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The Indians, the original

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inhabitants of America,

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during the time of the Eve,

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they used to harvest the crops.

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And they used to gather the last Thursday, in the month of November,

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in order to show gratefulness to Allah subhana wa Taala

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for what Allah has given them of provision, freeze.

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So that's the origin of what.

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And the turkey actually is. a tradition of this is not something that the,

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the immigrants, they call them the pilgrims introduced, based on what I read here.

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So that's where the confusion is, because somehow somewhat a lot of Muslims justify this by saying that listen,

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we're supposed to give thanks in Islam,

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supposed to be grateful.

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So why not? Why not join in?

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We answer by saying,

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Yes, we all to give things to Allah subhana wa Taala not just once a year, actually, every meal?

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How do we express the things that before we eat? What do we say?

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as if we're confessing and admitting that this food was placed in front of us,

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by the will of Allah subhanho wa Taala and after we finish eating, what do we say?

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Alhamdulillah so imagine we give thanks to Allah subhana wa tada how many times a day if we eat three meals, some of you eat five and six meals, that's another issue. But every time that you eat,

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you go ahead and what and you give thanks to Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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To the extent therefore that we have assess the some of you may not familiar with it says that to show

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that actually there is a tsunami of data that you should prostrate

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whenever you receive something that is good, good news yet, what is the Sony telemovie will be the would would not have been muhaddith Abbey Baccarat rhodiola one cannot Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam either attempt to Amman Mousavi harnois says

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that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam whenever he receives a pleasant piece of news, he will fall down in prostration to Allah subhana wa wa sajida Abu Bakr, Saudi Arabia lavonne Lem

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noctel Maasai Lima, Al Qaeda. When Abu Bakar received the news of that he got rid of Masai Mara the self proclaimed Prophet, he actually prostrated where cabina Malik Raja Mohan he prostrated when he posted actually on the top of his the roof of his house, when he received the information that Allah Subhana Allah accepted his Toba for being grateful is something that is what we must do, we must exercise every time every day, every minute for everything which Allah Subhana Allah has given to us. But let's come to the subject here.

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hear me in a forceful manner that he has to be his shadow

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woman of the horrible woman of the Hari mela homina Shai

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holidays, or if the Thanksgiving

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are characteristics of the Sherry half of the people. Very, very personal.

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It's a personal thing.

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Basically, you show your dean with these holidays

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Even you know

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a lot of a lot of Christians they don't believe in Christmas but when Christmas is Dave even though it's smaller for shopping more of but still they attach it to

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to the religion so

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I added the these holidays are very exclusive to a certain religion. That's what the statement of Saiful Islam

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and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam made this crystal clear. When he came here this is Viola Juana the agreed upon Hadith when he came on the DFA, and he found the little girls drumming, playing the drums, the drums not the instrument

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abubaker got upset, and he said, in the house of Rasulullah the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said to him what listen carefully in Lee Cooley county

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will have

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every religion every nation has their own word a and this is what this is our I select them drumming is okay.

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And Allah Subhana Allah Allah said in the Quran luckily only coolin jalna min crunchy rotten woman Hajin when Allah spoke about the Jews, Judaism, Christianity and Islam and

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then he said, each one of you has their own work, Sharia has their own methodology. Also Allah subhana wa Taala said, legally own messenger men second home nurse equal every oma has their own ritual when they are supposed to sacrifice or slaughter animals inuzuka lowly slaughtering the animals and how long have you had the masala the sorry the the Hadith that kills the whole subject will hurry failover lemma Kadima Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi salam ala Medina, when the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam arrived Medina, he found the people in Medina playing into these de la buena de omein. Basically they are celebrating two days. He asked them what are those two days? They

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said Dr. rasulillah couldn't nella boo fi Hema Phil j Healy Yeah.

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We used to celebrate these two days. In Jay Hillier time before Islam. Look, look, look, look, look at the statement in Allah. Indeed Allah The Prophet said to them, in Allah Allah subhana wa tada

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gala combi Hema hiren min wuma yo ha Ya

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Allah has replaced all these holidays which are not associated with Islam with two holidays which are associated with Islam that they have up ha and the day of what the

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film is any other any other holidays it is not allowed for a Muslim whatsoever to participate or even to be the

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was the other Hadith imagine Amen. In Jay Z

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Nether and yet the EDL eblen

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in at least school boo and

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he vowed to slaughter to slaughter

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a camel in a place called boo Allah during the period

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before he became a Muslim, he came to the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. And he said yo Rasul Allah, in Nina

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eblen, v1, or messenger of Allah, I vow to slaughter camels, some number of camels in a place, we'll go and look at the questions. Look at the questions, health care and ahuna kawasan.

