Do Current Events Indicate End Of The World

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The speaker discusses a scenario where a woman named Missy is killed by a man named Mojid in Syria. The woman is not known, but the speaker provides evidence that Mojid is a Muslim based the woman is killed and the man is a Muslim based. The situation is described as a "optimistic" and "optimistic", with the woman killed and the man killed.

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Unfortunately this mistake is done by

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students of knowledge like myself

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is you trying

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to close

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the current events with the signs of the

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like because what happened last week you know that bombing and that will talk a fool and everybody said Okay, that's it

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nobody knows that I'm sorry if somebody says this is it he doesn't know then how to deal with the signs of the lesson. It's possible. It is possible that's it. But do you know No, you don't. Actually as a matter of fact, I will tell you right now and I provide evidence for you that the scenario which we have right now is a perfect scenario for

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a perfect you can have no perfect scenario within this.

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Look at this howdy fi si efficient.

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shuttle Albanian, correct, authenticated, and Muslim.

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Look at this. Kala salario Salah the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says

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to Saudi hoonah whoo masala Amina

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the Muslim world, the Sunni Muslim world Let me put it this way.

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We'll have a peace treaty, a covenant of peace,

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a truce

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with the west or ruin the Christian world.

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Now who's gonna do this the leaders

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Listen, when we speak like this, we're talking about the leaders the people who are hitting the streets in the Muslim world, the Muslim states

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and then what happened

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was una de nuwara econ.

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You and then we'll fight together and on an enemy behind you.

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Look at this Sunni Muslim or the Sunni world which is now they have with America with the West, Iran, Russia, China, perfect.

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Hurry. That's not my speech is not me.

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If you need the reference, I'll give it to your fellow photographer.

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And you will conquer

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Well, you will be successful in that war.

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Then what will happen in your way back with armies and your way back

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in a place called the

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dead which is in Syria.

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margin to rule a place in city of Bogota it's known

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then one of them will raise the cross and He will say the Cross has conquered

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the cross hellebores

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a jealous Muslim will say you know Allah has conquered.

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And that's how this will turn into a religious battle between Christians and Muslims. And this is what they refer to in their books. Armageddon.

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They know about it.

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It's in the books. But our Prophet never given it that name by the way.

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McGee do tell Megiddo that's the I think they took it from the police. But the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam called it melmac teller avina or actually the name for it, the pseudonym for it, Al mal hammer,

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mill hammer,

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but according to our records,

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Muslims will defeat the West in this matter.

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How will it happen? And just to show you

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you see, if you don't have the knowledge, you see signs of the hour or be to study it carefully and you must believe in them you must know otherwise that Netflix guy is going to cheat you that whoever people are gonna come and play with your head. How will it happen and just to show you now this is the position and the reaction of learn people.

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FISA Lima Muslim you say a

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few Dr. Nicola Busan say yes, you say your boss says the orea Allah knows best. You say my job says hi jack. Three, one Hello.

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a stormy, reddish Thunder stone erupted in, in in Kufa

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for either of you or Julian.

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Julian love Wu Jay Z.

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And then came running

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with a very loud voice saying Yes,

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sir, yes,

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sir. Yes,

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He's talking to them. So debnam so the hour is here.

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Basically, he said this is this weather changes. Look at him nosode

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what cannot know Massoud tacky and he was reclining?

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Fabulous. He looked at him.

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And he said

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Neverland, not yet.

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Not that I get

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some O'Meara

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until people are not going to be able or have tried to divide inheritance, or Joyce over

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things that these forms are for you.

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And then he started explaining, he pointed like this. And he pointed to the east.

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Kufa is west of Syria to the east. I do. Islam, eh, ma hoonah.

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will gather here

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and look at the details. Look at the details, the prophetic details under 80 flags.

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That means 80 Christian countries will gather in Syria.

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Look at this, the prophet said What in the world is under each flag 10,000.

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The world isn't without

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you do the math at times 12.

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So how many of those, this is the army getting the token?

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Again, the point I'm trying to make is what is a perfect scenario. But can I say this is going to happen now? You're out of I'm sorry. I'm out of my mind if I say that, or any sort of knowledge per se because this happened before. During the

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during the magoun during the crusades, everybody thought that this is the end this is the time this is it could happen. This could be another cycle. Another round. It could be

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again I'm not dismissing that it could be it could be the one What do you need to do? You need to be ready.

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here hopefully you can understand I'm preparing

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for the fetal that's time of fitness Who will I have nothing to do with all of this. I wish all of this doesn't happen but you know it's it's dripping it will happen. It says it shall be done.

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Once upon a while one of the most

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amazing things about the size of the hour here.

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And I love this and

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I didn't read this anywhere but this is like came to me when I was studying these is imagine Allah subhana wa tada or these

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that one

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from the offspring of Israel.

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And then from the offspring of Israel, and one from the offspring of his Huck.

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They will bring peace back into Earth.

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Lima Muhammad Abdullah Hill Maddy smiley is married with

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a son William is have

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both of them, the children of his heart and the children of his many will restore peace in earth inshallah.