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Al Haseeb, Al Jaleel, Al Karim And Ar Raqib

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Bismillah R Rahman Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala Sayyidina Muhammad wa sallam is

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continuing the 99 Names of Allah azza wa jal, we have

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the 14th from the 14th name we're doing today we'll try and do about four to six names today. For Allahu la de la

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Lu Raman Rahim Malika produces Salam

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Hubble reserve reserved for tabula COVID Alberto harfield Rafi Morrison movin semi on

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hackerman Luffy. For Habib, Holly Haku Shaku lolly, caviar, happy, happy

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nothing we did up to the

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last week and a half you unlock it. And now it's Aloha, Cebu, jelly Lucario, Rocky

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Mooji Vasa. These are the names that we will try and cover. Now the first of these is Alaska,

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which is the 14th name in the name 99 names of us online.

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And this name Alaska is one that shows that Allah azza wa jal is enough, he suffices. That's one of the meanings of hassy. So we don't need to turn to anyone else. If we only turn to Allah azza wa jal, it will be enough. And this is one of the beautiful mains were in Surah Al Emraan. In it number 173. You will find that Allah azza wa jal, he tells us that

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Allah has been Allah when Allah ke haba. They said, When Allah Allah is enough for us, and he's the best upon the best of those that we can depend upon. This, this shows clearly that Allah azza wa jal is telling us to put all our trust in him. When we put our trust in Him, He will come to our rescue, the same guy was fed by a primary Solomon who was in the fire.

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The same thing has been said,

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about us coming into trouble, and others pushing against us. And it's sort of unfair. And number 62, Allah said, What do you do?

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In the hospital law, you did?

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What you did

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in the hospital law, if they try to deceive you, after making a after making an agreement with you, then Allah is

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the one who puts his trust in Allah. You know, sometimes this is particularly is about making a contract with another country. Now, the believer shouldn't be that type of person that starts to think that I might or might get done in the market. And now obviously, if there are clear signs of you getting done in there, then you then you don't go ahead. But if there is a chance of them accepting you know, giving them a chance of doing some, some good and having a having an agreement of peace between you in between them, then you put your trust in Allah and you go ahead, and that's what Allah said, Well, after you've made your agreement with them, if they then deceive you, then

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I'm wise enough for you. Yeah, you wanna be hospital Kala Amitabha. You know, Prophet, Allah is enough for you allies enough for the believers.

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Allah is enough for you and Elijah for enough for the believers, if Allah wants to save you when it comes to the meaning of hasip. One of the meaning of hasip is that Allah is the one who takes things to account. So he's the highest, he's the one who takes into account and how has he been? Or has he been the quickest of those who takes things to account has been mentioned in sudo. anon in the student number six is number 62. Allah says, motto do it Allah himolla and all of them will be returned to them to the true

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guardian to the true load, it will be returned to Allah.

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Allah Allahu Allah. For him, we were for him his own sovereignty for him is all command on the Day of Judgment alone, not alone be the only one that make judgment and no people will be able to make any judgments. So Allah Allah Allah be whether all judgments will be his on that day

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has been

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He will be the fastest and most No, he'll be the he'll be the quickest in terms of counting all the deeds and everything that we have done. So that's inserted

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with the meaning of this

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allows Odell has placed everything with his calculation that's another meaning to calculate things to put things in measure is another meaning of hassim. So this is a third meaning and it sort of Rockman you find the 55th suit of the plan. In the beginning, Allah azza wa jal has said that when he has said Haleakala in San Jose is created, man 11 Hawaiian has taught him how to speak and then he has said a shampoo Amaro because then the sun and the moon both of them are imperfect calculation of how Allah has placed them. So this is a third thing third meaning of our Hasib. So number one is if we depend upon him, that is enough for us. There are various is a hadith for this, one of the

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other ones in sort of talaq is Romania, tawakkol, Allah He for who has been whoever will depend upon Allah, proper dependence, Allah will be enough for them. Now Subhanallah This means that we see no one except for Allah help and Allah will become a helper. That's what this means. Number two meaning is that he counts things. So that is the meaning of hasbeen that he is one of those who take things into account. Now that I had to do with that is when can I miss Paula hub, but the main hub that allows origin says that even if there is a mustard seed anything to the amount of a mustard seed on the Day of Judgment, I will bring it on the Day of Judgment, I will make it come to existence work

