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The loss of the Jihad in the Battle of butter was the 17th of the second year of i---- The segment discusses the loss of the Jihad in the Battle of butter, which was the 17th of the second year of i. The speakers emphasize the importance of showing mercy and showing mercy to individuals to avoid war and avoid mistakes. They also touch on the treatment of prisoners of war and the upcoming Elh bothering AGM. The importance of forgiveness and giving time to prepare is emphasized.

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rajim Bismillah R Rahman Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala Sayidina Muhammad wa ala th Marian said Mr. de la de la vida cattle.

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I beloved brothers and sisters in Islam, All praise is due to Allah subhanho wa Taala was once again allowed us Another week, another opportunity to worship him to sit here in the masjid. And as I mentioned week after week hamdulillah while you're here, you're in the company of the angels and your sins are being forgiven for the for the prior for the last week and the week to come. inshallah, I like for you to ask Allah subhanaw taala to always keep us steadfast on his lights and his guidance. We continue our discussion on the days of Zen glory, those days in our history, that we can look back with pride and honor the days in which it means something to be a Muslim, with a

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title of a Muslim and Islam stood for something great and powerful. And the first, the first topic we chose in the series was was the establishment of the city of Medina. And in the defense of that city in the Battle of either the day of recon, we're coming close to the end of this topic in sha Allah, we discussed and we completed the Battle of butter, and a quick summary of the battle what occurred on the day of butter, it was the 17th of Ramadan, the second hegira in the second year of ijarah. It was the first battle in the history of Islam. Before this, there was no jihad. And the Jihad was made halal following this and before that, and the Muslim army, as we said, only about 300

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people and the army of the kurush 1000 people. And we mentioned how in the events of the battle, the angels descending the dog lobbies also lamp. And we said at the end of the battle Alhamdulillah It was a resounding victory for the Muslims at the very first war, the very first battle in the history of Islam. And this was when Islam was at its defining point, as when Islam was at the brink. We said our enemies also mentioned and these are your allies were defeated here today, then you will not be worshipped on the dounia after this.

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So this was a resounding victory for the Muslims. 70 of the Qureshi is killed, and amongst them, the leadership the entire leadership was killed during the battle. And 75 of them were taken prisoner, and 15 of the Muslims were Shahada during the battle and after the battle, a number of issues arose. And we've been discussing over the past couple of weeks, the issues that came up during the Battle of better interesting things for us to learn. As soon as unfurl the surah of the Quran is connected almost entirely the Battle of by the anti pseudo to unfurl. And this shows you the importance of the day of bother that Allah subhanho wa Taala revealed an entire chapter, which links back to the

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Battle of butter, a number of the rules we discuss, number one, the burial of the Shahada before we didn't have shuhada like this, what do we do? How do we bury them? What is the ruling and the rewards for the Shaheed we mentioned that we mentioned the spoils of war last week, and we are busy talking about the prisoners of war. So just a quick recap on the spoils of war the infile Allah subhanho wa Taala says that the spoils of war is aluna Canyon and fall they asked lo Mohammed concerning the spoils of war, say the spoils of war belong to Allah, that this money jihad is not a business. You don't fight Jihad for property. You don't fight Jihad to acquire wealth and property.

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Today warfare is done for what for wealth reasons. we invade countries Why? Because it has oil and has diamonds and it has it has strategic means it's for the dunya That is why wars are fought in the dunya Allah says unfurl the whatever you gain from war, it belongs to Allah. This is the rule. But Allah subhanho wa Taala then said I make an exception 20% goes in charity, to the orphan to the traveler to the family that elevates the family of who sell them to the navy seals on himself and to the needy person. 20% goes to them, and the remainder goes to those who fought the battle. The fighters, they benefit us to personally be involved in the battle to receive from the spoils of war.

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So this was pertaining to the spoils of war.

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With regards to the prisoners of war, this was an entirely new new issue that arose. What do we do with the people we captured? We fought the battle Some said we surrender I don't want to fight take me prisoner Don't kill me. What do we do with these people? Do we execute them? Do we let them go? Do we take them as prisoner and to do what once they in our custody before this there was never a problem like this before? So in Ibiza La La wasallam and we mentioned this we ended off on this last week.

