Do Souls Meet After Death

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The transcript describes a discussion on the topic of spouses and their interaction with the seventh heaven. The discussion also touches on the idea of interaction between spouses and family members, as well as the lack of text about it. The discussion ends with a reference to a book and a reference to a gender elorza.

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lap salatu wa salam ala rasulillah wa shadow Allah ilaha illallah wa de who luxury Jalla wa shadow Anna Mohammedan Abu who was a pseudo mighty respected brothers and sisters in Islam. Assalamu aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. I welcome you once again to Colorado Muslims. Council. Yes. Aloo NACA, they ask you, this is the name of the show when we answer your questions. The evening Allah hit Allah, we received a question from a sister who would like to keep herself unanimous. She's asking about spouses meeting in the grave. Brothers and sisters in Islam, what we know about this subject that after a loss of Hannah what Allah sends the angels, with the shout out from Jenna, with

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the sin from Jenna, and they sit in front of the deceased, and then the angel of death will come to extract the soul out of the body, the Angel of Death will hand over these,

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the soul to the angels to place it in the shroud, then they will ascend with it with the soul to the heaven. Now we're talking about a righteous soul, a pious soul, that soul will ascend to the seventh heaven to Allah subhanho wa Taala. And then there will be interaction with the souls which died before it.

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If they were righteous and pious, if they were righteous and pious, to the extent that some person will ask about his family members of their apps and how come they are not here. That's what we know. And this is in a hadith narrated by Abu Dhabi alongside him and Muslim and there is no indication to if we had eaten Baba Ignazio about the AMA one. So, this is the only time we know that there is interaction date, in after death between spouses or between relatives in general or family members in general, or even people who know one another, that they will actually get to know one another and they will talk to one another. This does not apply by the way to a wicked soul. Because that wicked

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soon will not be given a permission to ascend to Allah subhanho wa Taala. In alladhina, camdeboo, Biya Tina was that bawana led to the hula hoop of wobbu summer in LA at Hulu in Elgin, Indeed, those who are arrogant to follow our is in this world, and they delighted the gates of heaven will not be open for them. And what will happen to that so that will be thrown into the depths of Earth, the seventh Earth, but we don't have any text that says that there will be interaction with the wicked souls that are condemned down and see Jean in that jail down there. But that's all we know brothers and sisters in Islam, this does not mean that it is possible that they could interact more at other

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times. But you see, there is a rule in Islam pertaining to subjects of unseen we cannot say this will happen unless we have an evidence or an authentic howdy which I shared with you that particular situation here right after that. We cannot use analogy either we cannot say because they interact during that time then that means they will interact all the time. LPs lie you stuffed them fill a car it will fly via using analogy in Islam is not permissible once it comes to matters of unseen jazak Allahu Pharaoh We ask Allah subhana wa Taala to gather us all engender your bellami with our loved ones. Be it Nila hit Allah if they died as righteous and pious and we ask Allah Subhana Allah

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to Allah to make us follow them in the path of righteousness and piety. Well, Edina mn What about whom do Ria to whom be Imani? And how can be him do reatta whom one Allah now whom in Amelie minchie couldn't agree MD maca Saba Rahim. Those who died as righteous and pious as believers and their family members full of them in righteousness and piety. They also died as the

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unbelievers, we will unite them. But the scholars of Tafseer explain this verse in gender elorza is something that we don't have a complete knowledge of. So we have to stop where we have the text and we don't have the text jazak Allah, Allah Subhana Allah home okay?