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Alhamdulillah Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu brothers, sisters and friends around the world. Welcome to journey. Let's get everyone started with our recording. If you recall where we left off, please leave it in the chat box. But I think we are all sorts of ready to go. Whoo bIllahi min ash shaytani of regime. YouTube you have joined us as well. We can see you on screen if you'd like to give us a one for audio students. I think we made it all the way learn him in a shade on a regime everything else will set up.

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I am number

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Can we recall where we were? Was it 21 or 26? I believe it is Surah Yunus 26 Thank you for joining us.

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It will be he Mina che la nuit rajim.

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Wallach wa salam everyone middle days of Ramadan. I pray that your for most of us is this the 13th of Ramadan.

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If you're already returning favor with denial 21

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metaphor for human ingratitude 22 to 2324

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this fleeting life

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if you're buckled in,

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let's bring our recording.

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A salad Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah Welcome to journey 2023 for March for April 4. A privilege to be with you on this Tuesday.

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Let's get started in continuation of Surah Yunus Surah Yunus is number 21. I are number 21. discusses returning,

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returning favor with denial, metaphor for human ingratitude, and the fleeting life are the three topics. Let's get some recitation going and I think we will pick up from there

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there we go.

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Ha, thank you friends. It will be a lie he Mina che Bonnie rajim. Ruby, he may not shade on your Raji him Surah Yunus folks, if you're willing to join us on Surah Yunus is

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going to take a moment to pull up our IO

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how do we find the tab

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we are on Surah 10 Iron number 20 Surah 10 ir number 20. It'll come up on your screen if you have a Quran very proud that you're using your Quran. YouTube you must have access to a Koran as that is the only way you'll be able to see the text

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for everyone else, always it will be him in a shade poor new Raji Oui, he Mina shade blonde new Raji.

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Well either to lay him tuna ye nothing God, the null, your Juna the call or not

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DB core

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lucar DB in lady has

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a bad deal with Gu Li and Uber dealer who mean they will call enough see in Debye URL

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you have

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LA, in knee lawful in slate to rob be either by yo me now the food lotia lauscha

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Allahu medalla who do who are Aleikum will

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be served by the lobbyists to fee comb or Morin Ming popularly

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P do don't

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P rune. Thurman of Lambo meme man if they are Allah Allah He Kariba a five five if after 10 Surahs and 100 Plus page 200 Plus pages. You've heard this phrase now more than 10 times so I'm an elder law movie man if Dada law he can even

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get the Barbie. T. In hula up hula moody Moon yr boo doo doo need Lai, Hema Allah Iago roomlala room Waiuku Luna ha

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guna the law of goo call Don't be oh now long happy man.

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Move is

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the Wallah feel

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Suba Harada who

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usually cool

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I do request the slightest pause

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also bIllahi min ash shaytani R Rajim

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wama Ganon na su e o

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ADA. Wha he that data who? Walla Walla Kalama Saba bought me a big boo boo Yabba you know whom luckily are banging now whom FEMA fee he? Daddy foon WIAA golunov Allahu Allah Uzi Lolly to mill Rob be in my labelee if the little in Nima uncle mean moon the ugly

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friends you This is mainly for the YouTubers and Instagramers can we take five so to my to the live audience we're taking a small pause and that we can do easily that for us is a pause Instagram. Do we take a five minute pause and rejoin yes that's what we're going to do. So excuse me Instagram we are going to cut for a five minute break. And we will be back five minutes from now. Bismillah Instagram we are pausing here, journey 2023 April 4, part one