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I've had been a has he been and we are enough, or ally saying about himself that he is enough to take account this is in Surah Surah Al ambia, I am 47 Surah ambia, which is number 21 and 47. So that's the second meaning that he will take things to account. And third thing is to make things in measure. And that's the one so to Rahman Allah has said

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Allah has said in Surah, Nisa, and number 86, in Surah number four and 86 he said, in the lockean, Allah coalition, Hasib, Allah is happy, over everything, which means allies counting everyone's good deeds, Allah is enough for anything, he doesn't need any angles, but he has created them to show his mind. He doesn't need anyone taking account for him because he's, you know, he doesn't need any of his or any of any of his creation to help him. Allah suffices himself to do everything, all these things are an excuse for us to feel that there is a lot more going on. And that things can actually things are close to us to take us to a car for example, when you're aware that there's two angels

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here, and they're writing things it makes you feel that there's you know, there's something very close to you that's writing your your deed. Now, having said this is

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Allah azza wa jal has told us to say, Koolhaas me a lot. This is in the last verse of surah,

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tauba Toba sakala has me Allahu La Ilaha Illa who La

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la la This is a beautiful dog, a sort of tober you could understand Saratoga is to do with war, to do with it to do with conflict, to do with battle to do with the enemies and and the Muslims and so on. And right at the end Allah says this should be the draw. When you're in a position where others are making enmity with you, then you say has to be Allah Allah is enough for me, La Ilaha Illa who there is no one except for him, in terms of in terms of date in terms of God, Allah hit upon him I have put my trust in

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Him and He is the load of the great throne. And that that I and that da Allah has taught us why because so that we can repeat it again and again. And again help from Allah azza wa jal.

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So this is the name Allah see. After Aloha, see, comes the name of jelly, jelly In the name of Allah so jelly is to do with quite a few things together. And one of the main things is Alonzo john he inspires or

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you could say similarly Louie Jalla Jalla lyric from another name is coming inspiring or jelly itself means that Allah is full of all as in his strikes or into others.

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Not only that, but Allah is is is above others more mightier than others. And this has been said

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When Rasulullah sallallahu sallam, he lost the battle of a herd. And there was Abu sufian who came and Rasulullah sallallahu was in a in a cave. And also Fianna came with his, with his horse. And he came right in front of summer across the cave in front of the cave. And he said he charted out he said, is Mohammed alive amongst you. And this was awesome was alive and he was with his companions who will say that I've worked on Omar and others. And also salaam aleikum said, stay quiet, let him say whatever you want to say.

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said is, is every worker alive amongst you

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say quiet, there is

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no no answer came back. So then I was done, got off his horse, he danced on one leg and he said oh Lola who boldly said, My May the mighty God of horrible rise May the mighty God rise. And this this thing about rising. This thing about rise when Rasulullah saw that he is now he is now glorifying a false god because of not hearing an answer from purpose Allah Allah Allah. Allah says Salam then edged Amara the Allahu anhu to give an answer.

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And the answer from Allah said, Allahu Allah. Allah is the one who is the mightiest ally is the one who is the one who is raised lies the one who is the greatest. And that's when Abu sufian said when when Omar shouted this out, he said Allahu Allah wa agensi a gel come from the word jellyfish, which means being so you know, high and mighty. And then he said,

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he said La la la Rosa, WA Rosella. He said, we have the the God of Rosa, and you don't have Rosa. So he was he was in a high today because he had defeated the Muslims. That's when Rasulullah sallallahu taala say that I'm going to say Allahu mowlana while I'm alella Eliza Guardian, and you have no guardian. Allah is the one our who's our protector, and you have no protector. So this in this hadith we see that the word Jolene, for agile meaning that Allah is the most No, the highest of all, and that is used now the word Janine has several different meanings. One of the meanings of jellyfish comes to to show and appear or to make something apparent and to make make something

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apart. Now, this is incidental RF, which is the

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pseudo RF which is the seven suit of an EIN number 143 musala has salatu salam, he asked that he wants to see a la zoo. And when the reply came that, that you look at the mountain or Moosa you look at the mountain after mountain survives and find the new view someone who will be able to see me Kalamata gel, Rabu Li Javelin, when Allah made his, his his life to his new wherever he was, appear, he made his appearance to the, to the

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mountain, this means that Allah azza wa jal, he made a very, very, very, very small part of whatever he made of himself appear to the mountain. So it was something that was a that was very clearly apparent to the mountain, the whole mountain itself crumbled into dust, and musalla is rock solid, he fell to the ground. Now even foot to be saying that that meaning togetic La Jolla shows that Allah is the one who makes things clear who makes things apparent. And that's where that that is one meaning of jelly. Another meaning of jelly is that Allah is high. One meaning of jelly is Allah is great. One meaning of jelly is Allah has the greatest status, he has the greatest status can be

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people to shun. And Allah has Allah is the one that he that can make anything the most clear. No one can make things clearer than Allah and that is another meaning of jelly.

