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Assalamu alaikum dear viewers from around the world Welcome to the eighth episode of our new series and exciting series nation of goodness is the most recent work of Eman premium was a check them out online at www dot cream Malibu's a.com check him out on guidance TV at Facebook as well. Guidance TV on Facebook as well. And don't forget to check him out on TV on guidance TV on his daily fatalis program. Let's talk about I believe every other day in any event this is an excellent program we certainly hope is benefiting you guys. The first seven episodes were amazing so get on his YouTube channel check them out Islam way 71 Islam way 71 and check out the first seven episodes. The last

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two episodes we talked about how to go about this. That is how to enjoin the good and forbid the evil. We're going to do it again in this episode because immune Korean believes this is a very big and controversial and important topic. So let's welcome him back. Thank you so much shaker salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Brother Malik qualicum salam wa rahmatullah the viewers,

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we're back part three, part three, how to go about it, how to go about enjoying in good and forbidding evil is a problematic subject. This is a huge, massive, massive topic that

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is not spoken about by a lot of the brothers, why not shake? Why isn't it spoken about?

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because it brings about a lot of confusion, confusion, vagueness, and the subject itself is branched out in a lot of areas, or Sol marmelade. Right. If you really hit it from one angle, while disregarding the rest of the angles of the subject, you may end up

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giving the wrong message like I stressed over and over before Malik that when we say about when we talk about enjoining good and forbidding evil, we're really talking about Muslims with Muslims, right? That is why when brothers and sisters who are watching us in the West, and countries like America and Europe

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they need to realize that this only applies to Muslims. But with non Muslims what you need to convey to them really is the hate first and this is called our dollars right La ilaha illa Allah and you see if we keep speaking without bringing in this reminder over and over again people may think that now I'm going to go to the nightclub next to their house and

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and tear it down and

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then we get in trouble with everybody I'm pretty sure appreciate because if we see a non Muslim smoking a cigar can come into any sin No, he's biggest problem is he's a disbeliever we want to bring him into the fold of Islam not to tell him not to smoke or this and you see at the end of the day again and we I think we discussed this in a previous episode is the question is is the non Muslim addressed by the practice of the religion of not?

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Before Sharia Oh no. You see the debate very quickly if he is living in a Muslim country I expect him to behave like a Muslim and a lot of things he will not be doing

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things that but we're talking about Muslims who are living in an almost in a non Muslim exact opposite the exact opposite now Hadith Martina Jebel Ali Baba Sai hai those the map for this that the first thing that you have to talk to them about is the hate, you have to bring them to Islam First, it will not make any sentence to speak to a non Muslim about drinking or smoking, adultery right without giving furnishing the principles that you know that lat form right, the fundamental platform on this the main principle of life right

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which is that ilaha illAllah Malik in the previous episodes, we spoke about how you go about enjoying good and forbidding evil and we have two Hadith hadith of live number so it says I am Muslim and also Hadith I beside the hood Rufus I am Muslim, and Subhanallah the three hobbies are identical, but one of them explains a little bit more the other hand if you say 200 very quickly Rasul Allah wa sallam says, Man ramen C'mon Quran failover Yahoo ba de la mia Stata family Salli ala Mostafa pal Viva La baffle a man whosoever sees evil amongst you let him change it with his hand force the change if he cannot. Now cannot means two things. If you use your hand if you use force

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will bring up

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About more damage, right or it will bring harm to you as a as an individual. If you cannot then retreat to the next level, which is your tongue, your tongue, you speak about it, you write about it, and so forth right now. But again, with this also, there are some restrictions, right, you must have knowledge of the subject before you actually initiate the process of enjoying a good and forbidding evil, you must do it with kindness and wisdom. And we're given a lot of examples. And you must be patient afterwards, because not everyone will like what you are saying what you are doing.

