I've noticed something and I'm sure a lot of Muslims have also noticed this, that through you know this entire thing with Palestine, so many more people are learning about Islam, and so many more people are reading the Quran. I've read the Quran, I love the Quran. I think it's a beautiful piece of text. I think that it's wonderful. And it has so much incredible history and it just like so many

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different spiritual texts, and religious texts, but like, it just makes me laugh. Y'all are about to get a lot of converts.

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You'll call them revert though, right?

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That's really interesting. Like reverting to Islam.

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That's really interesting. That's an interesting concept to me. Yeah, we have a lot of people turning to Islam.

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I've seen people be like, Wow, this is really interesting. Honey, you're next. What I'm about to show you next is truly unbelievable. But from the other side of things, things that maybe you didn't think about with all the sadness that we're seeing on the flip side, Allah is the best of planners, we got people saying that what's happening now is another holocaust and they're saying Alhamdulillah and quotes like I haven't seen any footage of them even cursing Jews. Another person said these people are people of God another lady was shocked to the core of seeing the faith of Muslims these are just some of the quotes let's go ahead and get into this video and I'll get you a free gift on

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what they're talking about. After we come back 100% feel comfortable saying that what's happening as the Palestinian people is another holocaust and they're still saying

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we'll save them

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Muslim Palestinians still seeing them saying Allah is all knowing I'm gonna tell you

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I was singing or doing everything that was described job doing in the Bible

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I have not seen any footage of Palestinian people per se Jewish people or Israeli people these are people of God

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no these people were blessed by Allah Himself. Yeah hold faith is

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such an indomitable who you know, give up about this life. Okay. The only thing is people seer is

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this if this is a campaign to get nations to be Islamic. It's doing it. Shocked to my poor at the faith Muslim people have this happening in Palestine has opened my eyes to the beauty of Islam. That's something that people don't get to see often. Definitely not here in the West, the Bible asking logical questions. We're not loud. When I read through the Quran, I see logic and divinity brought together a result of that is on social media. I have seen so many people picking up the Quran and reading through you know this entire thing with Palestine Oh, many more people are learning about Islam because so many more people are reading the Quran Shut up a lot of people

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turning to Islam.

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It's like, twice the Koran book club. I see people deciding to convert it because they're like, what, what is really going on here, I just pulled my first copy of the Quran I got the Koran. I started reading the Quran, it's my day to and reading the Koran

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literally thanking God praying,

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Palestine people as they're losing everything have so much faith and peace while their families are being murdered states we need a lot more empathy and understanding of Muslims in Europe. I need to know what you're putting Islam. Okay, I just from reading the second suit. I'm like, I get it. I understand why there's such a steadfast thing to anyone that follows Islam being shown just how wrong we were about the state. And how rich how like how deep and just the language of it oh, how fluid and beautiful as in light to the Western. And I took my Shahada I feel tremendous peace. I'm going to be reading it forever. Wow. That is just truly amazing. You wouldn't think about that.

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Allah is they plotted plan Allah plan allah God Almighty as the best of planners. So we're seeing the flip side of things some things maybe you didn't even think about and yes, we pray for those innocent human beings innocent souls and inshallah Allah while work

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crying for them in sha Allah, they God willing will be rejoicing. Inshallah, in Jana, we have to be positive even at times like this because they're being positive at times like this and what about us? What do we have to cry for compared to what they're going through the great reflection for us to really count the blessings that we have to really be thankful? If they're able to thank God Almighty Allah in those dire situations? What about us? What excuses do we have? Are we making Sinad? are we connecting with our Creator and so not minimum five times a day we'd hearing to how Allah subhanaw taala wants us to God Almighty the creator wants us to live Are we just stuck nagging and

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complaining? Not satisfied with all the abundance of things that we have in this life? It gives us a lot a lot to unpackage and to think about and you see that people at this in these moment don't know moments. It's impressing the Not Yet Muslims out there. They're seeing like, wow, so earlier today, I made a video saying how impressed I was with Palestinian faith because it just seems that Palestinians have this iron clad

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faith, even in the face of losing, quite literally everything. And people were commenting underneath saying, Well, yeah, girl, that's Islam. Have you read the Koran, you should probably read the Koran. And I have time. And I was also curious as to what, how, how, even in

