The Muslim Youth are Our Future!

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And then brothers and sisters in Islam, they made a fire for him

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and they decided to throw him in there.

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Allah delivers Khulna

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Guney barbudan wasallam and Allah Ebrahim.

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Again a message, a message to us that any time that you commit to Allah

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the command may feel like fire

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may feel difficult to execute. But don't worry

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if you commit Allah subhanho wa Taala will make it easy for you.

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I will close with this suit regarding the story of Ibrahim alayhis salam

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what was the main thing that helped Ibrahim alayhis salam in his Miss mission with his people?

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Beside Allah, Allah subhanaw taala giving him the feet the success beside him being patient

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you know what it is brothers and sisters in Islam

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can affect

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Ibrahim was a youth

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call center

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you have

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your Allah who Ibrahim

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youth her the dean this religion is always granted success by the youth

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the youth

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we'll have a

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look at this. Yahoo Rama Rajan.

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Why should woofie Tintin.

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doodle ml man

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look at this a person would grow

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Shinto hierarchy and he has been opening up between him and the graveyard this step.

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So he becomes old body wise, but his heart is youthful or youth in two areas.

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Toodle mn Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, boom man, the love of wealth.

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A person who is old. He is old physically but he still likes money. He still likes to live that Fattah.

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This is maybe an invitation for us to look into our children and prepare them and as a community to look our to our youth and prepare them worry about their education so that they become

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people who give victory to