The Ultimate Graduation

Karim Abuzaid


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Sheikh Karim speaks about the graduation of the hereafter.

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Brothers and sisters in Islam. These days we hear a lot of

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graduation ceremonies. We hear about students, young men are graduated.

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And somehow we detect such

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ceremonies for our youth to be life or death, the most important thing

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and a lot of us are forgetful

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of the most important graduation that we must all strive for.

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There is no question that achieving excellence, once it comes to worldly matters, using lawful means, as something that Islam calls for. But

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devoting one's life to that graduations in this world, and totally forgetting about the moments of graduations in the hereafter.

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This is the great loss, the first moment of graduation, when the Angel of Death comes to extract the soul out of the body. Fill Quran surah Allah subhanho wa Taala if the person did well with his life in this world, the Angel of Death will call the soul out of the body, saying to it, yeah, a to her natural mama in come out. That is the graduation right here you graduated.

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Because that means you have one, you have truly succeeded your test in the dooney. Look, in the other hand, all we can solve goodwill in a wicked buddy, come out to the wrath and the anger of Allah.

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This is a bad graduation brothers and sisters in Islam. We will carry it by people to the cemetery to be buried truth. If the person is righteous, that's another moment of a graduation. Have you ever say that hoodie or viola, one of the funeral is being carried

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to the cemetery to the burial ground. If the person was righteous and pious, he will say what Let's go. Let's go. Move on. Move on.

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That is a moment graduation brothers and sisters in Islam that you should reflect upon less than Islam calls for excellence. As long as it's low for Muslims should take the lead in the face of this earth. They shouldn't be backward. But again, that should not come at the expense of the most important moments of graduation in our lives. Look if the person was wicked, he would say, yo, yo,

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whoa, to me, slow down. What are you taking me? Where are you taking me?

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You will hear another moment of graduation brothers and sisters in Islam.

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When were buried, and were covered with dirt and sand, the last thing we will hear from this world is the hammering the echoes of the feet of the people who put us inside Earth.

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But look at this, after the person is married

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to angels come and wake him up. That is another moment. big moment of graduation, as a matter of fact, is one of the biggest in your journey back to Allah subhanho wa Taala

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By the way, these two angels, if you read the description very soon and inside the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam actually, one day, he addressed the subject with the containers to the extent that they started we begin to cry. What did he say to them? sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. It was revealed to me that you will be tested in in the grave like the fitna of

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a lot of the people they think that the angels the two angels are gonna come wake you up, even if you're a believer. Oh, who's your Who's your

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Who's your state Who's your Lord and you're gonna see a lot Are you sure

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Their job is actually to intimidate you. Why did the Prophet make it parallel to the fitna of deception? Who is your Lord? What is your deen? What do you say about the man who sent you the three questions? That is a real test. You see that graduation in this world, math, language arts, other subjects, but they're the three questions. And by the way, a first grader would answer these questions if you if you call a first grader even younger than that, and as then these three questions they will answer it to you. But in reality boss who will answer these three questions, those who left the answers

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were satisfied. We're contented with Allah subhanaw taala being our old Islam being our religion, and as soon as the Navy sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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when you answer he graduated Sharif.

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Also, I'm referring to this hadith saga nada Mona, the Minister of color will call Shana cardi. He succeeded. He graduated,

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he graduated to a free shoe home in Elgin

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turn his grave into a garden around Buddha, main religion. What else we'll be assuming Elgin

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shroud him from gin

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was Osceola Houma de Vasari, that small hole, it will be expanded as far as his eyesight reaches, we're here to wire 70 feet

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was the hula hoop and Elgin, and again it will be open to gender that you start actually receiving enamel Jenna fulfills her graduation. This is the real graduation that we should get our children to reflect upon.

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Yeah, again, the graduation in this world is important. We need it. We need to change the condition of the oma. But this is the most important graduation that we should get our children to pay attention to our youth, our girls, our boys, this is the blue graduation brothers and sisters in Islam

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top if the person said Ah based in the hurry whose you wrote? Ah, I don't know.

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I don't know.

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Actually, the angels are going to try to even hear about something called Allah. Yeah, I heard the people say Allah Ya Allah.

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He lied.

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To shroud him from him.

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That's a bad graduation.

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a pit of fire.

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Subhan Allah,

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the Prophet salallahu alaihe salam says, The disease is followed by three to leave him alone and one will stay with

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his family members and his wealth will be following him to the grave. And they will leave him what will stay there until

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the action

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was seen yet. But what that's another moment of graduation, that you talk with you into the grave as an artist

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that will turn into a good looking person, cheerful person who will come to you.

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She'll be lady.

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I want to give you that black pining of all good things.

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The VCs will say to the person, we're untapped and new to you two options. Your face brings glad tidings.

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Who are you?

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Who are you

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and your righteous deeds, one law by Allah ma I live in Surrey and fito Attila I only knew quick once it comes to the obedience of Allah.

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The te and fi masbia Tila schlow once it comes to the disobedience of Allah subhana wa.

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Look the other person.

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The children and the wolf got him away from taken as an act rather he was engaged in

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an evil,

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awful looking person will appear to him in his grave.

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I want to give you the hiding of all types of evil. Who are you

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and your wicked deeds

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I'm iluka cV, by ally only knew you slow once it comes to allies obedience fast once it comes to a license obedience. This is another moment. This is another moment of graduation brothers and sisters in Islam. When we realize we need the ground beneath the ground

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how are you going to be terrified?