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The importance of understanding the history of Prophet's use of the hand in various aspects of Islam is emphasized, including the use of the right hand for bathing, eating, washing one's body, and washing one's feet. The importance of performing the three pillars of evolution, including wiping one's face, washing their arms, and not leaving their head, is emphasized. The importance of following rules of Islam, including wiping one's head and not leaving it if they do not want to, is emphasized. The speaker emphasizes the need to practice these practices to avoid mistakes and avoid confusion.

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Bismillah hamdulillahi Rabbil alameen wa sallahu wa salam O Allah Casa de oro Sudha Nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi Germaine assalamu aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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Of course, we are still continuing to study and to have lessons in film.

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And it's essential that we always remind ourselves of the importance of such a topic. Because without knowledge, you do not have the proper means that allows you to worship Allah azza wa jal. So, therefore, you have to have this knowledge, which is derived stemmed from the Quran, and from the Sunnah of the Prophet salallahu alayhi wasallam. And the companions of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam has delivered, they have delivered all the Hadeeth they've heard from the Prophet that is awesome to us. The scholars compiled it. And one of the books quite famous for compiling such Hadith is below and muram.

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And today, we're still continuing to study the chapter that deals with evolution. And as you know, evolution is a book in Arabic, it's translated into mobile, and without properly performing a volution then your prayer would not be accepted. And the first thing that a Muslim is asked and questioned about on the Day of Judgment is

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prayer. And if he does not perform prayer as he's supposed to, then all of his deeds will not be accepted. That is why it is very essential for us to know how the Prophet salallahu alaihe salam performed evolution. We have Hadith number 50. It depends it varies from one translation to the other, but it is narrated by Ayesha brother Mustafa narrated Ayesha Ayesha may Allah be pleased with her. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam like to begin with the right and putting on his sandals, combing his hair, his purification and in all his affairs. Now, this hadith is agreed upon, which means that both Bukhari and Muslim

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the renowned compilers of Hadith reported this Hadith, so this is the highest in authentication after the Holy Quran.

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Ayesha is the wife of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam one of the wives of the Prophet sallallaahu, Idaho to send them she is telling us she is teaching us she is describing to us how the Prophet Prophet sallallahu Sallam used to like always beginning with the right side the right hand. This

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is only in the things that are honored. And she is giving us an example. He used to like to begin with the right when he is wearing his sandals. So he begins with the right foot rather than the left and when he's combing his hair. So he starts with the right side rather than the left and in purification whenever he wants to perform a dilution. Now these are honored things.

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Can any of you think of other things that the Prophet used to use the hand the right hand in Salaam, Fadi sauce I'm used to also eat with his right hand he used to eat with his right hand.

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What else?

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Summer is right hand as well drinking and eating, using the right hand. And why is that? Simply because the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told us that using the left hand in eating, or in drinking is

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imitating or resembling Satan, way of drinking and eating. That's why we have to be away from that we have to refrain from doing that. Also, in entering places, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam used to enter certain places, usually, beginning with his right foot, such as

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the mosque mosques, massagin. Whenever you enter, you enter with your right foot, but when you exit, you use your left foot. Now, vice versa when you enter a toilet, WC bathroom. Now, this is a filthy play place, it's not an honored place. So you begin, you enter it beginning with

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your left foot, but when you exit it, you use your right foot. So if we look at this Hadith, we know that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam used to like beginning with his right sight in the things that are honored, such as evolution, which is our chapter. Now the dishonoured things, things that are not that

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preferred in Islam, such as removing filth, you don't use the right to use the left. So if someone is cleaning himself, if someone urinates and wants to clean his private parts is forbidden for him to use his right hand, he has to use his left hand because it's a dirty thing. It's a filthy thing. Unfortunately, a lot of the Muslims nowadays seem to drift away from this sooner.

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Now what we see in lots of restaurants, or during their eating habits, they're trying to imitate the non Muslims. That is by holding the fork in their left hand and holding the knife in the right hand. And when they eat, they use their left hand and this is forbidden. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that if one of you eats,

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he should use his right hand. Also, if he wants to drink, also, if he wants to give someone something, or to take something from someone, he should always use his right hand. Because the profit justifies sallallahu wasallam because Satan eats and drinks, gives and takes using his left hand. Now, of course, the question would be, we didn't see Satan. That's true. But we believe in his existence, as we did not see our spirits, yet we believe that you are alive and there are spirits within us. So let's not get into this and try to continue with our Hadith the Prophet sallallahu Sallam used to like to begin with his right hand side, in the good things such as purification such

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as mobile, such as evolution.

