The Christian Fanatics are the ones who became the most devout

Karim Abuzaid


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The transcript describes a segment of a news program discussing the acceptance of Islam by the Muslims. The Muslims are confused about who accepts Islam because of their confusion about the God. The program emphasizes the importance of faith and restores the concept of the God in Islam.

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the persecution,

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the tests at the hands of the Islamophobes

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of course in Mecca,

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Fox News now but Abuja Ebola went up.

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You're getting there.

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And the Muslims

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were going through it.

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who offered the Muslims? Initial Hill?

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The Christian

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leader of Abyssinia,

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the Nagas, in the Jesse USMA.

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Of course, later on he became a Muslim.

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But that is when the Muslims became so much attached, that they felt like there is a connection

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between Christianity

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and Islam that there is

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there is and who accepts Islam these days, but many Christians

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And subhanAllah the most devout Christians are the most accepting of Islam.

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The people who actually can become fanatic

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in fighting Islam Subhanallah those are the people who turn around to become Muslims. Why? Because the essence of faith is there.

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They are just confused because the concept of the God got distorted for them and Islam in a way rectifies that Islam restores that concept. That's why they grab it right away Brothers and Sisters in Islam