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The host of a TV show gives advice on finding a job and emphasizes the importance of enrolling in education. They stress the need to use positive reinforcement and use the body to address problems. The segment discusses negative consequences of force and criminal behavior, and emphasizes the importance of evaluating negative consequences for actions. The segment also touches on the negative consequences of force and the use of force in social selling, and emphasizes the importance of knowing one's actions and consequences in order to manage behavior. The segment ends with a recap of the series and promise to stay tuned for future episodes.

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de la Cana for you on

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Salam Alaikum dear viewers from around the world. Welcome back to our series of six part that's right episode six of our series, nation of goodness. I'm joined today of course as usual by me and cream abou Zaid. That's right, he's back. I'm back, you're back. We're back for this all new and exciting series only on how to TV you've seen him cream on the righteous companions, the inevitable journey and also most recently on building a better future. And this is an exciting new series that's really an evolution of the last series building a better future we're talking about being the nation of goodness and enjoying the good and forbidding the evil. If you didn't see the first five

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episodes, please get on YouTube, his channel is slam way 71 get online www dot cream obj.com. And don't forget to follow the Shaykh also on his life at our program on guidance TV titled let's talk about it you guys. Watch those first five episodes now we're in Episode Six. We're talking about the consequences individually and collectively if we don't fulfill this virtuous and righteous task of enjoying the good and forbidding the evil so without any further ado, let us welcome Shaikh back to the 100 TV screen Assalam when it comes to creme de la Mora De La Hoya Malik Malik Kusama delight your viewers I'm excited to be back. I really like what Malik just said. I'm not sure if all of you

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have watched building a better future or not. But I like what he said it is really a revolution or is it like a progression because progression you know what you taught them how you said look, let's build a better home right now we're talking about the society so let's get together I like that natural evolution. Yes, it's important.

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I think Malik today I don't know what you have in mind, but I think we're gonna talk about the consequence do it inshallah. Well, first of all,

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it goes with the consequences that we must explain the ruling regarding

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enjoining good and forbidding evil okay ties in it ties in and the consequences for not doing this listen. enjoining good and forbidding evil is mandatory upon every Muslim at least with their hearts

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Okay, what do we mean by that? Ross also Lavalier Salafi Hadith evisa eidl hodari Ravi Allah one well how do you feel highly non Muslim? Says Mara I mean c'mon Karan Fallujah year,

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Whosoever amongst you see these evil sees here means that you cannot go and dig. You cannot spy on people. Okay?

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The moon car must be what a parent okay avahi okay in the society. I cannot go and spy in Malik's home to find out whether he's doing evil or not okay that's not what we're talking about. Men are

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freezing visible to you

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more than Karan evil fell you

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learn here lab fell, learn

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it's a command you must change it.

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While also Phil Emeril oop, al al hacked me while alpha worry. And by default, if you see a verb which contains assign, which means you must do it, whether the verb itself is a commanding verb or it has a letter or a notion that this is a command, then by default, you must do it right away. You have no choice for it is why it is mandatory upon you. And once we use the word wedge it It means if you do not do it, you're sinful.

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And of course if you do it you get rewarded for you. Did the Rasul Allah wa sallam leave it is the Hadees over No, it is not over yet. value over a year. God, the first thing is the hand. Hand is in reference to force you force the change. Okay. And I'm telling you the viewers, this particular one belongs to ameerul momineen belongs to the leader of the Muslim Ummah and those whom he places in charge, once it comes to community at large recognize legitimate authority, right? Not Malik by himself. I don't want because lately, you know, we heard people in Egypt for example, going and killing people in the street. We cannot do that. We cannot do that. That's a red zone. So

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This is the authority. Also, this applies to you as a father, right? If you're at home and you're dealing with your children, but at the end of the day also, you must use the etiquettes I'm not getting a premise here, the parents are not giving you a premise to beat up your children to death. That is not the way it is. That is not the way it's supposed to be. First of all, you must follow the steps of educating your children about it, warning them about it, teaching them about it, removing anything that invite them to do that wrong thing, it gives them a chance, a chance, right? And use positive reinforcement for a while, right? It's exactly where you we follow the concept of a

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teach your children to pray at the age of seven and spend three years teaching teaching encouraging, encouraging, teaching, teaching, and then at the age of 10 if they do not have smacking elements, we can say Okay, so, I be at a pipe, what if using the hand will result in greater evil

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or if you use your hand use force will result into an affliction brought upon you right, then leave it, then you go to the next level for 11 years.

