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AI: Summary © The importance of the "venth episode" of a series on building a Muslim home is discussed, including the need for skill and knowledge in speech to avoid evil behavior and the importance of avoiding mistakes. The speakers stress the need for faith in one's body and avoiding harms, while also acknowledging the negative consequences of harming others. The segment ends with a mention of a new program and a book about graduating high school.
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Assalamu alaikum dear viewers from around the world thank you for joining us on the seventh episode yes the seventh episode of this exciting new series nation of goodness with the main cream boost ad saw most recently on building a better future where he taught us how to build a Muslim home now this program nation this series nation of goodness isn't that natural evolution and extension of that program from the individual responsibilities to our Muslim society as a whole. If you guys haven't seen the first six episodes, please log on to email kremes YouTube channel which is Islam way 71 check him out on guidance TV has every other day live fatawa show let's talk about it. Don't forget

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to get online www dot that's three W dot cream abuse a.com to check out his latest thoughts, reflections and Friday sermons as well. Now you guys watch those first six episodes because the seventh episode is a vital and very important one as well. We're talking about how to go about this topic part two. That's right, how to go about enjoying the good that is and forbidding the evil part two, we're going to continue with those very important topics that the Shaykh discussed in the last episode. So without any further ado, let's reintroduce you man cream to the whole TV screen. Thank you for joining us once again on your program nation of goodness, Zach Aloha and Malik Lohan and the

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viewers Solomonic monokuma Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah shadow Allah, Allah illallah wa sallahu wa Ala Wai shadow Anna Mohammedan Abba hora solo the viewers those two shows how to go about it which is the previous show and the show in a way Malik we are explaining how does he say the hoodie okay the hoodie on which we bs the fact that it is mandatory upon every Muslim to change evil and God commanded good Yes.

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So Rasul Allah Allah and here's the Hadith he says, Whoever sees evil Mama, I mean, c'mon corralejo Salima Muslim beside Audrey whoever sees wrong let him change it with his hand

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and we talked about that right? Yes, we did. And if he cannot then with his tongue meaning you speak about it, you're right about it. Then if he cannot, then he retreat to the final place which is the heart they let him change it with his heart. What does that mean? No, sorry. We will actually talk about this this episode inshallah. But with the heart The Prophet sallallahu wasallam. added a little thing here, where velyka A baffle Eman, and this is the weakest of faith. Okay, meaning

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if you're able to change

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with the hand, this will strengthen your faith, okay. SubhanAllah Even so, Rasul sallallahu alayhi wa sallam mentioned that if you cannot, and we know that any command that we have in the religion, manner to attack leaf Alistar what qualifies you to fulfill the command is you being able to if you're unable, you're exempt, right? You're excused. But even so, you're excused Rasul Allah, Allah when he mentioned in the Hadith, that if you cannot use your hand, then you're excused. Okay? If you cannot use your tongue, then you're excused for others. And if you use your heart, it's good. But this is a form of weakness of faith.

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I don't think the viewers are getting my point nor you

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I'll tell you something else

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will not also allow Hollywood seldom spoke about the women

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and they have a deficit in their a man and the faith. A lot of the Muslims By the way, they look at this hadith from a very negative angle is the right but you know there is a positive angle for this, you know what the positive angle is? Because the Prophet sallallahu wasallam explained the reality or the the reason why they have a deficit in their faith, because they spent days and nights without salah and fasting. Because if they are in their cycle, right? If they are experiencing menstruation, right the period, then they cannot pray nor fast Of course they have to make up the fast the mandatory fast, the Salah, they are excused completely from it. Now in spite of the fact that they

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are excused actually this haraam for a woman

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To pray in the menses in the menses, it is haram for a woman to fast in the menses. So she has an excuse. But yet the fact that she abandoned the Salah, she abandoned the fasting This caused her to have what weaker Amen, you got that same exact thing even so your excuse not to enjoy and good forbid evil with the hand with the tongue. This will lead you to have weaker Eman. Once you this was a very nice analogy. So you'll have this is how it is. That means that tells you also you have to strive to speak right? When you see something wrong. Listen, let's keep the hand away for now. Okay, right, right. But you have to strive to speak, you have to address the issues and addressing the

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issues that require eloquence requires kindness and some know how can you have knowledge of the subject, right kindness, right? tenderness, being soft when you speak and patient afterwards because it may not work with everybody. Listen, to do the speech to use the tongue properly. You must have knowledge before you speak about the subject itself and about the individual. Okay, both both, not just one both. Two, you must do it with wisdom with kindness. I tell you something,

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the Muslim

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family, I am man or youth.

