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Salam Alaikum

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Salaam Aleykum walakum wa salam this this is Cheyenne Cheyenne How you doing?

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Alhamdulillah good see how are you? How's the family

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Alhamdulillah everybody's fabulous exactly okay Alhamdulillah we're gonna get you to sponsor one of these prizes for the competition okay do your camera your surveillance camera

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you never you never say no to me that's why

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suddenly the information and even look into it there's like a lucky as well okay go ahead

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I have a question. So I was born into you know from I'm from Atlanta stone and most of Atlanta people from Nebraska under you know, follow a mom hanifa and I was born into an 85th so as I was growing specially the most recent years you know, the more I'm researching online the more I'm you know, listening I can have you know, after the research I the way that the amount of money for any please pray I don't do that I pray based on what I found online based on the research that I did that close to be the way the Prophet Muhammad Allah says I'm because I'm certain things that I need to do. I don't do that. But I don't consider myself to be like a sharpie or molokhia humbly or

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anything like that, but I consider myself to be a Muslim following Hamas or Islam, but do I have to follow and consider myself to say, Yeah, I am Shafi or Maliki or humbly or any of these four, because based on a research I did I just follow what I see is closest to I find that the way was practiced at the time of Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam Cheyenne is asking a question, which, you know, I answered many times and I every time I answer this question I answered differently and but at the same essence is there

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I think, I think the first thing that we need to begin with here is when you declare your Islam you see a shadow La ilaha illAllah. Wa shadow, enter, about hanifa Rasulullah.

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Is Sheffield Rasulullah, Malik Rasulullah

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Mohan Bella rasulillah know,

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at the end of the day, we as Muslims

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must be keen on

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to say a shadow, Mohammed Al Rasulullah. And the scholars of our soul or soul meaning the fundamentals of the religion when they said

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you know, they wanted to sum up

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the declaration of faith, La ilaha illa Allah they said, la ma boo that Illa Allah no one is to be worship except Allah.

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Tell you what a shadow under Muhammad Rasulullah lamb at BU wa ala rasulillah no one is to be followed except Rasulullah. So, that's the foundation here.

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some of you may assume, because of the statement, which I just made, that Abu hanifa

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is sheffey

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Malik and ashmit called the people to say a shadow another hanifa Rasul Allah, so no, they are innocent.

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You know, if you know, if you read carefully, the biography of these imams said,

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they never, never in their mind, she and wanted you to abandon the prophet and follow them.

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Let's begin with anything. What did he say?

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He said, either Sahil Hadi who, for whom it's heavy handed, that's a statement made by Abu hanifa and authentically transmitted I'm not making it up.

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If there is a hadith something which the Prophet said

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and I said something.

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I mentioned a ruling then the Hadith overrides my method.

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You understand? The Hadith is my man. Yes.

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You know what he said also, lay your head kuliah hadn't

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any akula be fat? Why? attire alhama de I don't give permission to anyone to pass on my sexual my verdict over any matter until he verifies the evidence I used

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because for Abu hanifa to give a ruling he has to have an evidence

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With a collar law, or what are called Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam,

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one of the two or both. So you have to look at my evidence. Maybe I did not use an evidence, maybe I used an evidence which is no longer valid or abrogated. Maybe I used an evidence that somehow is it, I understood it. Maybe the Hadith I used is no longer authentic, some scholars consider to be weak. So you have to look at the body of the evidence you use in order to deduce his verdict, his ruling type, let's move on to Malik. What did Malik say? Lima medic of Niners. He said, Kowloon. You have two men who are in La rasulillah. He said a lot about a couple. Mr. Malik was in Macau. And when Medina it was next to the grave of the prophet SAW Salah you can say no to anybody, except the one

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who's buried in that grief meaning Rasulullah Atma What did he say? sheffy. What did the chef say?

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If I had a ruling,

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and then you found out another ruling that came with an evidence from the Prophet through what I said out of the window

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that says don't take from me or from Sophia. Or from outside but take wildlife abuse out for Christmas. But take from the source. Meaning that shouldn't that the intention of these imams were never was never to take the people away from a shadow ana Muhammadan rasul no way in their mind by comes into question. Why did they differ?

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Shy whole Islam ignores me it has a small booklet out of this world I hope somebody translated it called olive oil my lamb in metal Alam lifting the blame away from the known imams. Basically he mentioned 10 reasons why they different why they different. One of the reasons they differ chin was

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these four imams they lived in the first 200 years after the Prophet.

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The Hadith was compiled towards the end of the first 100 years

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who compiled the Hadith of the prophets of Salaam initially, Omar Abdel Aziz, the grand son of Omar Nakata, that the Son, the grandson of the lady who with the milk, if you remember the story, the mixing the milk, he is the one who appointed it new Shahab azuri at the year 99 after his euro to combine the added Why did the Muslims delay this because they wanted to make sure that the Quran is combined and intact, but the Hadith was there that people were going around and they were narrating it and and so forth. So they decided to combine the Hadith and so they had only 100 years. Now our honeys I used to live in Vancouver and up

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medicals in Medina, Africa it was an era to a chef he was someone else. So that he didn't like that right now you can go and combine and mention anybody that you want, you can get the reference and Who said that?

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And that is why Subhan Allah in some of the verdicts live ama chef I actually had some rulings, he would say what either Sahaja Hadith and he would name a certain Hadith, then my opinion is this. If this hadith is authentic, then my opinion is this. If this hadith is authentic, then my opinion is this, you understand? So that is their intention. And they did not differ intentionally No. Because of the availability of the evidence. The availability date, for example, that the issue which you guys been asking the last couple of weeks, can a sister give her holy, if a sister has gold for ornament, and that gold is over 85 grams is she does he have to give every year the 2.5% look at

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this Ultimate Magic Chef he said no. But what did they use? They use something called daleel Well, this is used for this is not for investment. So there is no need you know, either hanifa had an evidence had a discussion

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now when you have an evidence over logic or love, you know, we call a tally

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tally, then you go with the evidence. Then I'm gonna go with Abby honey. Not with with density, not with the

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Why because he has the evidence you're getting that and I can mention so many more of these incidents. But at the end of the day, brother Shan

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there are some Muslims. And I tell you this and, and this is the beauty of knowledge that you are at balanced Muslim, there are some Muslims who cannot worship Allah but through a man through mm, meaning he doesn't have the knowledge. You see, what I'm saying is, that means you have to verify every evidence and you have to check it. People A lot of people don't have the knowledge don't have the time. So they just want to do do, they just want to do exactly, that is why you should take and most of them are elders, we should take it easy on those. But as a Muslim, who loves the law, and loves the Law School of Law, you must strive to find with the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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stands, what is America and you stand is on his place, you stand on his way. But always use these imams as guides to help you understand the text because not everybody also can understand the text properly. You understand that? Hopefully this will answer well answered Yes, we're Muslims. And we follow sudo Rasul Allah Allah Salah.

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But I'm going to see how Abu hanifa understood that evidence. How a chef a understood that evidence. You see, these are guidelines they give you guidelines, Shan Jazakallah, halen Baraka Luffy and keep in touch with