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Mansoor Danish
AI: Summary © The conversation covers the reasons behind a government-imposed schools system, including the Marisol movement and the need for a community-impacted initiative to motivate families to send children. The importance of reading the Quran and learning basic sciences is emphasized, along with the need for faith-based schools to motivate families to send children. The success of Islamic programs and the potential for schools to produce quality educational outcomes are also discussed, along with the need for proper conventional education systems and educational excellence in various fields.
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Yeah, I'm the causes they came. He parental causes a government key policies voghera apoquel attacchi receive both point of view, right. The National point of view also on the community point of view also, what are the reasons? Okay, so good. I wanted to give both the perspective and Mashable you've asked for from the national perspective, I think as much as there is a responsibility of the parents as a general pointed out a participatory government to be a big sympathy study to NDTV cake famous journalist rubbish tomorrow Nikita we have our own Monica kiss Zilla Hey Jennifer gcps kilometer colleges name go happy boy Bertram a quick motivation here to

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further this study. There are institutions which do not have qualified teachers, but Cesare a teacher's name. So it is not one single problem, which is the Marisol in a democratic setup. The initial motivation has to come from the government, the government has to play a very important role in motivating the families to send the children and you will take up examples like the Nordic nations like Norway, Sweden, Finland Vergara and Saudi Arabia also for that. As far as government is concerned, it has to take that initiative initiative

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to 50 of the Hamsa daddy own Baba kupatana Vitaly, me attorney

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Jimmy hookey underneath the command you have a bunch of Barbies number one, it is becoming like a cyclical effect. You see vicious circle, hurrah incapacitation of incapacity motivation, meaning hananiah Toshiba choco Barbies giant basic command from a community perspective, I need to stop here and go back to this first revelation of the Quran. Everyone talks about the first five verses of the Quran. The first command was Accra. We recite also Mostafa digital Islam Coco Maya pilot hiker. The first message was Accra, this Mira because he holla read in the name of the Lord Who has created you substep Allah who come here to hump Allah Allah kita looks into Gianni we don't even know who our

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Creator is. So when the first command was given to Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him he said machinima musica format digital SLR Nikon Marisa yo Allah media Yoko Anca l mala Dara jabril la salon katroo rasulillah boo boo boo Maya wooper whiskey

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whiskey bath physiologica ekra

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Maya is para la la, la la la la de Orellana in San Obuchi ski in de Joe in Sonata Pelin an EP t. This is the knowledge of dunya that we are talking on. So there are two concepts which are very clearly given in the Quran. The first command is to read the Quran to learn the basic sciences of the Quran. The second command is to read the knowledge of that which men never knew, for example, Nuala solanco, Allah honey up banana Chica ship, banana suka or arch, very chilly are here they know how to construct shift and they know how to construct building. If there is a salon called Omni end hip column C history is alakija selekcija t or our GSR you may have heard that in musalman

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revolution one sub m sub t under what in the heck academic history claim to have G scale and you have one lucky rfci. So Allah for Jana,

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so thank you for that. But there are a couple of points that you keep on pointing to which I feel need to be addressed in a way because this is a serious discussion. We don't want people to go with the wrong kind of impression of faith based schools. Not to say that the Ronco motto

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doesn't come in the way it does. And to faith based schools have any role to play then we'll come back to your definition to UNESCO job definitions their education, so first, that point

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is a

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conventional education Yeah, do some secular education get a or Islamic education get a homies with Rh major? Sorry.