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We say that number one before the battle. Now this also made it clear to Sahaba he gave a list of names he said these people you don't kill if you fight with him in battle overpower them, but don't kill them. Why are

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Allah, so Salah, some of them are Muslim, and they've been forced to fight. Yeah, some of them were good to us. They're not Muslim, and they've come to kill you. But they were good to us when we were in Makkah, when we were oppressed. Some of them gave good treatments. And obesity, Allah mentions one of them, I'll move him. This guy with me died an unbeliever. And he tells the Sahaba, once took the prisoners of war that had been alive today. And he told me and he asked me release these prisoners, I would have released him, release them for his sake. Why? Because he was good to me. When I was in difficulty, he helped me in Makkah, I will repay him the favor. So that shows you how

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the Muslims conducted themselves that we don't forget, you've done something good for us. We give you preferential treatment. And we ended off last week we saying that Netanyahu, and bush and Hitler are not the same as Nelson Mandela and the Sharia. We give preferential treatment to the disbeliever, who has a good aloka and link with us, we treat them well. We treat them as you treat us. This is the law in Islam. But of course Newton wasn't there he died, and therefore the prisoners were now in the custody of the Muslims. So nobody so seldom now asks the Sahaba Look, there is no allegedly revealed any guidance what we should do. What do you think and again, we say the Hikmah

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the beauty of Napoleon's leadership style, he consulted his Sahaba and different Sahaba gave the opinion we see two opinions arose a Baba concede, Yasuda wa sallam don't execute them. You know if we keep them, we can ransom them. We can benefit from the wealth and also that these are still our family members. Right? These are our children, our fathers, our brothers. If we kill them where they're going to join them, maybe we give them a chance they become Muslim. Say now Omar has a different opinion. Rasul Allah, let's teach them a lesson. These are the worst of the worst. And they were ready to kill us. And they came here to kill us. So we teach them a lesson. And to show

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you how serious we are, you give me my relatives, I will execute them. And you give Alia the Alon the relatives of battle Hashem, and he will execute them. And we will we will see to our own family members who send the message we don't want the answer is to you don't get involved, we will take care of our own blood. Why? To teach them a lesson, to show the dunia to show the world that we are strong we are not an easy picking and to show that there's a new low now that we are brothers in a man and this goes beyond tribal and family links. Now this awesome, listen to these two opinions. And he praises both Abu Bakr and Omar siniakova. Do I like Isa and Ibrahim alayhi salatu salam with

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your mercy that we brought him in Ibiza asked Allah for forgiveness for the people, even though they were very keen. And he said yeah, Omar rhodiola you are like no, and Moosa la Salatu was salam, when they may do our ncdr against the people after they reached a certain level those mbsp Allah the story these people, right, so maybe some some See, you are like these two ambia but in the end, Nabi sallallahu Sallam took the opinion of Satan Abu Bakr and he said, Let's keep him as prisoners. We will ransom them back to the family members, we are not going to execute them and shows you when avviso salam had a choice, you would always inclined to mercy and of all the people who suffered

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under the hands of Qureshi. He suffered the most of anyone who would hold a grudge even more than Bilaal. It would be Mohammed Al salam, he would hold the most grudge. And he said now it's the opportunity what do you do your school year are the people that abused you tortured you killed your friends and family? This attack Islam left, right and center? They are they need what do you do now?

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Let's Let's ransom them. We give them back for a price. When they say no armor, the alarm comes and looks for nobody's also loved right? So three days in by the second day say normal comes and he finds an obese person crying and abubaker is crying. And the beautiful addabbo say normal. He says, Yeah, Rasulullah saw salam, what's happening, tell me, I don't want to be excluded from the group. What's making you cry, tell me the story. And I will cry also. And if I don't know, like, I don't understand why you're crying. I will force myself to cry. Because I don't want to be different to the two of you. I want to be with you. And that is why in life and in death, I'll keep the three of

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them together. They will always together even in saying that. I want to cry if you are crying. They said, Omar, I'm totally normal. Allah has revealed yet strong is and Allah Subhana Allah says, unsuitable and fall surah number eight, verse 68. It is not for a prophet for any prophets, to keep captives prisoners of war until he is established in the land, although use the word had you been right, you're not in the land, right? So Allah uses the term we'll discuss this stuff until you're established in the land. And then also some Muslims desire the commodities of this world some of you are thinking of the answer money, but Allah is concerned always desire is the earth era. And Allah

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is Exalted in Might and Wise, whatever Allah does, is with wisdom. And then Allah behind the continuous and sees if it was not a decree from Allah has not been

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Allah's mercy and His decree that preceded you would have been punished with a great punishment for this decision to make

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lots of revealing versus serious versus what now? What? Now?

