The One Who Hates You

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hamdulillah Hilbert alameen wa salatu salam ala rasulillah. I mean, early he was a big marine about

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for our hotbar Today we're going to be looking at the Tafseer of Sultan COVID.

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And in this surah Allah Subhana Allah says, we'll learn him in a chatango rajim Bismillah Ar Rahman AR Rahim in Alpina, Kolkata indeed we have given you alkota. And a lot of how to Allah began by saying in

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and the scholar said, When Allah subhanaw taala speaks about himself, he says in ni and when he says in, he is referring to his actions.

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And because Allah subhanaw taala is attributing the actions to himself, therefore, there must be great actions. And you'll see this a lot in the Quran, Allah subhanaw taala is referring to a great action or something great that he has done. So he will say in in cafe No, Cadmus does in many other examples.

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And the other explanation is that Allah subhanaw taala is referring to himself in the plural form to show grander and to show magnificence. So, we have given you a little code on our play Enoch, which is in the past tense, which means the matter has already been settled. The matter has already been settled, it has already been done, you have been given l co author and co author.

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It is a nice Sila mobiola. It means l casier. Or a hierarchial. So it is an exaggerated form saying that it referring to an abundance of good, good debt is great in quality and great in quantity. And that's why some of them have a city. Instead, Alcoa author is referring to the Salawat the five daily prayers because they are great in quality and quantity. Other settings referring to the Koran, other settings referring to the intercession on the Day of Judgment for the prophets are seldom other said it is Prophethood itself. Other said it is the great reward that the President continues to get until the day of judgment as long as someone is doing some fair or some good that he taught

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this oma other said it is knowledge and there is no contradiction because all of them are referring to a good that is great in abundance, great in quality and great and quantity. And most famously, some of the one facility and said that it refers to the river in agenda, the Prosser lamb and Sahih Muslim and so the law says we were sitting with the profits or loss alum and then he fell asleep and he woke up smiling. So we asked him Maha Kaka Yasuda law what is causing you to smile the other sort of law and he said that as sudo was revealed to him and he resorted to it and culture in another Hadith and abyssal Salaam. During the ascension journey, he came upon a river he says I came upon a

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river the banks of which were made of of hollow pearls. I asked jabril What is this river he said it is alcova. So some scholars said it is referring to this river that the Prophet sallallahu wasallam was given in Calcutta, we have given you this great good in quality and quantity and the matter has already been settled. So the second verse says for suddenly, lira becomes 100 So pray to your Lord and make sacrifice. And it's as if saying, because you have been given this great good because you've been given alkota in return you should show thanks to Allah subhanaw taala and you do that through prayer, and NDB sallallahu Sallam also referred to salah and he referred to it as being a

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way of showing thanks to Allah azza wa jal when I showed the llama and asked him about his long prayers at night, his response was a fella akun Ramadan Shakira, should I not then be a thankful servant. So as if this prayer is my way of being thankful to Allah subhanaw taala for suddenly, lira Baker to your Lord and the scholars said to to affirm that it's only to Allah subhanaw taala others that lira Baker is offered to Sharif like to honor the Prophet lamp, he was referred to as your Lord

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100 so Allah subhanaw taala is saying in return, you do these two acts of worship Salah the best act of worship done through one's body

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Now sacrifice sacrifice, one of the best acts of worship done through one's wealth. But what is interesting is that Allah azza wa jal said for suddenly a bigger one how not with

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an N a double are different than slaughter, and now is for large animals which are not killed using the or slaughter. But another is when the animal is pierced or poked at the base of the neck like the camel in order for the blood to flow through. So it's as if Allah azza wa jal is saying, in within return, then make the largest sacrifice. And then if you can't, you can go smaller and smaller, but if it just said, well, then that would be the standard but Allah subhanaw taala set the bar high, by saying do know which refers to the camel and incidentally other animals similar in structure, like the ostrich would also be killed through a giraffe, an Okapi and so on and so forth.

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But the point is that Allah subhanaw taala asked for the largest land animal to be sacrificed. So it sets the bar high, so to speak for so Lily Rebecca 100.

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In Shani, aka who will Abdullah Abdullah, indeed, international mobile worker, the one who hates you, and it didn't say your enemy because not not every enemy hates, or not everyone designated in the Quran as an enemy means that they hate you.

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So the one who hates you, he will be up top here, meaning cut off, cut off from all that is good in this world, and the next cut off from their name being mentioned in this world and the next, and they will find no one to assist them or help them in this world. And the next

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and be the story behind it is that when the male infant son of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam when he was born, and when he died, the his enemies who hated him, they were happy and rejoicing. And they said to Butera, Muhammad, Muhammad has been cut off salatu salam, what they meant is that because he has no male sons, and he only had daughters, nursery, no surviving male sons to continue his name, he will be cut off, he will cease to be mentioned.