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Archie dormy yochanan harissa handmake Chizik Milan madrasa, Milan University maganda, elementary school middle, resentment, but if you go in the history, even a Tamia one of the great scholars of the Muslim Ummah, even a Tamia was an expert in the field of medicine, in new insight out everything about medicine. Should you pass medicine LMT, though Whoa, upon his Slavic scholarly field may proper patois departed in medicine surgery. Likewise, other aliveness oenothera, and even a Sina was an expert in the field of medicine and aroma therapy. At the same time, aliveness singer was also a very famous Islamic theologian. So the PV was Doron just a golden period in Islam jetten a great

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scientists, Jitney great contributors on aliveness ina gencanna

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Are you ever seen and unseen Matura digital AI in hoonah kbv dictum enochian Dean, key knowledge Kwame separate Ratna duni. avi knowledge separate roughneck Yaki Dena knowledge ship namaz Rosa Ratna hachita, chronic insomnia. It is about building your total moral character and apply a coin conga. And then after that, I'll hand it over to you, what has the your secular education given us? It has given us great achievement in the field of Army in the field of engineering, so many things yet, yet, there have been failures, and we have to accept it various like Rajat Gupta, and taking in the name because he was a person everyone looked up to McKinsey, Rajat Gupta, he was found doing

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insider trading for financial swimmers when he Junga, but he was engaging in unethical practices. Hugh Yuki escaped basic knowledge and hear what is right and wrong knowledge is being defined by people. So the best authority to decide ethics and morals is our Creator. When we talk in Islam, about knowledge of the religion, we are not talking about knowledge which has been given by a certain person 1400 years back, it is knowledge which has been given by our Creator, Almighty God who has created all of us and He is the best judge of what is right and wrong in matters of ethics and morality. So we are looking at a more wholesome education which also includes ethics and morals

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which hamdulillah you can find them you combine them here, okay, you have to come in here. Okay, I mean, after Islamic online university, up in stock age of internet penetration, if not Nita, and you started with Islamic courses mostly, but now you have diversified also into other courses courses on economics and sociology and psychology and so on to guy internet users a YouTuber can only do what does what will that

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the internet will play a role in terms of spreading education and doing away with the darkness of inadequacy so it will be like a double edged sword. He kept telling me the positives, my positives with our simple department. Could you notice the amnesia HANDMAID'S?

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tale Allah urich sha Allah Azza wa hotmix smartphone a disk is very simple YouTube data disk is that yes a Walkman a mobile may Pandora piece phonetic programs they run so yay, a massive change in terms of transferring information correct. So information you're transferring at universities may ballot theaters movie the movie halls, Major appellee lectures, many conferences,

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Facebook videos or concept YouTube is easily available, you don't have to pay anything afrima DACA program. So Zahra is was gay he hum is medium code he is the male current we prepare courses he ran

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after paradigm shift at the bottom ascending paradigm shift in the sense of he gave some definition of leprosy according to UNESCO major problem definition problem a key what is eventually education is it acquiring knowledge in engineering or acquiring a knowledge in medicine or acquiring knowledge in a particular field? Or is it being passionate about something that you want to do which Allah has given you the skill? So institutions job, when a focus cannot a in more case studies boconcept Joe hum a westernized form of education pickup Yakuza manually a watch Okay, Westerners have left that system will not have case studies concepts, but Korea research will start Korea from an early so

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you only

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know the result schools because of it, but at the end user community has just risen towards the schooling and things of setting up schools. So in the Kerala Community Development may a nation developed and is there a conflict over faith based schools? kalatop napco? Is there a conflict here? Okay, so we go back to what she said in the beginning that the results of madrasa was the likes of Maulana Abul Kalam.

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Yeah, so no, I just want to link up the two. There is a need to have a proper social audit conducted through the madrasahs because let's not ignore the elephant in the room. There is a problem with the development of the madrasa system to bring it up at current level back 50 years back, they could produce the likes of Maulana Abul Kalam Azad. Now we don't have that many likes of Maulana Abul Kalam Azad. So what is the need is there is a need to have proper conventional education also included in the madrasa curricula other ceramic schools doing that job no, yes with the Islamic schools which have come in the PA schools like the general was mentioning about al Bashir

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international schools it's an exam for us. Yes, absolutely. Brother, I think he should be given the last word on that inshallah. So as far as Al Bashir is concerned or many other Islamic schools which have come up, they are focusing on both they focusing on the knowledge of the deen which is very important for our overall development, but at the same time, they are focusing on the knowledge of this dunya which will help produce the kind of quality which we need.

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