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The segment discusses the history and success of Islam, including the use of marijuana and the potential consequences of not following rules. The Sharia and its importance in protecting the mind and potential consequences of not following rules. The speakers touch on the potential health benefits of marijuana, including its THC content and medical benefits, and the potential negative impact on one's behavior. The segment concludes with a discussion of the use of THC in recreational use and the potential negative impact on one's behavior.

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In 100, Allah Muhammad who wants to know when to stop when I ought to be let him ensure the unforeseen elements are Medina Mayor de la hufa la Mola one my little fella had the Allah wa shadow Allah in a in la la, la la la sharika kara, Shadow Anna Mohammed and Abu rasuluh. All praises due to Allah, we praise Him and seek his assistance. We seek refuge with Allah from the evil within ourselves and from the evil of our deeds. Whomsoever Allah guides, none can misguide him at home ever he allows us to go astray none can guide him and I bear witness that there is no god worthy of worship except Allah alone. He has no partner and I bear witness that Muhammad is His servant and

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His Messenger

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Yeah, you Hallelujah Amen otaku la patoka de la La Tomatina in LA on to Muslim moon. Oh you who believe fear Allah as he should be feared and do not die except in the state of Islam. Yeah, you're Latina? I'm an otaku. Hola. Hola. Hola. Hola, and sadita useless la cama cama de la comme de Nova con la hora Sula, hufa differs 1000 alima are you who believe fear Allah and speak the truth, he will direct you to do righteous good deeds and will forgive your sins, and whomsoever obeys Allah and His Messenger, he has indeed achieved a great achievement. I'm about to announce Takahata tabula rasa Howdy, howdy Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, Bashar Al ohmori, mcdata wakulla Desert

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invada wakulla beratan bulahdelah gokudera cynefin. Our

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brothers and sisters in Islam, the topic of our hotbar today is marijuana.

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It's about marijuana and how it is haram. And this, this topic was chosen for two specific reasons. Number one, our community has no clue how rampant it is amongst our youth. We don't have a clue.

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It is statistically 52% of people in America have tried marijuana once over half the American population has tried marijuana. So would we assume that perhaps over half our youth have tried it? Or because they're Muslims, maybe only 2% of them have tried it or only 3% of them have tried it. We always do this, you know, optimistic unrealistic look at things because they're Muslim inshallah don't try it. I have heard of MSA is where the MSA officers will have meetings and and these meetings are about to progress and to move the religion of Allah forward and about Juma hope and events. And then all of them go and smoke together, men and women, active and practicing young men

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and women all over Houston, in groups will go and smoke. And it's to the point where some of them have told me it's to the point where that you're considered strange if you don't smoke marijuana, they pray. They're active in MSG, they put on full hijab, and they smoke regularly. Some of them come into my office right here in the back of this building, and sat down and told me about their experiences and how everybody's doing it, and how you're strange if you don't do it.

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When we were growing up, smoking meant cigarettes, ask your children now what smoking means. It does not refer to cigarettes at all. And they casually asked Do you smoke so and so smokes, this person doesn't smoke, and they don't mean cigarettes. They mean this. They mean drugs, they mean marijuana.

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And the biggest, the biggest proof that we have a huge problem in our community is that everyone, every parent in the room thinks I'm talking about the children of the parent next to them. That's the biggest problem. Everyone thinks I'm talking about the guy next to us children, not yours. That's the problem. But these hijab is and these active youth, we're doing it all over Houston. They're just someone else's children all the time.

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The other reason is that we want to show that it's hot. I'm in Charlotte, and this hot button. And youth are using this substance assuming or perhaps making themselves believe that it's Helen, that is okay. And we chose this day for this cookbook, instead of talking about the holiday season or something else, because schools are closed and many youth will be in the masjid.

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So with that one of the purposes of the Sharia is that it came to protect the mind. And why wouldn't it come to protect the mind? Because it's how you receive and process one of the most important things in life and that is guidance and revelation from Allah subhanho wa Taala among many other things, but without your mind, you would not be able to take heed or to take action when Allah subhanaw taala calls you to it. That's why inserta rod Allah Subhana Allah says, In Nehemiah to the Kuru Odin and Bob, those who take him

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Those who remember these are the ones who are on Alibaba and iOS hub and Roku. Those are people of sound, Mount minds or good and sound minds.

