Response to Yajuj Majuj “Zombie” Dilemma (Part 1)

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What makes you a believer? I'm going to tell you four words in Arabi. If you memorize them in Arabic and understand them, that's enough, but I have to explain them in English.

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For words, that's what makes me a believer. And this is the summary of those five verses.

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Plus the whole harbury 10 feet. Emery. That's what I believe others had our team coolala This is the whole the religion of Islam

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that you make the,

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of the unseen

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What is this deep?

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beyond any shadow of doubt.

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You're not skeptical.

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And you don't try to use your intellect,

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your actual

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to figure out how this unseen is?

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And we're talking about the six articles of unseen what are the six articles of the unseen?

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Tell me What are those?

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Allah? angels, books, messengers, they have judgment

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and what uncover and they have judgment By the way, they they tell you that they have judgment is three parts. three parts.

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Part Number one is death.

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What happened to you before you die?

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What happens to you when you die while you're dying? What happens to you in the grave? So that's part one.

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Part Two, signs of the Day of Judgment minor and major unseen.

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So you shouldn't use what

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your Akhil there the other day, some of the one of the brothers tells me that is some famous brother May Allah guide him Allah Allah Allah means saying that Yeah, Jews and Jews do not make sense to me.

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Just doesn't make why why they are not making sense to you because you're trying to employ your apple in a matter of unseen my friend. This is ABC Islam.

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If you're a score,

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other workers do things.

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We don't know we don't know how, what is unseen. Something that is absent beyond your senses now, or something that happened in the past or something that will happen in the future

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will happen in the future and it happened in the past with the codename you have no access to it. What the brother is saying all the telescopes and all that stuff and they did not discover that will

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you see you're having an issue here, you know, come on.

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You're trying to employ your luck.

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Your job is to make us do this that you believe it.

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You know, fish oil Buhari

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one day the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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was telling this to his companions by you know what you do DMC and it looks like it's this man is a farmer

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a farmer so he's dragging the roof of his Cow

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Cow he has a cow farmer is going to the farm

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for imagine the man the former by all the southern heat is hired to write the cow

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like a new like a horse like a donkey. Imagine this.

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The cow looks at the man the farmer

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and said to him

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man, he has a who left it was not created to do this.

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The guy was dealing the horrible a lot if not create Come on man. Make sense? A lot if not create me for this man. Yeah.

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Hola, Zoe. I was created to help you Blau the earth will help you

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right now. By the way.

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If I if I come to some of the kids that cow speaks

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one way they're gonna believe it because of these cartoons that they watch all the time that the cat is bla bla bla bla and you know these cartoons is, you know, when you when you get your kids to watch that stuff, let them know that the only one who was given the power to understand the language of the animals is Who?

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Not you. Imagine your kids are watching that stuff now assuming that the cat can speak actually. So if you tell them the cat said that they will believe you. But imagine at the time of the prophets, Allah salla when they have these cartoons, you're killing them the cows woke so that the companions looked at the brother, Yasuda law

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tells me for them is what a cow speaks. This is what this is out of work.

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Look at this.

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Russell sneaks out of out of his own vomit onto Parnell Howard This is a revelation. Look what he said

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by the way of a worker no more we're not in that gathering. Pamela just show you the the quality they will not do it at the time.

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Me and Omar

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believe in this

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even though it doesn't make you see what did they try to do here? We are trying to do up to old boy up their intellect in a matter of work.

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And see

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if you're gonna do this man, come on.

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There is a man whose change in an island somewhere in earth called the Antichrist

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or the Salima Muslim?

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Go ahead and blow your app and how he eats how he drinks.

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Where is he? We have all the satellites. We went all over Earth now and we got all the satellites now. Now figure out what this man is? Nah, you're not supposed to figure out where he is. Who cares what he is. just deal with him when he comes out man. That's not your job to figure out how he is why the employer up in that area and confused youth and children.

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Confused people.

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That's ABC Islam.

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ABC Islam, okay. You know what we believe with certainty with no doubt that Prophet Alayhi Salam is of the elife tell me how it is up there in which heaven and how he eats, how he drinks, how he sleeps.

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You imagine this and just to show you that when you employ that methodology of understanding or dealing with the unseen, this may lead you to leave Islam

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during the time of the Prophet salallahu alaihe salam imagine this in Makkah, Rasulullah wakes up in the morning and he tells the people of Christ by the way, guys,

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by the way, I went to Jerusalem last night and I came back

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Can you imagine he didn't even say that I went to the seven heaven. He didn't say the mirage. He just told them what?

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Come on.

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Come on, man. What is this? Imagine some Muslims at the time. Some Sahaba left Islam Why?

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Because they did what?

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That's the danger here.

