Heart Matters #25 – The Remembrance of Allah The Key to Success

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AI: Summary © The importance of vicar in Islam is discussed, with a focus on the vicar of Allah's the primary driver of formation and achieving spiritual health. The importance of viances in purifying viances is also emphasized, with suggestions for planting seeds in Jana and achieving bigger plots. The importance of mindful behavior and avoiding danger is also emphasized, with a recap of the series and reminder to follow the schedule.
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Smilla hamdu lillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah, who either early he was sahih woman wala Hammerberg

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on this 27th night of Ramadan, in the year 1444 of the hijra, were winding down our series on purification of the color tonight actually will be the last topic tomorrow as the conclusion and then we are done. So on this night, I wanted to conclude on that aspect of the heart, that aspect of the purification of the bulb that frankly is the most central and the most important, this aspect that we will discuss today. It differentiates the people of Allah from all others, it differentiates the righteous from those that are not righteous. This aspect is the primary mechanism to come closer to Allah subhanho wa Taala the primary mechanism to soften the heart and to purify one soul. What is

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this one aspect that is so important? It is the vicar of ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala nothing substitutes the vicar of Allah in our journey to Allah subhana wa Tada ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada commands us in the Quran. Yeah you hola Dena Amma knows the Quran. Allah has the Quran Kathira or you who believe do dhikr of Allah frequently and copiously was not kidding Allah cathedral and with Nokia RotZ. Those men and women who do vicar constantly, ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada says, Yeah, you will, Adina Amarula had the Quran cathedra was a beautiful book written while sila morning and evening due to spear of him. The blessings of vicar are too much to summarize, in my seven eight minutes call to Iraq, but just a

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few things to incentivize us, our prophets of Allah Who are they he was seldom mentioned to us in a hadith in Sahih Bukhari

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the example of the one who does dhikr compared to the one who does not do vicar is the example of the one who is alive versus the one who is dead. Literally the difference between the vicar and non vicar is life and death. Ibn Taymiyyah says, the Dhikr of Allah to the heart, it is like water to the fish. When you take the fish out of water what's going to happen so to the thicker to the hearts, if you don't do thicker, what's going to happen to your palate, your spiritual culture. In fact, ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada has told us in the Quran, that every single ritual we do the reason for it is the vicar of Allah wa Kim is Salah utterly decree established a Salah for my vicar and in Hajj

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Allah says when you finish your hedge fund Quran, Allah Hukka decree come Abba come, do dhikr of Allah like he used to do thicker of your ancestors in the days of JD, every act of rituals, it is legislated for the higher purpose of vicar therefore we must tap into the potential of vicar, vicar of Allah, whoever does dhikr of Allah, Allah will remember him further could Rooney have come? Our Prophet system said, never do a group of people do dhikr of Allah in any gathering, except that Allah mentions that gathering in a gathering more noble than their gathering. Can you imagine? Allah mentions you? Allah remembers you, Allah knows you. Of course Allah knows everyone. But when you do

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this, a special connection is formed further koroni of God come vicar of Allah protects you from so many things. It protects you from all evil Shayateen in a hadith or process and give an example. He said, Imagine somebody fleeing from an enemy riding fast on a horse, he has no protection the armies behind him and he comes across a protected fortress that he can go into unlock. He gave that analogy then he said, This is the example of the vicar of Allah in Arabic his known how see you known ministry fawn, it is a protected fortress again Shavon vicar protects you from Shaytaan vicar protects you from a double cover and from the fitna of the cupboard. vicar protects you on the Day

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of Judgment. Our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, seven are the people who will be sheltered when there is no shelter other than the shelter of Allah, one of them Raju and zakat, Allah Holly and for father Dinah dhikr of Allah brings you shelter on the Day of Judgment. vicar of Allah makes your skills heavy on the Day of Judgment Kadima tiny, heavy but tiny little Rukmani copy of attorney either Lissoni filthy the attorney fill me zani Subhanallah you but I'm disturbed.

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Don't allow them they could have Allah is heavy in the scale even though saying it is light vicar of Allah is the number one thing to save a person from the punishment of Allah Hadith in Muslim Imam Muhammad our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Leave sachet on unGerman either Billa him in victory lap. Nothing can save a person more powerfully from the punishment of Allah than the vicar of Allah. What this means if a person is a sinner, and he deserves to go to jahannam he has sins that caused them to go to jahannam what is the most powerful ticket to get out? What's the salvation Oh card? What is the most powerful deed that he can use to beg and plead that Oh Allah, I'm still