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Only people who have good understanding and good minds will pay heed to what Allah subhanaw taala is saying Intuit unfettered likewise very similarly Allah azza wa jal says, healthy the alika Casa mon lady hedger, hedger here those who have good minds again, without the mind you will not be able to recognize the signs of a large origin as true signs or understand what the signs of Allah subhanaw taala are, that's why it's sorted out.

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Ron Allahu This is the only album in it's our science for those who have sound minds into a rock in the field it can it out in the coalmine, yet have a colon indeed, and these things are Signs for those who contemplate or reflect in either Nicola is in reverse after the coalmine, your afternoon in it or science for those who understand. So without the mind you couldn't understand and recognize the signs of Allah azza wa jal without the minds you could not understand the lessons and the parables Allah subhanaw taala is putting forth your kasasa him Ableton Live Colin Alba, indeed in their stories were lessons. But for those of sound mind journey for those who have good minds and

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can think and even the taqwa of Allah subhanaw taala was linked to having a good mind for Taku la ha, yeah, Al Bab and fear Allah, all those of you who have sound minds. So it is no surprise then that the Sharia came to protect the mind from anything that will harm or alter it. And for that reason, alcohol and drugs have been prohibited in Islam because of their effect on the mind, first and foremost.

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But even before the advent of Islam, people used to care about their mind and about their sanity of the famous examples amongst many of Oba Caligula on who might have not found it alone. And they used to not consume alcohol even before Islam even before it was prohibited by Allah azza wa jal, because they saw what it did to men and then to people and they saw what it did to people's dignity. And even today, here in America, we know non Muslims who on their own don't consume alcohol because of what it does to when they alter it when it alters their mind and how their behavior changes.

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So now moving on to marijuana, it has something in it known as THC, and this is the psychoactive part of the plant. And the brain has cannabinoid receptors, and they're concentrated in areas of the brain that have to deal with thinking, memory, pleasure, coordination and time perception. And then, and this is according to the National Institute of Drug Abuse, THC attaches to those receptors in the brain and activates them and affects the person's memory, pleasure, movement, thinking, concentration, coordination, and sensory and time perception. Now, all these things we just explained, indicate that it alters the mind it alters perception, it alters thinking, it alters

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This cup since THC, over the years, it has been purposely cultivated and bred to have a higher level of THC. In the 1990s. It was 4% THC. And now in 2014, or not long ago, in 2014, it was 12%. And more than doubled, actually, it tripled to now 12%. So there is no doubt that it intoxicates. And what do we mean by intoxicated means in the sense that it impairs and alters intellect and judgment. And it's very hard to make a case that your mind is completely normal under the influence of this drug, which many people try to argue that there's nothing really happening here. That state that is known as stoned. Is this a normal state of mind? And if you're about to have very delicate spinal surgery,

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and your doctor tells you let me just get stoned and we start the operation. How will you feel? Or if you're the pilot announces,

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on the plane, this before takeoff that he is good and stoned. And would you argue that this is a normal state of mind and you feel very comfortable? Or the judge says I'm going to deliberate Just let me go in my chambers get stoned and come back. Because we know that that is not a natural state. It's not a natural state. And it's very hard to try to make that case. And that's why the scholar said a Hummer muhammara laughter Jani and Hummer is would ever intoxicates or envelops the mind that's a Hummer, and instead of a Buddhahood and Nabi sallallahu sallam, he said could lumos Kirin hamrun wakulla hamrun haraam

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and there is also lemon serrana without said every intoxicant is a hammer and every time

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is haram is forbidden. Every intoxicant is a hump, and every hump is haram. So intoxicated in the sense that it alters your mind, your intellect, your thought process your behavior. helaas It's an intoxicant. Every intoxication is a Hummer wakulla, Hummer and Haram. And every Hummer is Hara.

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But why would a believer think something like this is hella? Did you think this 10 years ago? 10 years ago? Did we even have this debate in the Muslim community? Is marijuana halal or not? But now, suddenly, a number of people make it legal to sell? And suddenly it's supposed to be okay. And is this how our believing man or woman is, we just like weeds just go with the flow, we go with the current. If people make it legal, then we immediately assume that it's hella. If it's illegal, then it must be Haram. And we know how the tides are changing now. And many things that are frowned upon and and viewed as immoral and illegal are going to change and are changing as we speak. And these

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things are going to become halaal as well. This is not how the believing man or woman is, we just go with the flow. But if you were to do a search, you will find plenty of TED Talks supporting marijuana, plenty of videos supporting it, many arguments of benefits from taxes and medical benefits, and so on and so forth. So the tide is strong. But the believer resists these ties, we're not going to just go with the flow, whatever changes, we change our religion with it.