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What do we do? Allah subhanaw taala. Before we get to what's going to happen after this, we first need to understand, yeah, Allah, what is the wisdom? We accept whatever Allah says we accept. But why Allah as a Muslim, we know that the default is mercy, wherever we have an opportunity to show mercy, we show mercy. Why is Allah now saying that it is not the right to old capitals had the youth cleaner fill out? A lot. And Allah gives the reason why Allah says you shouldn't have any capitals until you thinner in the land. What does youth clean I mean, this is the discussion. Allah says, until you make your cleaner in the earth, then you can have capitalism Oh, but before that, haram to

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have prisoners of war. If you open the Arabic dictionary, you cleaner refers to a massacre or a thrashing until you completely crash or massacre, the enemy and many tough series you open the book, open the Tafseer rod, you'll find that the verse reads that you are not allowed to have prisoners of war until you make a massacre in the land, severe word wording, but you also find your cleaner means to become firm or solid. And that is why the more preferred interpretation is until you are established in the land until you have become in a position of power. Not until you massacre and killed X amount of people know until your position is made strong until you have won the battle

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decisively. Why Allah subhanaw taala is explaining you until you are in a position of strength and you are no longer at risk. And you're no longer vulnerable, then you can show mercy. But what is the point in showing mercy to people and then tomorrow, they come back and then they want to kill you? What is the purpose of showing mercy? If in the long run, this will cause more bloodshed, and also allies teaching the Muslims that for some people, Justice overrides mercy. For some people, we cannot say, okay, we pardoned everything up until the past, if you massacred and you killed and you fought Allah every step of the way, Justice needs to be taken. It would be it would be Haram. It

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would be haram to let the oppressed people with the presses and the tyrants go away freely off the decades of oppression. No, they must answer for the crimes. So Allah subhanaw taala saying that, yes, mercy is the default, and we want mercy. But at times we need to be strong. And at times, it is better and and it is wiser, and allow that's what Allah is the ayah that he's al Hakim, he's the wise, he sees what's going to happen in the future. So Allah Subhana Allah says, that until you are established in the in the in the in the land, and you took justice, for Beloved, for example, it is wrong, it is unacceptable that the man that tortured been out for so many years that you work spree,

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after paying a few sins, no justice must be done will be loud, and all the Sahaba as well. So for these people, the heads and the leadership, we need to teach them a lesson. And this also is to prevent other enemies. Because people will think, ah, you see you Muslims, you were you were too scared to take justice. So you'd rather release the prisoners and you concern of the dunya you're easy picking You're so vulnerable notes to teach a lesson that we mean business and the Muslim state is vulnerable. So this is the wisdom in this ayah This is the wisdom in this ayah. But of course, as we said, the default in Islam is that it is forgiveness. Allah says and let them pardon and

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overlook. And would you when you are in a position to exercise punishment, Allah says, Would you not like that Allah should forgive you? So why don't you forgive someone else when you are in the position to exercise your right, so you forgive, and Allah will forgive you. So this is the issue surrounding the ayah. Another issue now arises a very important issue that I'm sure many of you are thinking, how is it that knobbies also Allah makes a decision on the one side and Allah says I would have preferred this decision. Of the two of them not be so sad. I'm not always on guidance with Allah subhanho wa Taala. How can they be a mismatch and maybe salsa lamb, as we believe as a smart

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is smart, which means infallibility. We believe this and all the ambia are infallible. So how does this tool? How is this compatible? And this is a very delicate discussion. On the one extreme, you have those who speak disrespectfully about the Nabeel Salaam and the MBR. And that can lead to confer on the other extreme, they over exaggerated the infallibility of the MBR which gave them powers of divinity like the Christians as well. So also lead to confer so we need to enter this discussion with wisdom and Allah subhanaw taala protect us Firstly, so we're discussing now the issue on

