Are you in pain So are they! Short reminder about Gaza

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So Allah subhanho wa Taala revealed several Ayat among these ALLAH SubhanA who had to hide it says em says Concur Han. Cada unnecessarily

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were to kill a will have a nurse. If you have suffered injury then they to have suffered loss and injury. These are the days that we alternate between people some days the victory is yours and other days the victory is for your enemy. And Allah subhanho wa Taala also says in Turku Luminesce in no home yet Allah Munna

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that if you are in pain, if you're suffering and you're in pain, then they too are suffering. They too are in pain. But there has to be a difference. What total Juna mean Allah him Allah you're June and you hope from Allah what they hope for and you hope from Allah, what they do not hope for? What can Allah who I leave and Hekima and Allah is the All Knowing to all why. He is the All Knowing. Don't think that he doesn't know what's happening. But he allows it to happen because he is Hakeem. He's all lives