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tiama Nina, Maria de la hufa moden de la mejor de Lille for her the ella y shadow en la ilaha illallah wa de la sharika lah wa shadow Ana Mohammed Abu rasuluh. You hola Vina Armando taco la haka taco De La Tomatina in LA One, two Muslim moon. Yeah, you Hello Vienna I want to talk la kulu Colin seda you say hello Kumamoto como Villa de novo come to a la hora Sula, hufa fosun Avi Ma. I'm about to Cunha de kita. Bala, well, Arsenal had you had you Mohammedan sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, Mashallah Morimoto, Matata, Hakuna Matata, invada wakulla beratan Bala wakulla Dalton phenol, brothers and sisters in Islam today our haka is about an esta hora or Salatu is to her, which is a

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prayer when you're seeking the counsel of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And we'll begin with this true story that was told by someone that experienced it. He said, We grew up and we were a number of us growing up together, knowing together all our entire life. He says, but one of us is ahead of us in everything. As far as his position is at work. He's higher in rank than the rest of us as as far as his salary is better salary than the rest of us. Even though we grew up together, we studied and went to the same schools. He said his home is better than ours cars better his family affairs are better. What's his secret? He said, This young man throughout our entire life knowing him he would

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pray to her for every important decision. Whatever it was, he would pray it's the huddle to a large origin. Even if he's somewhat clear of what the answer is, and that it's good, he would still praise to her to Allah subhanaw taala. So he progressed and moved far beyond the rest of us because he's always consulting Allah as the origin.

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And imagine you have access to the most intelligent person in the world to consult on any issue that you have. What would be the result? And we don't compare Allah subhanaw taala to his creation, but you're consulting Allah azza wa jal on every important decision, Allah who has infinite and perfect knowledge and can control the decrees than what would be the result of your life in that case. And because it is so important, in Sahil Buhari jabiru dalla Han haka, he says, cannot Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi salam, Ala Moana and esta hora Fillmore. Oh Phil ohmori kuliah Jani, He will teach us is to her in all our affairs come on you alumina, a subrata mineral core on the same way he would

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teach us a pseudo from the Quran. And you can imagine how the pasta lamb would teach the companions of pseudo from the Quran, teach it to them carefully and in good detail and making sure they understand it and they know it in that same way he used to teach us to make us taharah in our affairs, Yoku jabber continues that the Prophet Salam would say is Uh hum. hadoken bin amor if one of you is concerned about an affair or an issue foliar caraka tanium innovating for at Summa Leopold. So he should then pray two rakaat outside the freedom outside of gohara Nasir and the obligatory prayers he prays to God, and then he should say that there are Allahumma inni esta heruka

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we're in Mecca. We're stuck de roca bill quadratic, Oh Allah, I seek your counsel, but by your knowledge and I seek your assistance by your power was a lucam in public allowed him and I asked you from your immense favor for in nikka taketsuru Wallah up there or for inika duck doodle wala Ecuador, what I

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want alamelu For indeed you are able while I am not. And you know what i do not and you are the Knower of the unseen Allahumma in Quinta Allah

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Oh Allah if you know that this affair and then you mentioned what it is marrying so and so accepting this position going into this business venture. Hi Ron levy Dini, when merace well activity Emery if you know it to be good for me in my in relation to my religion, my life and aftermath, my present and my future. For the dodo Lee were sort of holy thermobaric LiFi then decree it and facilitate it for me and bless it for me or bless me with it. Allahumma nkwanta Allah and Sharon Lee Dini, when he was at Emory, and if you know this affair to be bad for me, and my religion, my livelihood and my affairs

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Then turn it away from me. For three four Ronnie was recently on who works directly on hydro hydro can some model beneba then turn it away from me and ordained for the good for me wherever it may be, and make me pleased with it. And another narration from Rob Dini B.

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This is narrated inside Buhari in a tirmidhi Muslim, Ahmed Abu Dawood imager, and others Roman law. You're asking Allah subhanaw taala to choose for you. You're asking Allah, Allah choose for me with your big ol Mika with your knowledge, his perfect knowledge, the panel to Allah, Who knows what has happened, what is happening, and knows the future.

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And asking Allah subhanaw taala than to decree it for you, because there are people who have knowledge not comparable to Allah subhanaw taala has knowledge, and they would not know the future, and they would not be able to decree anything for you. But Allah subhanaw taala is able to do that. And you're asking this, this Allah, Allah subhanaw taala with this power with these abilities to assist you in your decision. And in your affair. You notice also in the DA, there is no mention of dreams whatsoever. And this is one of the most popular things where people expect that if they praise taharah, they should get a dream the same night. So they'll come and ask the chef chef, I

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just pray this to her and I didn't see a dream Did I do something wrong. But in the door, you're not asking for dreams or for signs or an immediate response. You're asking Allah subhanaw taala. If this affair is good, then facilitate it. And if it's bad, then push it away from me and replace it with better. So but the scholars say it is possible to see a dream but it's not one of the conditions is not what you look for that night, there's got to say it's possible someone might praise the heart and see a dream. It's possible that you might press too hard about an affair and feel comfortable with the affair. But you'll find a lot of people saying one of the signs that you have the answer of

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your da is you feel comfort towards this issue, or you feel discomfort towards that issue. And that's not necessarily the case, it could be but there are people who made this Takara about an issue. And they went into it still feeling worried and scared and not comfortable. And it worked out very well. So it's not a condition, brothers and sisters, it could be that you will see a dream, it could be that you become comfortable with the situation. Or it could be that you're uncomfortable and it's good for you. Or it could be you don't get any feelings whatsoever. Allah azza wa jal just facilitates it for you.