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Send the issue the reason someone made a decision, a lie. Now since I didn't like that decision, you should have chosen the other option. How is this possible? When Allah Subhana Allah says in the Quran, Allah anticolonial. However, he does not speak of his inclination, Mohammed does not speak from his desires in what you have. It is only a revelation that we give him he only speaks revelation. How can that then be? How can that be so Salah make a decision and Allah disagrees with that. First thing we need to make clear bmbf the prophets of Allah, peace be upon them. All human beings were humans they were not made of light, as some of us believe is incorrect. They were made

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from earth like Adam, they are bunny Adam, children of Adam, which means they have hearts and emotions, they feel love, they feel fear, they feel scared, they forget they become hungry, they become tired, they become sick, they die they are born, they are not Gods they are human beings. Allah subhanho wa Taala says the words of Allah say oh Mohammed in the inner Flora surah calf at the end, cool. innama Anna Basha Miss lucam say I am a man like you. I'm a human like you. But Allah has revealed to me he's given me revelation that La Ilaha Illa that is no God is not worthy of worship besides Allah. So they are humans and they have emotions and they have nuts, but Allah protects them

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with enough and he intervenes. An example of this is never use. Whenever Yusuf alayhi salatu was Salam was alone with a woman and she wanted to seduce him. Allah Subhana Allah says she wanted to seduce him, and he would have inclined to her. He also desired her. He was a man, she was a beautiful woman. He also had desires, but Allah subhanho wa Taala averted from him, Allah intervene and kept him safe. Allah subhanho wa Taala overrode overrided his desires and kept him safe.

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Gambia number two two points. Number one, we affirm that human beings they have desires and emotions and forget and they make mistakes, right? But number two, they never ever commit major sins. So even though like we know, maybe Adam and they saw a setup he ate from the apple, even though we know that the US ran away from his job and Allah subhanho wa Taala would bring him back. They didn't even make major sense. And if you look unfortunately, in the Bible, you'd find ambia committing murder, and b are sleeping with their own daughters where he had to be ambia committing Zina all kinds of evil things they say the prophets have done. We are we say that we are free from all of these sins, they

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were the most perfect of human beings. And if they committed what ever since they did, were minor, small sins and a lot immediately intervene. If they committed a small sin. Allah subhanho wa Taala immediately show them this is wrong. I'm not happy. And then Allah taught them how to make Toba and he forgave them. Like maybe Adam forgave him for eating from the tree. Now the use of number units of one when he made this beautiful, he runs away and he's in the valley of the in the belly of the whale, and he says, So behind the curtain to mean avani mean La ilaha illa Anta Subhana Allah Masha Allah, I committed a mistake. These no Lord man worthy of worship, but you and I was of those who

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committed sin, then Allah supports it, I forgave you. So this is the Gambia, they make my innocence but never major sins. Number three, whatever knowledge they have, whatever they say, was put in their mouth, but Allah subhanho wa Taala, if Allah subhanho wa Taala kept some knowledge hidden from them. They didn't know it. They didn't have the knowledge of everything. An example of this again, nebby moves out with credit la Salatu was Salam. ala Salatu was Salam. He had knowledge that Moosa did not have. So Moses says to him, sudah calf, can I follow you so that you may teach me of that which Allah taught you? I don't know, Allah to do something, he didn't teach me something. So can

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you teach me that? So the MBR they don't have knowledge of everything the seen and the unseen, they only are given a portion of the knowledge of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And therefore, like, in the issue of the prisoners of war, Allah did not make the metric clear. And he left it up to his nebby salaam to make a decision, Allah lift up the lava lamp, you decide in the matter, and if you make a decision, if it's incorrect, Allah intervenes. If it's correct, I affirm and I continue. So immediately, this is a smell. This is this is the concept of infallibility, that when we travel through the earth, and they forget something or they or they make a small mistake, Allah immediately

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stops them and said, this was wrong. You have two choices. You chose the wrong side, go back this way. This is infallibility that Allah always keeps them on course, right? They're not like superheroes. Sometimes they will humans and this perfect. This makes them more perfect that they will humans like us, but they achieved perfection in their life, because they follow the guidance of Allah. So we confirm that the MBR they have infallibility, but Allah intervenes whenever there is a issue and this and we end up with it. We