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Now, he has also said that because there's various allamah, who disputed what is the what is the word jelly mean? And one of the dominant things about this is that you take all the meanings, and you say that jelly actually gives us all these meanings. So one of them is that one of the meanings of jelly is that there is nothing like Allah. You won't find anything similar to Allah, amongst anything else of his creation he knows. And another one is that Allah is not only one who has a life, not the one who

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Has the features or just the characteristics that I've just said, or the fact that I've just said the attributes that I've just said, but he also is one of knowledge. And he also is the one of power and the one of Eros, the one that can make a will that something happens and it will happen. All of these are within the name jelly. And of course, Allah azza wa jal is the one that he he inspires all and jelly jelly in and he also has the meaning of Allah showing respect for the one who shows respect towards the meaning that Allah appreciates. And I appreciate so here there's a hadith of Abu Dawood where Rasulullah sallallahu has been said in many Jelena la he salata, Allah azza wa jal, he

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shows his nobility, he will show his nobility on two three. Now the word has been used here, but the word Israel he would mean that Allah shows a nobility, he shows a crab is noble towards three people who are the one is the leader who is just any leader, any leader, whether a leader of a country, a leader of a nation, a leader of a small group of people, as long as he is just, Allah shows his nobility towards him, or towards her if she's a leader of her, you know, nation a party or group whatever it is.

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The next one is that Allah shows his his nobility towards

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a Muslim who has reached the age of oldness. So we reached a great age. So even Muslim has become a Muslim of old age, Allah will also show his nobleness towards towards that person. And the other one is high middle Quran, the one who has memorized the Quran de la de Waal Jaffe.

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Neither does this half

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go to an extreme of

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exaggerating how much he wants to read and no repeat of the plan. Or showing others the fact that he is reading the Quran? No, is he someone who's dry and completely bereft of the Quran. So meaning one who's moderate with the brand he has memorized the Quran and moderately reads

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and wants to wants to keep it just between him and Allah azza wa jal, that is what Allah shows his nobleness to

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there's also

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a hadith which is dying, which is weak but you can generate weak Hadith as long as they're not to do with that either. They're not severely weakened, they're not a to do with physical jurisprudence. So this hadith is in Timothy's rasulillah sallallahu lism says, My Accra Masha Boone, che ha de Sydney La, la hola whom and you people who are in this in here it shows again the similar meaning that whichever young person will show his respect, whichever young person will show respect to an elderly figure and elderly person, then when that young person becomes old, Allah will allow bring about young people or young person who will show the same respect to him. So this this shows that I'm

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there are similar hobbies to back this up. And justice Hades. Whenever a person does something to somebody else, Allah will do the same back and that's how Allah shows you his eg lab, he shows his he shows nobody to you, because you have shown your respect towards somebody else. And for example, in a Hadith, he says, a full time fantasy. He says you remain chaste. And your women of your household will remain chaste. That means that if a man does not go, you know, he's not looking at other women. He's trying to be modest, as long as the man is modest, and Allah azza wa jal will make his own family members modest.

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baru tabara Could

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you show your respect to your parents and your children will show respect to you and

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you show your respect to your parents first, throughout half of your life, and the next half of your life, Allah will make your children respect you sometimes why

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you know, don't get respected is because they possibly is one reason only. They possibly didn't respect the their own parents when they were young.

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Just one possibility. So in order to respect in order to get something back, a person needs to show that respect you can't be, especially when it comes to

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our affairs with others. You can't expect others to show justice towards you. If you are not showing justice towards others the vision of Allah, Allah as

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soon as soon Amina Allah has ways of dealing with people that if you don't show something to people, then those people will show that same thing towards you.

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So that's an angel. So we've done the name hassim. And we've done the name, jelly,

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The next Name of Allah azza wa jal is

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Allah azza wa jal being caring, being Noble. And Allah, Allah being generous is one of the meanings of Karim. Allah is generous.