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Now, also, sometimes if you speak about an evil will cause more harm than the good that you are intended, certainly, to bring about. Or you may expose yourself to harm's way, then we tell you that

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there is a last level that you retreat to, which is the heart. But now with the heart of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam says that whether you have the apple in an inheritor besides the prophets, Allah Allah Allah Allah says this is the weakest form of faith in the wording within Mr. Muslim, but you should be answering the previous one you're still a Muslim, but this one is strong language. Go ahead. Is this is Gary the long skinny? Look what he said to Los Alamos. Well, is there any kameena Lee Manny mezcal hotbed

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beyond this? If you stand and you see the laws of Allah, the commands of Allah are violated and you do not feel

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right that there is something wrong that means this heart is dead. Yeah. Because we know by the way, a man What is a man? What is the definition of a man as a man or a codon bill Jana Kowloon Villa San Juan and Bill are can believe in the heart Yes, you testify this with the tongue and you do with the limbs. And here's the statement which I'm looking for at increases and decreases. That's perfect analogy that you can see how they go together right. Now if you see the commands of Allah being violated before your eyes and your heart does not move. That means your Eman is zero Your heart is dead you hit rock bottom line is nothing rock bottom does not have any thing in there. Now, let us

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shed more light on the issue of the heart in particular. But you know there is a beautiful story that happened at the time of one of the rulers of Daniel omiya His name is Marwan Abdul Hakim

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How do you feel

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that if eight marijuana was a little bit

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harsh in his heart was and that people would not enjoy it? Okay, he is the mayor and the people would not enjoy his speech too much can have a human

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so when he speaks that people are forced to jump I have to say

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we have no choice. And you know the ruling regarding de la salado you begin with the Salah first and then smoking and then the hotbar right and the whole pie is optional By the way, okay, the hotma fileted is not meant to okay illegible was allotted eight, okay, just the Salah. Okay, but the hookah is optional. Okay, so the people you know normally you know when when he comes in he leads the Salah they pray behind him and when he's about to give the hook they would leave

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because his words were harsh because they wouldn't enjoy about that but he didn't enjoy his hotbar much Okay, so you know what he decided to do after seeing the people turning away from his hot button eight he decided to do the haka before the Salah

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to force people to stay to force people to listen. Yeah. So he brought them in for him abroad about the story of a Muslim I'm giving of course more insight right okay. It's not exactly what we're this way but yeah, I'm trying to mission to give the wisdom and everything and trying to explain it in a

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in a nice entertaining fashion yet.

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He didn't even in any way. As soon as he brought the bobet and he's about to give the hook but before the Salah, one of the people will sit him What are you doing?

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This is what enjoy the work enjoying the girl and he's able to do with the Lumia Yeah, this is tough. What are you doing? You Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam he started with the Salah before the haka. He said and

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he said, Well you guys do not stay for my hotma so I'm going to switch it around so you get to stay

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rasulillah is doing this is he prayed he started with the Salah, and then the hochma you're changing this. This is a beta

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He got himself and he left you know who was present in the gathering?

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Their companion who narrated howdy menorah? I mean c'mon current. Sad.

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Sad. He was present, right? I said what? The one the one who is. So after the after marijuana Bill hakken insisted that he will do the hookah before the Salah. The Sahabi the companion you know what he decided to do? He decided to collect his cell phone leaf. I'm not gonna say this is a bigger, I'm not gonna sit in here. You know what I wish I

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asked for this man. He has fulfilled the enjoyment of blah,

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blah. That's great. That's a wonderful, you see?

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Okay. Of course with the hand you cannot use the handing is the ruler impossible. So he kicked this out of his book, right? This book is it this is a beta now he still insisted that he is going to deliver the hook but before the Salah. Now he is left to up his heart but with the heart he cannot stay Yeah, that's one forsake really take a short break. So a wonderful story. Thank you guys. Stay tuned for more We will be right back after this short break.

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I've been asked today to talk about

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and the modern world the religion that is acceptable to Almighty Creator is Islam.

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The more you know about him, the more you realize how you want to be like

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Allah gave him one

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of the Prophet messenger of the messenger to remind everyone don't deny the creator

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be alone we worship and be alone we seek help

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you ever on this planet walked such a person as Mohammed?

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Welcome back guys all around the world to nation of goodness. We're having a wonderful time talking about enjoying the good forbidding evil with our beloved cheeky man crema was a shake. In the last segment you had a wonderful story about enjoying the good forbidding evil and the effect that it has on our hearts. Can you give some more wonderful stories like that to encourage our viewers in this topic? Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah eyeshadow Allah, Allah Allah Allah, Allah, Allah, Masha Allah Muhammad Abdul Rasul the viewers, brother Malik. Like I said, force the change, you can't

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speak about it. You can't. Then the heart with the heart. Yeah, and leave with the heart and leave leave separate you cannot stay and that's one of the misconceptions I can talk about the shake talk about this misconception but some people say as you said in the break, as long as I hate it with my heart, I can still be there. No, no, you see, you see, Savannah Foley made a beautiful statement. You know what I said while ye by Allah? In Nila Abu Donna, I urinate blood when I see somebody doing something wrong. And I cannot speak about it.