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So they went to work.

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They went to work. What was his question?

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What was his question? Did he say that? That's all what you have to worry about.

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That's all what you're entitled to do. You make sure that this is in the Koran. If it is in the Quran, then this is correct.

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Verify the Sunnah the Hadith

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is away from Al Bukhari, Hamas Hamas.

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Did he say that?

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He spoke the truth. I'm not gonna worry about how if you're going to employ your uncle now my friend, no, don't confuse you. And the thing about this brother brothers and sisters in Islam, he tells you

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Oh, we gotta come up with these explanations in order to save our youth from leaving Islam. Yes, sir.

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manipulate the religion now in order to accommodate you. Your youth need to study the subject of him.

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And thus the What does it mean to make the

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trustee is a firm conviction something that Allah said, I believe it. We should look at the first quality and if Lam Meem then he Kalki tabula II Buffy he

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was the first quality Allah Deena. You know

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there will be

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those who need pas de la casa de that you don't question it you don't doubt it. You don't blow your mind first deepl haba Sure.

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I'm sorry, I forgot because well my this subject has been like, because harmala is a very good brother will lie and we love him for the sake of Allah and he has a lot of followers. May Allah straighten his affairs, the Honorable army because a lot of people can be guided on his hand, you know, we we wouldn't have that access to his you know, his crowd like and we're you know, we're not doing this out of a will because we care for the brother because he used to be out there helping out the oma used to be out there.

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We asked a lot to guide him without needing anybody here. But during the time of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam.

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A man came to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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Halle Berry color Rasul Allah He said O Messenger of Allah.

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My brother is totally haba mo What does it means to click Allah?

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He's having derry

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o sallallahu alayhi wa sallam reads the Quran.

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Regarding the honey, the bee, your Frumin bow to Neha Shah boom mu telephone. And when hoo hoo, Fie Shiva own leanness

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out of the belly of the beast come a drink of mixed colors if you drink it, Allah will cure you

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will give you

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fat he said to him, Ischia, Salah

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give him a drink of honey

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so as a hobby as if what? Okay, we'll try that. You know that you know that attitude

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you know, that's the issue. That's why when we make the hi let's try this when we do the Rokia let's try this.

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See that that certainty there?

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That the Quran cues

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so he went and he came back as if he is happy that it didn't work. You're rasulillah a messenger of Allah subhanaw taala i given him a drink of her funny

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one as a dubach nahu illustre Lapa is the reaction to

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increased look now the brokers who sell them can a sense that he's he doesn't have what

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the Tuskegee

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This is a bureaucratic command that means from a law

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you must have what

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searchability in it regardless even if it doesn't make sense to you.

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The professor is clearly a seller with a very strong

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so he went and he given him honey and he came back he's still having dairy.

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So you know what the prophet said to him?

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is clearly as Allah soda law. Whatever Baba Ji

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Allah spoke the truth and the stomach of your brother is lying. Imagine this

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he came back the following day your soul Allah Sophia

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is good now. Now doctors will tell you a

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breeze that when you have the area you have a virus in your stomach. What does the honey do?

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cleans up

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Yeah, but do you need to understand this in order to believe

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you need to understand where your true gender is in order to believe it say that. Oh, quite frankly it doesn't make sense to me. Yes Allah

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does it make sense to you? Who said that they unseen have to make sense who said that will unseen haha that I had I mean Mota shabba Hill

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who will levy de la la ecal kita

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mean who to mock karma to Moodle? kita. In this book there are crystal clear like Sunday in a sunny day in San Diego, California. Not in Colorado. Sometimes we have clouds

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anyone can understand it. Who know Mulkey Tabata whoa whoa Tasha the hat

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and others which What? ambiguous, vague unclear. Now look what the school have said. Look what the school have said

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to me. This is not Quran but I'm just reading that these things are cementec if you if you claim that you're a scholar, these are some men take ABC Islam, ABC Islam, ABC ma, ma I live to min Ma Ma Kenny he founded Obi Wan I live to minmatar Chevy movie

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What should we look towards the must come act upon it? Because you understand the problem with the shabby the ambiguous the unclear believe it

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because From who?

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For you to be a believer, I believe.

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If you want to qualify yourself to be leader of humanity, you must have what the first quality which is what does the

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what is the second quality?

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then feed will

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and you are amazed.

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You know how many stories were mentioned in Surah Al Baqarah.

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up to 12 maybe 10 I mean if you're gonna break the story of Musa into pieces you can go up to 15 actually, but let's stick to 1010 stories. And all of them are fascinating stories.

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Why did Allah subhana wa Taala choose the cow

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the story of the cow

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because it serves that meaning? executing the command when a law tells you to do something you should say what

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I hear in a way