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And Allah azza wa jal, he has said in the Holy Quran, for in Arabi, avani Yun Karim he said, for us to save him, Solomon, Allah, Allah He said this, quoting him he said, my my Lord, my sustainer is someone who is independent, and he is someone who is caring, he is noble, and he is generous, and Allah is generous, and this is suited to number and number 14 surah number 27. And number 14, now Allah azza wa jal, he does not see the difference between anyone, when he when he gives is one of the things we've covered before, insofar as him being Rahman. Now how noble and how generous is Allah. In one Hadith he says that when a person makes his how generous realize if a person makes a

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the intention of a bad deed,

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then he gets nothing for it. But if he actually commits that bad deed, and he gets one bad deed wants him for it. But if the person makes the intention of a good deed, but he isn't able to carry out that good deed, Allah still gives him a good deed, Allah still gives him a good deed. If he carries out the good deed, then he will get Ashu I'm sorry, he will get 10 good deeds. For that one good deed one good action that is that gets 10 good deeds, up to as soon as possible says anything between 10 and 700.

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Anything between 10 seven and now look at the side of the sin. On the side of the sin, the person made it the person acted out a bad deeds, about action a person did about action, Allah gives him one bad deed. On the side of the good deeds, the person did a good good sort of good action, the president a good action, Allah will give anything between 10 and 700. And then Allah doesn't stop there. He says, Illa Allah if in casier, even more than that, if Allah wants to give more than 700 for one good action, Allah can give them. So for each one of these, Allah has kept you know, for example, he said,

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in terms of charity, masala demon intrapreneur, those people who spend in the path of Allah, their wealth, then Allah says it's almost like one grain. And from that grain that comes seven years of corn and from each one comes seven, gives another 100. So it's 700 from one single seed that a person had. So one single penny or a pound, whatever it is, Allah will multiply that by 700. And then Allah says, Would love to die for the manga, he can make it surpass 700, if you want.

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For la Western Allah, Allah is very expensive to live in, incorporates and, you know, he he, he looks after everything, and he has paid for everything. And he knows everything. This is in Surah Al Baqarah. And number 261.

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In terms of the generosity, those who have suffered those who are patients, Allah has said in Surah azumah he has said it, Zuma and number 10. In the manual for sabudana.

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Those who are patients Allah will give them measures that that you can't even find an end to in measurable amounts Allah will give meaning that he will give you will give you given the exact amount you can say how Allah would give to those who have suffered to those who are patients. Nothing in the Quran, Allah has said he will give except for some of this kind of measure. You know, the most reward that will be given on the day of judgment will be to those who have had patients the most evil that's why you know afflictions when we get afflictions. We don't understand it but Allah azza wa jal has put a lot of lot of blessing in that. There's a lot of, you know, we would, when we

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when we are in a good state, and you're doing the bad that you can't get the same

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As you get when you're in affliction, and you haven't shown patience for Allah sake.

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So, Allah has and one other place, Allah said that he will, he will provide them now here in the first one in Agile in terms of reward for the people who have done suffer Alaska that he will give the measure without, without actually having anything that you can calculate it. And in terms of when we do good deeds, whether Alaska whether it's male or female in this ayah

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as long as you're a breeder,

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through Montana, they will enter Jannah they will enter the garden, US akuna fee happy writing, Allah will provide them without any measure. This is a sort of surah number 48 number 40 as well.

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So this is in terms of Allah, showing his his nobleness to his generosity towards us. His generosity is he says that his generosity is as a means of our own good, good standard. So if I show my sugar, if I show my gratitude, Allah says, You have now Thank you. So Allah doesn't need any thanks. Allah doesn't need from you say it to Allah. Thank you Allah, did you say that? You say thank you a lot of things you've given us. But Allah says every time you say thank you, to me,

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you're almost saying thank you to yourself, because he just comes back to yourself, I don't gain anything. I appreciate it. When you say thank you, to me, that's fine. But it's not not that I gain anything at all the gain, the gain of that comes to use yourself in terms of Agile so on Shakira, NFC, Whosoever has shown his, his or her gratitude to the light conducted them, this is suited to novel surah.