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If you are unable,

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being unable to refuse to two variables met two variables. variable number one, that if you use the hand will lead to a greater evil.

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The evil that you're trying to change is going to be doubled. Then don't do it. Or if you use your hand this will result into you being what injured or hurt, injured, hurt and jailed for life killed. Do not do it. Okay. Then you retreat to up to the next level. What's the next level the time down? That's what we're talking about. Speak.

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Salaam Alaikum brother, this is haraam tequila Rama and comes with the Dawa Malik inshallah and we're gonna shed more light on this that you must possess the knowledge about the subject okay. You must know what the subject is. Look when you call people to Allah subhana wa Taala or whether you're calling Muslims to leave something that is haram and taking them to something that is halal. And you use your tongue then you are akula to Allah odo ella cebelia Rebecca, Bill hegner well now you must use wisdom in general and will shed more light in this you must have knowledge

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you must be a way of the of this know of the subject

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for example, you know the oma different regarding the wiggling of in the prayer and the prayer you know we have and the people have more evidence and every one is supported by evidence. Some people do like this somebody Of course Yeah. And if the people are interested to find that that way, the closest to the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu but there are people who are not going to do this now should you go and after your brother finishes your Salah and yell at him and shout at him for doing something different than you know you shouldn't although it happens sometimes but yeah, no no no Listen, you must have the knowledge that this subject listen

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maybe leave it leave it Yeah, talk about it like I said you know brothers This is the closest to the sun if you want to follow I love you for the sake of Allah if you don't Mashallah, I still love you for this. Yeah, right. Right. This woman by wisdom and good manners, right? You know, these days, you know people always ask you about is carrying this bad habit. Ah, Miss Yeah, yeah. is another another issue, which is it a bit Ah, well, you know what, I use my hand. I never carry a miss Baha. Okay. But I know there are people out there and actually people that we learn from, listen, I still said to those that the best way is this. And I still let them know that the best way to do this via

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his this, but you see how I was just practicing how I love you for the sake of Allah. Basically, what I want to say to your viewers is based on the magnitude of the Act, you shouldn't, you should use some leverage, right, some peaceful way of approaching the brother. Because at the end of the day, he still thinks that he's doing something that is right. He's doing something to speak. We call it a bit of a fear something that is added to the religion. A good act of speech is the origin is the origin of the deed. But how they do it is weird. The problem is, she still have to go about it in a peaceful way. Again, I don't want to get off the subject here because we still want to talk

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about the consequences.

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of abandoning this, but I want to say that if you use your tongue, it must be done with wisdom. And the wisdom carries three things here that you must have knowledge of the subject. Before you approach it, you know that the subject is a subject that the jurists debated that there are other people out there who breach Muslim scholars, people who they see whom they see as scholars, they believe they think that religion from them, so you, you have to be aware whether the issue is an issue of like, for example, somebody who says, you know, what, hijab is not in the Quran. Someone like this. I'm not gonna say I love you for the sake of Allah and all of them not gonna do that.

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This is a huge subject as a brother, come on, come on. In here, brother. Yeah, let's get to the point Brother, what do you say about the Virgin's brother? What do you say about the verse in Surah? No, brother, huh? It's a different tone, different tone, you underscoring to the magnitude of the situation. This is number one knowledge you must do it with with with kindness with inshallah, we're gonna shed more light on this. You must do it with wisdom. But what if you cannot use your tongue.