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Some of the most common arguments Muslim youth use to argue that marijuana is okay, and that it's

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the first thing they say it doesn't harm your health, meaning not like cigarettes, known for lung cancer and arteries and heart disease and all that. They're saying, it doesn't harm your health.

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And even though and we must understand that it is something that is until today, marijuana has not been been thoroughly researched, has not been thoroughly researched. But research is mentioning and showing some of the harmful effects. And there is a specific reason we avoided mentioning the harmful effects in this whole book. Because we're not saying you should stay away from it because of its harmful effects. It's not about that you're staying away from it, because it's Haram, because it's an intoxicant, because it's a drug. That's what that's like giving a hoot about Xena, and telling people stay away from Xena because it causes venereal diseases and STDs. And it's not why

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you stay away from Xena, you stole it from zinnen because it's zinna. First, you stay away from marijuana because it's a drug and it's marijuana first, not because harmful effects or medical effects. So the first thing is they say it doesn't harm your health. And that argument has nothing to do with anything. Because in their mind, these Muslims, they think it's only harm if it harms your health. Okay.

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Studies and plenty of studies over the decades have shown that a glass of wine a day is good for the liver. So here we have a substance that is known to be hot on and now it has something good for your health. Does that make it hot?

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we have highlighted substances halaal substances that are bad for the health. Yeah, and he sold sugar, cholesterol. These are hot substances. They're bad for the health that doesn't make them Haram. So this the argument of health here has nothing to do with anything. The second thing they say it's a plant. And it's not true. Any hippie talk. It's a green plant from nature. And God put these things for us so much out of yellow. Okay, play opium poppy, this plant. Qatar Farah has given us heroin and opium. And it's a plant Hmm. The coca plant gave us cocaine. It's a plant and it's natural. psychedelic mushrooms are plant and they're natural. Does that make them halaal. And if you

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just want to go with things that are natural, and from the earth, Yama, pigs, pigs are from this earth, they didn't come from outer space. Add that to your menu, if your argument is natural versus not natural, and that's what this argument has nothing to do with anything even. The other thing that argued that it does not cause harm, like any like alcohol, for example, you harm others, you injure others, not just yourself. So they're saying that people who smoke marijuana, they don't go out and get into fights and get aggressive and come home and assault their wives and so on and so forth. But also, this argument has nothing to do with what we're talking about. Because if that were

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an argument, it would mean that if someone were chained up in their home, they couldn't hit anyone that couldn't harm anyone. They couldn't drive a car and killed someone, then it would be hard for them to get drunk and consume alcohol, because they're chained up and they're not going to hurt anyone. It's not about hurting others. That's not why

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It's heroin.

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marijuana is haram because it's a drug that alters the mind. And not because it's harmful or not, or natural or not. It's a drug that alters the mind. And in the second hood, but we'll look at some of some comments from the early scholars on the effects on the mind and how that makes it an intoxicant. Apolo colada was tougher La la la la la la comunidad de novo Festo Pharaoh. Pharaoh rosenstock, serene. ask Allah subhanaw taala for his forgiveness indeed those who ask for his forgiveness shall prosper.

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hamdulillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala rasulillah. I mean, while he was so happy to hear

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in it was in the 16th century, after the hedgerow that Muslim scholars encountered hashish and hashish is something that is made from the resin of the cannabis plant. One of the scholars known as observed Kashi Rahim Allah, He says the hi from hashish is similar enough to the intoxication you get from alcohol and mind altering and therefore a mosquito something that is an intoxicant and is prohibited the same way alcohol is. And one of the things is that the you think it's as if that Muslim scholars never commented or encountered hashish, marijuana or any of the other cannabis plant family derivatives, the assume that this was not known to people before. And this is a sixth century