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Number 27 is number 40. Woman for a woman Kapha in Nairobi, somebody wants to show their ungratefulness to Allah. And Allah is the one who says that he is totally independent from that and carry his noble, he doesn't need you, he's still to give you useful gift. You know, some people try to measure a large nobleness and how generous Allah is or how close they are to Allah, by how much Allah has given him that is wrong, as wrong way to measure how close allies because Allah if Allah was to use to measure how close allies to you because of what he's giving you, well, he's given a lot more to his enemies.

00:27:22--> 00:28:03

Last given Allah always gives a lot always given a lot more to his enemies, every time his profits have come. The profits enemies have been a lot richer than his profits, through not only one case to demand items case where he made him much richer, much more greater than his enemies. But that was only because he had asked a lot to make him a kingdom, a kingdom that no one else would possess. So Allah gave him a richness and a kingdom that no one else had. But every other prophet faced people who are more richer than them, who had more children than them, who are more sons than them, who had more wealth than them. And who are these these were their enemies. And though they, they were their

00:28:03--> 00:28:39

enemies, Allah never took it away from them because they never believed in the messenger. So just because someone's well from someone's goodness is not taken away, does not mean that ally still happy with you. That's got nothing to do with our lives treaty. Allah noble, a loving, noble and generous, he's gonna be generous to everyone. It's just like the rains, and the rains come down from the sky. And it doesn't look at a house that has been worshipping Allah and a house that hasn't been worshipping Allah, a farmer who's a believer and a farmer who's not a believer and alive gives this one a lot, isn't it that one? There's no such thing as in Allah. Allah says cool and no need to have

00:28:40--> 00:28:41

that even

00:28:42--> 00:29:08

whether this one or that one, Allah says both receive my mercy in this world, there is nothing that you can say where one one has been ungrateful, therefore they are bereft from Allah's mercy. No, this is yes, there are times when Allah will decide to take his mercy away from certain people, he will do that. But you can't say that was very reason why I like to get away because Allah has his reasons why, why he has done that. So that is the name. I'll carry

00:29:09--> 00:29:54

Tallahassee jelly I'll carry underneath. Next one is a Rocky, Rocky last name Rocky is the one that bossier was Boston is very, very sort of similar to Rocky, but there's a slight difference. bossier means that Allah is watching a lysine. lysine also means Allah sees everything. But Rocky is the continuation of that see, Rocky means his watchful rocky means he is all the time watching. And it's almost like I mean, if you know someone's looking at you, that's one thing. But if you know that there's cameras always on you in the room that you're in, and is another thing.

00:29:55--> 00:29:59

That is the that is the meaning of Rocky or someone or someone being watched.

00:30:00--> 00:30:06

For over you, if you if you've been seen by someone, you can say that

00:30:07--> 00:30:49

up sorani or something, you can say that he's seen me. You can use the word bossy. But when you use the name, when you the Ravani one who has been watchful over me, it means that there's been a continuation of this watching over me. And it's always not only watching me, but watching every aspect of what I'm doing. So everything is seen. So look, if I say that I have, I'm just seeing you I'm seeing you haven't seen you. But if I have been watchful over you, I'm taking in calculation, all the things you've done in the past, towards the present, and what you what you've done in the present. So there's a lot more meaningful, you know, seeing in this name of Rocky, okay? And Allah

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azza wa jal, he has said, one of the one of the places in the Quran in surah, Nisa, and number one, Allah said in the lack of knowledge, productive allies will over you. What does that mean? That means, specifically, this is talking about the old we have taken in marriage. And the spouses that we have taken a lot said to the man, he has said, Be careful of this old that you've just made. Rocky Balboa is watching you How you going to treat basically the wounds that you've just acquired, or the women that you've taken in your possession, Allah is going to watch you

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when he says

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he will be on the Day of Judgment question. This is now Surah

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Surah number 117, a solid ceramill say to Allah, Allah matava faith and a content of Rocky Valley mala when you actually when you actually took me away from them, and you raised me to the heavens, and then you are the one who is watching over them. You're watching over the Christians. I don't know what they did in terms of, you know, that conduct towards me and towards my mother, how they slowly started to worship me was my mother, you were the one who was looking over them. The name Allah named rocky has been used there as well. Another one that is very close to this meaning is sort of a pseudo cough, cough sutra number six, number 15. And number 16, Allah says, Allah, Allah,

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Allah insane. I have created man, I've created a woman when Allah to justice will be necessary. And I know in this human being, his own ego, her her own ego, how that ego is tenting them and how it's tempting them. I have a very clear, oh, no watch over this one 100, Akira boo la mina have been worried and I am closer to this human being than their own juggler.