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And we will get on to this in sha Allah to Hades. laughter, this Hadith, the following Hadith, please, excuse me. What about Suika? Are we supposed to use a right hand or left hand see what what is the whack? See, whack is a small stick that is usually taken from the ground. This is a sea walk. And it's like a toothbrush. And it is one of the Sooners, one of the things recommended by the prophet alayhi salatu salam when you perform evolution, and before you go into Salah. It's as soon as that you brush your teeth using this seawalk why it gives it a good scent. And it cleans and and because it's a healthy thing. Now, brother Fadi is asking, should we use it?

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While using it using the right hand or the left hand. Scholars have different opinions depending on how you look at it.

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If you look at seawalk as removing

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food and dirty things from your mouth, then you should use the left hand. But if you look at it as a form of worship, and a form of preparing to meet your Creator in

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prayer and to stand humbly with submissiveness

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in front of Allah azza wa jal, then you should use the right hand and it's it's it goes both ways. So it's not a big issue at hamdulillah the following headings please narrated Abu huraira radi Allahu

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Allah messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, when you perform ablution, begin with the right side.

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Now, again, this hadith

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falls into the same category of the previous one, beginning with your right side.

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As a reminder, there are pillars for evolution.

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The fifth pillar is sequence.

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It is a pillar of evolution that you follow the sequence, the sequence that is mentioned in the Quran, you should wash your face, you should wash your arms, you should wipe over your head, and you should wash your feet to the ankles. Now, these are four pillars, and they have to be in sequence.

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beginning with the right or the left, does not fall in this category, because it's not a pillar. It's the sooner the Prophet says in this Hadith, if you start if you if you perform a solution, start using the right hand side. So is this a must, or it's a recommendation? Usually, if it's an order, the prophet tells you do this, then it's a must, unless there is what we call a Kareena something that makes this must recommended.

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And the Carina here is the consensus of the scholars and the wording of the companions, such as Imam Ali,

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Vitali, may Allah be pleased with him, the cousin of the Prophet alayhi wa sallam and his son in law. He said that, it doesn't matter whether I start with my left, or with my right, as long as I'm following the sequence of face, arms, head and the feet, this is the most important thing. It's recommended that you start with your right. But if somebody starts with his left, then his will do is considered to be correct. Now, this means

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that if I'd like to, what's the first thing that I should begin in mobile? And you have to understand I'm saying you should, you must. Not. It's preferable. What's the first thing that a Muslim should start with while performing?

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As mentioned in the Quran? Of course, we're leaving aside the intention. We're leaving aside at best mela saying Bismillah so what's the first thing we should start with?

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Washing the hands? No, that's not true. Because the Quran says wash your faces. So washing the hand at the very beginning is not a must. It is as soon. So if somebody goes to the bathroom, turns on the faucet and immediately starts

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turning the water in his mouth, rinsing his nose, washing his face, his elbow is 100% correct?

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What happens if somebody goes in and washes the face first, then raises his

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sniffs the water in his nose, then turn the water in his mouth. Lastly, what would what one module This

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is the same thing as beginning left to right. It's the same thing. So as long as you keeping the sequence of 1234 you're okay. And now in each category, what do you begin with left to right?

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Cleaning your nose or washing your face or whatever, then it is all accepted. And it's all part of your wardrobe that is accepted insha Allah by Allah azza wa jal, my cameraman tells me that we have to stop for a short break. So stay tuned and we will meet in a jiffy

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questions that bother you? What about issues of concern to you? Would you like to share things on your mind with us? Are you interested?

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To end solutions based on Islamic perspective, please join me live in meet your advisor every Friday at 9pm Mecca time here.