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In the end of this discussion here, that if the NBR if the prophets of Allah, if they forget, or they make a slight error in judgment, then how can we say that some of the earlier or the Imams, Allah have all knowledge and don't make mistakes that they know the seen and the unseen? How is it that ambia? If they were not given complete knowledge of everything, then how can we say the earlier and the Imams or the Lama have this knowledge? No, every person will make a mistake, even the ambia are dependent on Allah subhanho wa Taala to lead them correct. So as we said, with regards to the issue of this judgement, Allah subhanho wa Taala intervened and said you should have chosen the

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other option.

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So what do we do? So what does this also now do? He chose option A but Allah says you should have chosen option B should have executed these prisoners. But then Allah reveals

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a lot Hello, parkins and C so consume what you have taken of the war booty, everything that you captured in the war, the prisoners and the booty have, you can enjoy it, Hello and good, I have made it hallel for you now, and fear Allah Indeed, Allah is Forgiving and Merciful. So Allah says I would have wanted you to chosen B. But I've accepted that you chose a and continue on a. So this is once again another important lesson, the student haematologica lump sum may now criticize the student and say, Well, if maybe salsa lamb can at times make a judgement which is not in accordance with what Allah would have wanted initially. Does that not mean the sooner might be error there might be

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errors in the No, we saying if nobody so Salaam ever made a decision, Allah subhanho wa Taala immediately intervenes and a loving agrees and says because you chose that I've accepted that it's acceptable to me, I've lived the matter open to you, you should have chosen B but you chose a so follow a and your people must follow a so Allah gave them the right to legislate, the right to legislate. That's why we say we follow the Quran and the Sunnah we follow a laws law and and if we say we don't find the law in the Quran, we find the Nagisa some commanding us. It is the same level as if though Allah Himself gave that command. Because Allah agreed with it. Allah subhana wa Taala

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would have not agreed with it if it was not correct. So Allah reminds us

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but by your Lord Allah somebody else makes a custom by himself. I was basically one law he they will not be believers, you are not believers, until they make you a Mohammed a judge concerning that over which they dispute among themselves, that they make you the judge and find within themselves, no discomfort from what you have judged and submit in full submission. If nobody saw someone says do ABC we do ABC so Allah says you are not believers until you submit fully to the Sunnah of Muhammad Salah another example Allah says it is not for a believing man or believing woman when Allah and His Messenger decide a matter that the salesman said do this follow make solid like this, that you

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should have any choice about the affair. When Allah navvies also make a decision, you don't have a choice anymore, you must obey, you must obey. So Allah is saying that you have the right to legislate in the Sharia.

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So this shows you the power of the sooner that Allah subhanho wa Taala always was there with Neville Salaam, every step that he took every decision, Allah subhanho wa Taala revealed is to say this is the right and this is wrong. And now based on some automatically adjusted the sooner accordingly. So with regards to the prisoners of war, even though even though Allah subhanho wa Taala says should have chosen B, you chose a except a iPod and you now follow a keep him as prisoners of war. And now new laws needs to be pertaining to the prisoners of war. We'll talk in Sharla at length about that next week, but we ended up with this point. This show is huge a metal muslimeen the divinity of the

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Quran. This shows you that Mohammed Salam did not write this Quran. Why would you make a decision yesterday and then I add comes in the Quran that says this decision you made was not the best of decisions. This shows you that Mohammed Salah did not write the Quran that he also was subject to the laws of the Quran that everyone submits to Allah subhana wa tada the MBR the normal person, the angels, we all submit to Allah subhanho wa Taala there is no ILA there is none worthy of worship, except Allah. We don't worship the navy seals, or, or the Olia or the Imams, no, Allah and Allah alone is the one we worship. And this is evidence in the Quran that Allah subhana wa tada will even

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rectify his ambia if they need rectification, everybody submits to Allah and Allah subhanho wa Taala is not shy to put in his book what requires guidance. That is why I shadowed Allah and Roger Lynas tells us that if Mohammed wrote the Quran, there are some verses

