The Christian Fanatics are the ones who became the most devout

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the persecution,

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the tests at the hands of the Islamophobes

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of course in Mecca,

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Fox News now but Abuja Ebola went up.

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You're getting there.

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And the Muslims

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were going through it.

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who offered the Muslims? Initial Hill?

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The Christian

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leader of Abyssinia,

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the Nagas, in the Jesse USMA.

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Of course, later on he became a Muslim.

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But that is when the Muslims became so much attached, that they felt like there is a connection

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between Christianity

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and Islam that there is

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there is and who accepts Islam these days, but many Christians

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And subhanAllah the most devout Christians are the most accepting of Islam.

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The people who actually can become fanatic

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in fighting Islam Subhanallah those are the people who turn around to become Muslims. Why? Because the essence of faith is there.

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They are just confused because the concept of the God got distorted for them and Islam in a way rectifies that Islam restores that concept. That's why they grab it right away Brothers and Sisters in Islam