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If you use your time is not the right place is not the right time. It will turn the person against you. It will turn into fitna and so forth. Then you go to the heart. So we live in suspense a little bit. We can't really we can't use the Force. We can't use your tongue. Now you're saying use the heart How can we use the heart before we tell them this go to a break? Okay.

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Thank you so much. If you want to know how to use your heart in enjoying the good and forbidding evil, then you have to stay tuned and learn more.

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We'll be right back.

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whispers of Satan

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lead you to death

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but there is a way out.

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moon and Venus

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Assalamu alaikum Dear viewers, welcome back you guys. The second segment very exciting man criminal Buddha is going to talk about how to enjoin the good and forbid evil by using yes this thing right here. Your heart you guys so we're talking about also we were talking a little about the consequences but we won't really want to focus on in this episode is how do we go about this? How can we go about it in a proper way? That is how do we enjoy the good and forbidding evil in the best possible way. So here to clarify it once again, of course is the man cream thank you for staying with us a cream. So how can we do this? How can we go about this Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala

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rasulillah Chateau La ilaha illallah wa salli ala Sayyidina Muhammad Abdul Rasul brothers and sisters in Islam I get so excited once I talk about this subject, because I think it's a life and death for the oma to come back. Yes. Because I'm telling you there is not enough people who are doing this. It's life and death. Right? Can I get it? You know, what are the signs of this that we see more? A lot of evil? Yeah, we're living this right now. I believe we're living this the fact that you're seeing evil and I'm talking about Muslim communities. By the way, I'm not talking about non Muslims like last episode, we stress the fact that we're talking about in the Muslim community,

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right? Very important Malik.

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We spoke about the hand, right, the force, the force, forcing a change, but forcing change, we could say that you must be eligible to do this, you must be given the authority to do this. Number two, you must assess the negative and the positive consequences of you doing this, okay?

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In a lot of cases, using force, the negative consequences are far greater than the positive consequences, you may end up with a greater problem than the problem that you're trying to stop. It's not really an option right now for us. For the most part, some cases Yes. And we're gonna inshallah talk about this maybe in the future.

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Second, like if you're a father, you know if you're a parent if you're in charge

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Okay. And using force does not mean literally that you beat everyone down. Like I tell you, I give you a good example. You know, hanging pictures on the walls is something that is haram in Islam, pictures of living literatures, inanimate objects. Yes, objects. Mm hmm. You know, and I do this whenever I walk into my machine and I see people hanging in some advertisement, some announcement where they have pictures of human or animals or living ugly, I just take it down.

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I take it down. Yeah, of course, I don't tear it. I don't do it in an ugly way. I just go. And I take it inside my office and people come Why did you do this shift? Oh, brother, you know, he is the evidence. It's how long to do this simple. As simple as that. If you want to announce something, please just design another flyer that does not have a picture of living. This is what you mean by force? Yeah, necessarily hitting something. I mean, forces is actually an actionable social selling situation. libnah, Vitaly Hadith, that if you see a picture of, of a living creature, or, or an icon or an object, you know, idle, idle, take it down. Yeah, take it down. But again, not everyone. You

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know what, I do not expect my community members to do this. Why? Without my permission? Exactly. This is the point. You see. Yeah. Okay. And the map. Yeah. And the name of the machine, I could do this, because that is my authority. Right. Now, if any of the community members would do this, I wouldn't have a problem with them because they were alive because they went out offline. And before they do it, they must come shape. There is this problem here? Somebody is hanging a picture on the wall that has a living object object in it?