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They wouldn't have put in me because it's a command from Allah saying you should have done XYZ, that you shouldn't have done this. Allah subhanho wa Taala at times was severe with these ambia you need to do need to do better, basically, right so Allah subhanho wa Taala intervenes, and this shows you the completion of this Deen of Islam. So next week in sha Allah,

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we will discuss how the prisoners of war were treated, very topical issue. We have taken we find about Jihad across the world, you will read stories that prisoners taken captive, they are maybe abducted for example, like all the prisoners of war, how should they be treated? Can they be executed on YouTube? What should we do? These discussions are very topical. Today we will look at how Nabeel Salam commanded the prisoners of war of bother should be treated and this lays the foundation for us so inshallah we discuss that at length next week inshallah. Zack Allah, hey, just a few comments and few announcements. Once again, our comment box is sitting late. Please, please,

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if you have any comments or suggestions, please put a comment in the suggestion box or you can mail me at on my personal mail with [email protected]. We would also like to thank everybody, and especially our young kids, especially the little ones who joined us on Sunday, for the mojarra March, and they marched around around the blue cup. And we ask Allah subhanaw taala to bless them, and to accept them and keep our youngsters, our youth safe in sha Allah, that they grow up to be the coolest of our eyes, and that they begin this year in sha Allah en goodness. And then for our slightly older, older audience. Last week, Saturday, we had the nightmare elements of the

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hamdulillah. Very well received. And we thank everyone who made the effort Saturday night, of course is

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you know, it's the most difficult thing to do Dean normally, but on a Saturday night, I think it's an added difficulty to complete a Islamic lecture Al Hamdulillah. It was well received and I hope he shall be benefited. And inshallah we've heard that more to follow more to follow after the exams in sha Allah. And we also remind each and every one that the Sierra classes continue on Tuesdays, aftermath, Libya in the masjid, and hamdulillah. It's been going very well, we took a break from Ashura. I will ask everyone to return, please the classes Alhamdulillah Aftermath live on a Tuesday, the Sierra of Mohammed the life of Nabeel Salam. When we have an important announcement that next

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week Monday from eight o'clock, we have our

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our Majid AGM, and unfortunately I mentioned this a few months ago, a couple of months ago, we had our AGM, but they were insufficient people there for us to nominate a new committee. And this is a shame Jamaica muslimeen It's sad, that the massaging of Allah are not being made managed by there's not enough people willing to manage the lesson when Allah Subhana Allah says that the believers are the ones that manage the Messenger of Allah, the ones who believe in Allah, and in your will ask Allah mentioned in the Quran, speaking to our committee members, so Alhamdulillah all committee members are great. They've been here for decades and decades, and Hamdulillah, they needed time to

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retire and relax, we need more young blood to attain. And if you're not in the area, if you come here only on a Friday, you have a right to be on the committee, you have a right to say that this should be done and that shouldn't be done. We should be accountable. And only by checking one another, we keep ourselves on the straight path only by reminding one another of what is right and not right. We remain on the straight path. So please in sha Allah Monday, the 10th of November, even if you don't want to be on the committee, you come they voice your concerns, see how the masjid is run, please just by being a inshallah Allah writes for you that you have those who try to maintain

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the masajid of Allah subhanaw taala please attend any other and in the last the alkota course the lives of the MBR six of December UW c lecture from Canada will be attending, please inshallah, attend geography. So now what

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I'm feeling Nashville's firstly the JAMA tool hierro elhassan inviting you on Sunday morning, the ninth of November for the annual Adam Al Quran which will be held at the Safi most from 7am in the morning. And it will continue to lunchtime and of the heart of lunch will be served. There will be a lecture

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by Jeff Lunt, who will be

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key lecture you are all invited the ladies as well or invited as well. Then as the chef has

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announced already the AGM on Monday night, and then there's also a special announcement to make that we have lost last weekend. One of our

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elders, person who has been with us for many, many years, he was 90 years old, and that is a jiashan, better known as batasia

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couple who stay only three doors away from the most. He has been with us for years. And he's been opening this MOS for Pfizer, whether there was one or two or three persons for Pfizer, but he was here every morning punctually. We make dwad like give him a good patient, Jeanette inshallah. Teach me to like your supply