How to react to trials – the response of Yusuf alaihis-salam

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A speaker describes a powerful man named Jesus who is in front of the people who made his name known. Jesus says that he has fired powerful words and used them to make people feel differently, causing people to feel differently. Jesus also talks about forgiveness and how people can go through trials andulations without harming anyone.

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Yusuf Alayhis Salam is the powerful as he is the Minister of Egypt.

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His brothers are in front of him, you can imagine what is going through his mind, test after test after test because of what they did.

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He was thrown in a well, a dark, well alone, then he was put into slavery sold as a slave. And then he was accused and slandered. And then he was put in prison, test after test after test, trial and hardship after trial and hardship, after trial and hardship.

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And now he is in front of the people who made this happen to him,

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What punishment will he give them?

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What will he tell them?

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He said, Do you remember what you did to use of?

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Who is this person? How could he know of what we did to use of nobody knows except for the 10 of us, and use of himself?

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How could this man know who is this person? And then they asked him Are you use?

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Is it possible Are you use of is the only other one that could have? No. He said yes, I am useful.

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And then he said some powerful words, words, that if we implemented in our lives, if the owner implemented these words, this world would be a different place.

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Our homes would be different. Our societies would be different. It will be a completely transformed atmosphere society.

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Used to find his Salam.

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He said these powerful words. Firstly, he says, I am Yusuf and this is my brother. Indeed Allah Munna Elena law. Allah has favored us.

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And then he said something even more powerful. But before we go to that, I want you to just stop here for a second. I want you to think

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I want you to ponder and contemplate. He's gone through try after trial after trial. He's thrown in a well, he's sold as a slave. He's been slandered. He's been imprisoned. And what does he say? Allah has blessed us.

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Allah has blessed us

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hardship of the hardship of the hardship, but he does not complain. He said, Allah has blessed us. How do we react when we go through trials and tribulation?

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We go through a small trial and instantly were complaining and moaning why me? Why did Allah gives me this problem and this trial, yes or no? Yes or no? He goes through trial after trial after trial and he said, Allah has blessed us.

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And then he says the next powerful sentence,

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powerful sentence, mind blowing sentence. They asked him for forgiveness.

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And he says,

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not free.

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There is no blame upon you today. No problem I have forgiven you, Allah.

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Allahu Akbar,

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sold as a slave before that put in the well slandered imprisoned for years. How many years have gone by away from his father

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away from his loved ones put in a country that he does not even know.

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And in front of him are the criminals that did this to him.

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Three by Ollie Coolio. There is nothing to worry about. Nothing to fear about. You have been forgiven.

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Gazing, overlooking being forbearing, tolerating despite the hardship despite the difficulties despite what you have done to me.

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There's no sin upon you to

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de la,

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my brothers and sisters, how is it possible that this man Yusuf alayhi, Salam could go through years of trials and tribulations because of these people. And yet when he comes face to face with them, is able to say, Don't worry, there's no problem. We forgive you. How is it possible? How is it possible? My brothers and sisters,

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the people who truly understand

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the grand scheme of things, they understand the meaning of Jannah, the meaning of NA, the meaning of paradise and hellfire, the people who truly understand their Lord.

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They don't want harm to go to anybody