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Look, this is this is the attitude the feeling of a believer right? He's so hard in trying he's so hurt his heart is so hurt right? Is so touched to the extent that he's about to urinate blood.

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But yet what wisdom he assessed the negative positive consequences if he uses force or use the tongue or speaks is going to be bad. It's not going to be good, right? So he leaves he leaves but he hates it with this because you see at the end of the day, we need to explain something very important, which is Rahim Allah mentioned in his beautiful book. Allah Walker in hon Allah Ameen or Allah Moonwalker in Allah Blimey. You see there are four cases here.

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case number one, that if you use your hand tongue

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You're gonna end up replacing the evil with good.

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case number two, if you use your hand and tongue and you will replace that evil with a lesser evil. Okay? God is still good. We're gonna come back, right? Just hang in there. Okay, case number three that you're gonna replace that evil if you change it with your hand and son with an equal evil

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case number four that if you're gonna change that evil, but you're gonna replace it with a greater evil, right? Those are the four cases four conditions here right? Well case number one if you're going to change that evil with a greater goodness with a with it with the goodness complete removal of the evil to witness do it Mashallah, of course, use the hand and tongue do what you have to do. It becomes actually wired up like the heart right? To do it. But now you have to assess it first. Now with a lesser evil, do it

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Jani Edna Tamia when the Tata you know, they came in occupied the greater city and so forth, right? the Mughals numbers you know, the Baghdad and Baghdad and Syria and so forth. So he was walking with his students and he found the soldiers are getting drunk.

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Again, that's very important here they are non Muslims, they are not Muslims. And that also tells you that if you see a non Muslim drinking, who is living with

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within the Muslim or within the Muslim world again I want to distinguish between the two this is very important right? So his students said to him, shouldn't we stop them from drinking he said, you know, if they become sober super they're gonna kill Muslims. Yes, let them stay away from us. So this is a lesser what evil Alyssa let them stay away from us. Don't kill us. Okay. You know the story for federal Moosa? Yes, that beautiful story and solotica the governorship

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they got a free ride in a ship. Now what is happening now?

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brothers sisters in Islam, we believe that Hitler is a prophet want to warn me, he's a prophet, because there are people in the oma now who say no, he's well, he Well, he knows more than

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we believe he's a Muslim. He's a of course he's a Muslim who believe that he is a prophet. He dug a hole in the ship.

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He dug a hole in the ship, say Thomas Edison did not get it. Right. Why did you see why in the world, people are giving you a free ride. And you end up destroying they're destroying the ship? Well, not literally destroying it, but digging a hole. Oh, look, at the end of the day, there is a greater evil out there. You know what? The greater evil? There is a king, right? Who looks at these ships. And if he likes it, he confiscates it, right? He takes it for himself, well get this one either, so that he sees something wrong with the ship, he leaves it. Well, I can I can make a better ship. I won't have to fix this one. Right? That's a lot of work because he's the king. Because he's

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the king. I'm just gonna get another one. But those two evils now. Right, a greater one, which is what that came what was taking the ship. And the other evil is what having left a hole in the shed is repaired and repeated. Yeah. So it's number two. So that's number two here. Good point, you go ahead and do it. Now. Number three, that you don't know is going to be a similar evil, the same evil, more or less, right? Then I advise you to ask a scholar, a student of knowledge, okay, what should I do? How can I go about it? Okay, before you do it, or acquire the knowledge or wait until you get more signs that this is going to be a greater or lesser evil? Take care of tequila? Yes.

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Right. Yeah, take your time. But here's a conditional case number four, that if you're going to replace that evil with a greater evil, it is hard to enjoy and God forbid evil with the hand. And Tom, I see you're surprised Malik. And I'm sure all of the viewers are. But the reason why. Because you have a problem if you're going to replace it with a greater problem. So what did you do? Right? I'd rather leave that problem for now until I figure out a way how to remove it from the picture, how to remove it from the community, how to remove it from the society, but I bring a bigger problem that I cannot handle this one. Right, right, you're gonna end up with a bigger problem. But now,

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here is here's the key here that we need to focus on Dear viewers, if you cannot force the change, if you cannot speak about the change, then you retreat to the final place in your body, which is what your heart right? But with the heart, you cannot be there. You have to separate you have to go somewhere else and that is why you understand how do you think

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Hello, there is a beautiful Hadith where the prophets Allah Allah Hanafi certainly tell me do you dare me, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says, men can.

