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smilla 100 in Los Altos cinema la salette salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. We are the Desi rockery of Ramadan. 2012. Ramadan Mubarak as Allah subhanho wa Taala and cara de Compostela Bearcat, asked Allah subhana wa tada

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to make you amongst those that will benefit from this blessed month and chaloupka.

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What I'd like to share with you today, as this is our first day of Rocky Ramadan, 2012, I'd like to share with you one word.

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And this is such a very magical word. It's a magic, it's a it's a word that can put out the fire of anger. It's a word that, if it's used, can solve so many problems. That word is, I'm sorry.

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I don't think I can find anything better to start this blessed month by saying to anybody that I have hurt, or anybody that I have harmed, or anybody that I have maybe backstabbed or, or did something wrong against, to tell them, I'm sorry. And ask.

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It's a very beautiful word. In fact, that word does not show how weak you are. On the contrary, it shows how brave and strong you are. Imagine, imagine if that word is used at home, between a husband and his wife, or between kids and the parents, or parents and their kids, between you and your boss, between your friends, maybe industry, maybe what you're driving, you've got somebody off, and you just say

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I'm sorry. And as

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I'm sorry for hurting your feelings.

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on that one, do it again. And as

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so I'd like to be the first one to start by saying I'm sorry. To all my students. I'm very sorry. If I have maybe harm any of you or maybe by if you were to come late and made you do some push ups or whatnot. acid, I'm sorry. I'm sorry, to my family. I'm sorry, to my mother and to my father, I'd be an acid

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and only an acid.

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I'm sorry, if you needed me and I wasn't there for you. One way. I'm very sorry. acid.

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acid. My brother, my sister. Also I am very sorry. And I know how much you need me to be there with you. But I'm really sorry. I'm very acid.

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So my wife,

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I say I'm sorry.

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I know. Maybe sometimes all you need is is a hug. Or a word of support. And I was not there.

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And I'm sorry.

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To my kids. I'm out of my son. I'm sorry. If I

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said something that may have hurt you. Or I'm sorry. Sorry. I'm really sorry to.

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But I will let you I love you. Yes, me and I'm also sorry, Mama. If I was not there for you.

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But Bob is traveling all over it. He wasn't there for you. I'm sorry, mom. I'm very sorry.

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To my shift to my dad

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for maybe raising my voice at you, I'm sorry.

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And as

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to all of you out there, I'm acid. I'm very sorry. And I hope you forgive me.

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The Prophet is I certainly apologize to because it necessary in the Battle of Babel when he heard him.

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And he apologized.

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And he apologized, in fact, at the time of his death, and he salatu salam to all anyone who has he had may have hurt he says, Come on hurt.

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I'm sorry. Probably. He said it's too hard either worried. Even great leaders like Nixon.

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Many other great leaders. They said there was sorry.

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So why don't you start this blessed month by going to anyone that you may have harmed or said something bad

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or hurt and tell them? I'm sorry, please forgive.

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The brothers of us have they went to their father? Yeah, I've been stuck with Leonard lubaina in akuna. Hop in other US glad to forgive us. Certainly we were wrong. We're sorry. They apologized

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for those of us.

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So what is it if you go and apologize?

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It is not a weakness. Well lucky people will respect you

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for showing your strength and your bravery by just saying

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I'm sorry.

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So once again, brothers and sisters and as

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I'm very sorry

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I asked us

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to make a long story.

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Short, we saved indispensable

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until tomorrow for another series of rock, your ramadhaan 2012. And another lecture, I would say, I'm sorry get set up, I didn't come up with a light yada