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I am closer to this human being and their own juggling. And that's obviously because Allah is watching over us. It's not in his in the physical is not alive. This here doesn't mean that light means a lot in terms of him watching us.

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closely following us seeing us hearing us knowing us. He is closer to us than our beloved.

00:33:00--> 00:33:10

And Allah azza wa jal in various possible around here said in a canal like rocky but one thing with his enemies in particular, when it suited to look a certain

00:33:11--> 00:33:43

way a lot talks about many of his enemies within a few short ads. And he says, you know, after our Neville talks about the mood, he talks about a year on the city of have 1000 pillars, he talks about some giants, he talks about Iran and what he did and so on. And then Allah says he pulled over them. So that whole Pacific part of punishment he pulled over them in libidinal thought, your load is in a position where he is closely watching

00:33:44--> 00:34:04

where he's in a position of what is almost like a mirror sock means that you're, you know, if you had a tall tower, from that tower, you can actually see down to all the different parts around you will decide it's almost like Allah azza wa jal is in a position to watch all of us from from a similar position, meaning that he sees all of us,

00:34:05--> 00:34:09

surrounding us with his knowledge with his sight, and with his hearing.

00:34:11--> 00:34:15

So that's the name of Rocky. Now by knowing the name of Rocky,

00:34:16--> 00:35:00

Rocky, one is a much more aware of the fact that a lie is a lie is very closely monitoring all aspects. And one thing that we need to think of is allies monitoring our intentions, is monitoring our hour. What the intentions are here. What how strong we've made intentions, you know, that is monitoring that where we have done actions when we have done it is monitoring our regret. Our sins that we've got is monitoring that is monitoring our good deeds and our good intentions, again, to do good deeds, is monitoring that when I've actually connected my heart to allies monitoring that, when I've made my heart absent from Allah is monitoring that and all these things you

00:35:00--> 00:35:01

almost imagine,

00:35:02--> 00:35:41

for us, for us to understand this Yep. You know, when you have a person who's on a, was on a machine in a coma, and they've got, you know, small, you know, sort of wires attached to his brain to his heart to his death. So what is the machine monitoring the machine is monitoring the heartbeat machine is monitoring the brain activity machine is monitored monitoring the blood flow machine is monitoring the sugar levels inside the body machine might be monitoring the cholesterol levels inside the body machine, it might monitoring the how much urine is being passed, and how much drip is going inside and how much water there is inside the body. All these things machine machine is

00:35:41--> 00:35:43

marching and you've got on the screen you got to

00:35:46--> 00:36:04

do you've got that on the machine. And there's all sorts of other machines that are telling you about the heartbeat and the oxygen and the rate of heartbeat inside the person and how much he loves. Now, you can almost imagine Allah has got a lot of gel, you know, it is a machine out there that will show us on the Day of Judgment, what we have done,

00:36:05--> 00:36:21

you can be so scared to be so scared and full of all if you just know that every part of my whole body and all my actions is being measured like this, whenever I'm praying, you know, his brain is alive in terms of his you know, in terms of his actions that he's just done further has been done

00:36:23--> 00:36:23

has been done, you know,

00:36:25--> 00:36:28

and when, when modeling is not being done, and it's like

00:36:31--> 00:37:14

a dead silence sort of no tone from the machine. And then maybe after that I wake up again and I do my shine and it's back alive again. Right? So there are things that that are you know, they're gonna be very, very sophisticated things that will show us how we honor their judgment, but Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam he has said that methadone levy Yes, coo masala masala de escuela one la de la escuela The one who remembers Allah the example of the one who remembers Allah. And the example of the one who doesn't remember Allah is like the one who is living and the one who died, one is dead. One was living and the one who is dead. So the one who's remembering a lot every day, remember,

00:37:14--> 00:37:33

like, it shows that there's some kind of, you know, something on the scale, but the moment you're not remembering Allah, then it's just straight. There's no there's no reaction from from that, from that observation of the manager. So, one thing Allah azza wa jal, he gives us the secret, certainly in photography, certainly in photography.

00:37:35--> 00:37:42

Number six, Allah azza wa jal, he says, Yeah, you're an insane old man or woman, are you an insane human beings?

00:37:44--> 00:37:50

bureaucracy can carry what has deceived you from your noble Lord.

