Mufti Menk – Want the Perfect Body?

Mufti Menk
AI: Summary © The transcript describes a scene where a woman named Hannah is discussing a body with a man named John. Hannah suggests leaving the body in the soil and John agrees, citing the "has" sign as a way to obtain perfection. The transcript describes the situation as a confusing and denies the woman the man is looking for.
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Allah saying men, your body, even your body is not yours. It's an Amana. You're going to leave it it's going to decompose into the soil. On the on the Day of Judgment. We will give you a new body. Another one. Another one, not this one. So Hannah Did you notice? Amazing you get into Jenna, you really think you're going to have the same body, you will have a blemish less body. That's why every one of us they will be a small thing wrong here or there some major some minor you look into the mirror. If you look too long in the mirror, you're not supposed to you just say Alhamdulillah you walk out when you look too long. You start notice eight is one here, right here. There's another one

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here, you're starting a but that is a bit bigger than this one. And Allah says Look, man, you want perfection. It is for the hereafter. It is not here. It is for the hereafter. But if you want to achieve the hereafter understand this life is just the deception

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