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scholar talking about the fact how it alters the mind, therefore it's an intoxicant, and therefore it's hot, um, in the same way, then he quotes at half Xena dnl erahthi, who died in the year 806 after the hedgehog. He says the main reason alcohol was prohibited in Islam is due to its intoxicating effect. Yeah, and the only other bad things that come with alcohol these are all bonus points that come with alcohol. Yeah, and he you know, the insanity and or temporary and attacking the family and wasting wealth and, and car accidents. All of these are just extra points that come with alcohol. But it was made haram because it's, it's an intoxicant that alters the mind. That was

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the main reason. And these were just other bonus points here. So it's the same thing then for marijuana has nothing to do with all the with whether or not you're going to harm people become aggressive or not. It's an intoxicant. It alters the mind. And few people can challenge this point. Even to me or him, Allah who died 684, after the hijra, had the same opinion. If no claim Rahim Allah who died 751 after the hedgerow had the same opinion, even hotjar, who died at 52 had the exact same opinion as well. In fact, every single Muslim scholar said getting high off of hashish is hard on every single Muslim scholar.

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And we did not mention the medical benefits on purpose. Because most users, their use of marijuana is recreational, not medical, most of them and then young people will try to quote you the medicinal benefits of marijuana, and you care that much about glaucoma. Is that why? That's not why they're concerned with recreational use of the drug. And then they bring up the medical benefits just as as added points. And that's exactly what's happening now, in the debate on legalizing marijuana and the bring up the medical uses of marijuana. It's always brought up in every video you watch. And every debate you watch, they'll bring up the medical uses of marijuana. But what percent of marijuana

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usage constitutes medical needs for medical reasons? What percentage, a very small percent the majority of it is for the recreational use, and even those places that sell marijuana, they'll tell you the amount of THC in it.

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And the concentration of THC because that's what people are after. That's what people are after the effect known as getting high or getting stoned. That's what people are after. It's about recreational use. It's not about medical use. Yeah, there are some medical benefits. And the scholars even put some parameters on when you can use medical marijuana. But we're not getting into that. Because what percentage of the use from our youth is due to medical seeking medical benefits out of it?

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None, and most likely just none.

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So every scholar said that it's it's haram to get high and you will see now Muslims will surface here and they're trying to quote and even some of the misquote under Kashi specifically at Ohio law. They misquote him saying that he said it was okay. And he has an entire book on and he never said it's okay. He just defined on the intoxication in a different way than other

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Scholars, but he still said it's prohibited. But you will see people a imams notable or not, who will surface in the years to come and they'll say that it's hollow. But you we don't chase after these rogue fatwas that makes something Halla Yani, there was a Maliki scholar, and he was not a crooked scholar, there was a Maliki scholar who thought dog meat was hella. It's wrong. It's a wrong opinion. But do you want to follow that opinion, even though that it's wrong? And that's why they say that if someone just follows all this strange and weird opinions, and you practice them, you will find yourself living on something that's not Islam. If you keep following all the strange

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opinions, or there's a scholar somewhere that said, this is permissible. There's a scholar somewhere that said, That's okay. Yeah, gather all these things there and put them in a book, that book will not be about Islam. So it doesn't matter who in the future is going to come and say that it's okay. It's an intoxicant. It alters the mind in some way or another, and affects your intellect affects your thoughts, your behavior, and then that's enough to make it harder. And that's what the scholars have always been upon. And it doesn't matter what any new person wants to say, or wants to argue with that we ask Allah subhanaw taala to make use of those who hear the truth as clear truth and

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follow the best of it. And to make use of those who recognize falsehood as clear, false and abstain from it. For lahoma don't have to have Congress open a

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bottle of water and

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we ask Allah subhanaw taala to protect and to safeguard our youth and our children in these lands, from from drugs, and from alcohol and all kinds of things that are hot on We ask Allah to protect our men and women from things that are hot on arable land. I mean,

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we ask Allah subhanaw taala to rectify the conditions of Islam and the Muslims all around the world. And we ask Allah azza wa jal to rectify the conditions with the Muslims in Kashmir, and the Muslims in Philistine and in Syria, and in Iraq, and in all parts of the world the honorable al Ameen for lahoma berrimilla Hello Matamoros Didn't you also see a robotic way of the animal sciatic will Murphy Bill maroof wion Javi animoca SME Otto Sorolla, Mubarak Ruth Ratan in alameen. Wa earlier he was here Jemaine will como como Han como la