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This is someone who has the knowledge who came to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and he said Dr. rasulillah messenger of Allah Valley be Xena. He knows the Torah right? That is why he's coming what to ask. Ask for a permission. Give me a permission to commit adultery. Again, look at the reaction of the companions. What did they do? They

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they stood up what do you what do you say when you look at the reaction of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam you see with this young man the Prophet sallallahu Sallam understood that he knows the ruling regarding adultery. It's haram That is why he's asking for what a permission but he's having a weak faith. Right weak Eman. That's it. leave you alone. Come up. No. No, come with me talk to you. And then he started a tadoba hair daddy. Oh.

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Would you like your mother to do this? Okay, there was a look.

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This is enjoining good. Yeah, Mama either one the viewers to say oh, I'm enjoying and good and forbidding evil. This does not mean that you are mean and rude and just trying to bring everyone that is not going to work and selling you is not going to work is not going to work. So Rasul Allah wa sallam says, Then, would you like someone this someone to do this to your mother? Because at the end of the day, when you commit adultery, you're committing it with a woman right? Who is this woman? Somebody's sister is somebody's mother, somebody's daughter, somebody's sister somebody is nice. Yeah. Would you like another man to do this to your family members right. And he told him

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mother, daughter, sister and and and from father side right as we differentiate.

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Yes. So, Shadow The important thing. Here is what the wisdom right here is the wisdom the wisdom involved in knowing who the person is right? in knowing was the person had it in mouth last February.

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lm Tara l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l mu J Dilla?

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Ross also la sala one day he was sitting down and then a group of Jews passed by him and they said what to him? as mu Allah aka Mohammed. is death death not Peace be with you? Yes, it sounds like what a Salah did is take out the letter Alif Yeah. As the lamb through a Salaam with Allah. Yes. As

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now our Isha is sitting on the side. And she heard this.

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She immediately attacked them. She responded to the mucosal salam, how did you resolve the whole thing? He knew what they said for her. He said, Well, why are you come

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upon you? Right? Whatever you're saying is upon you. If it is Salam helaas Yeah, it is this it's upon you right in the story. Right so I shall attack those people.

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So sometimes the eyes Why would you do this? In the Rif, cada yaku fishy in lezana, wala Yun zamin che Illa Shan, kindness, tenderness softness, taking it easy

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When it is done, when you do something with that quality, right with taking it easy with being kind and soft, it will add to it, it will compliment it, it will make it much better. It's more well received by people, right? That's what we when we speak, we haven't done to the heart yet. But again with the tongue, you must have knowledge before it. tenderness and kindness when you do it. And patience after words. Okay? Now, again, a lot of cases still, it's very unfortunate at this time and age, you cannot even speak about something All right? So many circumstances, you cannot I'm sorry, you cannot some cases you just sit out there. And I want to tell you something, really, when you

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retreat to that final resort will lie which is the heart the heart basically that you're not going to speak that I'm not gonna move a thing in your heart You're hearing what the person is doing in your heart and this is what we mean by using the heart using the heart at least hate it hate it, you must hate what they're doing.

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But But here's the issue that a lot of Muslims do not understand.

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They think that if you hate it with your heart, you still can sit with the people while they are doing it. So this is a huge topic can we get short break here back to this good this is a very controversial topic and go you guys don't miss this this next segment coming up with the man cream Buddha. He's addressing a lot of controversial issues and issues related to the day to day lives of Muslims all around the world. These are issues that you guys are facing. So stay tuned for more for me man cream.