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But we know it is the exact opposite. That is the truth today, everyone knows the name Muhammad, it is the number one most common name in the world. And his name and his mention is not cut off at all. If you walk the streets out today, and you stop random non Muslims, and you ask them, have you heard of Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam? Almost everyone will say yes. But ask them. Have you heard of a Buddha? Who will say yes. Ask non Muslims in the street? Have you heard of omiya? If not Allah? Who will say yes. Ask them. Have you heard of Ebola? How many of them have heard of Abu lahab? How many of us in this room know the real name of Abu lahab?

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Because they were cut off? And the same applies to other prophets. Ibrahim alayhis salam, what were the names of the leaders of his town where he lived? Who those who oppose him? Are the names of the people who started the fire? That was their idea. What was the name of the king who took away wives of other men? Same thing with no Haile salam, the names of the people who oppose them. Who knows their names, who Elisa Lam, what were the names of those who opposed him?

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And then not only that, but if you know their names, like we know the name of a Nimrod who opposed Ibrahim alayhis, salam, and pharaon. who opposed Musa the scholar said, we're in Luca, Luca, Robbie. So the enemy if he's mentioned, he's mentioned negatively, and Nimrod He is known and when we mentioned him, we mentioned him for his stupidity. Even in the English language, Nimrod means someone who's dumb, who is not intelligent, and for all is the example in the epitome of being an evil or a bad person, even the process called Abu jihad, the fear out of this oma because he's the example of being the worst human being possible. So they were indeed the ones who were cut off, they

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were not mentioned and in the same way, they will not be mentioned or they will be cut off from all good in the next life as well.

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And not only that this also with the scholar same applies to the righteous as well.

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The Muslims know the name of Imam Ahmed Mohammed Rahim Allah, how many know Ahmed or any of the other leaders that were against him in the manner the creation of the Quran that fitna, how many people know their names, or the names of those who opposed Abu hanifa Rahim Allah or Imam Malik can cause them to get whipped and punished or jailed. Nobody knows their name even for the righteous it applies the companions of the prophets.

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Aloha lucidum they said that they said either some Angela do Sherman Nobita Kenobi Nasir, when we would hear the enemy insult the promises, that lamb will be certain that we're going to be victorious because a lot of us gonna cut them off from all good in this world and the next

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in the 80s, there was or towards the end of the 80s, there was an author who wrote a book, and in it, he insulted the profits of the lotus. And so as a result, they put a price on his head. So he remained in hiding for many years. And his wife left him and she divorced him. And he had a near death experience where a garbage truck dumped trash on top of him and he was about to die from suffocation, and he found no one to assist him. And until today, no one cares about his latest book or what he's doing, or what he's up to. Because just as Allah subhanaw taala promised the one who hates you, he will be cut off initially, aka who will after. As for our beloved Prophet sallallahu

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sallam, the whole world knows his name, and the loss of 100 Allah tells him in the Quran, what a foreigner look at the clock and we have raised your fame we have raised your mentioned, whenever Allah subhanaw taala is mentioned shortly thereafter, the name of our Prophet sallallaahu Selim is mentioned in the other one, you hear the name of a prophet sallallahu wasallam. And the other one is being called nonstop worldwide. into our we mentioned the prophet SAW Selim in our solar we mentioned him sort of allows them, the best of people are sending the best of praises upon him, the angels send their praises upon him, and even the animals, even the animals because he sallallahu

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Sallam said, in the law woman ekata who, Indeed Allah and His angels had a nebula fujihara even the ant in its burrow, will have to loot filbur even the fish in the seas, Laos alumina alumina alumina sulfate, as these the prey meaning they make supplicate and draw for the one who teaches people good things, and who has taught people good things more than the prophets of Allah Holly who is under

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those who insult our prophet SAW Selim, they will be cut off unless they repent. It is the epitome of foolishness and the argument of the intellectually bankrupt, to cite freedom of speech to insult someone, are they motivated by the urge, really, to express themselves or just an excuse to anger and to insult the Muslims? It is no doubt 100% the latter. And even in America, not all speech is protected speech, any speech that leads to immediate and present danger, like the example of yelling out fire in a crowded place, it will cause people to be harmed. So that is not protected speech. fighting words are not protected speech to say you're going to kill the President of the United

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States, you can get up to 10 years in jail for that speech. So it is not protected speech. Because there are other values that are more important and respecting others is also a value that's important. And Muslims have known this for a long time. Allah subhanaw taala tells us in the Quran, what are the super Latina woman doing in LA? For sukhbir Allah.