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I'm a sinner, but please save me. I will prophesy. Some said the biggest salvation or factor for the sinner is the vicar of Allah. As our scholars mentioned, Allah will not throw into Jahannam the tongue that is constantly doing vicar of him, even if the body deserves to be punished, but the tongue that is constantly doing dhikr of Allah, Allah will not throw that tongue into Jahannam vicar saves us from the punishment of Allah vicar beautifies our places in Jannah in a very beautiful Hadith and Sunnah Timothy, our Prophet Sall, Allahu Allah, he was setting him went up to the journey of Israel on Mirage, and that evening night journey, and he met Ibrahim alayhis salam, and Ibrahim

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gave a message to all of us through him. I repeat, Ibrahim alayhis salam gave me a new message and he used his own grandson the Prophet system to send that message. He said to his own grandson, his own descendant yah Mohamed Salah Salem. accrete, O Mata commonness Salam, send my salam to your alma he is giving us his Salam send my salaam to your alma walk their home and now Jana playbar to torba and tell them that Jana has fertile soil soil is right soil is ready. We're unhappy on but there's no fruits in it. There's no seeds in it. The soil is ready, but there's no plants right now. You have to plant your plant in Jannah. What will be the mechanism that you plant your seeds in Jana?

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Ibrahim alayhis salam through our process I'm told us what a beautiful Anil Hirasawa Subhan Allah he will hamdu Lillahi wa la ilaha illallah wa Allahu Akbar. Tell them the plants the seedlings that will give them the trees, every vicar they do. Subhana Allah will give you a tree and hamdulillah will give you a tree La Ilaha illa Allah will give you a tree Allahu Akbar will give you a tree. Can you imagine every vicar you do this means your plot of land has to become bigger because the tree has to be accommodated. So every vicar you do you will get a lot larger and larger plot and you will get a tree in Jannah This is the beautification of our spot in Jana. much can be said brothers and

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sisters about the Dhikr of ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada. One Hadith comes to mind. Famous hadith is in the dilemma the enemy imagine others. An elderly man walked into the masjid, hobbling on his staff, and in front of everybody. He made a very blunt request. He said the out of school Allah, you see how old I am his feeble he's walking like this. And Islam came to me at an old age I've embraced at this age, and he confessed and I don't have the youth to compete with these others Abu Bakar with mono the Allahu Allah I can't compete with them in their good deeds. It's not my fault I accepted Islam all they came into me. So tell me one thing that I can do, through which I can get to the MACOM of

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these youngsters around you even though I don't have that youth. Look at the beautiful question the wise question. I can't do what these others are doing. Tell me one thing at my age I can do and I can still catch up to them. I will process them held on to his tongue. And he said I Lika be the killer. I command you to do dhikr of Allah subhanho wa Taala for nothing can substitute that you shall be able to catch up to these youngsters he called Abubakar Mr. Young Rhodiola. Well, even though he was young, I mean because he was much older them you will be able to catch up to them through the Dhikr of ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada. That is how powerful vicar is brothers and sisters. All

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of this month we have been discussing how to come closer to Allah purifying our column, making sure we have Caleb Saleem, the number one mechanism that will help us in all of these different topics is the continuity of vicar and to make things easier Subhanallah zikr has no preconditions. You don't need to face the Qibla you don't need to stand up you don't need to have although you don't need to be in a particular place. You can do this lying down. You can do it in the state of Geneva by Iijima unanimous consensus you can say Subhan Allah hamdulillah in the state of Geneva or domain in the cycle there's no restriction on the Dhikr of ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada anywhere you are sitting in

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traffic between meetings.

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just sitting at your desk. So if you want to come closer to Allah and purify your culture, the number one mechanism your most important tool is you need to become addicted to the Dhikr of Allah morning and evening, night and day, throughout the day throughout the night, keep on doing have car all types of car. And the four most powerful of God are mentioned in the Hadith that I just mentioned to you Subhan Allah he will Hamdulillah he will La ilaha illallah wa Allahu Akbar. And you can add to this Well, I would I would love Allah, these five as if the Tamia says around them center all of the other car much can be said brothers and sisters, but I'll conclude on this one, I have

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five verse five words in the Quran summarizes the entire month long lecture series, I've been giving five words, memorize them and implement them. I'll be the Karela he talks me into a loop.

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Be zicatela he talks about in nulu. Allah in Arabic is Heroku 10 B which means attention Hey, listen to this. Allah means I have something to tell you pay attention. Other means I'm going to tell you something really important. And Allah says Allah come listen to have something to tell you Allah What does your What does Allah want to tell us biblically Allah only through the Dhikr of Allah shall the hearts find tranquility, you want peace in your life? You want to be cut off from the problems of the dunya the problems and stress of wealth of health of finances of all the politics you want to have a refuge that you will find comfort in the worship of Allah, there is only one

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primary mechanism and basically law he talks my new Hulu May Allah subhana wa Tada make us of those who are that good in Allah Kadena with accurate and tomorrow inshallah we will conclude our complete series and the day after tomorrow is the hotter Masha Allah wa salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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