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Are you looking for a way to recharge your hearts or to get you back on track in your obedience to Allah or maybe you're looking for a program to remind you of your duties to Allah subhanho wa Taala here on living hearts, we'll be working together as a nation, helping each other to remain firm in the path of Allah subhanho wa Taala every Saturday, live on Huda TV, you will have a chance to learn your deen and at the same time, listen to real life stories that will make your heart shake

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every believer needs a place to turn and inshallah we can all turn to living hearts

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All righty guys, welcome back to our series your series nation goodness mmm cream. He talked about a very controversial interesting point about hating it with the heart. This subject is very controversial. Can you talk about a little bit more? This subject it's very interesting.

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At hamdulillah salat wa salam ala rasulillah Chateau de la la la la sharika no shadow no Mohammed Abdullah surah. I'll tell you what the Malik this subject is is kind of exciting because a lot of people don't grasp a lot of details about right Listen, first of all, if you cannot use your hand

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force the change if you cannot speak about it.

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Because of two variables remember the variable variable number one is more negative negative will be in place right right more negative than positive as a consequence as a consequence add to this you will get in trouble right or hurt right or hurt. Then you have to retreat to what the next level down I want to say something beside I forgot to mention this because there is another wording or another Hadith Sahih Muslim, where the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam had

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mentioned the Hadith but in a different way mentioned Hadith I besides which is whoever sees evolution changed with his hand if you cannot let him change it with his tongue. If he cannot bend let him change it with his heart and this is the weakest form of faith. Okay, that was the weakest faith. There is another Hadith

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This is Muslim. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says, Mammon nabin our Salah Hola Hola. Hola. Subhana Allah, I'm not in Copley Illa can Allah who may or may no matter how our universe have any messenger who was sent before me, he had How are you? disciples and companions, right what they do? Yeah, who do Nebuchadnezzar he, they act upon his command, right? They follow the footsteps of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. And they use him as a role model why Okta? Duna be Emery, he, this is what is the blesser generation, the generation of the Companion of the messenger and the companions living around him or maybe in our case, we have three generations then what happens from

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inherit the Hello human body and then other generations will come afterwards? What they do yakou done if

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they say that which they don't they do not do, right. Why Fr. Luna, maroon, and they do that which they are not commanded to do they make up their own basically legislation. Look, once it comes to those people, fair men had the home via de for who I mean, if you try to change that, to stop that using your hand force if you are a believer,

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woman gehad the home bill, he said he for who I mean, and if you use your tongue, the media, the internet, the Google, the Facebook, the Facebook, you speak about it, you address the issues, using again, knowledge of the subject, wisdom, kindness when you when you do it, and patients have keys afterwards, right? My manager had the whom be resigned he for who I mean, what happened if you cannot, woman had the home the column D for a moment, and whoever changes this using his heart, it's the same exact ad By the way, the same exact Halley's button. So the Prophet sallallahu wasallam described those people for us to whom against we have to do that enjoin good and forbid evil. Why

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don't we listen if a woman woman Jihad on the call with a woman, woman, yada yada, yada, we listen for moment when the call de facto moment and whoever changes this with his heart, he's a believer. Here's what I'm looking for in this Hadith, which is not in Hadith, Episode 100. Look, one as well as

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mentally man you have to handle

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and if you hoard does not hate the evil that they are doing. That means you do not have the weight of an outcome of faith in your heart. This is a huge statement.

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A huge statement that maybe many of us did not know this taping before this episode. You say I didn't know what to say is it's a sign of weak faith. Right?

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But this one it tells you you have zero faith faith. So this is tough. This is very important. This is this is scary. This is scary. That's right shake this is scary. You know why? You know why magic.

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It tells you the reason why Heidi Fisher and Aveda would listen to this because a lot of Muslims By the way, don't you hear this brother sometimes shake I go to the nightclub. And I sit out there I do not drink. I do not dance. I do not do any of that thing. I just said the urine just look at people.

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Shave I go to these mixing the parties where they mix, right. And they have music within parties, Muslim wedding parties, where they play music and they have mixing machine. I go there because it's my family member. But I do not do any of that stuff that they do you see the problem? Here is your heart. Yeah. You see, once it comes to enjoining good and forbidding evil with your heart. You must separate.

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You cannot be in the vicinity.