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facing genocide? Is Palestinian faith so strong? And so I decided to go on script to see if there was an audiobook version of the Quran there is. And so I started listening. straight off the bat, what I'm a fan of

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there is no introduction, I even thought that I I accidentally skipped over something. Because it gets straight to it like there is no once upon a time. Here is no in the beginning. There is none of that it was like alright, if you do this, and this happens if you do, like it gets straight into it. And by the way, if you are Muslim, I hope I'm not being disrespectful. This is just my experience in reading the Quran for the first time. I'm on. I'm on like chapter four of like, 117. But I found some things very interesting. Like first it said,

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oppression is worse than murder. And I was like, that's a word. And then it was saying it was talking about divorce. And I didn't know divorce was allowed divorces allow in the Islamic religion, or Islam religion. And it was saying how if you're a woman, and you get divorced, you have to wait three periods. I don't know how long a period is. But you have to wait three periods. And then you okay to remarry, girl, like, go find your husband. And it was saying if you're a dude, and you divorce your wife, and you haven't touched her yet, but you promised her a dowry, you still gotta pay half that *. I was like feminism. And then there was a part in there. That surprised about I

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don't know why I thought it was going to be like, the Christian religion where if somebody slaps you, you got to offer your other cheek and everything, because that always bothered me, like I'm like, if I if somebody slaps me, I should be able to slap him back in the Quran. It says if somebody fights you, you fight a bat you like if whatever they do to you, you do to them. And like,

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it's so far it's been a time with bombs floating all around, and they're losing family members, and their children, their loved ones, and they're still thinking, God Almighty, and they're saying, these are people of God, these are, these are signs for them. And they're coming to Islam. Now you see these people, these are only the people that these are just the people that we're seeing, imagine how many are out there. They're, they're not on camera, how many people are being affected, do this. And they're actually looking into the Koran. And that's the gift that I want to give you if you believe now, by seeing this. And you go and take the step to see like even more like what is the

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fundamental belief of Islam and Islam means submission to the will of the Creator of the heavens and earth and that's how you get true purpose and peace in life by submitting to the One who created you, the God Almighty, the Creator Allah, He sent messages through time and they came with the same message. That message was in different different content, Dettori religions, it was always the same that concept of submitting your will to the one and only creator that heavens on earth, not to a human being not to an angel and not to your ideas, not to money not to feign out to your ego, but to the One who created you the one that Jesus prayed to the one that Moses prayed to the one that they

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called human beings to submit to. And probably Muhammad was just the last and final messenger sent to mankind. So Islam is built on that pure monotheism of only worshiping the creator and not his creation. If you can dig that everything else God willing will fall into place. So while we're crying, while we're sad for the departure of our brothers and sisters, they're Allah is the most wise Allah is the most just they're inshallah seeing the other side, and they're rejoicing and joy and we make dua that we can unite with our brothers and sisters, our loved ones in Jannah. Now with that said, I promised you a gift. You can go ahead and go to the deen show.com To get your free copy

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of the Quran. This is what you're seeing

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that is having them the people in Palestine the people who have bombs dropping on their houses left and right, and center all over the place. And they're still finding that resilience, that faith is strong is because of this, this book the Quran and if you go to the deen show.com free if you're in the United States and I believe in Canada, we can go ahead and ship this to you for free. Thank you very much. I thought this is amazing. One of the share with you don't forget to subscribe so you don't miss any videos that we put out if you've benefited hit the notification bell share like it we'll see you next time until then Peace be with you a setup I'm on a come

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to Dallas in our country and I'm not talking to you right now. You're a seller you're trying to build our Dallas center here. Islam is violet.

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Brothers and sisters. This is exactly why we need the Dean center because we have over 300 million Americans who know nothing about Islam, like this guy.

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To build a data center in our country from Surah nine is the most violent chapter of the Quran. The dissenter will be a source of light, a mega Dawa center and educational center, helping our brothers and sisters in humanity. truly understand Islam and Muslims and brothers and sisters. Remember the great rewards of just guiding one person to humanity to the truth is better than everything in this dunya so getting on all the rewards and blessings click the link below donate right now may God Almighty Allah reward all of you