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Fellow ageless Allah either tin usually, if you believe in Allah and that is of action, do not sit on a table where alcohol is being consumed. Even so you're not drinking. But if you sit there, that means your heart is condoning it, your body is condoning it, you want to send a message to the people that I don't like what you're doing. So yes, in a way, if you sit in a facility of evil, and if you cannot speak about it, if you cannot force the change, or even if you cannot sometimes you know, you could set because you're forced to rock you must show expression, yes of discomfort, be uncomfortable, don't stuff Allah, I would have been if you have to stay there for a while. And

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sometimes we'll get stranded into a places where music is played audible now.

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Don't say

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Don't do that. Don't do that. You cannot do that. Actually, it must happen naturally.

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Because your heart is dying because your heart is loves, loves Allah. And this is something that Allah He wouldn't stop for a while.

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Until you leave. Yeah, until you get go like this man who said this with

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the marijuana mill hakam. The story of right by which we explained before the break, right, right. And we have another story, the story that we shared with the viewers before Yes, chimpanzees. Yes, go ahead check the previous episode. Yes, the same exact thing very, very strong people violated they broke the Sabbath, right. They went literally and they fished on Saturday, right that they which they are supposed to devote to Allah subhana wa tada in worship, right. And at the end of the day,

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the good people, they had differentiated themselves and after they use their their young, they they see that harm. So where are they located? There is a third group and this village who stayed in the middle limita Luna Coleman or Carla Amato, home, Lena de buena Coleman Allahumma, Omar, Omar, they have been shady, why are you speaking to them? So they actually use the tongue, right? First, they told them this is haram. You're broken, you're breaking the Sabbath, Allah who will bring about the punishment upon us. But when they insisted, they said, You know what, we have to separate. Let's build the world. We cannot see you doing this, our hearts are gonna be accepted. And when a

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punishment comes, we're going to be punished for the children of Israel, they had broke up to these three groups, then what happened in the entry? Well, at the end, Allah Subhana, Allah saved those people who enjoin good and forbid evil.

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And Allah subhanaw taala turned those who violated the Sabbath by transforming them into chimpanzees. So you can get a feeling on how strong this is, oh, yeah. As a matter of fact, somehow, like, you'll become amazed because this particular punishment never happens. In spite of them doing other things. I mean, they killed messengers and prophets, they distorted the books they reveal at the end, they hide the books, they have the books, and they have but yet Allah never punished them that type of punishment. But for this one, because they thought that they can trick Allah subhanaw taala. But again, we'll go back to the subject here, which is important, how to go about it, Han

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force change, you can, consequences are bad, you're going to get in trouble, then you go to the tongue, you as wisdom, you you do your best to be kind and nice, you Be patient afterwards. But yet if you use the tongue, if you and if you write about it, if you give a hook by about it is not going to work, the consequences are bad, you're going to end up with a greater evil or people are not going to basically you're going to get yourself in trouble. Then you go to the heart which is what the weakest form of faith but with the heart I want to stress the viewers you cannot sit there and if you sit there stop for law

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This is what are stuck for law. You don't have to speak to them about it. You don't have to speak about if you have to stay there stuck for law and that is where Omar Abdullah Abdullah is decided to block a person who drinks alcohol who is not drinking alcohol who was sitting with people who are drinking alcohol he flat he flog him first first because what was what what got him to sit there What are you doing there? So this is important inshallah Malik I think we need to go into the consequences Okay. That we promised three episodes ago, but this wasn't our ago. Yeah, we promised this those three episodes are key in our series, how to go about it, and inshallah we will talk

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about the consequences. The next episode. If you don't

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King Saul thank you so much for your time and cream you guys at home. Don't miss the next episode of Nisha goodness, the latest work from you man crew members a next episode you heard from the shake, we're gonna be talking about the consequences and consequences of not enjoying the good and forbidding the evil. So until next time I leave you in the care of Allah Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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