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The Inevitable Journey

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The discussion of the impact of Islam's deeds on individuals is summarized, including the scale of Islam's deeds and the use of "we" to make points. The discussion also touches on the concept of "we" and its use in relation to actions, including the use of the term "will" and the use of the "will" concept. The discussion also touches on the issue of the hellfire and its impact on people in the aftermath of the Islamist revolution, as well as the use of the symbol "the hellfire" to signal the end of a war or punishment. The speakers mention that disrespectful behavior will result in punished behavior.

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In Al Hamdulillah

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when I want to be law Himanshu fusina woman, Dr. Molina manga de la hufa mobila. Woman you will follow her the Allah.

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Allah, Allah Allah Allah who have the hula sharika what she had to say Donna one avianna Mohammedan Abdullah, who are pseudo brothers and sisters in Islam Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh and welcome again to the inevitable journey, brothers and sisters in Islam. The last episode we were unfolding the scenes of the scale.

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And we finished by saying, Samantha Colette nawazuddin hufa hula ecoman Muslim

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woman have Fatma z Ufa Ola, you can lead in a hostile fusa home. fee Johanna Holly doon. Tabitha who you have woman our own fee her callicoon the results of the scale, once your deed or wait in that scale, your records and yourself is placed also in the pan of the scale. If your scale was heavy, and your good deeds were heavier than your bad deeds, then insha Allah We ask Allah subhana wa Taala for all of us malaita to be amongst those, we will be successful insha Allah, because our final abode, the ever lasting place for us will be gentlemen, and very soon brothers and sisters in Islam. As we approach the end of the inevitable journey, we will briefly talk about Jenna.

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But there is another type in spite of the fact that Allah subhanho wa Taala has multiplied the Hashanah that we do. Every time that you do a Santa Monica Santa do a good deed, it automatically turns into 10 times, while Allahu la escuela Yasha and Allah subhana wa Taala multiply up to 700 and more.

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And that is where in spite of this, some of the Muslims, their evil deeds will be heavier in the scale than their good deeds. And that is where the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Why alone, Lehman had who are Shatta Wale to the someone because every time that you make a sin, you commit a sin, only one sin written. But once you make a good deed, it turns into 10 times, and it could go up to 700. And in spite of this, yet, your individual deeds, which are your art deeds, which the sense that you commit, which is one time for each sin, yet will be heavier in the scale than the 10 times, brothers and sisters in Islam.

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The abode of those who got their scale light, and their evil deeds were heavier than their good, then their good deeds is going to be hellfire. But we have to be careful and this is the proper creed of a Muslim. If this person was a Muslim, he ended up with La ilaha illAllah he died in Islam, this person will come out of the Hellfire as we will learn later on through the intercession of his fellow Muslims, they're believers and we will learn this in the episodes to come and through the intercession of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam also through the intercession of the angels, and then comes the intercession of rubble al amin of the Lord of all of mankind. So and there is

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this is the least that La ilaha illa Allah will do for you. And this is where we understand this beautiful Hadith, Hadith Magna Jebel and the Hadith is I have not done and was authenticated. Whoever says La ilaha illAllah. The Hillel Jana. He will enter agenda. Look at the end of this Howdy, Yeoman minute dairy one day we're in our saga who kubla Delica asaba. He may endure some of them

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Punishment as we will learn later on in the Hellfire, but at the end, this person would make it to gentlemen insha Allah. If you hang around, we still have only five episodes of the inevitable journey. This concept will be explained more in details. Once we talk about crossing over the bridge that is on the top of the Hellfire brothers and sisters in Islam. Those are the two ends Jenna Hellfire, there is actually a group that their good deeds and their bad deeds will be even. And those people are called us horrible are rough the people of the wall

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and we have a whole chapter in the Quran consolata are off

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whether you know Huma hija, Allah subhanaw taala told us how those people feel.