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Why? Sometimes you you're you're forced you have to be there. Right. But as a matter of fact, look at this Omar Abdullah Aziz. Someone who whom a lot of Muslims will regard to as the fifth right guided Elisa, he came at the age of 99. They quote people who are drinking alcohol. They put them in a public place. So they bought them. They brought them to establish the heart on them. The heart is a login and so forth.

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And they said I made a movie there was someone amongst them who was not doing it and this person was fasting this day.

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You know what he said? He is the first one.

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This is a beautiful analogy. Can you explain this? Why? Why? Why is he the

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What was he doing? What is he doing? What was he?

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What was he doing day that goes

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oh I go under the smoke shisha and the and the and the coffee shops. I didn't do it, but I didn't do it. What are you doing? Right? Okay, that is where the profits or losses evidence means your heart doesn't have an atom of Imad, because you're not hitting it right? You're not feeling bad about it. Look, once it comes to enjoining, good and forbidding evil with your heart. This means that you cannot stay with them. wakad nesara coo Phil kita de Anita Samia. Tila he for ob

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ob Ha. Salah taco Duma, whom Hata foofy Hadith in V in la comida Miss la home in la gente en Muna phenol Katharina Fie Johanna Jamia and it was revealed to you that when you see people makin making fun violating that's all what it means euphorbiaceae via the commands of Allah subhanaw taala do not set with them unless or until they change the subject. They change. What if you sit with them in comida Miss Lowe, whom you like them, you're actually hypocrite because you're condoning them. You're owning it, you're condoning it, you're actually a hypocrite. You have to separate right? Look.

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Rasul sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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mentioned this hadith of numerous rotation avida in the LLM, the halaman and noxa 11 is the first sign of degree degradation, decline decline demise started with this Yeah, the first sign of the mice that emerged into the community of the children of

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Israel is the following

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and not what when you meet somebody who's doing something wrong and you tell him tequila few

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This is how

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you breach them during the day is doing something wrong. But you know what, at night, Lionel acuna akeelah washery Bye arriba waka I come to

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America doing remember in the morning I told

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you can I eat with you sit with him and you start eating and drinking and entertaining the person at night when he died? So Pinilla was also Allah wa sallam said that their hearts get contaminated. They do not see what they see do evil anymore. They do not see the thing which they are commanding them to stop or commanding them to do. They do not see it evil anymore. Therefore Allah curse them. Lorraine alladhina for me, he already said either Buddha wise have no money. There's no Salalah Salim says Well, one law he then he addresses the one law he by Allah letter. Nabila roof you better enjoy and good wallet and hoonah and you better forbid what is evil while attack hodan Allah Yeah,

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the volume and you must you better stop the oppressor from his oppression while attack? Now who is happy?

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And you must force them to stop again. With all those conditions these conditions Okay, yeah, you must be drive. While attacks on casilla You must strive to get them to do what is right. I will I have driven Allahu buku Baba, Baba, some ley line and nakum Camilla Anna home. Otherwise Allah will cause corruption to your hearts. And he will curse you like curse the children of Israel before you shadow The important thing because I think we got to finish this episode three minutes. And I think we have to come back to how you go about it. Number three, I don't know if we need this or not. But let me tell you this. The first thing is the hand force

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with the conditions with restrictions, right? If you can't, then the time, what the conditions what the restrictions assessing her like we detail. Then once it comes to the heart, you must remove yourself from the place hegira isolation. You cannot change with your heart while you're sitting with them. Right? You have to leave you have to leave and I think Malik insha Allah in the next episode, we want to do let's see how you go about it. Number three, because I think it's very important and work because it's very unfortunate that a lot of us right now are

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confined to number three, which is the heart students. So I think a lot of us are confined to the heart to that limb that we have to change it, change the evil with our heart. And we need to teach a little bit more How can you go about it in general? Thank you very much as always for your time and your insight insights and thoughts you may have came up with it we certainly appreciate it we're looking forward to this program. The next episode you guys have you don't want to miss it this series really is something that's beneficial for all Muslims all around the world because he man came up with a he's talking about issues that are relevant to the Muslims all around the world in

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their daily lives. So you guys don't want to miss an episode of his new program, nation of goodness. So stay tuned until next time, we leave you in the care of a law Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

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moon and Venus

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