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Did the non Muslims had an idol in that area that they used to go and worship that idol did in that location called bawana? He said no.

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Look at the next question. How can Allah whom they used to have he they used to go there in that particular place and observe the celebration of a certain age? He said no. So go ahead and fulfill your roles. Look at the two questions here. don't associate whatsoever with that. It has nothing to do with Islam whatsoever. So based on this hadith

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For layer two,

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it is not permissible

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layer Judo, little Muslim tefillah v v and

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l Juma. It is not permissible for a Muslim, to participate in any other

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system celebrations except ADAL, aka, April 5, and El djem wa. And of course, we should not associate ourselves with these celebrations, definitely the least that you're committing, you are mimicking the non Muslims.

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So this is the ruling, and this is the tough stuff. But, quite frankly,

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we always face this problem, every why,

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and the people will be offended, and so forth.

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I think if you have a co worker, if you have somebody in your school, and he talks to you about Thanksgiving, he talks to, you see, or later on, it's going to be Christmas. You as a Muslim should educate those people about who you are. And that's where we fall short.

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You see, people do not like to be offended when they are joking.

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You see to moments that you shouldn't try to correct people

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when they are joking, or when they are

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upset, upset, don't actually that will stay in their memory forever. That we as Muslims should educate. If you are a parent, your kids go to public school, for example, you should educate the teachers about that our children that are celebrating these holidays, I don't. And in no way I'm being offensive, but you know, we have our own holidays which are associated with our religion. And this is what we follow. And we, you know, we respect you and you know, this is your religion, and this is your way of life. I can't force my way in you. But this is what I believe in you. So you should educate the people about it. So that he knows that he's not going to celebrate you to

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authority, he's not going to celebrate you to a Christmas party. He's not going to give you a something and tells you Christmas or Merry Christmas and all this stuff at all. Just to be in the safe side in Sharla something that they asked the brothers this morning.

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Regarding the subject of sugar

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I don't know if you remember that or not. What is the difference between sugar and ham?

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We know that in Islam we say Alhamdulillah

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and we also say what? Sugar lilla

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What is the difference between the two

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of the Quran you remember? Yes

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given to us so this is the difference because we haven't hamdulillah and we'll have a shocker Lila the difference between the two Alhamdulillah Fnl Alana who were feeding me last time that you breathing Allah subhanaw taala for who he is, his names, his attributes, his perfect His perfection. So you've seen Al Hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah for them, but the shortcut for something that Allah subhana wa Donna what gifts

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gifts He bestows upon you and here it is, I want to close with this. What is the best thing that Allah Subhana Allah given you and

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what the best money children

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shoo, shoo, shoo Look Look at this. I said this morning.

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A ramen ramen is about the bounties which Allah bestowed upon

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the Jin Indians and that is why after each bounty comes in the question febi au.

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A B Kuma to get the van de deny any of these two.

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The first bounty subdir a lot will be hasura

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that you believe in this?

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You're a Muslim man.

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You're a Muslim man. You have your own way of life. You have your own. Allah. Allah describes you to be the best corn to oma collegiately nas Should we go out there and try to mimic other people

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Or should we stick to the way that Allah

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made us believe that we have Islam and go out there and share it with the people and be proud of it? And don't be inferior about, you know, turkey or Christmas tree? I mean, come on guys. I mean, imagine in the Day of Judgment, Allah Subhana. Allah will call this Omar Ilhan Omar will omiya the first woman to go and receive the accountability and rockne before any Omar, Sharif Abdel Hadi and to move fornecedor in Omaha number 70 in a number of nations

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and a karamu ha.

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You're the nobles in the sight of Allah.

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We need to teach our children that that you are a Muslim, you have your own religion. You have your own holidays, you have your own, you have your own lifestyle. You cannot adopt other people lifestyle, but I'm still gonna be nice to them. I'm gonna still be respectful towards them, but I will stick to my own way of life.

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So Planet 11 Mohammed, Salah halen, I stopped Foucault to Buddha when come to the left, he will hire me