Karim Abuzaid – The Key To Jannah

Karim Abuzaid
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of acceptance and certainty in sex, as it is crucial for gender acceptance. They stress that people do not fulfill all commands and that there is a need for patience and patient behavior. The speaker also mentions that people will not get gender without knowing their rights and that they will not be trying to be rich without being patient.
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Howdy, howdy Swan her talking about it is Yanni

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brings peace into your lives. Make it your goal before you go

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What does it take to get to gender? Remember the key to gender La ilaha illAllah Mustafa Fujin without La Ilaha Illa Forget it. Whoever associate someone in worship with Allah Jana is home.

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Well imagine Ibrahim Ali Salam will come in the judgment, holding his father's hand, wanting to intercede for his father to be too gentle. His father died as a Catholic as a Muslim, Europe, alum died untied. Niala Zinio mobifone have any Promise me too long to disgrace me in the Day of Judgment. What are you?

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What are the skills that my own father will be thrown into him? Allah will say to him, yeah, Ibrahim, in the run to Jelena Tara Catherine jenai is home Caracas

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is an interesting piece. ilaha illa, Allah is the key.

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But is the key for it to open must have what

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if the key doesn't have teeth, you you put it in the door, will it open? What is the thief of La ilaha illa Allah, remember these these teeth, number one,

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you must learn, learn.

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Learn La ilaha illAllah learn to eat, learn Salah. You have to learn to read DNA through learning.

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This is one but not that knowledge must lead you to believe with certainty must lead to certainty again because a lot of people do have knowledge. But the knowledge did not lead them to believe with certainty to the second tip is you're keen that you're shirking knowledge which lead to certainty must lead you to accept kabuli accept the command.

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You know what? Satan had the knowledge. Satan had certainty. But where did you stop?

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acceptance? prostrate? He said no. What was the number one knowledge that leads to certainty? Not knowledge for fun? There are people who read books about religion and then you come on, brother, do you believe in the day of judgment? Maybe I think so. Law, knowledge that leads to what should

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you become certain.

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So, tip number one was what? of tooth tooth number 123 teeth. Tooth number one knowledge, certainty, acceptance. Now, after acceptance, submission, listen, in principle. We do not fulfill all the commands. We don't. We all fall short. But in principle, you have no reservation whatsoever. You don't. Yes, I'm supposed to pray five times. Even if you don't pray five times. you're striving. You must do this with truthfulness, sincerity, and you're loving it. Love, love to pray, love Allah. Love His Messenger. Though Ha ha ha. And this is La ilaha illa Allah, this is knowledge, certainty, acceptance, submission that you pray. And you do this with truthfulness with sincerity and would

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for you to do this, he need patience. He can get to general without patience. And the those people with understanding will do the following because they want to get to them.

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They will pray. They will fulfill their covenant. They will spend they will repeal the evil with good. So when they intergender the angels will read them from every League of gentlemen. What will they'll say to them. Peace beyond kill because of location is

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the end of sort of upon a lot mentioned so many qualities and attributes of the slaves of Allah. You may pray one.

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If you don't have patience, you're not going to show up the next session. You're not going to show up you need what patience you cannot do to that patients. You cannot sub sub three times your patient regarding father in law or the law that you don't you're not well off you're trying to be rich is not happening. patient in implementing

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The commands command your family to play and be patient and patient and stay away from the Hara. Everybody would like to smoke a joint in Colorado.

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it's legal.

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I'm gonna be patient. I'm not gonna do. I'm gonna be patient. The last one you go home

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you're not gonna get gender without

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The Key To Jannah By Karim Abuzaid

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