Wearing the Pants Below the Ankles

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Salam Alaikum Okay, what is your name? Please?

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The phrase for the name if that is long

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Is that okay? We can call it one day.

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One day, one day pay I hate that kind of success.

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I just want to be clear. Okay just our system machine is calling from weird Minnesota, Minnesota.

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And Columbus. Our sister is calling from Columbus and she's asking about men wearing pants that are dragging beneath their ankle. We tell them my dear brothers and sisters in this My dear brothers of course we address the brothers sisters, please do this. Made it drag on the ground. But for the brothers, you need to understand that this is a major sin a there is a clear Hadith regarding the issue that men cannot wear their pants beneath their ankles. And anyone who does this he is committing a major sin the Hadith is clear. Whether it is in the Salah or not in the Salah, both. So a lot of the people they say only in the Salah, that is not correct. This is during the Salah or

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during the course of life. Any clothes for men has to be above the ankle. That is the only