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aleikum wa rahmatullah Welcome back. Hadith number 52. Brother Fadi please narrated and motivated masaba May Allah be pleased with him. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam performed ablution wiping his forelock and ovaries turban and choose this hadith was reported by a Muslim so it's a it's an authentic hadith. Now we know that one should wipe his hair. If he has hair, he should wipe his head. Now in this Hadith,

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the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam did not take his turban off. So is it permissible for me to wipe on my hat, my baseball cap? Is it permissible for me to wipe on whatever I'm wearing on my head, or what scholars say that wiping over the thing that you're wearing on your head depends on how easy it is or difficult to remove. So if it's an easy thing to take off, such as what I'm wearing on my head, then it's a must that you remove it and wipe over your head. But if you're wearing a turban, like the some of the brothers that you know, make the turbans round and round and they would probably take ages it's just like 20 feet long and the guy spends like an hour just

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turning on his head. And then he tells him what else prayer time you have to remove it. It's a little bit difficult. And the prophet SAW Selim tells us that Islam is easy. So to those who have difficulties in removing the turbans hamdulillah Islam tells you keep it and just wipe over because it's considered to be part of the head. Likewise, sisters that are

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out of their houses, they are in a supermarket they are in the garden they are

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out ouch exposed, and it's difficult for them to remove their headscarves. So Islam tells them it's okay for them to wipe over their femur or over their headscarf, wiping over the sandals or the shoes. I think we will get to that later on in Sharla. So we will not elaborate on it.

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The following Hadith was

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raided by Jabba bin Abdullah or jalon on the nature of the prophets solo Island privilege, pilgrimage, he saw us on him said begin with what Allah had begun with. Of course, we've we talked about this and saying that it's recommended that one starts with the right hand. Now but if you come and look at this Hadith, it tells you that you have to begin with what Allah began with. Allah did not mention in the Quran beginning with right or left.

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Is that true when when performing evolution, Allah began with washing the faces, washing the arms, wiping the head and washing the feet. So it is a must that you follow this sequence because the Prophet says begin with what Allah began with. And although this hadith is in the dealing with pilgrimage, of course if you go to safa and marwah while making site, you should start with Safa because Allah says in the Quran in the south, our merata, Masha Allah, so Allah began with Safa. So if somebody comes in and said, well, it's a little bit crowded in Safa, I'm going to begin with Marwa. We tell him that this is not acceptable. Because the Prophet tells us begin with what Allah

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azza wa jal has begun began with likewise and if someone goes into the toilet and wants to perform although, and this happens with a lot of us, he washes his face, you know, gargoyles and raises his nose and then wipes his head and while raising his foot to wash it is he remembers that he did not wash his hands. So is it okay, now I remember going to wash my hands and then move on to my feet. Would this be accepted?

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I know why, because he did not follow the sequence. He went from face to wiping the head without washing the hands the arms, so he has to repeat where he missed which is washing the arms, then wipe the head again, then wash his feet to the ankles.

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Hadith number 54 Bella Mustafa narrated Jabir ibn Abdullah may Allah be pleased with him. Whenever the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam performed evolution, he used to flow water abundantly on his elbows. This Hadith tells us that

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the elbows are included in evolution. Because the Quran verse of the Quran says that was your arms to the elbows. So to the elbows might mean that the elbows are not included. But the sooner explains the Quran clarifies the Quran because it was revealed to the Prophet salallahu alayhi wa sallam who is telling us what is the meaning of this particular verse? And how to apply so the Prophet says Allah salatu salam, or the prophets doing sallallahu alayhi wa sallam it was that he used to turn the water on the elbows which means that you have to include the elbows when performing evolution. Hadith 5555 no narrated Abu huraira radi Allahu Allahu Allah messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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said, If anyone doesn't mention a last name while performing ablution he is then not credited with having performative

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Okay, what does mentioning Allah's Name mean? Simon

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will possibly making the intent to perform or do in supplication. Okay, Mustafa Bismillah. This is what we mean by mentioning mentioning Allah's Name, which which we call an Arabic best mela, saying Bismillah and this is one of the greatest things that a person says, In the name of Allah, what's in the name of Allah, I begin evolution. When we eat. It's a must that we say Bismillah What do you mean by Bismillah means In the name of Allah, I eat. In the name of Allah, I entered the mosque, In the name of Allah, I do this and I do that. And this shows you how well connected we are to our Lord.