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Should I take it down? no later than the circle O'Hara for letting me know I will go myself and do it a lot. He will do I'll take care of this right. He actually enjoyed good and forbid evil himself, right? He spoke about it, but he spoke about it to the right people, right, he came to the right individual and said, so hand then it doesn't work this way. So the negative negative and positive consequences of doing it right are assessed and you're for sure. Know, for a fact that there will be a greater a bigger problem that you're trying to stop will be as a result of using the hand or if you use your hand it will bring about problems on your own. You will be taken to jail, you will be

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associated with this associated with that you're gonna lose your your life, then don't do it. Then Rasul sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says a lot to the next step, which is move to the next step, move to the next stage, which is what using using the tongue using writing an email or writing a letter writing, you know, a communication that you communicate the fact that this is wrong. And you know, something that amazes me Malik when

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the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam heard about these three individuals, three individuals came to his house and they are a Muslim. And they asked about the manner of his worship. The Hadith is lengthy and there is a lot of benefits I could spend the whole episode talking about. But I just want to talk about something that in these three individuals, they made very serious statements, three serious statements. One of them said, You know what, I'm going to pray 200 every night non stop, the viewers probably know that idea. The other one said, I'm going to fast everyday non stop, I will never break my fast. The third one said that you know what, I'm not going to marry a woman

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anymore. Women children who are occupying me from diabetic are also allowed to sell him when he wanted to correct this. He called the oma to the machine. He did not say those three individuals did this and this and he pointed fingers at them, this is how to go about it. No, he said, I heard some people saying this and this and this and this. This is how to go to ballet.

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Yeah, you see salatu salam is ours. Also, he would say when he when he people when they pray behind him are also sallallahu Sallam one of his particulars that he would see behind him in the Salah. Like he would see in front of him like he's standing and facing the Qibla he is able to see the the people behind him he's one of his particular Yeah, one of men who salsa yet in every now Yeah, he would see the people Subhanallah when they pray they raise their hands. The I'm sorry, the head their heads, right? Of course, the sooner that you you look at the point we look at this point where you're gonna prostrate, but they will do this. Then the Rasul sallallahu Sallam after the Salah.

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They said, Man,

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you're foreigner, Osama Salah. What is wrong with some people like some people?

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You see, that's how you go about it. Yeah. Oh, don't stand up. Say you raised your head. You raised your head. You raised your hand. That's not how you go about it. This is what we call kindness. Because this is the approach this is the method look malic acid

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The end of the day, inside each one of us, there is a few

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laughs Yeah, we call it ego, you know, ego. And I'm telling you inside each one of us inside every human being there is an ego that if you let go is when I say I'm your Lord worship me right. Now, people do not like to be told you're wrong.

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People do not like to be told what to do. Let's face it, listen, yeah, we're normal. We're human beings. Right? Okay. What am I and me then we can live in? We're not trying to make up Sophia. Therefore, the person who says it must say it in a nice sense in a nice way, right? Add to this Malik. When you do it, take yourself out of the picture. How do you do that? Okay, when you do something wrong, I come to you, brother, this is wrong. What you're doing is wrong. This is terrible. What you do, you're really placing yourself as the authority. Yes, an American Brother, you know, did you know that? Allah Subhana, Allah said, and you could have right? Brother, you know,

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the messenger, sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, like this, take yourself out of the picture. You're out of there. But I'm just a delivery brother. I'm just conveying this to

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you. I'm just trying to help. But this is what Allah said, This is what the messenger said.

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People called me all the time on my let's talk about your hijab. Okay, Sister, don't look at me. Don't in the sense Eonni don't listen to the taking yourself out. I'm out of this. I'm just going to tell you what Allah said. He heard the messenger said, and you, it's up to you. It's up to you. So now, if you cannot use the hand, sometimes also, using the tongue I'm sorry. Sometimes also, using the tongue will bring a greater just novel of negative thoughts. So we have to wait. It's like the first option but to force you want to wait. Yeah, the same exact thing, the same assessment you have to assess the negative and the positive consequences of speaking about it. Of course, if you're

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making sure that you're going to speak about it in a way that will correspond to the magnitude of the action, the magnitude of the action with knowledge in kind words, knowledge and kind words and and also you know, once we talk about knowledge, also, knowledge of the caliber of the person you're dealing with, can at least give you a good example. You know, the Hadith Sahih Bukhari Hadith ebihara a bit when who came and he urinated in the mush.