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Or pushes it away from you without any feelings of discomfort or pleasure or anything else.

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So then, the dreams are not a condition is not a necessity necessity. The other thing the scholars mentioned that you don't make is to huddle over any peripheral issue. Yeah, Annie, do you want to eat whole bread or wheat? Do you go praise to her? or What should I have for lunch prays to her? Or someone invited me to dinner Should I go or not to praise to her not over issues that are not important? And not over issues that are obligatory and you're supposed to do anyways? Yeah, now I'm going to brace the heart if I should fast Ramadan this year or not. Or if I should pray five times a day or not, this is not acceptable. But you do it for any decision you need to make that is of

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relative importance. If you it's a job, or a business venture, or a marriage or a position, even if there is you know, there is good in that position. Because some people say why should I press too hard over marriage in Islam encourages marriage and it's known to be a good thing. Why should I press too hard for marriage? It's not it's the hurdle over the idea and the concept of marriage itself. It's about the person. Okay, so will I get along with this person? Will they get along with my family? They might be religious and everything but they will not get along with my family. Will they raise their children well. So an excellent example of that is that of Habiba. robiola, Juana,

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the mother of the believers or Ramallah winter abyssion

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it is narrated that when the servant girl came to her and told her that the prophets of Allah salah and she was in Abyssinia at the time, that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam proposed to her for marriage, she became very pleased and everything but she prayed is to huddle. Now, mind you, she's not praying istikhara to see stuff for Allah if the Prophet sallallahu Sallam will be a good husband or not. She's bringing us to her to see if she will be a good wife for the Prophet sallallahu Sallam Will she make him unhappy or make him miserable and then incur the anger of Allah subhanaw taala and His Prophet sallallahu sallam, so she still pray this to her in something that there is good in, or

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the scholars given example, an Imam position, everyone knows good and here comes out of an Imam position.

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But a person might press too hard to see if he is good for that position, or if he is a good match for whatever it is in the community, what have you. So it's not just about if you're certain or not, sometimes I'm certain there's good in an issue, but I don't know what count might come out of it in the future.

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And that's why

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the scholars talk about an istikhara being you consulting Allah azza wa jal on issues of the unseen issues of the unseen you don't know what the future holds. Yes, everything looks good now, but I don't know what's in the future. And so I seek the counsel of Allah subhanaw taala. Then there's the issue of esta hora vs. Is to Shara Yanni is to Shara is when you consult people and it's the Hara is when you consult Allah zildjian. And you will find some scholars say is the hora comes first before you consult people and other scholars say it's the shadow comes first before you pray your istikhara.

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And if you look at it, it could be that it's an issue of of semantics. Because the scholars, this group is saying that you first study a situation. And you wouldn't just pray without knowing anything about an affair. Yeah, someone wants to get married. So he just hears that there's someone looking for marriage to go pray staccato, or they asked first and find out a little bit. And are the ages compatible all these other things. In this process they're actually seeking is to shadow they're finding out more information. And then they praise to harder to Allah subhanaw taala to make their to help being nudged in the right direction for the right decision. And also because I don't

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know everything looks good now. But in the future, it could be different. So they argue that your st. Chateau is you gathering information you knowing more, and then you at the point where you ask Allah subhanaw taala for guidance. The other thing is that sometimes people will pray it's too hard. And there was a case of a sister who prayed this to her about a man. They got married, and then they got divorce. So her question was, I pray this taharah I sought the counsel of a large region, he facilitated the marriage, and it still ended up in divorce. So Shouldn't it be where when you consult a larger agenda, you get the right decision? And the answer is that a lot of times we happen

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to see things just in the short term, and we don't think

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we're not as farsighted enough or four sided correct. four sided enough to see what benefit comes of something bad, but in the future. Yeah, I mean,

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first of all, it's not a guarantee that whoever praises this to her, they will not make any immediate mistakes or mistakes in the immediate sense. But the good can come later on. For example, this sister, Allah subhanaw taala, decreed this righteous child for her, this righteous child will come from this man, that she will be divorced for two years have been married for two years and then they get a divorce. But Allah subhanaw taala wanted this righteous, special righteous child to come out of this relationship. So in that sense, Allah subhanaw taala knew of the divorce but there's a lot of good that's going to come out of it. And as many of us know, sometimes that first marriage

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unfortunately becomes the practice marriage and you make all the mistakes and then the second marriage to the right person. Now you know what mistakes not to make. So it wasn't a mistake. In the first one it was Allah subhanaw taala preparing you for good to come in the future. So we just have to be a little four sided with understanding what Allah subhanaw taala decreased for us. And in the second quarter, inshallah we're going to look at issues concerning his to her. Apolo colada was tougher Oh la la la la la la la commune Jamia festival fair frozen Mr. Farina offering as colossal hotel forgiveness indeed those who ask for his forgiveness shall prosper.