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And between Jenna and Hellfire there is a wall, a barrier, a barrier between them Baba Huma hijab,

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Rafi, Jan, are on that wall there are people

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yeah, and if una Kula Mishima, whom they know the people of gender, and they know that people of the Hellfire and as a matter of fact, they will remember people whom they lived with in this world.

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Now those people who end up with even good and bad deeds, they will be on that wall and they will look to the Hellfire and they will see people that they will recognize from this world, whether they were their friends or people who are famous. And they will also recognize people from gender. What region Yeah, una coolum bc ma whom they will know each one of them.

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Look, immediately they will call upon who? What when I was horrible jannetty en Salah monada you come, let me hello how homeopathy

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mmediately because of the pleasures and the enjoyment, that that which the people of Paradise are enjoying in general, they will call upon the people of Ghana and say salam alaikum dwellers of gender, they wanted to enter it and they are still hoping in the mercy of Allah subhana wa tada who

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did not enter it yet, but they are still hoping in Allah, their heart is so attached to Allah Subhana Allah that Allah Subhana Allah will show the mercy at the end and he will admit them to genda look at this now we're either sorry that other saw him till cause Harvey now they will see the sides forced to look at the people of the Hellfire being punished in the Hellfire will either Sudafed absolve him to cause harm?

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a boon seeing what the winners of the hill fire are being treated the way that they are treated and the punishment that they are enduring immediately brothers and sisters in Islam. They will make this law and say up burner. robina letter Jana Malcolm Nevada mean Oh Allah. Do not please us with those wrongdoers, we ask Allah subhana wa tada also that he does not place us with those wrongdoers, brothers and sisters in Islam.

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The people of the wall are as horrible as rough. The word the law, by the way, comes from the tail of the Rooster and they are standing on that wall and they are watching everybody in general and everybody in the Hellfire they will immediately call upon people who were so arrogant in this world whenever the US hardwood law theory Jalla Yari Punahou, Mishima, whom they will call upon people who are in the hellfire. And they used to be so arrogant in this world, people who may be ganged against the Muslims or people who blooded against Islam, or people who developed old type of tactics. And they were so well respected in this world. They were all over the media. They people are running

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around them. They are the bosses they have, they control everything in this world, and they just

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they will

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continue to stick. What happened to you? Were all these things that you had in the dunya you are in the hellfire. Look at this.

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Look at those people in general, a Latina accent from Lyon Allahu la rama Are those the people that used to oppress they used to the people that used to make fun of the people that you mocked the people that you blooded against them, the people you place them through fitna you swore in this dunya that those people will not receive the mercy of Allah Subhana Allah, Allah Allah Dena accept them lie and

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look at you look when you are a look where they are. Here you are inspired if you having this dunya in this world, leading him control in this world.

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Look where you ended up in the Hellfire being punished, being persecuted, being taken care of by the angels in the Hellfire and look at those who sacrificed and those who stood firm holding their Deen in their hand like they hold a call or a piece of fire. Look at them in general. Upon making that statement brothers and sisters in Islam, Allah subhanho wa Taala will call upon those people are the whole Jana tala whoa finale Kamala and Hassan, Allah subhanho wa Taala will fulfill the hope that they had in him that Allah Subhana Allah will place them in gentlemen, at the end, brothers and sisters in Islam. With this, the bond comes. The people have been standing for too long, in the

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place of gathering. The day is about to end. They are so thirsty.

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a drink of water right now will be appreciated.

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You know, the believers will be given that drink

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by the prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in our clinical co author for selenia Rebecca one half international alcohol avatar, a whole surah in the Quran, about the stream of water that will flow from a river in paradise called the counter to a bond in the place of gathering. Rasul salallahu alayhi wa sallam will describe this for you. And also sallallahu alayhi wa sallam will tell you about it in sha Allah, through his Hadith, of course, that I will narrate to you after taking a short break. Let's talk about Allah. How are the bond of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh the scale of justice will be

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now you have to explain you