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We never ever start anything without saying In the name of Allah Bismillah

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Yes, Fadi, should we say Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim, or just Bismillah which one is now what the prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam taught us was Bismillah. So it's preferable that we stick to what the prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam has taught us one would say Rahmani Raheem are attributes of Allah. So what what harm is there? When we say it, well, this can be argued, say okay, and Aziza Jabbar are also attributes of Allah so why not say Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim, Allah G's or Jabbar or Malik and Ye men and go on to mention Allah's attributes like 99 of them in this is endless, the food would be cold, and you're not gonna be able to eat and they have to follow the

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following prayer. This is not intended.

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Allah tells you do this, do it. The prophet SAW Selim did something that is very nice and very easy for us to apply, then we should follow suit, we there's no reason for us to add things to innovate. Because if there were any good in it, the profit would have done it at a solid setup. And then we would have followed him. So he only told us say Bismillah hamdulillah. This is more than enough. So we say Bismillah and lots of things, in everything we do. Just to be connected with a lot soldier, to seek His blessing, to seek His guidance and to seek his support and anything we do.

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As humans, we are vulnerable. We are weak, we don't have any powers, we get all the powers from Allah azza wa jal, that is why we say Bismillah the Prophet tells us that if you do not say Bismillah when performing a delusion, then your evolution is not accepted. There's a dispute lots of

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opinions from the scholars regarding

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This issue, saying Bismillah the most authentic one without getting into details is that if you forget,

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or if you do not know it's a must, then your evolution is accepted. And it's correct. But if you intentionally do not mention Allah's Name, if you intentionally neglect, saying Bismillah you don't want to say,

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out of arrogance with any other builder, and I don't think that there is a Muslim that does this. But hypothetically speaking, if someone does it, then his worldview, his evolution is not accepted, and it's void. So it's, it's a very important thing that one recalls.

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The issue is that lots of people say, Okay, now I'm in the toilet.

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And usually we have

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wiggle places in the same places where one answers the call of nature. So what should I say? Should I say Bismillah? Although I'm in the toilet,

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or should I conceal that and Satan myself? Any whatever you do is okay, because even our toilets nowadays are not the same toilet says at the time of the Prophet that is a scam because there is no filter, there is no dirt. It's all gone into the sewer and lots of toilets are so clean, they're even cleaner than a lot of people's bedrooms, always washed in hygiene and cleaned regularly. So whatever you do, it's okay for you to say Bismillah and commence and begin with your evolution. How do you 56 we're not going to go through this hadith number 57.

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Narrated Talat Massaro of from his father on the authority of his grandfather, may Allah be pleased with them. I saw Allah's prophet sallallahu wasallam, rinsing his mouth and snuffing up water separately. Now, this hadith has a weak chain.

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What does it tell us? It tells us that the Prophet used to wash his mouth and after he finishes, takes new water and rinse or sniff

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up to his nostrils with the new water. Now this is

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not in accordance to the sooner because this is regarded as a weak Hadith. It's not authentic.

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Now, the following Hadith is more authentic and it follows the sooner Hadith number 58 which reads,

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narrated by Ali jolanda on the nature of evolution, then he the Prophet sallallahu Sallam

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reached his mouth and cleared his nose three times, rinsing the mouth and clearing the nose from the very same hand by wish he had taken water. Now, this is the sooner it as soon as once you want to

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rinse your mouth and nose, sniff the nose, use one scoop of water and half of it, you take it into your mouth, turn the water in and sniff the other half in one scoop. Now lots of people don't do this. Lots of people wash their mouth separately then rinse their noses separately, and this is not in accordance to the sooner but what happens if I do so? Is my Waldo is my evolution void? answer's no. Your evolution is accepted and is correct but you did not follow the Sunnah 100% so this is a sign that you should try your best in following it. The following Hadith.

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Abdullah bin Zayed on the nature of ablutions. Then he the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam inserted his hand, rinse it his Marte and snap it up water from one hand, doing that three times. Okay? And here, it tells us that is the same manner but doing it three times. And you either do it once,

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twice or three times, you have the option the profit did all of these three during the whole evolution, whether you do it once, twice or three times. It's up to you, whether you do some limps once the others twice the others three times. Also, again, it is acceptable. This is the prophets way of doing it. And I think

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that with this, we should conclude our program. There are a few issues still related, but inshallah we will talk about them in the following program. And until we meet Fiamma

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Allah wa salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.