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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala rasulillah. I mean, he was a big marine about

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the scholars have an effective disagreement concerning the times for staccato prayer, there is a group that says you cannot pray to her at times of anahita times when you're not allowed to pray, the rising and the setting of the sun or in from from after

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a little after fudger. But others argued that any prayer where there is a valid reason for you can pray even at times when it's forbidden to pray. And after also, everyone knows you don't pray. But if someone dies after us, we're going to skip the janaza prayer. This there is a sub there's a reason for it here. So the scholars say because there's a reason

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You would do it. Someone has to make an urgent decision and needs to praise to huddle and it's after us. We don't wait until November and then Time passes. So even though there is a disagreement amongst the scholars, some believe that you can pray it at any time.

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The other thing is, is the draw of istikhara made before that to sleep or after that asleep and there are some scholars including shareholders that have been telling me or him Allah, who believes you have to make the door before you say Salaam Aleykum. Others argue it's after and other said both are acceptable. You can make the door of his taharah before that asleep. Others say you can say Salaam Alaikum and then make the drop. Because they are good. It says foliar caraka titanium innovating for either Summa Leopold Yani that he prays to rock art, that's not from the forest. And then he will say so that means the prayers over and then after the prayer, he makes this job either

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way, the scholars say it is acceptable to do both. Even so even though some argue that is more correct to do it after that asleep. And you can read that if you don't memorize it, you can read it from the book, even if you're doing it before that asleep. Your insula still, you're after the Tisha hood is over, you can open the book and you can read the office Takara during your Salah. Why because the scholars say it is salata. nephila, it's an aphylla prayer so you're able to hold the most half or you're able to hold this book in order just to recite the the DA

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and almost unanimously agreed not during the Florida Yeah, and you cannot praise to her after Florida you praying the whole and you might say okay, I'll hit two birds with one stone and then I'll just say that the obvious to her at the end. But you can do it with any other of the no wife and Jani, if you're praying, these are the two subnets of the greeting of the masjid. They could say you can pray it as the greeting of the masjid and istikhara and when you're done make the door obvious to how you're doing 200 at night praying family and then you finish to rock art make it to record for the night prayer and this data as well and you can recite the at the end or anything else

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Yani any kind of sunan relative after law do you pray to God make it also for staccato and then make the door after that.

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The scholars also mentioned that there is not any known more for Hadith and Hadith the traces are links back to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam where it's mentioned what sewer the prophet SAW Selim recites. So as far as is known Jani you just recite to anywhere, any sewer from the Quran, nothing in particular, there are some mentions from mmm code to be on what to recite, but that is not also traced back to the pasilla. But suggestions from him, Rahim Allah.

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The other thing the scholars mentioned that you can combine two things in the DA Yeah, and you can pray once a lot is taharah. And in the DA mentioned two things mentioned the job and the marriage, or purchasing a home and living in that neighborhood, whatever it is, you can combine more than one thing in your DAW of his taharah. And the final thing is another disagreement amongst the scholars. Some say you pray it only once. Other said you pray it three, you can pray up to three times because the President would make it two or three times and others say you can pray it as many times as possible. And their argument is that and maybe saw Selim said in the Hadith, either how to come if

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one of you has a concern. So if this concern remains, or you get the concern, again, you can continue to pray again and again. But really the bottom point, the bottom line brothers and sisters is that look at the opportunities we have. And only the Muslims have this great opportunity to consult with Allah subhanaw taala on every major decision in our life, what would our life be like? Had we just consulted Allah azzawajal on every important point, and what we're trying to say two important things. Number one, is that for a lot of the adults, the only make it harder when it's a big issue and confusing. We explained it doesn't have to be confusing. I can see clear hair and good

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in an issue. But I don't know what the future is like. I still prays to huddle. Yeah, and it's sad that some of us will pray to her once or twice or maybe three times a year. Only one big issues shared Martello are confusing will come up we'll press too hard, whereas others every decision they'll make that's a relative importance. They'll make it harder to Alasania. And the second thing, especially for the young people in the audience and at home.

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So many young people is Takara has no part in their life. Only when it comes to marriage. Mashallah then they come to praise the hub before Carlos but before that decisions, what classes to take

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What school to enroll what, what to study what career, they never praised the hospital allows region. So to the young people listening. Make is the harder part of your life. You consult your father, you consult your best friend, you consult the school counselor, consult a law surgeon. With that ask allows us to make use of those who hear the truth as clear truth and follow the best of it. And to make use of those who recognize falsehood as clear falsehood and abstain from it. For lahoma. Chaka Khan was open at a bar or in a bottle a bottle and was open St nabba filarmonica della dunia Kumara homina wala blocker, Elmina watermelon Arima sirona Villa Hama Brimley howdy Hello Matamoros

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dhin you as the allopathic where you see aluma sciatic Murphy hibben maruf wildon haffi. SME

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Antonella meanwhile early he was at the edge mine, como como la