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Allah subhanaw taala says do not curse those that they worship besides Allah, those were idols made of rocks and wood. And Allah subhanaw taala is telling us not to do that also mentioning the greater harm that they will then in return curse Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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So in this whole, or we just tried to avoid the French in general, because what law who we can have a series and a long series of hottap, about the mischief of the French, and what they have done to humanities and what they have done to countries with their colonialism and what they have done to Algeria in particular. But if we were to do that, they would get offended that people have freedom of speech, they would get offended if we did a series of speaking about their mischief and what they have done. If If a Houthi constantly gives a hook up against America here in America, what would happen? Yeah, not even he's saying anything dangerous, but it is always on the member speaking

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against the United States. The FBI will come and pay him a visit to talk to him, no doubt about that. If you speak against the Constitution, people will be upset because it's like blasphemy. If you speak about the Holocaust, may God help you after that. What we're saying is drop the hypocrisy. That's what we're saying. Drop the hypocrisy. Apollo cola was tough for a lot of the money Welcome menjamin novastar Pharaoh fairphone Well, Mr. Green ask Allah Subhana Allah first forgiveness indeed those who ask for his forgiveness show prosper.

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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen

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Ameen salatu salam ala rasulillah him. I mean, he was so happy here Jemaine about. So this whole thing with France comes around the same time as this date that millions are claiming is the birth date of the Prophet sallallahu Addison.

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And it is it's such a baffling issue that people have chosen this date, whereas the scholars and historians are not certain of the date of birth of the prophets or send them. They disagree on the date, what date it is, of what month. They even disagree on what time of the day the prophets Allah wa salam was born. But for some reason people have insisted that this is the day that he was born and they want to celebrate. And we sort of lost a lamb. When he mentioned why or he was asked why he would fast on Mondays, he said that was a day in which he was born. How many of those people who want to sing and dance because of molad actually fast Mondays on a regular basis, or Mondays and

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The point is that the truth if we really knew our profits or sell them, and if we really followed our profits or sell them, we wouldn't even be in this situation. And it's sometimes the truth is painful. But I'll tell you, if you go to Paris, it really is one of the most beautiful cities will hate us. And there's one thing that you see that stains of us the eyesore in Paris, and it's painful. But every few steps, you see a Muslim woman sitting in hijab with her hand like this begging.

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Allah, if we followed the profits of Salah, these Muslims wouldn't have been homeless, they wouldn't have been poor, they wouldn't have been sitting in the streets begging and making these people walk with their noses looking down at these are the Muslims. These are the believers looking at us in a way that they think we're inferior to them. If we truly follow the teachings of our prophets that allows him if we truly know him, if we truly followed his Sunnah, this wouldn't be our situation. We wouldn't be people that are looked down at we would be exactly how we were before when people follow the Prophet sallallahu sallam.

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The brought Islam to the world even through indirect Dawa because they were exemplifying what it means to be a prophet and a follower of the prophet SAW the lesson. That's how the whole world was impressed without any direct Tao. And today the world is unimpressed. The truth is because we didn't follow it don't follow the profits to them. We don't know our profits lesson. How many people can mention the names of all the mothers of the believers, our mothers, how many people know them by name? How many people know the full name of the Prophet sallallahu Addison, it's an embarrassment. But we wait for one day a year. That is not confirmed historically. And this is where our love

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comes. That's what law hates fake love. I don't care what anyone says. That's fake love. That's not what it was about. That was never his message. That was never his teaching. That was never the practice of the companions. That was never their way of measuring love. And today with those who don't celebrate the suppose that birthdate people frown at them and look at them in strange ways as if what kind of love is this? This was never the love. This wasn't the love that Allah subhanaw taala commanded in the Koran, nor was it taught by his prophet SAW Selim himself.

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With that we ask Allah subhanaw taala to make use of those who recognize the truth as clear truth and follow the best of it and to make us of those who recognize falsehood as clear falsehood and abstain from it. For lahoma oriental haka Hakuna Matata, well Rnl balclutha Barton Versace, Nava for laminata Caledonia kabara homina Villa Blanca Elmina Norma sirona for lahoma. Brenda Hello Machado, Steen.

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Arctic, Duffy, ma sciatic Murphy, hibben Morocco, even Javi animoca

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are sort of lahoma Rick, I know. I mean, he was a big mine

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a long way.