00:22:35--> 00:22:52

What was the reaction of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. And the reaction of the companions to Kenyans were angry the Prophet was calm, so just will come. Why? Because he knew this is a bit weird. Yeah. the caliber of the intellect of the person they bid with, you know, he asked him, look at this, he asked him he asked him, Why did he do this?

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Yeah, you know what he said? And that tells you how the Prophet sallallahu wasallam figured out the caliber of this person is one La Jolla Rasul Allah by Allah messenger of Allah. For me, the masjid is like the outside. Yeah. Why if you? Why, why this because now we're picturing the masjid of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam to be like our message now. Drugs. You know, the message of the Prophet sallahu wa salam was Sam. Yeah, dirt. Yeah. Why do you read the Hadith that the dogs used to come and urinate and defecate in the masjid inside the masjid? Why? You read Hadith as I said, in America, when the big one had to Muslim when the big one entered and he said the Rasul Allah,

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the vegetation are dying, the animals are dying, ask Allah to bring rain as the sky Tian Rasul Allah made while he's in the booth, he raised his data like this, his finger like this, and Allah wrote down the rain, NSA is that the rain came through the ceiling to the extent that the view of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa Taala so here is the masjid of the prophets of Allah Salah is really typically is like the outside here unless it has four worlds and

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that's it. That's it. So the Bedouin thought it's the same no problem what is what is the difference between me urinating here or outside? outside this is Sand Hill this Sunday. But the point that I'm trying to make

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understood the caliber the type of person we're dealing with look at the wisdom and it's lost on you when you read the headings you don't think about it but there's no wisdom. So you have to look at the caliber of the person their intellect I'll give you another example. I don't know if we have time.

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Exciting and awesome Salah Salah was sitting with his companions had this soleimani have no solid, solid fee sila Muslim. And he saw two companions from a distance yelling at one another. And one of them really got angry. You know, when we get angry shaitan takes our phone. That's why we're supposed to change our position. Oh yeah. Shaytan actually drills in when you get angry and speaks and that's why. If you're standing sit down if you're sitting down, stand up right here.

00:25:00--> 00:25:12

Your position so you make the stay of shaitana your buddy uncomfortable then maybe you will have a chance to recollect yourself right so Rasul Allah is sitting from a distance and he saw this companions from far away

00:25:14--> 00:25:22

getting angry and upset. And he said well law in Nila Alam kalama by Allah I know a word that if this person says it,

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whatever he's experiencing right now, for going will go away. What your Salalah if he says, I will do Billahi min ash shaytani r verges upon Allah.

00:25:35--> 00:25:51

The container is that they are so Salalah RS lm did not tell him, right. He did not tell him because it's not the right time to tell him that was one of the companions who was sitting next to the prophets. Allah Salam did not wait. He went right away to the man who was angered and he said, say

00:25:52--> 00:26:28

you know what the man said, Well, you see me crazy. Do you see me crazy? Yeah, this is the wisdom yet at the time you did not do it right because he knew if you tell him now wrong time, it's the wrong time. shake us It's beautiful. keep interrupting to the wisdom behind the head eat this beautiful shake. We're out of time for this episode I want you to in about a minute if you can just briefly recap. How do we go about it? What are the consequences for not doing it and where we're going to the next road in the next episode? We haven't done the heart. Yeah, we talked about the first two how to go about it and and and tongue so far. We want to talk about how to go about it

00:26:28--> 00:26:48

with the heart which is very important Okay, Charlie will say thank you so you guys stay tuned to this series don't miss one episode this series nation of goodness with your favorite shaky man premium was a the next episode we'll be talking about enjoying the good forbidding evil with this right here the heart so don't want to miss it you guys. If you're watching until next time, we leave in the care of a loss that are more like lucky

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carry over to noon and

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while I'm

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