Karim Abuzaid – Rules on making up missed days from Ramadan

Karim Abuzaid
AI: Summary © The ruling regarding a person who broke his fast after fasting has been discussed, including missed days from Aceran General and missed days from Aceran General. Imteness and rules are also highlighted, including the importance of planning ahead and helping deceased someone's father. The segment touches on the importance of fasting for one's health and the possibility of helping someone's father.
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Is the ruling regarding someone who broke his fast after he has intended fasting?

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federal came he already formulated an intention to fast the day. He started his fasting at noon. His craving for food. He went without any excuse and ate.

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Because he feels like eating.

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What is the ruling?

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He has no excuse he's not a traveler is not sick.

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He is not pregnant. So she is not pregnant.

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breastfeeding. None, not elders.

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But without any excuse they ended up

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there is no evidence for cafaro

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First of all, when I say cafaro what kafala we're talking about.

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Okay, we call this video.

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See the kafala is is the 60 days fasting.

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But fadia there is no evidence for the video but Toba is a key. That person must depend and he must make up the day. What is the evidence Hadith ebihara below a Mandara who, whoever vomits and willfully let him complete his fast. But whoever

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forces himself to vomit let him do what fell via woman let him make up one day.

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But he must make Toba as well. And this is the view of the majority of the juries. But here is another scenario which is very, very interesting. Some and this actually applies to a lot of a lot of Muslims.

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Some Muslims do not fast for multiple Ramadan's without having any excuse.

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Doesn't this happen to a lot of Muslims are hungry, in the fact that we were brought up Muslims.

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But there are a lot of Muslims actually who do not fast. Ramadan comes and goes, they don't even know Ramadan is here.

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They don't know about it. And then by all the southern Alhamdulillah, they go to that lecture or they listen to that chief on YouTube. And they are back now they are holding to the dean and they are they want to and now they think about what

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these missed Ramadan's. He ended up missing maybe three, four or five sometimes I'm telling you 10 Ramadan's. What does he have to do? What does she have to do? What is the ruling regarding making up this mess trauma bonds once it comes to these individuals

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over and fast as many voluntary fasting as possible.

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But making up these Ramadan's, it's over.

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It's a missed chance.

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But they make up what? as many Ramadan as possible. Lin bibiani, based on the Hadith that the first thing that will be asked about in the day for selection is Salah.

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If it is not complete, what happens? look into it. Look into his natural, so do a lot of full Mondays, Thursdays, three days out of the month, do the fasting of the woods, if you want to do it one day and breakfast another day. Hopefully this will make up for the midst of Ramadan.

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Another scenario for someone who does not pray

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Can he fast Ramadan?

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That question comes up all the time.

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He does not pray at all throughout the day. in Ramadan, he prays and he fasts. What do you think about that?

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If you're asked

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if you are asked what should you say?

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A lot of Muslims a man that's not going to work.

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Why? Look, not praying is a sin and not fasting is a sin.

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Nobody said that because you're committing that sin you should

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commit the other sin. Provided What?

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That you're not rejecting

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less than j had

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provided that he's not praying out of what out of out of because some Muslims they don't pray because of what he doesn't think that he should pray for it. This is

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this is nothing will be accepted from him but we're talking about someone who does not pray out of being lazy

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out of slacking.

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mushy mushy Lillian

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Jacobi not abandoning Salah that leads to the land that makes him only a facet and we know the ruling regarding this issue. But if we come to the question, making up Miss days from Ramadan, do you have to do them in sequence? Or can you pick and choose let's say that you miss 710 days from Ramadan? Especially for sisters This is identical seven days she missed from Ramadan because of her period. Does she have to do the seven days in a row?

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Or Allah?

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Allah para you can pick and choose top should you do them right away? Or should you wait? Isn't that your question? Should you wait a month to really we have modified some of the law on her when she says that

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she would make up Miss days from the previous Ramadan in the month of Shabbat

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so it's up to you but really when we come to Hadith a symptom inshallah

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if you will, you will I'm sorry love sila Muslim

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the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says

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mum sama Ramadan

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foom bow who be sittin minchah when FACA and NEMA Salam and the Huracan whoever fasts Ramadan then he follows this with six days from chawan as if He fasted

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the holy so look at the Hadith whoever complete the fasting of

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Ramadan so now should you go and fetch the six days without completing the fast of Ramadan?

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Some of the scholars actually they say that you should complete Ramadan first.

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If you want to get the benefit of those six days for you.

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What is the only regarding someone who miss days from Ramadan?

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And he did not make up these days until the next Ramadan. Is he

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getting the scenario here? We're getting tired.

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What is the ruling? So let's say Ramadan. 1435 This is Milan 1436. Someone missed Ramadan from 1435 after he died that's the year after he missed 10 days. And he waited until Ramadan. 1436 is he?

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What does he need to do? He needs to fast the current Ramadan. And after he is done he needs to make Toba and make up these days. There are some jurist who said he has to feed for each day one miskeen but there is no evidence on this by someone

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who missed days from Ramadan.

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And because he was sick, let's say assume that he was sick. Then after Ramadan he got better.

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But his lacked in making up the days

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and then he got sick again and he passed away.

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You're getting a salary.

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Can his offspring fast these days for him?

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Yes, no.

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They can fast these days for him.

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They can make up these days for him.

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his families, children, offspring, even relatives.

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That's the only time you can make up fast for people. But you cannot volunteer too fast for them.

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Here's another scenario.

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Someone who got sick in Ramadan.

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He missed 10 days

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and after Ramadan he carried on being sick he never got in bed.

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Turn to make up these days and he and he died.

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Does he owe these days?

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You're getting the point he owes these days.

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He never gotten any better to make up the days. He doesn't owe anything. Nobody has to fast for him.

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But someone say,

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okay, the condition.

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The scenario here

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that someone got sick in Ramadan.

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Let's say that he missed 20 days because of a sickness.

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And then handler after Ramadan, he got better. So he was able

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to fast, but he did not fast. Then after a while he passes away.

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The same year, she owes 20 days from Ramadan, his offspring can make up these days for him because he owes them.

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Likewise, if a family member vows too fast, and he dies before fasting, the offspring can make up this fasting for them. But they cannot vote and pee

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fast for them on their behalf. You're getting it? You can volunteer for them, but fast. No. You cannot pray for them period, whether mandatory or

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optional. Yes, young man.

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It can be actually if he has three, four, they can share the responsibility.

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Yeah, they can feed for him as well. But the schoolers with the view too fast not to feed.

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one last thing.

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One last thing before I forget it because my memory is running out here.

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An elder who's unable to fast because he's an old man.

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So for each day, he has to do what?

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feed one whiskey. He himself is in a scheme.

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He doesn't have the money to feed. What does he need to do?

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You're getting the scenario No.

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So he's old, or someone who's sick terminal sickness. And he does not have the $10 to feed for that day.

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The jurors they say this is a debt that he owes.

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If he becomes

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able, during the course of his life, he has to pay the debt

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if he carries on being poor and miskeen until he dies, that that is what

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dropped. You're getting that?

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Well, if his pool

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Do you think the offspring are going to be rich? Unless of the offspring

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then they should feed on his behalf?

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But if he leaves money behind

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the must fulfill that. Yes. Okay. So

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command manual dad manual father.

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I mean, you should do it.

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It's an option. Yeah. Nobody can force you. You're really trying to help your father.

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You don't want to help your father.

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No, no, it's an option. It's an option. Okay, here's the last piece. We're done.

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