Chasing Dunya Is Bad! Is This True #Shorts

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Allah subhanaw taala is not going to promise

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something unless it's good. So this is good news for us whenever, again, you may be in a community, or maybe you feel this yourself or maybe somebody's whispering, that making dua and being successful in the dunya something bad. Maybe somebody's whispering to you that but when you turn to the Quran, and we always say, hey, let's not follow culture, let's follow the Quran that actually goes even for our western mentality that might be thinking that hey, seeking the dunya is something bad Allah subhanaw taala says that when you seek the Ophira Your reward is this dunya when you actually see to please Allah subhanaw taala that the reward is the dunya and so you shouldn't feel shy to seek this

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out. Because it's something that Allah subhanaw taala promised to the believers