00:37:51--> 00:38:01

What is it that has kept you in deception of you know what exactly that means behind the law that means that my dad said, he said that

00:38:03--> 00:38:07

because the human being has got so many comforts and

00:38:09--> 00:38:11

that's why the human being

00:38:13--> 00:38:19

stays away from Allah azza wa jal. That's the reason why the human being says well from Allah, because there's too many conflicts.

00:38:21--> 00:38:22

There's too many conflicts.

00:38:23--> 00:38:34

When Allah wants the human to wake up, a lot takes a comfort away. One comfort he doesn't from the millions of conferences given us, he just takes one comfort away that's

00:38:35--> 00:38:37

Imagine if somebody puts you in a bed

00:38:38--> 00:39:07

and you've got you know, a bed maybe mattress made out of feathers and I don't know how many other you know sheep's wool or something and pillows that are stuffed with you know, the most comfortable elements you can find in the market and you got blankets and so on that the most the womb is blankets in the womb, the most comfortable mattress and the most comfortable, you know pillows and you're in there and the temperature is just perfect.

00:39:08--> 00:39:32

You know when it's just perfect sometimes. You know, we find ourselves that fathered like that no budget comes you know, financial, perfect. Like, you don't want to lose that heat. You don't wanna you don't want to open if you open the blanket and the heat will go away, will dissipate and you won't have the same comfort is not too hot in there. It's not too cold today. It's just like an Imagine you're also in you know the best sleep you get.

00:39:33--> 00:39:59

The best sleep you get is that you're aware of your comfort and you're aware of the heat inside your blanket and the comfort and you're half awake and you're half asleep. That's the best comfort you can get. If you're actually totally asleep. You don't even know that you beat us so comfortable. Right? If you're half awake, and you can realize how comfortable you are. You are really my ally you are really comfortable.

00:40:01--> 00:40:16

But if he got any cold something then you'd be you'd be you know feeling what was happening here now imagine with our comfort someone you know you run like so many different layers or whatever it is and somebody just moves one pillow

00:40:18--> 00:40:26

so you had you know cuz that's like now you're gonna you know your comfort has gone away who will not pillow

00:40:28--> 00:41:04

the pillow now thing is you need to wake up you can't stay in this comfort for so long you need to wake up. Now this is Allah azza wa jal when he removes one of his near misses from us now and again he removed the first wake up now of course you're in a comfortable you got duty to do as well because stay there all your life. So Allah azza wa jal when he puts in the cup now how much comfort you've got? No worries about bills, no worry about money, your job stay secure. You will no worries that looking see. You don't need to go to the opticians you don't know what about the dentist who didn't take your car, no worries about your hearing what no worries about family, you got no worries

00:41:04--> 00:41:43

about your house. Even no worries about your roof, you've got no worries about your car, you've got no worries about your children, God knows what school to go to ignore and you can carry on going and on and on and listening. This is all conference around us. And in that in the midst of that we still remember Allah, Allah azza wa jal, he is, you know, he is appreciating I remember but in the midst of all of that, if we start to get too comfortable, Allah wants to remove a pillow. He wants to remove, you know, most open a blanket, a little bit of net a bit of ego, ego, a little cold air comes in for us to wake up. And you can't forget the one who gave you all this confidence. This is

00:41:43--> 00:42:00

his name and karimun and ties in with the Rockies as well, the one who's so watchful over us. So we'll we'll come to the end there. And from Next week, we'll do Alamo G and Alaska. And from there, again, I'm going to ask you to try and remember,

00:42:01--> 00:42:03

try and remember to try

00:42:05--> 00:42:15

and memorize these names, because lots of lies. And I've said whosoever will memorize these names, the 99 names, they will enter Jannah, whosoever will

00:42:16--> 00:42:30

enter General, we're on to the 14th sort of fourth name. So on next week, so as I said to you that the big at the end of suits will hash the hash of the 13 names of them.

00:42:31--> 00:42:32

Remember that your

00:42:33--> 00:42:39

head, if you haven't memorized that, try and memorize it. So you can use it use a la, La Villa de la,

00:42:41--> 00:42:46

la la dee da da da boo, boo, your Shahada, or Lola de la

00:42:49--> 00:42:51

COVID. So behind Allah, my

00:42:52--> 00:43:05

buddy, and so on. If you mentioned if you remember that to say in your Salah, that you you've memorized 13 of these beautiful names, and then how far have you just 30 names away features memorize that and then you catch up to